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Skill of the Week: Open a Can Without a Can Opener

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A man’s ability to adapt to any situation is an important part of his masculinity. We’ll be republishing an illustrated guide from our archive every Sunday so that you can improve your manly knowledge week by week.

Remember the scene from The Road, where the boy and father find a perfectly stocked, untouched survival bunker? They happily gawk as they take crate after can of canned goods. It’s an oasis in otherwise desolate and apocalyptic terrain. The two open the cans using a can opener and prepare a meal of canned peaches and pears. “They licked their spoons, tipped their bowls and drunk the sweet syrup.”

What if the father and son didn’t find a can opener in their supplies? As long as they were aware of some other opening methods, it was not a problem.

Cans of food, despite their appearance, are actually made from a thin layer of aluminum. It’s easy to exploit the cans’ weakness using a variety tools. If you ever find yourself without a jar opener, here are three easy ways to open your food.

Ted Slampyak is the illustrator.

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Sunday Firesides: More Human, More Alive, More Immortal

Human. Alive. Immortal.

These are binary states. You can either be or not be something.

Either you’re dead or alive. Human or not human. Mortal or immortal.

In truth, you’re always moving away or towards the ends.

If humanness can be defined as the traits and behaviors that are most unique to us, then the greater your ability to think critically, express creativity, show compassion, demonstrate control, display inventiveness, use humor, inspire wonder and amazement, the higher you will embody humanness. The more you live in the shallows, reacting and acting impulsively, you become more reptilian.

If living is defined as conscious breathing, flowing blood and palpable consciousness, then the more that you run fast, climb mountains, make love, lift weights and take risks, the more aliveness you will be. The more inert you are and the longer you sleepwalk, the more entombed you become.

If immortality is defined as life without ending, then the greater your influence on the world and the more Promethean you are, the closer you get to immortality. The more you focus only on the passing, ethereal and do not make even the slightest ripple, the further you distance yourself from immortality.

You can still wear your pants every day and live like a lever pressing rat. You can die long before you reach the grave. You can wait an eternity before realizing eternity is already here. You can either seek to go beyond what appears given and recognize that immortality, humanness, and aliveness are not static, fixed states of being but rather alterable pursuits of becoming.

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Brown Suits For A Festive Summer

Korean style menstylefashion 1

The original article can be found here: Brown Suits for a Festive Summer

The brown suit, particularly in linen, has become the epitome for summer fashion. This is especially true during the festive season. Italian men are masters of the brown suit. Brown linen suits are a must-have for women who love an opulent life. We’ll explore why these suits are ideal for summer festivals, and how to style them so that they exude charm and luxury.

Brown Linen Suits: The Allure

Due to their lightness and breathability, linen suits are synonymous with summer. Why brown? Brown has a subtle elegance and warmth that other colors can’t match. Brown is a sophisticated color without being overt. A brown linen suit will make you stand out gracefully in a sea full of vibrant and bold festival outfits.

Italian Men and their Timeless Style

Italian men have always led the fashion world. They are the ideal inspiration for anyone who wants to upgrade their summer wardrobe. It’s a fashion lesson to watch them wear brown linen suits so confidently and with ease. You don’t have to use bright colors to make an impact. It’s more about the fit and fabric than anything else.

Styling Your Brown Linen Suit

Balance is key when styling a brown linen suit to wear at a summer festival. You want to be stylish and festive, but not sacrifice comfort. Here are some tips for achieving that perfect look.

Fit is everything: A suit that fits well can make a huge difference. The key to tailoring is the right fit. Accessorize smartly: Accessories are a great way to transform a simple look into something stunning. Think of lightweight scarves and stylish hats. Gold jewelry adds opulence to an outfit without being overwhelming. If you’re wearing a brown linen suit choose brogues or loafers in complementary colors. White sneakers are a great option if you want to add a modern touch. To keep your look uniform and breathable, linen shirts are the best option.

brown suits china

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