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By IFBB Pro Josh Wade

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Stay Strong, Keep Pushing and Be the Best Version of Yourself!

I believe this is my fourth year writing this column and I’m humbled by some of the responses I’ve received from people. We write these columns not just for entertainment but to truly try to help the readers get ideas and recommendations to break through plateaus and hopefully make an impact in your lives and help you with your fitness goals!

My column isn’t controversial, negative or disrespectful so therefore it might not be the most entertaining, but I’m hoping it continues to be educational and helpful with a lot of the trials and tribulations I’ve been through in my bodybuilding career. Thanks for reading it every month!

Nothing Comes Easy

People still ask me how I made it so far in bodybuilding. Lots of people said I didn’t have the best structure or genetics, but what I do possess is a tremendous work ethic. What I notice lately is most people don’t have that same work ethic! They are waiting for things to fall into their laps instead of going out and getting them. Unless you win the lottery, nothing is going to come easy, but anything worth having is worth working for. That’s the motto I live by when things get tough, and I don’t want to take it easy, slack off or just get by.

Don’t try to be like others. Do what you want to do for you and strive to be the best “you” possible because at the end of the day that’s all you can control!

Don’t Work Out Blind!

Going to the gym with no plan is a terrible idea! You can hinder your progress by not having a well-thought-out routine. Having a solid plan means you arrive knowing exactly what you should be doing, which makes your workout far more productive. That’s why so many people now have coaches. We all can start to overthink things if we get into our own heads or try to get too cute with a routine especially since there are so many social media influencers that sometimes post BS exercises just for the sake of a post. It makes you think “WOW, that looks different, maybe I should try that,” without thinking for yourself what the purpose of the exercise is.

I read that Dorian Yates used to sit in his office and visualize his exercises, sets, reps and even the weight he was going to use before he started his workout. The point is you need to be mentally prepared to give your most to every workout or you are just wasting your time going through the motions. That may work as a beginner but anyone reading this has probably put in many years in the weight room. To make more progress you truly must challenge yourself at every workout. Like they say, “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

I’ve always idolized Jay Cutler. Before I started bodybuilding, I read his book CEO Muscle and I learned how meticulous he was. I took notes like he did, noting every detail of my day. I wrote down everything I ate and calculated the nutrients. I wrote out every workout before I went to the gym and took notes and logged the weights I used. I feel like that kind of attention to detail is what it takes to make sure you are consistently bettering yourself in and out of the gym! Not only will your workouts benefit but so will your job, career or passion.

My dad told me growing up, “You don’t half-ass anything, if you do something you try to do it perfect.” Sure, mistakes will happen and not everything can be perfect. The point is to try and always do your best. Don’t avoid doing something out of fear of failure because sometimes you must fail to eventually succeed! You never know what you are capable of unless you try. Every failure should be a lesson to learn from and become better because of it!

Weight Training Saved My Life

Why weight training can have such a positive impact on your life both physically and mentally. When I was young, I grew up lacking confidence in myself. I didn’t know what my purpose was, so I just tried to fit in with the “cool kids” who were the ones that got into trouble and were popular or known because of it. That led me down a path of getting in trouble in school and even from the law because I was a rebellious, mischievous kid that was lost from any path of bettering myself until eventually I found weight training. Weight training gave me a sense of purpose I never had before. It was something I could do by myself, to challenge myself and try to improve upon every day. With building my body I started building my mind, and with that confidence that was growing inside of me I no longer cared if people didn’t like me for who I was because I was finally happy with myself. The people around me started seeing a difference in me that they also became proud of. When you feel good and proud of what you are doing it will radiate on the outside and people will be drawn more to you. Whatever you do, make yourself proud but most importantly do it because it’s what you want to do and not what someone else wants you to do or thinks you should do! That’s how weight training changed or more accurately “saved” my life.

Stay strong, keep pushing and be the best version of yourself!!

If you want to read more about my story, I have a book available on Amazon, called Becoming a Stronger Person: A Success Road Map to Self-leadership, which is part self-help, part nutrition and part weight-training routines, form and exercises.

Josh’s current pre-, intra- and post-workout stack:

Pre workout: ½ scoop Carbion+, 1 scoop Impact Igniter Xtreme

Intra workout: 1 scoop Carbion+, 1 scoop Aminocore, 5g Creatine, 10g Glutamine

Post workout: 2 scoops Isoflex (Chocolate Peanut Butter), 10g Glutamine


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By: Team FitRx
Title: Stay Strong, Keep Pushing and Be the Best Version of Yourself!
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Published Date: Fri, 07 Apr 2023 15:08:48 +0000

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Should We Send Humans to Venus?

venussurface 750 jpg

NASA is preparing to send humans back to the Moon with the Artemis missions in the next few years as part of the agency’s Moon to Mars Architecture with the long-term goal of landing humans on the Red Planet sometime in the 2030s or 2040s. But what about sending humans to other worlds of the Solar System? And, why not Venus? It’s closer to Earth than Mars by several tens of millions of kilometers, and despite its extremely harsh surface conditions, previous studies have suggested that life could exist in its clouds. In contrast, we have yet to find any signs of life anywhere on the Red Planet or in its thin atmosphere. So, should we send humans to Venus?

“Yes, we should send humans to Venus,” Dr. Paul Byrne, who is an Associate Professor of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, tells Universe Today. “But first, let’s talk about what ‘sending humans to Venus’ actually means. The surface of Venus is hellish, so nobody would last long there nor volunteer to go. Above the clouds, the temperature and pressure are almost like a nice spring day here on Earth, so aside from tiny sulphuric acid cloud droplets you’d be okay (with a breathing apparatus).”

These “hellish” conditions that Dr. Byrne alludes to are the extreme conditions across the surface of Venus, including surface pressures 92 times that of Earth’s surface and average surface temperatures of approximately 464 degrees Celsius (867 degrees Fahrenheit). In contrast, Earth’s average surface temperatures are a calm 15 degrees Celsius (59 degrees Fahrenheit). These extreme pressures and temperatures have made landing on the surface of Venus even more difficult, as the former Soviet Union continues to be the only nation to have successfully landed on Venus’ surface, having accomplished this feat with several of their Venera and Vega missions. However, the longest mission duration for the lander was only 127 minutes (Venera 13), which also conducted the first sound recording on another planet.

venussurface 750 1 jpg
Color images taken by the Soviet Union’s Venera 13 lander on the surface of Venus on March 1, 1982, with the lander surviving only 127 minutes due to Venus’s extreme surface conditions. (Credit: NASA)

“If we were to send humans to Venus, they’d be going in a spacecraft that would fly by the planet en route somewhere else,” Dr. Byrne tells Universe Today. “If we were to one day send humans actually to Venus itself for science and engineering purposes, then a cloud-based habitat is the way to go. Getting humans onto the Venus surface is going to require so much technology and expense that, for the foreseeable future, I don’t think anyone will think it worth doing.”

A 2015 study presented at the AIAA Space and Astronautics Forum and Exposition outlined a NASA study for the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC) mission that would involve a 30-day crewed mission using an airship equipped with solar panels within the upper atmosphere of Venus. This is because Venus’ upper atmosphere at approximately 50 kilometers (30 miles) above the surface exhibits much more hospitable conditions, including temperatures between 30 to 70 degrees Celsius (86 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressures very close to that of Earth. However, Dr. Byrne refers to HAVOC as an “unbelievably expensive concept”.

NASA Cloud City on Venus 750 1 jpg
Artist rendition of proposed habitable airships traversing Venus’ atmosphere, which has been proposed as the High Altitude Venus Operational Concept (HAVOC) mission. (Credit: NASA)

As for using Venus while en route to another location in the Solar System, Venus has been used on several occasions to slingshot spacecraft to the outer Solar System as well as for exploration of the inner Solar System, such as Mercury and the Sun. For example, NASA’s Galileo and Cassini spacecraft used gravity assists

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