Rolls-Royce Unveils A New Exclusive Boat Tail


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What can a motor car provide, apart from getting you to places in style? Rolls-Royce has recently revealed a new exclusive Boat Tail model, at Concorso d’Eleganza, Villa d’Este 2022, on the shores of Lake Como in northern Italy. One would never have thought of it being real unless it is being witnessed in real life.

It features a generous hosting suite with the highest quality essentials for celebratory occasions and even alfresco dining. The unexpected function — one perhaps would need for a vacation drive or host a meeting in the open — the Boat Tail is far more than just a gorgeous car. It fully embodies personal touches of the owner, a blend of elevated functionality and personalised finesse. 

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Some of the interiors on the above-pictured bespoke Boat Tail involve handcrafting from the owner’s pearling business. It went through a specific selection of four pearl shells personally chosen from the client’s private collection. The pearls are what give the inspiration for the exterior bodywork colour and uniqueness. 

The perfect colour combination of oyster and soft hues of rose, white and bronze mica flakes brings out the pearlescent nature in which it subtly changes elegantly when the light hits. Incorporated with pearling works, it definitely takes skill and detail-oriented craftsmen to construct the Boat Tail. This explains why it is one of the only three Boat Tails revealed this year, this is exclusivity at its finest.

One would have never considered a full hosting suite for the road, perhaps this is what an ideal luxury car should look and function like in today’s pursuit of opulence. 

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Rolls-Royce never fail to impress with these added functionalities. When it became apparent that several of these wealthy clients shared a taste in yachts, the Boat Tail design was hatched. The plan: bring luxury everywhere you go with the Rolls-Royce cars. 

The Rolls-Royce Boat Tail might not be the most practical for the everyday drive, but perhaps avid car collectors would definitely want to add the coveted objet d’art with an understated performance at its core. The British marque has demonstrated that the sky is not the limit. In fact, they extended further than the limitations, pushing what cars could provide for a luxury lifestyle. 

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