Red Angel: An extra lean Ducati Monster 620 from Prague

Sacrificing a little comfort for style is not unheard of in the custom scene. But what happens when your goal is to throw comfort out the window altogether? This svelte Ducati Monster 620 from Gas & Oil Bespoke Motorcycles is the answer.

Matěj Sysel and his band of custom bike enthusiasts at Gas & Oil are no strangers to our pages, or the Ducati Monster platform. The Prague-based workshop builds everything from rough and ready scramblers to slick café racers and everything in between. But while their last custom Ducati Monster was a rather restrained affair, this one’s a bit more… focused.

“This is a bespoke build for a customer,” explains Matěj. “The instructions were clear—to create a very minimalistic machine based on a Ducati Monster, with as little comfort as possible. We picked the most interesting parts of multiple Ducatis and combined them to create our idea of the ultimate fun machine.”

With a brief like that, we knew this Monster would look wild before the photos had even finished downloading. And we weren’t disappointed. Gas & Oil started with a stock 2005-model Ducati Monster 620, but by the time they were done, only the frame, engine, and front forks remained from the donor bike.

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By: Ben Pilatti
Title: Red Angel: An extra lean Ducati Monster 620 from Prague
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Published Date: Tue, 01 Aug 2023 17:01:02 +0000


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