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What is negative body language? Is it always obvious or quick to spot?

Not exactly. We are creatures of habit after all. And many of us can get used to sitting the wrong way or making the wrong gestures.

But don’t worry. The good news is these can be fixed.

First we’ve got to identify each thing that counts as negative body language. Then we can work towards solving them.

1. Bad Posture

negative body language poor posture sitting
Don’t slouch – keep your body upright when seated.

This is one of the more overlooked forms of negative body language. You might think that bad posture only leads to physical problems. Wrong.

The reality is bad posture also negatively impacts your mood, stress levels, and self-esteem. In fact, drooped shoulders can cause you to look and feel tired and weaker than you actually are.

How To Fix: Good posture involves having your shoulders relaxed and not slumped. You also want your head, body, and thighs to be in a straight line. If you often need to sit down to accomplish something, it helps to get a chair designed to help you sit upright. Adjust your car seat properly so your head touches the headrest. Make it a habit to keep looking ahead of you since the body follows the eyes.

Good posture involves having your shoulders relaxed, with your head, body, and thighs in a straight line.

Wear clothes that fit you! Poorly fitting clothes (ex: if the sleeves aren’t large enough for your arms) encourage you to slouch in order to “shrink” into them. Overall, improving your posture does take a while and it may feel unnatural at first. But it’s totally worth the time and effort.

2. Poor Legs & Feet Position

Whenever you’re seated, your legs and feet can send across messages that you’re not even aware of. The distance between both your knees or legs can say something about your personality.

negative body language legs feet close together

If your knees are together and your feet apart, you can come off as insecure of childish. By crossing your legs, you can appear defensive, distant or even close-minded. And then there is manspreading. Keeping your legs wide apart signals a certain degree of dominance. But it can also reveal arrogance and it’s often inappropriate in formal situations.

And even if your legs aren’t too close or far apart, your feet can be a liability. Foot movements are a big ‘tell’ that we often aren’t conscious of. The more your feet tap on the floor or go up and down, the more likely you are to show nerves and anxiety.

Sit with both legs close to each other in a neutral position.

How To Fix: Sit with both legs close to each other (not tightly together) in a neutral position. This allows you to come across as calm, attentive and open to conversation. Remember to keep your legs in front of you and not to the side. Like clasped hands, this can signal you’re not feeling confident or comfortable at the moment. And lastly, keep both feet still and flat on the floor.

3. Crossed Arms

man with crossed arms
Crossing your arms is like “shielding” yourself from the other person.

The problem with crossed arms is – like when making an X sign to shield yourself in kids games – they make you seem like you’re being defensive. Whoever’s interacting with you might perceive you as unimpressed or uninterested with what they’re telling you. And ultimately, crossing your arms doesn’t make you look approachable.

How To Fix: Hold your arms back. The trick is keeping them parallel to the body. Not only does that show how open you are to conversations, but it signals power and confidence. Studies have even revealed that you’ll remember over 25% more when listening with uncrossed arms.

4. Poor Hands & Fingers Position

man holding hands in trouser pockets
Hands in your pockets can make it appear that you’ve got something to hide.

There are several things you can do with your hands and fingers that represent negative body language. First, there’s clasping your hands. It’s a common action for people when they’re feeling stressed, but it’s counterproductive when you’re doing business with others and you’re supposed to project self-assurance.

Next is keeping the hands behind your back or in your pockets. It might be a position most of us take subconsciously, but it does put you at risk of acting like you’re hiding something. It’s also not good either to rub your palms while sitting down, or to place the fingers of one hand over the other hand to form a “steeple.” These gestures can be associated with being deceitful or imposing.

How To Fix: The main objective is exposing the palms of your hands. Why? Doing so sends a neurological signal of honesty and positive engagement with others. People who don’t see your palms during conversations might feel defensive and suspicious of you.

5. Handshakes That Are Weak/Too Strong

negative body language handshake too strong
A handshake that’s too strong can make you come off as rather aggressive.

I know. Handshakes aren’t the easiest thing to master. Unfortunately, a weak or overly strong handshake is one of the more extremes types of negative body language. Especially when first impressions are on the line.

Weak handshakes are considered weak because they involve sweaty hands or cold hands or hands that barely make contact with the other person’s palm. They can paint a picture of someone who lacks authority and confidence. Or they indicate someone who’s just cold in nature. Meanwhile, handshakes with too much force are considered too strong and make you come off as aggressive.

How To Fix: Give a few up and down shakes (no more than 3) and maintain eye contact while shaking somebody’s hand. You can add your left hand to better show a sense of care or sincerity but only do so if appropriate. People are two times more likely to remember if you shake hands with them well. They also end up being more open and friendly.

6. Too Little/Too Much Eye Contact

man avoiding direct eye contact

A lot to be said about eye contact. Too little of it spells bad news in many different ways: you’re acting unprofessional, you’re unprepared, you’re insecure or being insincere with others. It can seriously hurt you right off the bat at a party or during a date.

There’s a reason we’re taught as children to look people in the eye while talking or listening. It makes them feel trusting and comfortable with you. However, body language expert Carol Kinsey Goman also states that too much eye contact yields the opposite effect. It can make one seem rude, intimidating or hostile.

How To Fix: There is what’s called the “50/70 rule” (for those living in North America at least). You want to look somebody in the eye 50% of the time while speaking, and 70% while listening to them. The sweet spot for holding eye contact each time is 3-5 seconds. But remember that such eye contact rules depend on the country or cultural background.

7. Leaning Back

man leaning back in coach

In conversations, remember the key is leaning forward – not back. If you lean forward, you confirm that you’re listening closely and you’re showing interest in what’s being said. 

Leaning back gives the opposite impression of acting bored or onchalant. Nevertheless, bear in mind not to too much or you might seem needy or desperate to the other person.

8. Exaggerated Gestures

man agressively pointing with his finger

We know the saying less is more. And the “more” in this case can be classified as negative body language, especially since it detracts from the pluses about you.

This includes moving your arms wildly or frequently, biting your nails or touching the cuffs of your shirt. These point to a lack of professionalism and confidence on your end.

9. Not Gesturing Enough

man showing no interest

Be careful also not to control yourself to the point of NOT making gestures. If you show near-zero movement to the other person, you’ll appear rigid and unnatural. It can seem like you’re consciously trying not to show emotion. And that tends to be a turn-off.

How To Fix: Gesturing as we talk is actually a good way to power-up our thinking. Brain studies reveal that a region called Broca’s area (which is vital for speech production) is active not only when we’re talking, but when we move our hands as well. So it helps during a presentation to throw in a hand gesture here and there. And if appropriate, try placing your hand on your heart if you want to say something sincere. That gesture is associated with showing integrity and honesty.

10. Fidgeting

Fidgeting is a sign of boredom. It’s a nuisance to both the listener and the talker. So whether it’s moving your fingers around or fidgeting with your hair, phone or any other object – it draws attention away from whatever is being said. And you end up appearing weak, uncomfortable or disruptive.

man fidgeting
Fidgeting or clinging onto object only distracts the other person.

How To Fix: Hold your hands in your lap. Use them to gesticulate when you speak or try holding a pen and pad if they tend to move a little bit. Try NOT to hold your phone or use it during a conversation or meeting. And when you feel the urge to fidget, take a few deep breaths to help yourself relax.

11. Not Mirroring Others

guy stands next to mirror

Why is mirroring a good thing? Because it allows you to build a rapport with other easily. Mirroring things such as the other person’s posture, seating position, body angle (although it must be done in moderation!) helps you gain people’s trust. It allows for deeper and meaningful conversations. This is especially crucial in business when you’re meeting someone for the first time.

Guess what? It turns out men find mirroring harder than women, but women are more influenced by the act of mirroring. This causes women to find men who mimic their gestures and posture more attractive.

12. Not Smiling

man not smiling

Smile. It’s not natural for everybody to do it randomly or without a real reason. But smiling does have a natural, feel-good power. While some don’t pay close attention to how your limbs are positioned, the majority of people do react to what’s conveyed on your face.

A genuine smile comes on slowly. It causes a crinkling of the eyes and your face lights up, and then it fades away gradually. Nothing jerky or exaggerated. Master that smile. When you know the right moments to use it, it’ll put those around you at ease. It’ll help break the ice at parties. And besides, smiling makes you feel good yourself!

13. Looking Bored While Listening

man sad and bored

It’s a simple problem with a simple solution. Remember to smile and nod when someone is speaking to you. Those are easy tactics to employ to let them know you’re actively listening to what they say. Also, make sure that your head and torso are facing the speaker. Don’t stare at your phone or watch or how others are reacting.

14. Barriers

man in front of barrier jpg
Even objects like a cup of coffee can create a barrier between you and others. Don’t build a fence.

Physical objects – even if that aren’t part of your body – can be detrimental to a meeting or collaborative session with others. You want to put aside anything that either blocks your view or forms a “barrier” between you and the rest of the team. That includes even a coffee cup. A senior executive was known to say he could evaluate his team’s confidence by how high they held their coffee cups. The higher the cup was held, the more insecure one felt.

15. Patting Your Leg (Or Legs)

man patting legs

As innocent as it looks, this is a clear self-comforting gesture that shows how uncomfortable you might be at the moment.

What’s one good example? Consider the time Britney Spears appeared on Dateline, claiming her marriage was fine a few months before she would file for divorce. She couldn’t stop patting her leg during the interview.

16. Touching Someone With Your Fingertips

unwanted touch

There’s basically a fine line here. When the situation is appropriate, you can touch someone lightly in order to start building a bond (or to show romantic interest when you’re on a date). The thing is you should use your whole hand while touching. A mere touch with your fingertips is a hand gesture that can signal aversion or hesitation.

17. Invading One’s Personal Space

smiling man

There’s no clear-cut rule when it comes to personal space. But you want the distance between you and the other person somewhere between 1.5 feet and 5 feet, in general. It is a wide range as we all have different “buffers” around ourselves that allow us to feel comfortable.

What’s most important is knowing that someone isn’t close with you – even if you work together – and respecting those boundaries. You can let your partner, family members or friends come physically closer and vice-versa, but it’s not the case with other people.

18. Pointing

negative body language pointing finger
It’s never polite to point at others. Click here to discover more rude hand gesture meanings with pictures.

Pointing is rude. Plain and simple. I’d even advise you not to point at yourself since it can either portray you as a bit arrogant, or it can seem like an exaggerated gesture that turns off the other person.

19. Baby Steps

adult man baby walking

You’re not a baby anymore. So why allow yourself to take small baby steps in the manner of shuffling or creeping?

The negative body language in these cases is walking like you’re timid, sluggish or unwell. You want to take big steps and firm strides instead. Trust me, they do wonders for your ability to look and become more confident.

20. Forgetting That These Rules Might Be Different In Other Places

I’m no expert in body language for all parts of the world. But who isn’t? We can’t just rely on our knowledge of what works and doesn’t work in our own setting. Rules and nuances in meaning vary. They depend on the country or its history, or even the way others have grown up in another side of your country. So please keep that in mind and always do your research whenever you travel.

What can I say, gents? Body language matters. It can influence whether we get to go farther or get left behind – in work, in our relationships or in life overall. Non-verbal communication is just as important, if not more important than saying the right things. So do watch out for these examples of negative body language. And master how to fix them.

Click Below To Watch The Video – Negative Body Language – Communication Mistakes & How To Fix Them

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Negative Body Language – Communication Mistakes & How To Fix Them
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Published Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2023 17:07:03 +0000

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Steam Room Etiquette: How A Man Should Behave

shower steam

The positive effects of a steam room – the rejuvenating effect on skin, muscles and joints while relieving stress – are well documented. However, a few people always manage to detract from an otherwise therapeutic experience.

We don’t want you to be ‘that guy’, so we’ve created 10 steam room etiquette guidelines every man should follow.

Don’t Come In Naked

We are not in Ancient Rome; steam rooms are now mainly unisex. Even if you are in a single-sex steam room, please don’t come in naked. There really is no need.

If you don’t want to wear trunks, then don’t. However, please have the decency to put a towel around your waist to protect your ‘modesty’. Furthermore, if you are only wearing a towel, don’t put your leg(s) up – needless to say, no one needs to see that.

Shower Before You Come In

shower steam 1

There’s nothing worse than someone stepping into the steam room straight from a two-hour cardio workout, still dripping with sweat.

Suddenly, people become rather weary about the source of steam in the room, not to mention the ‘scent’. Have a shower, please. It takes 30 seconds.

Use The Space

If the steam room is almost empty, don’t sit directly beside the only person there; it’s awkward.

Much like Thomas Fink’s (of The Man’s Book) method of selecting the optimal urinal, leave at least one space between you and the other person where possible. Trust us, it’ll make a more enjoyable steam room experience for everyone.

Keep It Closed

Unlike the normal rules of gentlemanly behaviour, do not hold the door open for the person behind you. They managed to get this far, we’re sure they’ll be OK opening it for themselves.

It’s frustrating waiting up to 30 minutes for the ‘optimal steaming temperature’ only to have someone come along and hold the door open for their partner who’s showering.

In Or Out

soor open

If you’re unsure you want to come in, think about it outside, not with the door open (see previous point).

If you are looking for someone, come inside rather than trying to see through the impenetrable steam, or waiting for all the steam to filter out to ease your line of vision.


Now, this is unbelievable; some actually think it’s fine to bring a razor into the steam room and have a shave. Where do these people think the hair goes?

It doesn’t matter how much hair you have, the hair still has to go somewhere. There’s no ‘hair length’ related rule for this one – it cannot happen. Ever.

Adults Only

If the sign says, ‘No kids under the age of 16,’ it means that. We should add that the age restriction also applies to mental age.

Watch Your Mouth

steam conversation

While it’s polite to say “Hello” when entering and “Cheers” when leaving, conversation in the steam room should be kept to a minimum and not forced upon any unwilling recipient. If their eyes are closed, it’s probably a good sign they want to be left alone.

Gentleman, it is not a pub. Do not use it as a venue to discuss your lurid stories from the night before, how well your job is going, or divulge the inner workings of your ‘relationships’ – there’s a reason psychologists get paid.

Comments such as “It’s hot in here” are not required – we know it’s hot; that’s why we’re here.

Don’t Stare

It’s still rude, even if (you think) they can’t see you. No one wants to be gawped at, in or out of a steam room.

Hold It In

Finally, if you must break wind, please, please, please do it outside. Unfortunately, the steam doesn’t numb the sense of smell.

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By: Graham Jones
Title: Steam Room Etiquette: How A Man Should Behave
Sourced From:
Published Date: Sat, 18 May 2024 08:00:54 +0000

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The Best Men’s Shorts For 2024 Are Anything But Boring

The Best Mes Shorts for 2024 Are Anything But Boring

man wearing various styles of shorts

“A don doesn’t wear shorts.”

Words uttered by fictional New York mob boss Carmine Lupertazzi Sr. to Tony Soprano during an exchange between the two in the fourth season premiere of The Sopranos. Essentially, the older man was admonishing Tony for having previously sported a pair of shorts in public. He felt it was immature. Unbecoming. He was wrong, however.

The thing is, we get where Carmine is coming from. Sometimes, shorts don’t meet the level of formality required for a particular setting or event. But we’re not talking about those instances. When it gets really hot out and you don’t have a member of the old mafia guard mumbling in your ear otherwise, shorts simply get the job done.

Only, some shorts do it better. With the rapid approach of summer, we’re here to tell you that cool shorts come in all types of configurations. Different inseam lengths. Different fabrics. The works.

So come along for the ride. We’re taking you on a tour of the best men’s shorts for summer 2024. With so many to choose from, it was hard to narrow them down. But consider the work done for you. Oh, and stick around to the end to see our top pick!

The Best Basic Shorts: 5” Stretch Chino Short by J.Crew

5” Stretch Chino Short by J.Crew

Sometimes you’ve gotta start simple. And that’s exactly where this pair comes in. J.Crew has been supplying fellas with enduring American classics for decades, and if there’s one thing you can rely on them for (besides Ivy-inspired bangers), it’s good closet staples.

Their 5-inch inseam Stretch Chino Shorts get a lot right. For one, they’re arguably the best length you can get. Many agree that a 5-inch inseam is ideal.

There’s something about a short that’s well, short. It lets you show off the goods! In this case, your legs. But there’s also a nice bit of stretch in the mix here, making these perform a heck of a lot better than stiffer counterparts.

With ten colors and a timeless look, these will run you about $50, but select colors go on sale frequently. Don’t miss out.

The Best Classic Shorts: 6-Inch Stretch Classic Fit Chino Short by Polo Ralph Lauren

6-Inch Stretch Classic Fit Chino Short by Polo Ralph Lauren

Looking for something a tad bit more “old money?” Pardon our use of the TikTok-ified term, but Ralph Lauren’s aesthetics often lean into something adjacent to a lifestyle filled with country clubs and true American class.

Their 6-inch Stretch Classic Fit Chino Shorts fit right in with all of that. With six colors and a flattering length, this pair will be sure to impress. Subtle features such as the tabbed-button rear pockets and the tastefully applied, iconic Polo logo all make them an absolute winner.

Our bet? Go with the Deckwash White color for a good mix of versatility and elegance. Oh, and they’re under $90, too.

The Best Textured Shorts: 5 1/2″ Corduroy Everywear Shorts by Madewell

5 1/2" Corduroy Everywear Shorts by Madewell

One of the best style hacks you can ever learn is that texture is seriously important.

Outfit feeling a bit dull? Nine times out of ten it’s because things are too flat. A great way to add more visual interest is by incorporating texture through fabric. In the case of these shorts by Madewell, that would be corduroy.

Though typically a fabric most associated with autumn, winter, and the mild days of spring, these work for summer just as well in short form. With a perfect 5 ½-inch inseam and a comfortable elastic waistband, these shorts are a great addition to any casual ensemble.

They come in some brilliant colors, too, such as Warm Coffee and Dusty Laurel. The best part? They’re less than $70.

The Best Sweat Shorts: Austin International Sweat Short by Saturdays New York City

Austin International Sweat Short by Saturdays New York City

If it’s maximum comfort you crave, look no further than the Austin International Sweat Shorts by Saturdays New York City. They come in a heathered gray as well as black, and they’ve got a solid 6-inch inseam to keep your legs free during the summer heat.

That doesn’t mean these are flimsy, though. They’re constructed from a heavyweight 14oz loopback terry that gives them a great bit of shaping – something you often don’t expect from a pair of sweat shorts. And yet, somehow, they get softer with each and every wash/wear. For less than $100, these are an excellent option you won’t regret.

The Best Military-Inspired Shorts: 5” Officer Short by Todd Snyder

5” Officer Short by Todd Snyder

Remember what we said about lending your outfits a bit of interest through texture? Well, another method is through shape and drape, both of which can be achieved through a couple of well-crafted pleats.

Pleated shorts have had somewhat of a comeback in the men’s fashion landscape, and we’re fully onboard. Todd Snyder’s 5” Officer Shorts are a great way to try out the look.

Inspired by old military shorts and crafted from 100% cotton, these shorts are tastefully short with a 5-inch inseam and feature double pleats, as well as a coin pocket. They’re a bit pricier at $148, but for Todd Snyder quality, they’re well worth the price of admission.

The Best Linen Shorts: 7.5 Pleated Linen Short by J.Crew

7.5 Pleated Linen Short by J.Crew

When it’s absolutely scorching out there, sometimes regular shorts simply won’t do. In that case, it’s time to go full throttle and break out the linen. J.Crew appeared already on this list, but they just have too many great options to offer, like their 7.5” Pleated Linen Short.

Despite their longer length, the extra shaping provided by the single pair of pleats makes these a timeless pair with a bit of extra dimension. Not to mention that flapped coin pocket, which makes for a nice additional touch. They’ll run you just under $90, but when it’s really toasty outside, you’ll be thankful you picked these up.

The Best Loose Denim Shorts: Men’s 5 Star Carpenter Short In Mid Indigo by Wrangler

Men’s 5 Star Carpenter Short In Mid Indigo by Wrangler

Yep, jorts are back. If you’ve paid any attention to fashion spaces online, you might have noticed an uptick in denim short wearers over the past couple of years. But thankfully, today’s denim shorts are a lot cooler than the ones you wore in middle school. And with the right styling? They can look downright killer.

Currently, like many other fashion-forward shorts, jorts tend to be among one of two camps. One is loose and long. The other is a more traditional length and slimmer. Both are valid. But if you’re intrigued by the looser silhouette, Wrangler’s 5 Stat Carpenter Shorts have both you and nearly your knees covered.

These shorts have a 10-inch inseam, which while not for the faint of heart, is certain to make a statement. They’ve got a great early-2000s energy about them, and the more rugged details like the carpenter pant pockets really seal the deal. Not wholly convinced? They’re only $20. You can’t beat that.

The Best Retro-Inspired Denim Shorts: 501 ‘93 Cut Off 7” Men’s Shorts by Levi’s

Guy Wearing Retro-Inspired Denim Shorts wiht untucked casula shirt

Now for the other camp. Levi’s is the undisputed king of jeans. So naturally, their denim shorts are a total vibe, too. Their 501 93” Cut Off 7” Shorts have a great retro flair, with distressing along the hem and several tasteful washes.

Not to worry, because they can still be styled with ease, and their laid-back nature keeps things looking and feeling highly casual.

They cost just under $70, but Levi’s denim is damn near always worth it.

The Best All-Use Shorts: Men’s Baggies Shorts 5” by Patagonia

Men’s Baggies Shorts with flip flops

Patagonia Baggies have reigned supreme for quite some time. They debuted these shorts in 1982 and never looked back. They didn’t have to. These shorts have naturally stood the test of time and work with just about anything.

While they do project a somewhat more athletic look at first glance, you’d be surprised at how versatile they can be. Paired them with a plain white tee. Then a cotton crew neck sweater. Try them with a rugby polo. They just work.

Not only that, but they’re intended for water use as well. In a pinch, they make for a solid pair of swim trunks. Get them wet, and don’t sweat. For only $65, there’s no reason these should be as versatile as they are.

Our Absolute Favorite Shorts: Herringbone Twill Larsen Short by Buck Mason

Herringbone Twill Larsen Short by Buck Mason

A middle-ground 6-inch inseam. Two perfectly pleasing pleats. Herringbone weave texture. These might be the perfect shorts! Buck Mason always releases excellent products, but these might be some of the very best shorts you can buy for summer 2024.

They’re made from a 9.4 oz washed cotton twill fabric, and have just the right amount of extra shape and volume due to the single pleated front. They sit higher on the waist due to classic high rise, better breaking up the proportions between your legs and your chest. With a flapped coin pocket and two neutral colors, these shorts work a wide variety of occasions and an even wider number of ensembles.

For $128, we don’t think there’s a more perfect pair of shorts out there.

The Wrap-Up

Maybe Carmine is right. Maybe a don shouldn’t wear shorts. But chances are, you’re not a don. You’re a regular guy looking to upscale his style. And regular guys wear shorts. Because shorts, when executed well, can look pretty damn great!

Hopefully, this carefully curated list of the best shorts a man can buy has been helpful. Keep an eye out for future recommendations, and keep cool this summer!

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: The Best Men’s Shorts For 2024 Are Anything But Boring
Sourced From:
Published Date: Fri, 17 May 2024 16:00:15 +0000

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The Best Men’s Linen Pants Keep You Looking Cool and Feeling Cooler

relaxed fit beige linen pants black t shirt black leather belt loafers

Things are getting toasty out there, fellas. It’s just about time to switch over to your summer wardrobe. On the absolute hottest of days, you may be inclined to reach for your favorite pair of shorts.

And hey, we’re not knocking that decision. But on days that you still want to feel a bit more dressed up without sacrificing comfort and breathability, consider picking up a pair of linen pants this season.

For the less initiated, linen is a fabric made from fibers derived from flax plants. Not only is it natural, but it is highly breathable, featuring a looser weave than knotty wools and twill cottons.

This makes linen an ideal material for summertime clothing, especially pants. Their relaxed nature and subtle texture can elevate just about any summer outfit, whether you’re running morning errands or grabbing dinner outdoors. And the best linen pants absolutely double down on the cool factor.

man wearing relaxed-fit beige linen pants with a black t-shirt, black leather belt, and black loafers

At Real Men Real Style, we want you to look your best and feel your best this summer. So without further ado, here are our top recommendations for the best men’s linen pants in 2024, covering a variety of budgets and micro-styles. Read on!

The Budget Pick: Linen Blend Relaxed Pants by Uniqlo

Linen Blend Relaxed Pants by Uniqlo

The Japan-based mega-retailer of clothing basics doesn’t miss. Their Linen Blend Relaxed Pants are an excellent choice, and snagging a pair won’t hurt your wallet too much, either. While not a fully linen composition, a linen-cotton blend ensures a bit less wrinkling than you’d typically expect from fully linen pants – and it keeps things breathable, too.

With a classic silhouette, these are incredibly easy to style as well. Not sure how? Here’s a hint. Try ‘em with just about anything. Appropriate for the office, country club, cruise ship deck, and anywhere in between, there’s a heck of a lot of versatility available to you here.

With five colors and extensive unisex sizing options, you can’t get much better than these for under the $50.00 mark.

The Laid-Back Pick: Linen Drawstring Pants by Madewell

Linen Drawstring Pants by Madewell

If the last option had a bit too much cotton in the mix for your taste, the Linen Drawstring Pants by Madewell might be more your thing. Made from 100%, you guessed it, linen, these casual bottoms offer a solid value for the money, and significantly more laid-back aesthetic.

Available in a unique sage green, don’t let their casual nature fool you – you can style these a ton of ways. Wear them with your favorite band tee. Wear them with loafers of Adidas Sambas. Try them out with a camp collar shirt.

You’ve got options, and the relaxed, generous fit provided by the drawstring waistband means you don’t need to bother worrying about a belt. For under $90.00, these are a damn near steal.

The Contemporary Pick: Classic-fit Linen Trouser by J.Crew

Classic-fit Linen Trouser by J.Crew

If J.Crew didn’t make this list, then something would be seriously wrong. As the parent brand to Madewell, J.Crew is known to offer serious style with a preppy twist – and their linen offerings are no exception to this rule. Their Classic-Fit Linen Trousers are 100% linen and come in four flexible colors.

Not only that, but their timeless fit makes these work exceptionally well for almost any occasion. Dressed up or down, they’ll make an impact. And for a price tag of $118.00, they feature some great extra features like button-flapped rear pockets. We can’t recommend these enough for all your summer sartorial needs.

The Detail-Centric Pick: Standard Pleated Pant in Flax Linen by Alex Mill

Standard Pleated Pant in Flax Linen by Alex Mill

Launched in 2012, Alex Mill has made a profound impact on the men’s fashion landscape in only a relatively brief period of time. Well-regarded for their solid fabrics and budget-friendly casual tailoring options, they should definitely be on your radar – and so should their Standard Pleated Pants in Linen.

There’s hardly a better way to add easy visual depth to an outfit than a couple of pleats, and these pants understand that to great effect. With a slightly cropped hem and higher rise, the fit on these is exceptionally well-crafted.

There’s extras to go around too, most notably a tastefully-flapped coin pocket and cuffed legs. Available for $175.00, these offer a pretty good value if you’re ready for the next step above traditional budget options.

Oh, and did we mention they’re 100% linen, too?

The Clean Pick: Linen Hopsack Carry-On Pant by Buck Mason

Linen Hopsack Carry-On Pant by Buck Mason

The go-to brand for American classics and workwear-inspired pieces at a reasonable price-per-quality, Buck Mason is particularly good at turning great fabrics into even better clothes. Look no further than their Linen Hopsack Carry-On Pants for proof.

Inspired by the look of vintage military chinos, these pants have a particular airy weave that keeps things extra breathable. With a classic fit, natural color, and details like a coin pocket, these pants are competitively priced at $178.00 and can be paired with Buck Mason’s matching Linen-Hopsack Carry-On Jacket for a casual suit that may as well be the official uniform of taking it easy – in style.

The Five-Pocket Pick: Relaxed Fit 5-Pocket Cotton Linen Pant by Todd Snyder

Relaxed Fit 5-Pocket Cotton Linen Pant by Todd Snyder

Looking for a pair of linen pants that definitely air on the casual side of casual? Five-pocket pants are much like jeans – but aren’t necessarily made from denim. In the case of this offering from Todd Snyder, they can come in linen, too!

Todd Snyder is much beloved for their updated takes on classic style centerpieces, and these pants prove they’re still on the money. Available in three colors, you can forget resorting to jeans anytime you want a five-pocket configuration.

With a 73% cotton and 27% linen composition, you can expect these to be sturdier than other more linen-forward pants. But don’t be misled – they’ll still keep you feeling cool and looking fresh.

The Customizable Pick: Classic Wide-leg Trouser by Scott Fraser Collection

Classic Wide-leg Trouser by Scott Fraser

Scott Fraser Collection has become renowned for their exceptional fits, fabrics, and plethora of options available. The England-based brand offers some brilliant tailoring, and their Classic Wide Leg Trousers exemplify the quality you can expect.

Technically, these pants are offered in dozens of options, including cottons and wools. But they’re also available in multiple linen fabrics, ranging in color and weave. There’s guaranteed to be an option that calls out to you.

But that’s not where the customization stops. You can choose to add/remove belt loops, side tabs, cuffed legs, and more, and can expect a highly-flattering traditional fit that is full through the leg and the seat, thanks to a couple of generous pleats. All of this – available to you for around $310.00 USD (converted from GBP).

The Enthusiast Pick: Tobacco Cotton Linen Games Trousers by Drake’s

Tobacco Cotton Linen Games Trousers by Drake’s

If you’re a menswear-head like us, you’re surely familiar with Drake’s. If not, then let it be told – they’ve got some serious game. While certainly pricey, the quality and pure style found in the garments of this British-based menswear powerhouse are nearly unparalleled.

Drake’s understands pants. Like, really well. Their Cotto Linen Games Trousers? Truly exceptional. A high-quality blend of linen and cotton means that these pants will hold their shape better and be less prone to excessive wrinkling, but still maintain a breathable composition suitable for summer weather.

While easily styled up, the construction is relatively relaxed and works just as well casually, with a pinched waist and fuller fit in the leg. Adorned with a pair of single forward-facing pleats, they come in a variety of colors. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but we’re especially fond of the Tobacco color – they’re incredibly versatile.

Like we said, these ones aren’t exactly cheap, coming in at $500.00, but you’ll struggle to find a pair this good anywhere else. Menswear enthusiasts love Drake’s for a lot of reasons. These pants are one of them.

The Wrap-Up

At Real Men Real Style, we want you to look your best and feel confident. Which is why we want to let you know about the best products and best practices. If you haven’t previously given linen pants a shot, let this be your sign to upgrade your style game this summer.

Like we said, shorts can be cool. But linen pants indicate a level of understanding when it comes to the intersection of fabrics and functionality. They tell the world that you don’t have to resort to shorts the moment it gets a bit warm outside. You’re prepared. You’ve got the perfect pair of pants for the job. Any of the above will most certainly help you keep your cool.

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