The best motorcycles for absolute beginners in 2023

There are few better ways to get away from it all than on two wheels, but the prospect of getting started with your first motorcycle can be a daunting one. Sales staff and private–party sellers have their own motives, and without a knowledgeable sidekick, it can be tough to decide which motorcycles are best for ABSOLUTE beginners in 2023. Having personally increased my weekend riding party from three to a dozen guys and girls, I’ve given more than my fair share of wisdom over the years.

Let’s get a few things out right away. Yes, a second-hand machine is usually a more affordable option, but it’s one that’s not always inclusive. If you’re really just getting your feet wet, haggling with a Craigslist seller and attempting a mechanical inspection might not be your thing.

If you go off the showroom floor, you know what you’re getting, and a trusted dealer can also be a good source for parts and maintenance as well. Buying new isn’t always the best option, but if you’re just getting started on your own, it could be the right one.

Next, remind yourself that a motorcycle is not one-size-fits-all. Think about your strength and height before getting starry-eyed over a big HD or gnarly KTM; you’ll ride a whole lot more if you’re comfortable on the machine, rather than being concerned with the image. Some of the most important considerations for comfort are the size and weight of the bike, ease and ergonomics of the controls (and perhaps most importantly) seat height. Now that I’ve come off like a full-fledged weekend motorcycle instructor, let’s look at some bikes.

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By: Dean Larson
Title: The best motorcycles for absolute beginners in 2023
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Published Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2023 17:01:35 +0000


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