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Podcast #931: The Real Reason You Procrastinate

You may have blamed procrastination on a lack of time management or self-control. My guest, however, says that there are more fundamental reasons for procrastination. He will reveal them today on the program.

Joseph Ferrari, a Catholic deacon and professor of psychology is an expert in procrastination. He has written or co-authored over 400 articles, 35 books, and other textbooks. Dr. Ferrari discusses the psychology behind procrastination today on the show and how you can combat it. He also explains the difference between chronic and regular procrastination. Which parent is most likely to be responsible for your tendency to procrastinate? And how procrastination manifests itself in indecision.

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Choose books/textbooks Joseph has written/co-authored about procrastination. Still Procrastinating, The No Regrets guide to getting it doneProcrastination, Task Avoidance, Theory, Research and TreatmentCounseling Procrastinators in Academic SettingsAoM article: Stop Procrastinating today with Behavioral ScienceAoM podcast #444: Use the Procrastination Equation for Starting to Get Things DoneAoM

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