The 5 Coolest Motorcycles Not Available in the US

There are plenty of reasons why certain motorcycle manufacturers don’t give North Americans the full catalog, and none of those reasons are particularly exciting. The cruiser market is probably the big one, as a large percentage of America’s riding population still gravitates towards Harley-Davidson. The USA also doesn’t have engine displacement limitations attached to their licenses like some other countries do, which tends to spice up lower cc offerings.

Even with plenty of good ways to spend my hard-earned powersports allowance, I’m still lusting after the things I can’t have. If a blank check were to arrive tomorrow, and the government turned a blind eye, here are just a few of the exotic machines from my international shopping list.

Brixton Crossfire 500 With a name like Brixton, you’d assume you’re looking at the next generation of affordable British motorcycles. But the firm is actually Austrian, and their products are assembled in China.

Not to be dismissed, Brixton has introduced a whole line of retro-themed motorcycles with rock-solid build quality and name-brand components, and there’s more than one that’s caught our eye. The Crossfire 500 XC is unanimously our favorite, but for the less off-roady crowd, the Crossfire 500 X has a slick factory-custom look for the street.

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By: Dean Larson
Title: The 5 Coolest Motorcycles Not Available in the US
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Published Date: Mon, 14 Aug 2023 17:01:41 +0000


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