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The first Speed Read of 2023 kicks off with a handful of parallel twins. Unit Garage debuts a custom kit for Yamaha’s successful Ténéré 700 adventure bike, Wedge Motorcycles works their magic on the Royal Enfield Continental GT650, and JSL debuts a sunny yellow Kawasaki W800. Lastly, the story of the 2022 Malle Mile comes to us as the brand’s latest short film, covering the festival of speed in a fun and exciting way.

Yamaha Ténéré 700 kit by Unit Garage Unit Garage is known for their well-engineered custom bike kits. Their kits can transform a stock bike into café racer, scrambler, or vintage-inspired build, with a much smaller budget and shorter timeline than a full one-off custom. It’s a relatively painless way to add extra function and style to a now-huge range of motorcycles.

The latest custom kit from Unit Garage brings classic Ténéré style back to Yamaha’s current mid-sized adventure platform. And what better way to demonstrate this kit, than to build a maximalist Classic Ténéré?

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By: Wesley Reyneke
Title: Speed Read, January 8, 2023
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Published Date: Sun, 08 Jan 2023 17:01:47 +0000

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Joe Altuve Will Make $41 Million In 2024, The Most Of Any MLB Position Player


Joe Altuve Will Make $41 Million In 2024, The Most Of Any MLB Position Player – originally posted on

The Houston Astros have long been World Series contenders and one of the top teams in the MLB. That figures to be no different in 2024, as the team has the shortest championship odds of any team in the American League at +800, and they have a roster full of talent that has kept their window of contention open for nearly a decade.

Altuve Will Earn $41 Million In 2024, Most In MLB

But there is no denying that the players on the team are both aging and becoming more expensive. While the team’s most productive offensive player in Kyle Tucker is still 27 years old and is set to earn $12 million for the coming season, many of the top producers for the Astros are on the tail ends of their careers.

High-priced pitcher Justin Verlander is 41, and Joe Abreu is 37, and the team’s most popular and recognizable player is right up there with them.

Jose Altuve has been a part of the Astros organization since making his MLB debut in 2011, and has been with the team during their rise to dominance while playing a major part in their success. And while he is still productive, coming in 5th in MVP voting last season, he will be 34 years old on May 6th, and could be in for a decline if his age becomes any kind of factor on his body.

Yamamoto Will Be Highest Paid Overall

But he’ll be paid handsomely regardless. Altuve is entering the final season of a 7-year contract worth $163 million, and has an extension that is set to kick in next season and likely bring him all the way to the end of his career. It will be the first time in three years that he has seen a raise, as he earned a steady rate of $29 million from 2021 to 2023.

That number will kick up a bit for the upcoming season, as the second baseman will be paid $41 million in 2024, which represents the highest cash value of any position player. Newly signed Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamot0 will be the highest paid player overall, as the Dodgers are set to dole out a whopping $55 million for the first year of his services.

Aaron Judge, Anthoyn Rendon, and Carlos Correa are the next-highest paid position players.

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By: Anthony R. Cardenas
Title: Joe Altuve Will Make $41 Million In 2024, The Most Of Any MLB Position Player
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Published Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2024 00:14:16 +0000

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10 Powerful Male Status Symbols

IMG 0625 jpeg

When you encounter a man showcasing an exotic Italian car, donning a beautiful Swiss watch, and wearing a perfectly tailored suit – how do you feel?




The answer may vary, but one thing you can’t deny – this man possesses a certain power that comes from ‘Status’.

Old money aesthetic older man

What is ‘Status’ & Why Should You Care?

You might be thinking, “Well, I don’t care about such superficial things.”

And yes, what we label as ‘status’ might not seem to reflect a man’s value since the true greatness of a man surely comes from the internal qualities within him.

Unfortunately – humans tend to be creatures of habit and are likely to judge others based on quick visual perception. These seemingly superficial things called ‘status symbols’ have become a significant part of the status game.

  • They can save you time
  • They let you avoid conflict
  • They help you signal authority

Without you speak a single word.

These are the power of ‘Status’.

In this article, I’m going to show you 10 modern high-status symbols for a man – and explain How & Why you should use them.

Male Status Symbol #1 – Custom Clothing

large man being measured by tailor

Many of us are fine with buying off-the-rack clothes. We go shopping and happen to find the “right” size of whatever we want. But there are always 2 things that may be an issue – authenticity and accurate fit.

Those are never questionable when it comes to custom clothing. By having something tailor-made, you’re guaranteed it’s of top quality and goes perfectly with your measurements. There’s no need to question whether the item is genuine. What you see is precisely what you get.

Do you wonder why George Clooney always looks good in a suit? We know he’s a handsome guy, but he also happens to get custom suits from Mark Powell, who is said to be his favourite tailor. And history shows that powerful men like Napoleon III and Winston Churchill have bought bespoke suits from London’s Savile Row for centuries.

These men appreciate the importance of fit, fabric, and function – the fundamental elements of style. They select garments that not only fit their body type but also accentuate their individuality. It’s as if they become their own style icon, unmatched in wearing those specific clothes. This subtly communicates to the world their authenticity and discernment – earning them admiration.

Custom clothing makes a definitive statement about your status as a man. If it’s within your means, consider investing in these Made-to-Measure (or Bespoke) garments.

  • Suits
  • Sport Jackets or Blazers
  • Dress Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Leather Shoes

Also, adding a personal touch such as a monogram – further highlights the uniqueness of your attire.

Male Status Symbol #2 – A Great Looking Watch

nice looking watch

Women showcase their jewellery, and similarly, men have their watches. It’s not just any watch you seek. You want something classy and luxurious like those high-end pieces priced over $1,000

While the appropriate choice often depends on the social context – the elegance of a leather strap dress watch or the robust appeal of a metal sports watch remains unparalleled.

You name it.

  • Rolex
  • Omega
  • Tudor

These brands hold a long history, recognized quality in craftsmanship, exclusivity, and price tags that could rival the cost of a significant economy automobile. This is precisely why they symbolise high status.

But what if you’re not keen on spending a lot? Given that these luxurious items don’t necessarily offer more functionality than today’s smartwatches, there are up-and-coming brands these days that produce luxury watches at affordable prices – and the quality of materials and mechanics is often still amazing!

When it comes to affordable watches, I love the fact that manufacturers can produce watches that look incredible without breaking the bank. After all, a Rolex is a great investment and a great statement – but not every man needs to splash out thousands of dollars when there are more budget-friendly timepieces on the market.

Sure, with many budget options, you could end up spending $200 on a low-quality timepiece that doesn’t keep the time well and looks cheap. To avoid this, the key is to research brands and find manufacturers with extensive watch-making experience.

Male Status Symbol #3 – Quality Footwear

Male Status Symbol Quality Shoes

Back in the day – shoes were power symbols of the elite. Leather was so precious that only a few could afford leather footwear (or were allowed to wear it). Today, even though we all purchase shoes, with an array of options like sneakers and sandals – that symbol of status still exists.

Shoes are things people tend to look at and base judgments on (even subconsciously). If you’re wearing nice shoes – they assume that you’re a stylish man with a good eye. You look like someone who takes good care of himself. And that gains you more respect from peers.

Take David Beckham, for example. He’s a guy who – when he’s not in his cleats playing football – likes to wear bespoke leather shoes from London’s G.J.Cleverley & Co. His favourite model is the black calf brogue “The Churchill”, named after Winston Churchill – who was also a regular customer. Beckham knows how his shoes can influence public perception. So he follows the style of another respectable man.

Beyond standing out from the crowd, high-quality leather shoes offer a timeless quality. Investing in a superior pair means they could last decades, or even a lifetime, with consistent care. This dedication and attention to detail are likely to give you eyes of appreciation from others at first sight – even from those who have never seen you before!

Male Status Symbol #4 – The Technology You Use

Own the Latest Technology jpg

We use our laptops, tablets, and mobile phones every day. Almost everyone has them – but some guys just need the latest & greatest stuff. They only buy from a certain company. The reason – it’s more than just quality.

About 10 years ago, Apple computers were mainly used by creatives at coffee shops. It was a big deal to carry them around. But now that Apple has taken over the world, the only way you can stand out is by having the latest iDevice – since everybody else has the second latest.

Whether we like it or not – our gadgets have a say in how people see us. The updated OS and features are secondary – we want new stuff for the prestige. We want to show friends and colleagues that we’re “in” – that we can change smartphones every other year. It’s consumerist, but that affects our status.

This isn’t to say that you ‘must’ update your iPhone or MacBook annually – instead, you should focus on the actual functionality you need while looking for a well-known brand. This approach is more sustainable for your budget while still securing the social recognition associated with owning prestigious technology.

Male Status Symbol #5 – The Vehicle You Drive

man with a luxury car as a status symbol

As I mentioned earlier, humans are inclined to judge based on perceptions, and just like your gadgets, the vehicle you drive reflects the kind of person you are. It signifies more than just the amount of money in your bank—it reveals your lifestyle, priorities, and current stage in life.

Since humans are inherently social beings, we tend to form a collective identity within our surroundings, and perceptions of status can vary widely – what is considered high status depends on your social context and environment.

I own a minivan – a practical choice for a man with 5 kids. So anyone who sees me drive by can probably tell I have a family of my own. If I were driving a Tesla – people might think I’m some big tech corporate hotshot.

But if you live in West Texas like I did – you wouldn’t be surprised to see all these dually pickup trucks. Not only are they useful if you need to pull a horse trailer, but they’re also “cool” in that area. So you want to get a vehicle that suits your environment.

Male Status Symbol #6 – Strong Beliefs & Convictions

christian priest in a church

The great thing about the U.S. is we can exercise freedom of speech. You’re allowed to comment on political issues and express personal beliefs – including religion. And while this may turn off the general crowd – you also resonate with people who are like you.

It’s a well-known fact that Tim Tebow and Steph Curry are devout Christians – who aren’t afraid to talk about it. Curry even has “4:13” (a biblical text about Jesus) printed on the inside of his Under Armour shoes. Some fans consider those guys “preachy” but for the most part – the way they put God at the centre of everything they do (including their athletic careers) has made them more appealing and authentic.

As long as you have strong convictions with a reason to support those ideas – it shouldn’t matter if others think less of you. People who share your beliefs will be drawn to your courage and conviction. This distinctiveness can significantly boost your status, setting you apart in a majority of conforming minds.

Male Status Symbol #7 – A Body By Design

attractive older man in good shape

While a muscular physique may command respect from another man, there’s more to it than just size. It’s about mastering the body, so it suits your culture or profession.

To have a body that upgrades your status – you need to understand who you are. If you love running marathons, developing strong calves, and reducing body fat to embody the form of an elite runner is key. Meanwhile, if you’re a bodybuilder, you aim to increase your muscle mass as much as possible.

Basically, if people see you with a body that perfectly matches your way of life – they’ll respect you even more

Male Status Symbol #8 – Good Etiquette

man offers to open car door for woman

Etiquette has always been a marker of high status, especially today, when great manners are increasingly rare – possessing such manners makes you irresistibly appealing to both business and personal life.

It wasn’t too long ago when etiquette was used to separate classes of people instead of clothing, so it seems to be achievable without the financial factor like those material status symbols we’ve talked about. Unfortunately – there’s no universal book about it since it varies from culture to culture.

But if you want to elevate your status, you need to understand basic etiquette – especially when you’re invited to formal events.

  • Follow the dress code
  • RSVP ahead of time
  • Shake hands the right way

These are small acts of politeness that matter for an event with lots of well-respected people.

And the next time you’re invited to a fancy dinner, make sure you’ve learned the rules of fine dining etiquette. You’ll be surprised – you’ll impress many people by simply knowing when to use each spoon or how to hold each knife!

Male Status Symbol #9 – Sprezzatura

sprezzatura as male status symbol

‘Sprezzatura’ is often linked to a unique dressing style that conveys coolness and effortlessness – however, it’s far more than that.

Sprezzatura is the art of making a challenging task look effortless, embodying coolness with grace and confidence. It’s about showcasing a skill so skillfully that it draws admiration, allowing only the outcome—not the effort behind it—to be seen.

Imagine having lunch with your workmates at a Chinese restaurant – and you happen to be fluent in Mandarin. Imagine all the nods and compliments you’re going to get as you translate everyone’s orders for the waitress. They witness the little “show” you put on – but they’re unaware that it took you 15 years to learn that language.

It’s a similar thing to Tom Hiddleston’s celebrity impressions. This is a guy who gets people cracking up by saying 1 or 2 lines in the accents of fellow actors – which he does so naturally. The audience doesn’t think about all the years he’s spent honing his talent – they’re just blown away by what he does.

It’s about performing with such finesse that the hard work behind it remains invisible.

Male Status Symbol #10 – People You Surround Yourself With

group of status men

This last point may be the most influential.

The company you keep—be it your spouse, partner, colleagues, or friends—significantly shapes how others perceive you.

Humans are deeply influenced by their social environment. Whether it involves personal perception or how others view us from the outside, we tend to form a group identity and align ourselves with certain values.

In a way, this is a good thing. It calls for you to be more selective about the people you want part of your life. The phenomenon of an “average Joe” receiving a status boost simply by dating someone perceived as “out of their league” is a good example of this.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you cut ties with friends who aren’t as successful as you. I’m saying you should find people who can help you grow and reach for the stars. These are among the best qualities to look for in friends and a spouse.

Aim to spend each day with someone who not only brings you joy but also motivates you to be the best version of yourself. Imagine – marrying such a person could be a truly hitting the jackpot.

What All of This Means for You

That’s it Gents, 10 high-status symbols for a man.

As I told you, no matter how much you want to escape the status game, our nature won’t let us. That’s why incorporating these symbols can give you a quick win in life.

You can start applying some of those right now, while the others might need a little more time.

To further improve your status game, here’s how to avoid being end up like a low-status man.

Click below to watch the video on YouTube – How To Signal Power & Authority With Clothing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of powerful male status symbols?

Examples of powerful male status symbols include luxury cars, designer clothing, high-end watches, impressive homes, rare collectibles, exclusive memberships, advanced degrees or notable awards, physical fitness, leadership positions, and philanthropic endeavors.

Are status symbols universal or do they differ across cultures?

Status symbols can greatly vary across different cultures and societies. While some symbols like wealth might be universal, the specifics (e.g., type of car, style of clothing) can be culture-specific.

What does an exclusive membership mean in the context of status symbols?

An exclusive membership refers to being part of an elite club or society, whether that’s a high-end fitness club, a golf club, or a business organization. It signifies social standing, connections, and a certain level of exclusivity.

Is philanthropy a status symbol?

Yes, philanthropy can be seen as a status symbol. It signifies not just wealth, but also a commitment to giving back to society and using one’s resources to benefit others.

How do advanced degrees or notable awards act as status symbols?

They represent achievement, intelligence, and dedication. In many societies, educational achievements and awards are highly respected and are considered signs of success.

Does the value of status symbols differ in rural and urban settings?

Yes, typically, rural and urban settings have different norms and lifestyle expectations, so what serves as a status symbol in one may not have the same impact in the other.

Can digital goods serve as status symbols?

Yes, in the digital age, certain virtual goods, like rare NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), in-game items, or digital real estate, can serve as status symbols.

Do status symbols influence people's perception of someone?

Yes, people often make assumptions about others based on visible status symbols. However, it’s important to note that these assumptions may not always accurately reflect a person’s character or success.

Is owning a status symbol inherently negative?

Not at all. Owning a status symbol isn’t inherently negative. It becomes problematic when it leads to excessive materialism or when a person’s self-worth becomes tied to these external symbols. It’s crucial to remember that these symbols represent only one aspect of a person’s identity.

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Algorithms are everywhere

cover.filterworld jpg

Like a lot of Netflix subscribers, I find that my personal feed tends to be hit or miss. Usually more miss. The movies and shows the algorithms recommend often seem less predicated on my viewing history and ratings, and more geared toward promoting whatever’s newly available. Still, when a superhero movie starring one of the world’s most famous actresses appeared in my “Top Picks” list, I dutifully did what 78 million other households did and clicked.

As I watched the movie, something dawned on me: recommendation algorithms like the ones Netflix pioneered weren’t just serving me what they thought I’d like—they were also shaping what gets made. And not in a good way.

cover of Filterworld: How Algorithms Flattened Culture by Kyle Chayka

The movie in question wasn’t bad, necessarily. The acting was serviceable, and it had high production values and a discernible plot (at least for a superhero movie). What struck me, though, was a vague sense of déjà vu—as if I’d watched this movie before, even though I hadn’t. When it ended, I promptly forgot all about it.

That is, until I started reading Kyle Chayka’s recent book, Filterworld: How Algorithms Flattened Culture. A staff writer for the New Yorker, Chayka is an astute observer of the ways the internet and social media affect culture. “Filterworld” is his coinage for “the vast, interlocking … network of algorithms” that influence both our daily lives and the “way culture is distributed and consumed.”

Music, film, the visual arts, literature, fashion, journalism, food—Chayka argues that algorithmic recommendations have fundamentally altered all these cultural products, not just influencing what gets seen or ignored but creating a kind of self-reinforcing blandness we are all contending with now.

That superhero movie I watched is a prime example. Despite my general ambivalence toward the genre, Netflix’s algorithm placed the film at the very top of my feed, where I was far more likely to click on it. And click I did. That “choice” was then recorded by the algorithms, which probably surmised that I liked the movie and then recommended it to even more viewers. Watch, wince, repeat.

“Filterworld culture is ultimately homogenous,” writes Chayka, “marked by a pervasive sense of sameness even when its artifacts aren’t literally the same.” We may all see different things in our feeds, he says, but they are increasingly the same kind of different. Through these milquetoast feedback loops, what’s popular becomes more popular, what’s obscure quickly disappears, and the lowest-­common-denominator forms of entertainment inevitably rise to the top again and again.

This is actually the opposite of the personalization Netflix promises, Chayka notes. Algorithmic recommendations reduce taste—traditionally, a nuanced and evolving opinion we form about aesthetic and artistic matters—into a few easily quantifiable data points. That oversimplification subsequently forces the creators of movies, books, and music to adapt to the logic and pressures of the algorithmic system. Go viral or die. Engage. Appeal to as many people as possible. Be popular.

A joke posted on X by a Google engineer sums up the problem: “A machine learning algorithm walks into a bar. The bartender asks, ‘What’ll you have?’ The algorithm says, ‘What’s everyone else having?’” “In algorithmic culture, the right choice is always what the majority of other people have already chosen,” writes Chayka.

One challenge for someone writing a book like Filterworld—or really any book dealing with matters of cultural import—is the danger of (intentionally or not) coming across as a would-be arbiter of taste or, worse, an outright snob. As one might ask, what’s wrong with a little mindless entertainment? (Many asked just that in response to Martin Scorsese’s controversial Harper’s essay  in 2021, which decried Marvel movies and the current state of cinema.) 

Chayka addresses these questions head on. He argues that we’ve really only traded one set of gatekeepers (magazine editors, radio DJs, museum curators) for another (Google, Facebook, TikTok, Spotify). Created and controlled by a handful of unfathomably rich and powerful companies (which are usually led by a rich and powerful white man), today’s algorithms don’t even attempt to reward or

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By: Bryan Gardiner
Title: Algorithms are everywhere
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