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Summer is here and so are the changes in expectations, moods, and travel plans. You (and your children — there are only 18 summers together!) We’ve compiled a list of summer-related resources that we’ve created over the years to help you make the most out of this season. They’ll hopefully inspire you to host a backyard barbecue, go on a hike, relax in a hammock or read a book at the beach.

What to wear

As the weather gets warmer, you’ll want to rotate a different set of clothes. You can dress more stylishly during the summer months than you do in the cooler, layer-friendly winter months. But, it’s not necessary to stick to just t-shirts or shorts. These articles will show you how to dress more stylishly in the summer, while still keeping cool. They also offer tips on how to wear a t-shirt.

These style guides are for specific pieces of clothing:

Summer Smart Casual: Three Getup Ideas For The Office, Date Nights, And WeddingsThe GuayaberaThe Camp Collar ShirtThe ShirtThe Polo ShirtThe ShirtKhakisThe Seersucker suitBoat shoesMohinders(My #1 recommendation for Summer Shoes !) My favorite summer sunglasses

Check out these overview articles too:

Easy Ways to Upgrade your Casual Summer StyleSummer style: How to dress for an outdoor social event

What to do

Warm weather and school holidays, such as the Fourth of July, open new opportunities for relaxation, travel and mischief. Consult the list below for some ideas to fill your summer with fun and adventure.

18 Things Every Man Should Do This Summer23 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kids DoThe Ultimate Guide to Fireworks10 Awesome 4th of July Traditions How to Make a PVC BlowgunHow to Make a PVC Archery BowHow to Make a Marshmallow ShooterHow to Make a Potato CannonHow to Build a Man-Sized Slip-‘n-SlideBackpacking BasicsThe Complete Guide to Hiking (And Enjoying It)Podcast #711: How to Plan the Ultimate Road Trip39 Things to Do Before Leaving on Vacation: A Handy Dandy ChecklistThe Complete Guide to Flying With Babies and Toddlers (While Avoiding a Defcon 1 Meltdown)5 Ways to Streamline Your Next Camping TripPodcast #895: The Essential Guide to Visiting and Camping in the National ParksThe Great American Road Trip: Thoughts on Driving Across the Country

What to cook

You’re more likely to cook outside in the summer than to turn on the oven. You can become a backyard master chef by consulting these articles, videos, and podcasts before you fire up the grill.

How to make your own BBQ sauceHow To Make Your Own Spice RubsHow To Make Your Own BBQ SeasoningsThe Science of GrillingPodcast 612: Grillmaster Secrets For Flame-Cooked PerfectnessPodcast 720: The Secrets of Making The Perfect BurgerThe 3-Zone fireHow to light a charcoal grillHow to Grill Perfect BreastsHow the Grill the Perfect SteakHow the Grill the Perfect BurgerHow the Grill the Perfect SteakHow You Can Make Your Own SauceHow you can Make Your Own Spice RubsHow the Perfect Burger?How the perfect burger?How the Perfect Burger?How…

Check out these great tips to make your next BBQ a success:

How to hold a burger the right way (according to science) The Best Order for Stacking Your Burger ToppingsThe best way to ice drinks in a cooler

What to Read

Summer is a great time to read, but you might be wondering which book to bring with you. Any of the recommendations on our many book lists could fit the bill, but as people are often looking for something lighter (with action, excitement, and a compelling-but-not-too-complicated plot) or travel/adventure-related for their vacation reads, the lists below may be particularly apropos:

The 5 best James Bond booksThe 5 best Hardboiled detective novelsThe 5 Must-read travel books by authors famous for their fiction21 Western novels every man should read

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Podcast #999: The Epic Adventures of America’s Forgotten Mountain Man

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Many famous frontiersmen and explorers emerged during America’s period of exploration and expansion. Today, names like Daniel Boone and Kit Carson remain household names.

Jedediah SMITH is a name you may not be familiar with, but one that should. Smith was a mountain man, explorer, hunter, trapper and writer. He also was the first U.S. citizen to cross the Mojave Desert and Sierra Nevada. Smith survived three Native American attacks and one grizzly mauling. His explorations were used by those who came after him, and the South Pass became the main route for pioneers to cross the Continental Divide.

Bob Drury’s guest uses the oft forgotten Smith to guide us through an often forgotten period of American history. Bob Drury paints an image of a turbulent American landscape where trappers and Native Americans clashed and fought in the early years of the 19th Century. We talk about how the Lewis and Clark Expedition sparked a desire for adventure in young men. How the humble beaver was instrumental in the settlement of the Western frontier. And how the horse changed warfare among Native American tribes. Bob shares how Jed Smith’s life intersected with these historical trends, and the heroic exploits he and his fellow mountain men had while exploring and mapping America’s West.

Podcast Resources

Mountain men article in AoMAoM Podcast 681: The Epic Exploits Of Kit CarsonHugh Glass

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Sunday Firesides: In Praise of Little Platoons

Have you ever been in an hotel room with your family, feeling like no one can find you, and hoping no one will ever do so, and thought: “This is everything I need”?

In recent decades, there has been a lot of lamentation about the dissolution and separation of extended families — that people are no longer living in close proximity with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc. It is a great loss. In wailing about this loss, we may lose sight of how brilliant the nuclear family is. It is partly because of the atomic family’s unique luminescence that we are not more aggressive in preserving a larger familial network. The atomic family does not suffer from poverty, even though the extended family contributes to its wealth.

The smallest units in society are pairs of parents and their children. Edmund Burke called them “little platoons.”

How incredibly useful these little troops are.

When the sh*t comes out (like during a pandemic, for example), the atomic unit can become a self-sustaining, mobile unit that is ready to navigate.

The atomic family is independent and idiosyncratic. When society’s ways appear stale and dumb, or wrong-headed, it can cultivate a distinctive culture that pits us against the world.

When the trenches become weary and life becomes a struggle, the atomic families can be the center of the family.

When the world is cold and indifferent the atomic family provides a place of comfort and affection.

Salute these merry bands, my fellow compatriots!

Salute these rogue battle buddies.

These crews are the best. They hold it together even when things fall apart.

All hail our little platoons.

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Pitti Uomo – What Men Are Wearing

The original article can be found here: Pitti uomo, What men are wearing

Pitti Uomo is a great event! This men’s fashion event in Florence is a delight for anyone who loves opulence and the finer things. Imagine yourself walking down the streets of Florence surrounded by impeccably-dressed gentlemen who each showcase their individual style with confidence. It’s not just a tradeshow; it’s an exciting celebration of menswear, with a sartorial masterpiece at every turn.


Let’s start with the atmosphere. Florence’s rich history and beautiful architecture make it the ideal backdrop for this prestigious event. Men from Europe and beyond turn the streets of Florence into their own personal runway. Style enthusiasts are eager to be seen and heard. The city buzzes.

Italian men are known for their impeccable fashion sense. They have an elegance that is simply captivating. Imagine a tailored suit in a luxurious fabric, crisp shirts and polished shoes. The look is timeless and contemporary, combining classic styles with modern twists. This is a masterclass on balancing innovation and tradition, and it is nothing short of inspirational.

European Men

European men have a wide variety of styles. There’s so much to admire, from the French understated elegance to the German bold and experimental styles. You might be able to spot a dapper Englishman in a three-piece suit and then a Scandinavian style icon wearing a monochromatic, minimalist outfit that is cool.

Pitti Uomo is not only about the clothes, but also the confidence in which they are worn.

They don’t hesitate to make a bold statement and do so with an infectious sense of passion and joy. Each look tells a different story as they experiment with patterns, colors and accessories. Fashion is a way to express yourself, and that’s a fascinating thing to see.

The exquisite details of these outfits are stunning. Pocket squares with vibrant colors, ties in intricate patterns and miniature cufflinks are all examples of exquisite details. These small details may seem insignificant, but they add a touch of personality and sophistication to any ensemble. These gentlemen are a great reminder that style is all in the details.


Of course, footwear deserves special mention. Italian leather shoes have a long history, and Pitti Uomo is a great place to see them in their full glory. The craftsmanship of the classic oxfords and modern loafers is flawless, with styles to suit every taste. It’s amazing how well-made the footwear is. Each pair compliments an outfit beautifully.

Let’s inject some humor into this fashion fest. You can laugh at the outrageousness of some outfits. Imagine seeing a man in a bright, pink suit and matching shoes, walking down the street like he owned it. Yes, it’s a bit over the top, but part of its charm. Pitti Uomo pushes fashion boundaries, sometimes even to the point where they are absurd. It’s done with a fun, creative and refreshing sense of humor.

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