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The Panatta Super Shrug Machine (1FW010) is a machine that introduces unique features compared to similar achievements in the world, allowing more effective stimulation of the elevator and adductor muscles of the scapula: mainly the trapezius (upper portion) with the help of the scapula elevator and rhomboid (small and large). The exclusivity introduced by the Panatta machine lies in the particular movement of the two exercise arms, which, contrary to what has been seen so far in competing creations, does not occur in the sagittal plane but in the frontal plane, with a circular trajectory that, converging upward, follows the natural course of scapular elevation and adduction.

The machine is equipped with independent exercise arms, with a lever system that modulates resistance and develops a physiological load curve, in line with the force curve exerted by the target muscles involved in the movement. Thanks to this lever system, muscle contraction is kept high and constant throughout the ROM, maximizing the effectiveness of the exercise while preserving the integrity of the muscle and connective tissues, which are not overloaded in the position where they are most vulnerable.

The Panatta Super Shrug Machine is equipped with rotating jointed handles that, in addition to allowing maximum freedom in grip, eliminates any stress or forcing on hands and wrists; height adjustment of the handles allows users of all heights to find the right starting height, facilitating positioning and initial setup. Finally, counterbalance springs reduce the unloaded weight of the exercise levers, allowing the machine to be used by athletes of all levels.


After adjusting the height of the two handles, simply stand with your feet in the center of the platform, grasp the handles, and reach the working position with your torso erect, arms extended along your sides, and shoulder blades down (depressed). From this initial position, simply perform the classic shrug movement by elevating and adducting the shoulder blades to the maximum allowed.

When the series is over, all one has to do is return the handles to the rest position again; the other great advantage of the Super Shrug Machine lies precisely in avoiding the hassle of having to move heavy dumbbells or barbells before starting and after finishing the series.


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