The BMW Motorrad ‘Storied’ Series: The photography of Yve Assad

Wanderlust and contentment seldom go hand-in-hand, but somehow Yve Assad manages to exude both qualities in ample measure. She wears the mantle of new mother with a reserved joy that speaks volumes of how madly in love she is with her family, even if she is a little tired. Yet when the conversation turns to motorcycles, travel, and the sentimental connection to her 1976 BMW R 90/6, another special part of her soul bubbles to the surface.

It’s right there in Assad’s photography. Her work covers myriad genres, yet there’s a common thread woven through all of it: everything she captures is imbued with a sense of adventure, a subtle urgency that compels you to go beyond the next horizon.

Assad’s propensity for storytelling through photography is so deeply ingrained that it’s uncertain whether it’s deliberate or automatic. She credits her upbringing. A child of a military father, Assad, who now resides in Nashville, was born in Monterey, California, but moved to Georgia at the age of three.

Her dad had a Nikon camera and would shoot with slide film, and he had an old Land Cruiser. Frequent road trips and weekly slideshows were a staple in the Assad household, and even if Yve was too young to remember some of those trips, she relived them over and over again through her father’s photographs.

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By: Wesley Reyneke
Title: The BMW Motorrad ‘Storied’ Series: The photography of Yve Assad
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Published Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2023 17:59:55 +0000


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