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Boeing’s Downfall: A Case Against BoeingBoeing is in the news lately for all the wrong things. How did an American company that was once admired begin to crack in so many ways, both literally and metaphorically? This fascinating and disturbing Netflix documentary explores the problems that led to two Boeing 737 MAX crashes and some say they have not yet been resolved. This interview with a former Boeing senior manager on why he won’t still fly on a 737 MAX pairs well.

The National Parks. This band has been around for over a decade, but I only recently found out about them. The National Parks, an indie folk group from Utah, plays music of the “stop clap” genre. I love any band that has both male and female singers. If you add a violin and fiddle, it’s even more appealing. The band’s songs do not exclusively focus on nature, despite the name. It’s great that the world needs more music referencing the Tetons.

Winifred Galagher, Rapt: The Focused and Attention Life. This book was read several years ago, and I still remember the insights it provided. The most important takeaway is: “Who are you, what do you feel and think, what do you love, how you act, etc., depends on what you focus on.” Gallagher guides you through the science behind attention and focus, providing research-backed tips on how you can better manage it so that you can lead the life you desire.

Worry Coin by J.L. Lawson.I carry totems around in my pocket. To remind me, I like to carry around little trinkets that I can feel. J.L. Lawson makes some pretty cool totems. The worry coin is one that I have carried for several years. The coin has a saying on it that says: “Worrying can be like paying off a debt that you do not owe.” This is reassuring to someone who worries fervently.

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“No one is free who does not know himself.”


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How to Make Your Birthday or Private Party Unforgettable

The original article can be found here: How To Make Your Birthday Or Private Party Memorable

A birthday party or a private event is a very special occasion. It’s important to create lasting memories for your friends and family. If you want to make your event stand out, planning is key. Here are a few tips for making your private or birthday party stand out.

1. Select the Perfect Theme

A theme can add instant excitement and unity to your event. The theme will determine the decor, the attire and the activities. When choosing a theme, consider your own interests and those of your guests to make sure everyone is engaged and enthusiastic to participate.

If you are celebrating a birthday milestone or hosting a party with a skate theme, you can transform your venue by adding nostalgic decor like roller skates and neon lighting. The use of elements consistent with the theme you choose will create a unique and memorable environment that your guests will remember.

2. Personalize your Experience

Personal touches can make a party memorable. Consider how you can include elements that reflect the personality of your guest or their preferences, whether it’s in personalized invitations or party favors.

Consider hiring a private bartending service to enhance the experience. Professional bartenders will create cocktails that are tailored to your event theme, and serve guests with efficiency and style. It not only adds an air of sophistication, but it also allows you the freedom to enjoy your party and relax without worrying about the logistics.

3. Create a Unique Culinary Experience

Consider ways to make the menu of your party memorable. You can choose to serve a buffet or interactive food stations. The key is to provide a wide variety of tasty options to suit different tastes and diets. You could hire a chef for a multi-course dinner or a food cart to serve trendy street food.

private chef

4. Plan Engaging Activities

You can keep your guests entertained by arranging activities that are in line with the theme of your party and cater to various interests. You can rent a skate park or a roller-skating rink for skate birthday parties. Consider hiring a live band or DJ to encourage your guests to dance.

Hire entertainment, such as a photo booth or a professional skateboarding show, if your budget allows it. This will impress your guests and make lasting memories. Allowing your guests to take part in the event will ensure that they feel included and engaged.

5. Choose a Unique Venue

Location is a key factor in creating the right atmosphere and overall experience for your event. Even though hosting your party at home is convenient and comfortable for you, choosing a unique location can elevate the event. Rent a garden, a ballroom or rustic barn depending on the theme and budget.

If you are planning a party with a skating theme, search for outdoor parks or local roller rinks that offer the opportunity to skate. Unique venues not only impress your guests, but they also provide a unique backdrop for your celebration.

6. Think about it

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Skill of the Week: Open a Can Without a Can Opener

img alt=”Open can without opener illustration.” class=”aligncenter wp-image-106942″ decoding=”async” fetchpriority=”high” height=”auto” sizes=”(max-width: 750px) 100vw, 750px” src=”” srcset=” 1200w,×1328.jpg 768w,×553.jpg 320w,×1107.jpg 640w” style=” display: block; margin-right: auto; margin-left: auto;” width=”540″/>

A man’s ability to adapt to any situation is an important part of his masculinity. We’ll be republishing an illustrated guide from our archive every Sunday so that you can improve your manly knowledge week by week.

Remember the scene from The Road, where the boy and father find a perfectly stocked, untouched survival bunker? They happily gawk as they take crate after can of canned goods. It’s an oasis in otherwise desolate and apocalyptic terrain. The two open the cans using a can opener and prepare a meal of canned peaches and pears. “They licked their spoons, tipped their bowls and drunk the sweet syrup.”

What if the father and son didn’t find a can opener in their supplies? As long as they were aware of some other opening methods, it was not a problem.

Cans of food, despite their appearance, are actually made from a thin layer of aluminum. It’s easy to exploit the cans’ weakness using a variety tools. If you ever find yourself without a jar opener, here are three easy ways to open your food.

Ted Slampyak is the illustrator.

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Sunday Firesides: More Human, More Alive, More Immortal

Human. Alive. Immortal.

These are binary states. You can either be or not be something.

Either you’re dead or alive. Human or not human. Mortal or immortal.

In truth, you’re always moving away or towards the ends.

If humanness can be defined as the traits and behaviors that are most unique to us, then the greater your ability to think critically, express creativity, show compassion, demonstrate control, display inventiveness, use humor, inspire wonder and amazement, the higher you will embody humanness. The more you live in the shallows, reacting and acting impulsively, you become more reptilian.

If living is defined as conscious breathing, flowing blood and palpable consciousness, then the more that you run fast, climb mountains, make love, lift weights and take risks, the more aliveness you will be. The more inert you are and the longer you sleepwalk, the more entombed you become.

If immortality is defined as life without ending, then the greater your influence on the world and the more Promethean you are, the closer you get to immortality. The more you focus only on the passing, ethereal and do not make even the slightest ripple, the further you distance yourself from immortality.

You can still wear your pants every day and live like a lever pressing rat. You can die long before you reach the grave. You can wait an eternity before realizing eternity is already here. You can either seek to go beyond what appears given and recognize that immortality, humanness, and aliveness are not static, fixed states of being but rather alterable pursuits of becoming.

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