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German trance legend Paul van Dyk returns to New York City on December 8 and 9. The maestro will be gracing his presence at Silo Brooklyn. As always, he has a few tricks up his sleeve!

The December 8 Show

The December 8 show – FOR THE RECORD – will be focused on trance music. It will be a journey through the genre’s finest tracks – past, present, and future. All this with a nod to van Dyk’s own timeless productions. Expect some VANDIT classics, to the never before heard songs that he will be testing out to the NYC audience.

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The December 9 Show

The December 9 show is dedicated to van Dyk’s much talked about VENTURE X concept. It explores the harder and darker side of electronic music. It is an event where the master DJ and curator sources from various electronic music genres. The trance icon will bring it all together during one incredible evening. Van Dyk famously feeds off his fans, focusing on the improvisational art of the craft and sequencing sounds on the fly. Familiar sounds are presented in an entirely new context, focusing on embracing the unexpected. It is that moment when you hear a snippet of a song you love but find your jaw dropping in awe over the direction and journey van Dyk takes you. It is unpredictable! It is unmissable! It is VENTURE X, defined by Paul van Dyk!

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Those whetting their appetite for new music look no further than a groundbreaking new collaboration between Paul van Dyk and DJ Pierre (also known as PHUTURE) entitled ‘ACID TRAXXX’. The track is a relentless, high-energy composition that blends the signature 303 basslines and squelchy synthesizers of acid house with uplifting melodies and driving beats. The track has already generated immense anticipation within the electronic music community and is expected to be a highlight of both artists’ live sets. This monumental collaboration is available now exclusively through VANDIT Alternative as a download and on vinyl as part of the three-track ACID TRAXXX EP.

About Paul Van Dyk & His NYC Connection

New York City has always been a second home for world-renowned electronic music icon Paul van Dyk. The German maestro has played a major part in the development of the New York City electronic music scene. It dates back to the days of his first US gig (and residency) at the Limelight. It was at the infamous early 90s club kid night, “Disco 2000” here. He went on to become a monthly resident at the internationally renowned NYC club Twilo. It was a flashpoint for the 90’s electronica explosion. His marathon sets are the stuff of legend. The four walls of a club couldn’t contain van Dyk’s dynamism. In 2002, he became the first DJ to take over Central Park’s Summer Stage. He presented one of the most memorable electronic music experiences imaginable from the big city Oasis. This annual end-of-summer event attracted fans from all over the world!

Make sure to join Paul van Dyk in Brooklyn at SILO on December 8 and 9!

December 8, 2023 – FOR THE RECORD
December 9, 2023 – VENTURE X
Time: 10:00 PM – 4.00 AM
Venue: SILO – 90 Scott Ave, Brooklyn, NY
Tickets :

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Title: Paul Van Dyk Returns to NYC for a Special Two-Night Takeover
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Calvin Harris Lights Up Las Vegas with Exclusive Residency at LIV Venues

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One of the most iconic names in electronic dance music, Calvin Harris, is gearing up to transform the Las Vegas entertainment landscape once again. I say this as he just signed an exclusive residency at the illustrious LIV Las Vegas. This also includes the soon-to-be-unveiled LIV Beach at Fontainebleau Las Vegas. The Grammy-award-winning DJ and producer is not just making a return; he’s setting the stage for a monumental series of performances beginning on Big Game weekend. The kickoff is slated for Sunday, Feb. 11 at LIV Las Vegas. This marks the start of a year-long musical odyssey that’s bound to captivate fans and newcomers alike.

A Sonic Journey Awaits

Calvin Harris’ announcement has sent waves of excitement across the globe. “Can’t wait to get back to Las Vegas, LIV looks amazing, and I’m excited to be part of what’s going on there!” Harris remarked, his enthusiasm palpable. This residency is not just a series of shows; it’s an immersive experience set to deliver an audio-visual feast through Harris’ extensive collection of hits and legendary collaborations. With performances planned at both LIV Las Vegas and the upcoming LIV Beach, attendees are in for a treat. This is an experience at the pinnacle of nightlife and daylife entertainment exclusively at Fontainebleau Las Vegas.

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Glamour, Beats, and the Beach

The collaboration between Calvin Harris and Groot Hospitality’s LIV venues brings together the essence of luxury and the best in electronic music. LIV Las Vegas, borrowing the vibe from its Miami counterpart, offers an intimate yet electrifying nightlife experience. One that is complete with ultra-VIP services and top-tier production elements. LIV Beach, set to open its doors in March 2024. The beach club aims to recreate the lavishness of the French Riviera, promising a glamorous beachfront party unlike any other.

David Grutman, the visionary behind Groot Hospitality, stated the following when asked about Harris joining the LIV family:

“It’s a huge honor to welcome Calvin Harris to his residency at LIV and LIV Beach. He’s a powerhouse in the music industry, known for unforgettable shows. This partnership is set to elevate LIV Las Vegas’ offerings, adding a new dimension to our already stellar lineup of world-class DJs.”

A Star-Studded Affair

The addition of Calvin Harris to the LIV Las Vegas roster heralds a year filled with unparalleled entertainment. Joining forces with music luminaries like Tiësto, John Summit, and Dom Dolla, Harris’ residency signifies a landmark moment for Las Vegas’ music scene. Additionally, with performance dates spanning the entirety of 2024 Las Vegas is poised to host an unforgettable series of events. These are nights that will undoubtedly redefine the city’s entertainment standards.

Firstly, as Calvin Harris prepares to take the stage, Las Vegas braces itself for a musical revolution. Secondly, Fans and enthusiasts are invited to partake in this exclusive journey. This is a journey that promises to be a blend of high-energy performances, mesmerizing production, and the unparalleled glamour of LIV. Furthermore, Get ready to witness the transformation of Las Vegas nightlife as Calvin Harris brings his unparalleled talent and charisma to the Strip. As always, he promises to bring an experience that’s nothing short of legendary.

Lastly, for more information on Calvin Harris’ upcoming shows, be sure to check out his official website here. In conclusion, LIV’s website can be found here.

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Title: Calvin Harris Lights Up Las Vegas with Exclusive Residency at LIV Venues
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Published Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2024 01:34:26 +0000

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Steve Angello Talks about Finding Balance, Creativity, & More

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The Creative Pulse of Steve Angello: More Than Just Beats

There are only three people on this planet who know what it’s like to be part of perhaps the biggest DJ collaborative, and one of them is Steve Angello. Co-founder of Swedish House Mafia, record label owner, and an incredibly talented creative producer, Angello continues to dazzle the house music scene. His new single “ME” is a testament to his status as a top house DJ, with an energetic vocal and a euphoric, pulsing house beat. It’s not just another track; it’s a declaration of his artistry, set to dominate the airwaves in 2024.

Finding Balance: Family, Music, and Authenticity

Angello’s relocation back to Sweden from LA isn’t just a move across continents; it’s a journey towards stability for his family. Despite his global fame, his roots and family are central to his life. “I grew up without a family support system because I’ve always been touring – I was away. I want my kids to grow up and be like, here’s your cousins, your Grandma. Everybody’s here,” he shares. This sense of normalcy and grounded support is a stark contrast to the typical image of a jet-setting DJ.

Music and Parenthood: A Delicate Symphony

As a father, Angello balances his colossal music career with parenting. His daughters, aged eleven and thirteen, are his biggest fans and critics. They bring a fresh perspective to his work, rooted in the TikTok era’s fleeting attention spans. “Whenever we’re driving, I’ll ask them – listen to this, what do you think?” This approach shows Angello’s respect for his audience’s diverse tastes and his dedication to staying relevant in a rapidly evolving musical landscape.

Staying True to Artistic Vision: Lessons from Steve Angello

Angello’s commitment to his art form is unwavering. He resists the pressure to conform to mainstream music industry standards, emphasizing the importance of authenticity. “If I feel something in the studio, I stick to it,” he asserts. This philosophy is evident in “ME,” a track that eschews the short format dominating popular music platforms. Angello’s approach is not about defiance but a deep connection with his music. He recalls Michael Jackson’s bold move with “Thriller,” drawing parallels to his own artistic journey.

The Essence of Club Music and Embracing Diversity

Despite the allure of large-scale shows, Angello’s heart lies in the raw energy of club sets. He fondly recalls his early days as a “club rat,” a time that profoundly influenced his music. His collaboration with Solomon in Ibiza exemplifies his love for blending styles and creating unique experiences, transcending conventional music boundaries.

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The Freedom of Success and the Joy of Creation

Angello’s success with Swedish House Mafia has afforded him the luxury of choice, allowing him to focus solely on projects that resonate with him. “I’ve never been mainstream, and I’ve never been too underground,” he remarks, highlighting his unique position in the industry. His passion for music-making remains undiminished, a journey of joy and discovery rather than a mere job.

Conclusion: The Unending Pursuit of Musical Truth

Steve Angello’s journey is one of constant evolution, balancing the demands of fame with the joys of creativity and family. His advice to aspiring artists is poignant: surround yourself with people who believe in you and stay true to your vision. As he continues to shape the world of electronic music, his story serves as a beacon of authenticity and passion in an ever-changing industry.

You can find the full-length interview here. Be sure to check out Steve Angelo’s latest track ‘Me’, here.

[H/T] – Euphoriazine

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Title: Steve Angello Talks about Finding Balance, Creativity, & More
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Adam Beyer Modernizes Old Drumcode Sound with Let’s Begin EP

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Following the most prolific year of his production career, Adam Beyer starts 2024 right with another standout EP, ‘Let’s Begin’, which takes influence from the ‘90s Drumcode sound with a modern touch.

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Let’s Begin

Looking backwards to go forwards, the three-track work kicks off with ‘Let’s Begin’ . It sees Beyer lean on faster tempos and rugged rhythms to craft a high octane, atmosphere heavy cut. Trust me it will hit you right between the eyes. The eerie vocals will take you into a wild journey. An absolutely cracking peak-time tune that highlighted recent gigs at L56 in Ljubljana and Fairground Festival in Hannover.

IMG 0520 683x1024 1 jpeg

Computerized’ is a masterclass in dancefloor mentalism. It brings forth shades of hardcore influenced vocals and menacing synth lines reminiscent of early 2000s Frankfurt. No surprise this brought maximum vibes at Beyer’s NYE gigs in the States at Teksupport and Insomniac’s Countdown NYE event.

IMG 0521 821x1024 1 jpeg

Fresh out of the studio, ‘Red Room’ is a dreamy belter that takes in subtle hints of classic four-to-the-floor grooves reminiscent of UK hard dance. Just before an industrial synth section ramps up the intensity. Exhilarating stuff.

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A post shared by Adam Beyer (@realadambeyer)

“This new three-tracker is on the rawer techno tip and is an ode to Drumcode’s earlier material. It’s a take on the ‘90s sound blended with new modern elements. For this release I wanted to take the Adam Beyer techno sound from that period and bring it up-to-date. It’s dirty with a new twist, direct and to the point. This project is not a statement, rather it’s a release that was inspired by the big techno shows I played in Europe this autumn like Awakenings, Mayday and Timewarp.”Adam Beyer

Let’s Begin is the EP we wanted to power through the rest of the year

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Title: Adam Beyer Modernizes Old Drumcode Sound with Let’s Begin EP
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