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AoM is a big fan of the outdoors.

Regular time spent in nature has many benefits. It can reduce stress, fight depression, improve focus and even accelerate recovery after injuries and illnesses.

The outdoors can also be good for the soul. The wild can inspire awe, wonder and humility.

How much time do you need in nature to reap these benefits?

In The Comfort Crisis (listen to our podcast interview about the book), Michael Easter highlighted the research of Dr. Rachel Hopman. She is a professor of Psychology at the University of Utah. Her findings suggest that spending time in the natural world can improve our health and wellbeing.

Hopman’s prescription was based on Tanya Denckla Cobb’s “nature pyramid” which she developed at the University of Virginia. Hopman reduced the idea of a nature pyramid to a simple rule that is easy to remember: 20-5-3.

The 20-5-3 Rule to Spend Time in Nature

The following guidelines can be used to ensure that you spend enough time in nature according to the 20-5-3 Rule:

Three times a week, spend 20 minutes in green spaces. Five hours in semi-wild environments, once a monthly. Three days off the grid, annually.

We will now explore how to achieve each of the segments of this formula, and what benefits you can expect.

Your Weekly Dose : 20 minutes x 3

Hopman’s study found that spending 20 minutes outdoors at least three days a week can have a positive impact on your health. These short excursions can reduce cortisol, improve cognition and mental health.

This component of the 20-5-3 rule is a good one: you don’t need to go to a wilderness to get the benefits. You can do your three-times-weekly excursions in green spaces anywhere. Spend your 20 minute allotment in any nearby natural environment — a pocket garden, a community gardening, or even on a tree-lined road. Even if you are a city dweller, it is possible to get a daily dose of nature.

The more green and bucolic the environment, and the less concrete-covered and civilized, the better you’ll feel.

No matter where you go for your three-times-weekly nature walks, you should put away your smartphone. According to Hopman’s research, “people who use their cell phones on the walk did not see any of the benefits.”

After dinner, take a stroll in your local park during your lunch break (the benefits go beyond just being exposed to nature!). Start incorporating vitamin N into your daily routine and reap the benefits.

Monthly Immersion: Five hours in Semi-Wild nature

Consider your 20-minute doses of green space, which you get three times a week, as the base of the pyramid of nature. Hopman’s study suggests that to maximize the health benefits of nature we should spend 5 hours per month in semi-wild, unspoiled nature. The more wild the environment, the more beneficial it is for your mental and physical health. As we have seen, as you progress up the nature ladder, you should strive to develop a deeper connection with nature. The more nature people are exposed to, the happier they feel.

Take a walk in a national or state park, go to the beach or fish at a nearby lake.

Reset: Three Days Off The Grid

The top of the pyramid is nature. Spend three days in a place that is off-grid, with little human contact and few signs of civilization.

Three days in the wilderness can boost your creativity and relax your brain. Veterans with PTSD saw a 29% decrease in symptoms after spending four days in nature.

It’s like resetting your brain back to factory settings after spending so much time in nature.

A backpacking trip every year can help you reset your nature reset for three days each year.

You can also do dispersed camping.

Find a cabin if you want to avoid roughing it.

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Odds & Ends: April 12, 2024

Odds and Ends header v3.1 2 jpg

A vintage metal box labeled

Why I hope to die at 75 by Ezekiel Emanuel. In recent years, there has been much attention paid to the idea of extending life expectancy. Oncologist Dr. Emmanuel is a bioethicist and has a strong, contrary position. He hopes to die by 75. He argues that many people believe they will be the exception to aging rules, and remain physically agile and mentally sharp until their death. But as the capacity-robbing, burden-on-loved-ones-increasing toll of age eventually comes for all, Emanuel would rather go out before he falls apart. He doesn’t plan to die at 75. But he will stop having preventative screenings, such as colonoscopies and cardiac stress tests, once he hits that age.

Flint and Tinder’s Vintage Slub Polo. One of my favorite clothing brands just released a line of polos, tees and tanks made from slub-cotton in the USA. I bought a navy blue polos. The fabric is thick and not as thin and gauzy like some slubs. Polo shirts are great for spring because they are so versatile. Dress them up or dress them down. Check out our guide on polo shirts.

William Manchester’s The Last Lion Trilogy. The best biography you will ever read. Manchester is a three-volume epic of 3,000 pages, which takes you through Winston Churchill’s life. It’s a fun and inspiring ride. You feel as though you are there, as Churchill grows up, struggles to find his political place, and leads the country through WWII. The Last Lion is a biography that’s close to being a page-turner. You know the outcome, so it’s difficult to call it enthralling. Manchester tragically died before he could finish the final volume. Another author completed it. The third volume is slightly less than the first two but still worth reading.

The Searchers. John Wayne delivers the most intense performance of his acting career in this John Ford film as Ethan Edwards. A man who vows revenge on the Comanche Raiders who killed his sister-in law and brother, and kidnapped two of their daughters. Wayne is a master at portraying a complex, conflicted man who wants revenge on the Comanche raiders that killed his sister-in-law and brother. He also kidnaps two of their daughters. The film has been beautifully shot. There are so many epic shots of the desert. The film’s pace is perfect. It doesn’t drag but it also doesn’t seem rushed.

Quote of the week

It would be a sin and a sulk against nature to not go and enjoy her bounty and rejoice with the heavens and the earth during the vernal season of the year, when the air is pleasant and calm.John Milton

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4 Ways to Remove a Broken Light Bulb From a Socket

When the glass bulb breaks on incandescent bulbs, it can be difficult to remove them from the socket. With a little ingenuity you can solve this problem.

You might ask, “Why should I know how to remove a broken incandescent bulb when they’ve been phased out?” The U.S. did ban incandescent lights last year to encourage people to switch to LED bulbs. These are usually made of plastic, and do not break like the thin glass incandescents. There are still two reasons to be able to remove a broken bulb. You probably still use incandescent light bulbs around the house. You’ll need to know what to do if they ever break. Incandescent light bulbs used to illuminate your home’s rooms are now banned. However, bulbs for bug lamps and appliances that use incandescent lights remain legal. Even in the age LED bulbs, you may still need to replace a broken bulb.

We have shown you four different methods to remove a broken light bulb. Be sure to turn off the electricity before you try any of these methods. You don’t need to electrocute yourself. Put on heavy duty work gloves, and remove any remaining glass shards from the bulb to avoid cutting yourself. As you remove the bulb, keep your gloves on.

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Omega Swatch Mission To Saturn MoonSwatch

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Saturn Review

Many reviews have already been published across the web about each and every one of the Omega MoonSwatch watches. However, having recently started building my collection of these unique timepieces, I still wanted to cover the ones I’ve purchased here on Bespoke Unit.

Accordingly, in this article, I’ll be covering the MoonSwatch Mission To Saturn relatively briefly and will allow the images I’ve taken to do most of the talking.

Below, I’ll also show the latest aftermarket band that I’ve purchased for this Mission To Saturn MoonSwatch. It’s made wearing the watch a lot more comfortable, and I am very satisfied with the comfort that this strap provides.

Before that, let’s take a look at the specifications of the Mission to Saturn, which are exactly the same as the Mission On Earth I recently covered except for the obvious differences in the color scheme and strap tone.

Omega Swatch Moonswatch Saturn Review

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MoonSwatch Mission To Saturn Specs

Reference: SO33T100Case Diameter: 42mmCase Material: BioceramicCrystal: PlasticWater Resistance: 30m / 3 bayDial Color: BeigeBracelet: Brown VelcroMovement: ETA G10. 212>Quartz, Battery-PoweredChronograph FunctionRetail Price: $270 [Shop on eBay]

Swatch describes the tone of the MoonSwatch Mission To Saturn bioceramic case as beige. However, I think it is a bit more grey than beige.

The dial is marked by brown subregisters and a depiction of Saturn & its rings. The bezel insert is presented in the same brown tone, which I find is an excellent pairing for the beige/gray bioceramic.

Mission To Saturn MoonSwatch Box External

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