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Radomyr Stelmakh

Radomyr Stelmakh of Ukraine finished seventh in the all-around standings when he made his major international debut at European Championships in 2020, but due to the two-per-country limitations, he was not counted in the official rankings.

The 16-year-old made sure his results would count this time around, looking incredible from the moment he stepped out onto the floor until the second he landed his dismount on high bar as the very last competitor in the very last subdivision to sneak in and grab the all-around title with a 79.900, just half a tenth ahead of Italy’s Riccardo Villa, who led the competition after the second subdivision.

Stelmakh did some of his nicest work on floor, hitting a front full to double front, 2½, double full, and triple full for a 13.55, and then continued with solid work on pommels and rings before hitting a strong vault. His parallel bars routine was one of the best I saw, with lovely handstands, smooth transitions, and just a step on the dismount for a 13.6, and though high bar isn’t his strongest, he needed just a 12.4 there, and did just enough to sneak past that with a 12.45, going right down to the wire to upset Villa.

I didn’t think anyone could top Villa, who was my pick for the all-around champion coming into the final as one of the only juniors in the mix to break an 80 this season, which his performance came close to doing here. He was pretty clean throughout, matching Stelmakh on vault and besting him on pommels, rings, and high bar, where his routine included a nice straddle Tkachev, German giants, and a baby step on his full-twisting double layout.

Villa, 17, was also good on both floor and p-bars, but Stelmakh was several tenths ahead on both, giving him the tiniest advantage, though it could have gone either way and I would have been very happy with the results.

Prior to the final subdivision, I wondered if either of Switzerland’s top all-arounders could manage to hit 79 or higher, and Matteo Giubellini made it happen with a 79.500 to win the bronze medal in what ended up being a tough and close field. Despite getting off to a slow start on high bar with just an 11.9, he came back with a vengeance, putting up some of the best routines in the competition on floor (his piked double front was excellent, and he stuck a 2½ to front layout), pommels, and rings, before landing an excellent kaz full to give him a 14.15, exactly the boost he needed going to his final rotation.

Giubellini was so clean and solid in his p-bars set, and he did it after watching the leadoff athlete deal with a scary fall mid-routine. Yet nothing phased the 17-year-old, who put up an great routine to earn a 13.4, pushing him onto the podium with a score that was more than five points higher than what he managed at nationals exactly a month earlier.

Any of the other guys who finished in the top eight – and maybe even a little beyond – had the potential to make it onto the podium had circumstances been only slightly different. Rounding out the field were Danny Crouch of Great Britain in fourth with a 79.150, Daniel Carrión of Spain in fifth with a 79.100, Jan Imhof of Switzerland in sixth with a 78.450, Reuben Ward of Great Britain in seventh with a 78.450, and Sebastian Sponevik of Norway in eighth with a 78.350.

Villa along with teammates Tommaso Brugnami (10th with a 77.850) and Davide Oppizzio (19th with a 76.200) won the team title with a 158.750, edging out the British men by just two tenths, as the team – which included Oakley Banks (12th with a 77.700) alongside Crouch and Ward – put up quite a fight in that final subdivision to earn a 158.550.

Going into the last rotation, the British men would have needed to average above a 13.6 for each score on floor counted into the final total, a score no one had earned on the apparatus at that point in the competition. I didn’t think it was possible, but they happily surprised me with how close they got, bringing in a 13.25 from Banks followed by a 13.75 from Crouch, who did everything he could to earn the top score of the day. Though it was just slightly behind what they’d need for the upset, it was a tremendous fight to the finish, and great to see them earn that hard-won silver.

The Swiss team, led by Giubellini and Imhof along with Mirco Riva, who came in as a replacement athlete and finished 42nd with a 73.700, ended up taking the bronze medal, slightly back from the Brits with a 158.200, though with a healthy margin ahead of fourth-place Spain, which had a 156.850.

Rounding out the top eight were Germany in fifth with a 156.200, Ukraine in sixth with a 155.000, France in seventh with a 154.900, and Austria in eighth with a 154.250, and I have to say, I was more excited for the Austrians than literally anything else that happened today.

For context, Austria is not a known gymnastics nation, and outside of a few guys who can be considered specialists on a few apparatuses, they don’t see a ton of success internationally. The junior team, for example, finished 27th as a team at European Championships back in 2018, and 17th as a team at the European Youth Olympic Festival a year later. But the guys who competed today – Gino Vetter in 11th with a 77.800, Nicolas Ivkic in 23rd with a 75.850, and Alfred Schwaiger in 26th with a 75.450 – performed brilliantly and upset a lot of teams that have typically outscored them, some by a lot, so it was incredible to see that work pay off and to see them rank just tenths behind a team like France and tenths ahead of a team like the Netherlands, which was ninth with a 153.950. It points to a ton of potential in the program, and I hope all three of these guys are able to transition well to the senior level to add to the depth of this growing program.

Lists of the top-ranked all-arounders and teams are below, along with lists of those who qualified into apparatus finals, which take place this Friday and Saturday.

All-Around Final Results

1. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR 79.900
2. Riccardo Villa ITA 79.850
3. Matteo Giubellini SUI 79.500
4. Danny Crouch GBR 79.150
5. Daniel Carrión ESP 79.100
6. Jan Imhof SUI 78.450
7. Reuben Ward GBR 78.450
8. Sebastian Sponevik NOR 78.350
9. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL 78.250
10. Tommaso Brugnami ITA 77.850
11. Gino Vetter AUT 77.800
xx. Oakley Banks GBR 77.700*
12. Amine Abaidi NED 77.350
13. Daniel Mousichidis GER 77.100
14. Jukka Nissinen GER 77.000
15. Anthony Mansard FRA 76.800
16. Elijah Faverus NED 76.650
17. Erik Baghdasaryan ARM 76.300
xx. Davide Oppizzio ITA 76.200*
18. Pablo Ruiz ESP 76.150
xx. Alvaro Giraldez ESP 76.150*
19. Dmytro Dotsenko ISR 76.100
20. Nicolas Ivkic AUT 75.850
21. Luis Il-Sung Melander SWE 75.850
22. Joona Reiman FIN 75.450
xx. Alfred Schwaiger AUT 75.450*
23. Marcus Pietarinen FIN 75.400
24. Daniel Bago CZE 75.300

*Unranked in the all-around final standings due to two-per-country limitations

Team Final Results

1. Italy 158.750
2. Great Britain 158.550
3. Switzerland 158.200
4. Spain 156.850
5. Germany 156.200
6. Ukraine 155.000
7. France 154.900
8. Austria 154.250

Floor Exercise Qualification Results

1. Danny Crouch GBR 13.750
2. Amine Abaidi NED 13.550
3. Jan Imhof SUI 13.550
– Radomyr Stelmakh UKR 13.550
5. Tommaso Brugnami ITA 13.500
6. Matteo Giubellini SUI 13.450
7. Sebastian Sponevik NOR 13.400
8. Anthony Mansard FRA 13.400

R1. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL 13.350
R2. Robert Gyulumyan ARM 13.300
R3. Gino Vetter AUT 13.300

Pommel Horse Qualification Results

1. Kristijonas Padegimas LTU 14.500
2. Reuben Ward GBR 13.600
3. Alfred Schwaiger AUT 13.500
4. Riccardo Villa ITA 13.450
5. Marteo Giubellini SUI 13.400
6. Daniel Mousichidis GER 13.400
7. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR 13.350
8. Danny Crouch GBR 13.200

R1. Nikolaos Tsoulos GRE 13.050
R2. Kevin Buckley SLO 13.000
R3. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL 13.000

Still Rings Qualification Results

1. Luis Il-Sung Melander SWE 13.60
2. Paco Fernandes Henriques FRA 13.300
3. Davide Oppizzio ITA 13.200
4. Matteo Giubellini SUI 13.200
5. Volkan Hamarat TUR 13.150
6. Daniel Hasson NED 13.100
7. Riccardo Villa ITA 13.100
8. Dmytro Prudko UKR 13.100

R1. Erik Baghdasaryan ARM 13.000
R2. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR 13.000
R3. Jukka Nissinen GER 12.950

Vault Qualification Results

1. Joona Reiman FIN 14.150
2. Tommaso Brugnami ITA 14.075
3. Amine Abaidi NED 13.975
4. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL 13.950
5. Riccardo Villa ITA 13.875
6. Maxim Kovalenko GER 13.850
7. Daniel Carrión ESP 13.825
8. Matteo Giubellini SUI 13.825

R1. Pablo Ruiz ESP 13.725
R2. Jan Imhof SUI 13.650
R3. Sebastian Sponevik NOR 13.625

Parallel Bars Qualification Results

1. Bozhidar Zlatanov BUL 13.650
2. Radomyr Stelmakh UKR 13.600
3. Gino Vetter AUT 13.400
4. Mert Efe Kilicer TUR 13.400
– Jan Imhof SUI 13.400
6. Matteo Giubellini SUI 13.400
7. Dmytro Prudko UKR 13.400
8. Jukka Nissinen GER 13.300

R1. Erik Baghdasaryan ARM 13.250
R2. Daniel Carrión ESP 13.250
R3. Anthony Mansard FRA 13.200

High Bar Qualification Results

1. Dmytro Dotsenko ISR 13.550
2. Davide Oppizzio ITA 13.200
3. Daniel Mousichidis GER 13.000
4. Riccardo Villa ITA 12.950
– Anthony Mansard FRA 12.950
xx. Tommaso Brugnami ITA 12.900*
6. Danny Crouch GBR 12.850
7. Jukka Nissinen GER 12.850
– Daniel Carrión ESP 12.850

R1. Reuben Ward GBR 12.800
– Alvaro Giarldez ESP 12.800
R3. David Puicea ROU 12.650

*Unranked in the all-around final standings due to two-per-country limitations

Article by Lauren Hopkins


By: Lauren
Title: Stelmakh Wins EYOF All-Around in Tight Battle, Italy Takes Team Gold
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Published Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 18:56:53 +0000

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38th golden disc award nominees

The Golden Disc Awards have announced the full list of nominees for its upcoming ceremony in January 2024 – view the full list below.

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On December 4, the annual South Korean music awards ceremony released a list of nominees across its three main categories – namely Best Digital Song, Best Album and Rookie Artist of the Year – for its upcoming ceremony. The winners for these categories will be decided through 60% streaming/sales numbers and 40% expert evaluations.

In addition to the three main awards, the Golden Disc Awards also gives out multiple honours, including the Popular Vote Award, which is decided based on 100% global fan votes. Details regarding voting can be found on Golden Disc’s official website.

The ceremony also normally gives out honours for several special awards – including genre categories, best group, solo and performance awards and more – though Golden Disc has not revealed these categories nor their nominees.

The 38th Golden Disc Awards will take place on Saturday, January 6 at the Jakarta International Stadium in Jakarta at 9pm KST, and will be aired on JTBC in South Korean. The event will be hosted by singer Sung Si-hyung and idol-actor Cha Eun-woo of boyband ASTRO.

See the list of nominees for the 38th Golden Disc Awards below:

Best Digital Song
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aespa – ‘Spicy’
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IVE – ‘I Am’
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Woody – ‘Say I Love You’
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Jungkook – ‘Seven’ featuring Latto
Jimin – ‘Like Crazy’
Jisoo – ‘Flower’
Taeyang – ‘VIBE’ featuring Jimin of BTS

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(G)I-DLE – ‘I Feel’
aespa – ‘MY WORLD’
Agust D – ‘D-Day’
ATEEZ – ‘The World EP.2: Outlaw’
ENHYPEN – ‘Dark Blood’
EXO – ‘Exist’
ITZY – ‘Kill My Doubt’
IVE – ‘I’ve Mine’
LE SSERAFIM – ‘Unforgiven’
NCT – ‘Golden Age’
NCT 127 – ‘Fact Check’
NCT Dream – ‘ISTJ’
NMIXX – ‘expérgo’
Stray Kids – ‘5-Star’
TREASURE – ‘Reboot’
TWICE – ‘Ready To Be’
ZEROBASEONE – ‘Youth in the Shade’
Jungkook – ‘Golden’
Tomorrow X Together – ‘The Name Chapter: Freefall’

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Hwang Yeong-woong

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Title: Here are the nominees for the 38th Golden Disc Awards
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FIFA Men’s World Rankings December 2023: Top 20 Nations

Sadio Mane 555x313 1 jpeg

FIFA Men’s World Rankings December 2023: Top 20 Nations – originally posted on

On November 30, FIFA published the final men’s world rankings for 2023. The governing body of soccer has taken the 2024 UEFA EURO qualifiers, 2026 World Cup qualifiers, and friendly fixtures into account to update its list of the top 200 soccer-playing nations on the planet.

Below, we will check out the 20-best-ranked teams on the planet, figuring out which teams lost and gained the most points since the last FIFA rankings in October. Now, without further ado, let’s begin!

#20 Senegal – 1594.31 Points

Senegal Are The 20th Best Team In The World
Senegal Beat South Sudan 4-0 And Drew 0-0 Win Togo In November

With 1594.31 points on the board, Sadio Mane’s Senegal are officially the 20th-best team in the world. They have lost 6.51 points since FIFA evaluated them last in October.

Senegal played two 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers in November. They beat South Sudan 4-0 on November 18 before playing out a goalless draw with Togo on November 21.

#19 Denmark – 1601.31 Points

Denmark Are 19th In FIFA Rankings
Denmark Beat Slovenia But Lost To Northern Ireland In November

In 19th sit Denmark with a point total of 1601.31. Christian Eriksen’s side have lost 10.84 points owing to their sub-par performances in November.

On November 17, Denmark clinched a 2-1 victory over Slovenia in the 2024 European Championship qualifiers. Three days later, they were thoroughly outclassed by Norther Ireland, succumbing to a 2-0 defeat away from home.

#18 Switzerland – 1613.44 Points

Switzerland Are 18th In FIFA Rankings
Switzerland Drew With Kosovo Before Losing To Romania

Switzerland have lost the most points among the top 20 teams in the November FIFA rankings. Losing 31.94 points, they have brought their total to 1613.44, slipping from 14th to 18th place in the rankings in only a month.

The Swiss endured a disappointing end to their 2024 European Championship qualification journey. On November 18, they drew 1-1 against underdogs Kosovo before losing 1-0 to Romania on November 21.

#17 Japan – 1620.19 Points

Japan Are 17th In FIFA Men's World Rankings
Takefusa Kubo’s Japan Beat Myanmar & Syria In November

The only Asian team in the top 20, Japan have 1620.19 points to their name. Gaining 7.20 points in November, they have climbed up a place to book the 17th spot.

Japan participated in two 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers in November. On November 16, they claimed a 5-0 victory over Myanmar before beating Syria by the same scoreline on November 21.

#16 Germany – 1631.22 Points

Germany Are In 16th Place In FIFA Rankings
Germany Lost To Turkey & Austria In November

One of the best teams in the history of soccer, Germany lost 12.27 points in November. With 1631.22 points to their name, Germany are in 16th place in the FIFA men’s world rankings.

Germany lost both of their friendly outings in November. On November 18, Germany lost 3-2 to Turkey before succumbing to a 2-0 defeat against Austria. Julian Nagelsmann will need to pull up his socks if he wants to avoid embarrassment at home in the 2024 European Championship.

#15 Colombia – 1651.2 Points

Colombia Are 15th In FIFA Rankings
Colombia Beat Brazil And Paraguay in November

Colombia have gained a whopping 24.60 points since the last FIFA rankings in October, pushing their total to 1651.2 points and emerging as the 15th-best national team on the planet.

Their splendid performance in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers was the reason behind their resurgence. They spectacularly beat Brazil 2-1 in the qualifiers on November 16 before beating Paraguay 1-0 on November 21.

#14 Mexico – 1655.21 Points

Mexico Are 14th In The FIFA Rankings
Edson Alvarez Celebrating After Scoring For Mexico

Losing 8.73 points and two places since October, Mexico have slipped to 14th place in the FIFA men’s world rankings.

Mexico went up against Honduras in the CONCACAF Nations League quarter-finals. They lost 2-0 to them in the first leg before beating them 2-0 in the reverse fixture. The game was ultimately settled on penalties, with El Aguila Real clinching a 4-2 win in the shootout.

#13 Morocco – 1661.69 Points

Morocco Are Ranked 13Th In FIFA Standings
Morocco Beat Tanzania In November

Last World Cup’s surprise package Morocco are 13th in FIFA’s rankings, having accumulated 1661.69 points so far. The Atlas Lions have gained 3.20 points owing to their performance in November.

Morocco’s 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier with Eritrea was canceled on November 16 but the game against Tanzania went ahead as scheduled. The north African powerhouse claimed a 2-0 victory away from home in that fixture.

#12 USA – 1665.27 Points

USA Are Ranked 12 On FIFA's List
Pulisic’s USA Won Once And Lost Once To Trinidad and Tobago

The United States Men’s Nation Team (USMNT) have lost 10.62 points since the FIFA rankings in October. With 1665.27 points on the board, the USA are 12th-best national soccer team on the planet.

The USA played two CONCACAF Nations League games in November. They beat Trinidad and Tobago 3-0 in their first game on November 16 before losing 2-1 in the reverse fixture.

#11 Uruguay – 1665.99 Points

Uruguay Are 11th In FIFA Rankings
Uruguay Beat Argentina And Bolivia In November

South American powerhouse Uruguay have been the second-highest gainers on this list behind Colombia, with them adding 22.27 points to their name to take their total to 1665.99 points. Such massive gains have allowed them to jump four places and land on 11th in the standings.

Uruguay secured two big wins in November. On November 16, they snagged a 2-0 win over reigning world champions Argentina away from home. Five days later, they secured a 3-0 win over Bolivia at home.

#10 Croatia – 1717.57 Points

Croatia Are The 10th Team On FIFA Rankings
Croatia Beat Latvia And Armenia In October

Gaining 5.69 points since FIFA’s rankings in October, Croatia have taken their total to 1717.57 points. Luka Modric and Co. enjoyed a comfortable November, clinching two wins with clean sheets in the 2024 UEFA EURO qualifiers.

Croatia first beat Latvia 2-0 in their backyard before nicking a 1-0 victory over Armenia at home, ensuring top spot in their qualifying group.

#9 Italy -1718.82 Points

Italy Are 9th In FIFA Rankings
Italy Beat North Macedonia And Drew With Ukraine In November

Reigning European champions Italy have claimed the ninth spot, amassing a total of 1718.82 points. Italy won one game and drew another in November, and as a result, gained only 1.01 points since the rankings in October.

Italy first took on North Macedonia in the European Championship qualifiers on November 17, coming away with a comfortable 5-2 win. Three days later, they squared off against Ukraine, but could not find a way through. The game ended goalless at BayArena in Leverkusen, Germany.

#8 Spain – 1732.64 Points

Spain Are 8th In FIFA Men's World Rankings
La Roja beat Cyprus & Georgia In November

Two-time European Championship winners Spain have remained steady in eighth place in FIFA rankings. Gaining 6.67 points in November, La Roja now have 1732.64 points to their name.

Spain recorded identical 3-1 victories in their 2024 UEFA EURO qualifiers in November. They first beat Cyprus on November 15 before beating Georgia by the same 3-1 scoreline at home.

#7 Portugal – 1745.06 Points

Portugal Are 7th In FIFA Men's Rankings
Cristiano Ronaldo Scored Against Liechtenstein

In seventh place sit Cristiano Ronaldo’s formidable Portugal with a total of 1745.06 points. Despite winning both their games in November, Os Navegadores have lost a position in the rankings.

Portugal first went to Liechtenstein for their 2024 European Championship qualifier on November 16. Goals from Ronaldo and Joao Cancelo propelled them to a 2-0 victory. They clinched another 2-0 victory on November 19, this time at home against Iceland. Owning to the two wins, Portugal gained 5.23 points since October.

#6 Netherlands – 1745.48 Points

Netherlands Are 6th In FIFA Rankings
Netherlands Won Against Ireland And Gibraltar In November.

The Netherlands will end 2023 in sixth place in the FIFA men’s world rankings, with their current point total standing at 1745.48. Owing to their impressive performances in November, they have gained 6.22 points and leapfrogged Portugal in the rankings.

The Dutch played two 2024 European championship qualifiers in November. They first claimed a slender 1-0 victory over Ireland before bagging a 6-0 win away in Gibraltar.

#5 Brazil – 1784.09 Points

Brazil Are The 5th Team On FIFA Rankings
Brazil Lost Against Colombia And Argentina.

Five-time world champions Brazil have lost the most points in the top 10. Losing 28.11 points since the rankings in October, Brazil have slipped to fifth place in FIFA men’s world rankings.

Brazil lost both their 2026 World Cup qualifiers in November. They lost 2-1 to Colombia on November 16 before losing 1-0 to bitter rivals Argentina on November 21. They have not won a CONCACAF qualifier since the slender 1-0 victory over Peru on September 12.

#4 Belgium – 1798.46 Points

Belgium Are 4th In FIFA Men's World Rankings
Romelu Lukaku Scored 4 Goals Against Azerbaijan

In fourth place, we have Belgium, who have gained 4.75 points since the October rankings to take their total to 1798.46 points. The Belgian Red Devils’ successes in November have helped them climb up a place and land in fourth.

Belgium first secured a 1-0 win over Serbia in a friendly on November 15. They returned to 2024 European Championship qualifiers on November 18, claiming a 5-0 victory over Azerbaijan.

#3 England – 1800.05 Points

England Are In 3rd Place In FIFA Men's World Rankings
Harry Kane’s England Won Against Malta But Drew With North Macedonia

Gareth Southgate’s England have climbed up to third place in FIFA rankings, primarily thanks to Brazil’s abysmal showing in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers. The Three Lions, who now have 1800.05 points, were below their best in the 2024 UEFA EURO qualifiers in November, winning one game and drawing the other.

England failed to impress in their meeting with Malta on November 17 but managed to secure a 2-0 win. However, North Macedonia put up a stronger resistance and held them to a 1-1 draw on November 20.

#2 France – 1845.44 Points

France Are In 2nd Spot In FIFA World Rankings
Kylian Mbappe Scored A Hat-Trick Against Gibraltar

With 1845.44 points to their name, France are the second-highest-ranked team on the current FIFA men’s world rankings. Les Bleus have lost 7.67 points since FIFA’s last rankings in October.

France recorded a record 14-0 win over Gibraltar in their 2024 European Championship qualifier on November 18, with Kylian Mbappe starring by scoring thrice and providing three assists. The 2018 FIFA World Cup winners, however, drew 2-2 with Greece three days later.

#1 Argentina – 1855.2 Points

Argentina Are The Top Ranked Nation In FIFA Rankings For December
Argentina Beat Brazil and Lost To Uruguay In November

World champions Argentina remain at the summit of the FIFA rankings, having put up 1855.2 points on the board. Lionel Messi and Co., however, were not at their best during the November international break. As a result, they have lost 6.09 points since the rankings in October.

La Albiceleste lost 2-0 to Uruguay in the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers on November 16. They, nevertheless, swiftly recovered from the setback, claiming a 1-0 win over arch-rivals Brazil on November 21. They currently sit at the top of the CONCACAF rankings with a two-point lead over second-placed Uruguay.

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By: Sushan Chakraborty
Title: FIFA Men’s World Rankings December 2023: Top 20 Nations
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Published Date: Mon, 04 Dec 2023 08:03:23 +0000

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