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Welcome to Morehead City, or as the locals call it – “Fisherman’s Paradise”! This quaint town on the Crystal Coast continues to live up to its name, which is why so many anglers keep coming back year after year. With ready access to the Bogue Sound and the Atlantic Ocean, fishing in Morehead City can easily be the highlight of your year.

Its location makes it the perfect starting point for both inshore and offshore fishing trips – the sky’s your limit. From leisurely surf fishing to adrenaline-pumping deep sea battles with Billfish and Tuna, there’s something here for every angler. Our more competitive readers will definitely want to check out the local tournament scene, but more on that in just a bit. For now, let’s take a look at the most popular species in these waters.

Which species can I catch fishing in Morehead City?

Morehead City’s built up a reputation for its excellent offshore fishing, with charters being booked weeks in advance during peak season. And while we do love ourselves some Billfish, they’re only the tip of the iceberg. We’ll walk you through the fishery’s main players, so stick with us as we cover them in more detail.


Most out-of-state anglers coming here will be doing it for the Billfish bite, so we may as well kick things off with these superstars. Specifically, we’re talking about Marlin of the Blue and White variety as well as the beloved Sailfish. These prestigious acrobats will give you a run for your money, that’s for sure. They swim fast, fight hard, and leap in the air like no one’s business, what’s not to like?

For the ultimate Billfishing experience you’ll want to book your trip in late summer or fall, and do it well ahead of time. That’s when the fish are out in force, and charter captains get booked up before you know it. Anglers with more experience should consider planning their visit around one of the big tournaments, like the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. Also known as the “Superbowl of fishing”, it regularly brings in competitors from around the world.


A smiling angler on a bandana holds a Tuna he recently caught on an offshore trip out of Morehead City.

Another big name in the offshore fishing business, Tuna are a staple of Morehead City fishing. Not only that, but they come in many different shapes and sizes. The most common ones of the bunch are Yellowfin Tuna. Yellowfins are some of the fastest fish around, so underestimate them at your own peril. These waters are also home to their bigger cousins, Bluefins. Reeling in a keeper Bluefin can take hours, which just goes to show how stubborn they can get.

There’s more where those two came from, too! While not as common, Blackfin and Bigeye Tuna can also make an appearance whenever you’re trolling for Yellowfins. Speaking of trolling, the best time to head out on the water in search of these beasts is either late spring or early fall – you decide. Expect world-class action either way!

Mahi Mahi

An angler holds a Mahi Mahi he recently caught during an offshore trip into the Gulf Stream.

Whereas pros love their Billfish, Mahi Mahi are a great option for beginner anglers looking to make some headway into the offshore side of things. Oh, they’ll put up a fight, just a more reasonable one for anglers of all skill levels. Another plus for Mahi is that you can find them closer to shore than you would, say, a Sailfish. Finally, they taste great if you’re looking to bring home a good dinner.

You’ll run into Mahi any time from spring to mid-fall, leaving you with a big window for planning the perfect fishing trip. If you’re hoping to reel in as many of these colorful creatures as possible, we’d suggest a summertime trip.

King Mackerel (Kingfish)

A smiling angler stands on a boat holding a Kingfish he just caught on a fishing trip.

Now that we’ve been over the species found in deeper waters, let’s take a look at what’s biting inshore. And where better to start than with the ever-popular Kingfish? One of the most commonly caught species across North Carolina, King Mackerel never cease to amaze with their powerful runs and signature acrobatics.

The great thing about King Mackerel fishing in Morehead City is that you can do it all year round! The only trick is knowing where to find them at any given time, and a charter captain who knows his stuff will prove indispensable. All you trophy-hunters out there should focus on the April–November period to maximize your odds of reeling in a 20–50 lb “smoker”.


A happy angler holds a Red Drum he caught near Morehead City on a windy day.

As with so many other fisheries across the United States, Redfish are a frequent sight in the inshore waters. These iconic fish have both quality and quantity going for them in spades. You can find them pretty much everywhere, as they congregate in large schools and some of them get really big. Weighing up to 50 pounds, “bull” Reds are a welcome sight on any trip.

The best time to go after Red Drum is anywhere from June to October, but you’ll run into them any time of year. During the winter months, you’ll find them further out than usual around various reefs and wrecks.

And More!

A smiling angler holds up a pair of Groupers he caught during a fishing trip near Morehead City.

This was just the top billing since we’d end up with a book if we wanted to cover every single fish species in Morehead City! Before diving into the where and how of things, let’s quickly cover a few more species you may be interested in.

Those of you in the market for a good meal might want to consider a bottom fishing trip for the likes of Red, Gag, and Snowy Grouper. If you don’t want to go far from shore, summer fishing for Flounder is another great way to spend an afternoon. Finally, all you freshwater fanatics can check out the Catfish and Bass bite around Morehead City, too. You won’t be disappointed.

How to Go Fishing in Morehead City

The way you decide to go about your fishing trip should be based on the grounds you’re hoping to fish. For example, if you plan on heading into the Gulf Stream, hiring a charter is a given. On the other hand, inshore and freshwater fishing allows you to be more flexible with your approach. Without further ado, let’s jump in.

Charter Fishing

Three anglers on a boat during an offshore trip to the Gulf Stream, with one sitting in a fighting chair holding two rods.

Fishing with a licensed charter has many advantages, especially if you’re not from the area yourself. Having an experienced captain means you can focus on the most interesting part of the trip – the actual fishing. What’s more, these are professional anglers who can show you the ins and outs of catching a particular species of fish you might be going after for the first time in your life. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

Running with a charter also means you don’t need to worry too much about the local fishing regulations. Your captain will provide the necessary fishing licenses and keep you abreast of any size and bag limits relevant to your trip. This is definitely the hassle-free option if you place a high value on convenience and comfort.

Shore Fishing

A bench on a fishing pier next to which are three fishing rods.

On the other hand, you can always take matters into your own hands and fish solo. This is a tempting option if you want to mix in some casting with, say, a picnic trip to one of the local parks. It’s tough to beat a day of rest and relaxation with your loved ones, especially when you pair it up with some light fishing.

The most important thing when planning your own fishing trip is to be prepared. Apart from having the right equipment for the job, you’ll also need to make sure you have the necessary fishing license and are aware of the local size and bag limits. On the upside, you get to pick your own hours and not worry about keeping to a tight schedule.

Top Fishing Spots in Morehead City

Like in other parts of the Crystal Coast, good fishing opportunities are all around you. Some are closer than you think! Here are some of our favorite fishing spots in Morehead City:

An infographic showing the most popular spots for fishing in Morehead City.
  • Jaycee Park. One of the great things about this town is that you don’t even need to leave the downtown area to go fishing! Jaycee Park is the perfect place for a picnic with two fishing piers to boot. The water is shallow and mostly home to Catfish and small Red Drum.
  • Sugarloaf Island. Just across from Jaycee Park, you’ll see the northern edge of Sugarloaf Island. The southern side of the island is good for going after Flounder and Speckled Trout. Keep in mind you’ll need a skiff or kayak to reach it in the first place.
  • Newport Marshes. Go some 2 miles northeast of Morehead City proper, and you’ll be knee-deep in the Newport Marshes. This is a prime inshore fishing spot with as many Redfish, Trout, and Flounder as you could possibly want.
  • Radio Island. Unlike the last island we mentioned, you can easily access Radio Island via Highway 70. There’s hardly anyone here during the work week, so it’s a good option for a day of fishing when you could use some peace and quiet.
  • Bogue Sound. Our final inshore hotspot on this list, the Sound is where you want to go if going after Redfish in shallow waters is your jam. Just take care not to spook the fish and you’ll have a great time.
  • Gulf Stream. Hardly a specific spot in its own right, but the Gulf Stream requires a mention since this is where you need to go for all your offshore fishing needs. Billfish, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, and so many more await.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need a fishing license when fishing in Morehead City?

    Yes. When fishing in most waters near Morehead City, every angler over the age of 16 will need to have a Coastal License. Check out our post about NC Fishing Licenses for more information.

  2. When is the best time for Morehead City fishing?

    Fall is certainly the most popular time for the local fishing community. But ultimately it boils down to the fish species you're targeting, so it's always good to be flexible.

  3. What are the size and bag limits when fishing in Morehead City?

    Both size and bag limits vary depending on the given species, and are subject to change. We recommend checking out the NC DEQ website for the latest information on bag and size limits.

Morehead City – A Gem of the Crystal Coast

An aerial view of a dock area in Morehead City with parked boats shown.

By now you should have a clear picture of what kind of Morehead City fishing experience is the one for you. There’s hardly a wrong choice – all fishing is good fishing when the place is called Fisherman’s Paradise! Welcome to the pearly gates, we hope you enjoy your say.

Have you ever been fishing in Morehead City? How did it go? Feel free to share any stories and tips you picked up with our readers in the comments below.

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Mens Health

How to Become Successful at the Three Essential Marriages for Achieving a Great Life

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Photo by spiritvisionstudios /

“Human beings are creatures of belonging which we achieve through three marriages. First, through relationship with other people and other things (particularly and very personally, to one other person in relationship or marriage); second, through work; and third, through an understanding of what it means to be themselves.” David Whyte, The Three Marriages: Reimaging Work, Self and Relationship.

For more than fifty years I have helped people achieve success in all three kinds of relationships. Like many I married young. My wife and I were together for ten years and had two children before our marriage broke up. After a time of pain and healing, I fell in love again, and remarried. Looking back, I can see that one was a rebound relationship and it too ended.

Endings are painful for everyone, but when you’re a marriage and family counselor who makes his living helping fix relationships, it is not only painful, but shameful as well. I talk about it on my website, in an introductory video, “Confessions of a Twice-Divorced Marriage Counselor.” Fortunately, I got my own help, worked through unhealed trauma from my past, and learned what it truly takes to have a successful marriage. My wife, Carlin, and I have been happily married for forty-four years.

            We all want a life that is happy and joyful, but how to achieve success is not often clear and easy.

“If you have to make one life choice, right now, to set yourself on the path to future health and happiness, what would it be?”

This question was asked by two world-renowned social scientists, Robert Waldinger, MD and Marc Schulz, PhD.

Dr. Waldinger is professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and director of the Harvard Study on Adult Development. Dr. Schultz is the associate director. The Harvard Study is the longest scientific study of happiness ever conducted. It began in 1938 and offers the most scientifically supported guidance for achieving a great life.

The latest findings are reported in Waldinger’s and Schulz’s book, The Good Life: Lessons From The World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness. In a 2007 survey, millennials were asked about their most important life goals. Seventy-six percent said that becoming rich was their number one goal. Fifty percent said a major goal was to become famous. More than a decade later, after millennials had spent more time as adults, similar questions were asked again. Fame was now lower on the list, but top goals again included things like making money, having a successful career, and becoming debt-free.

            What does the data from thousands of interviews over eighty-six years tell us? If we want a great life what is the one thing that is more important than others? The answer can be stated in three simple words: Create Good Relationships.

“In fact, good relationships are significant enough that if we had to take all eighty-six years of the Harvard Study,”

say Drs. Waldinger and Schulz,

“and boil it down to a single principle for living, one life investment that is supported by similar findings across a wide variety of other studies, it would be this:

Good Relationships keep us healthier and happier. Period.”

The Three Marriages We Must Embrace to Have a Successful Life

            In his book The Three Marriages: Reimaging Work, Self and Relationship, David Whyte says,

“Despite our use of the word “marriage” only for a committed relationship between two people, “in reality everyone is committed consciously or unconsciously to three marriages.”

            Whyte goes on to say,

“There is that first marriage, the one we usually mean, to another; that second marriage, which can so often seem like a burden, to work or vocation; and that third and most likely hidden marriage to a core conversation inside ourselves. We can call these three separate commitments marriages because at their core they are usually lifelong commitments and, as I wish to illustrate, they involve vows made either consciously or unconsciously.”

For most of my life I tried to find a balance between my work life and my love life. The truth is that I was much better at work than I was at love. It is not surprising. I had my first job when I was seven years old. My father had left when I was five, committed to a mental hospital after taking an overdose of sleeping pills because he had become increasingly stressed and depressed because he couldn’t make a living to support my mother and me.

With my father gone, my mother had to find work outside the home. We had little money beyond what was needed for the essentials, so I learned early to work for anything I truly wanted. I got good at work, but like many who grew up without a father and mother at home, what I learned about having a healthy and happy married life was minimal and I was too busy hustling for my next job success to have time to wonder about what it meant to get to know my true self.

For too many of us we feel like we are going up and down on a teeter-totter with our work and love lives competing for our attention while our personhood often gets neglected and forgotten. David Whyte offers us all a great service when he suggests this basic reality:

“Each of those marriages, is at its heart, nonnegotiable. We should give up the attempt to balance one against another, of, for instance, taking away from work to give more time to a partner, or vice versa, and start thinking of each marriage conversing with, questioning, or emboldening the other two.”

            With the framework of the three marriages, we can ask ourselves where we might need improvement. Here’s a little scale I find useful.

Captura de pantalla 2024 04 11 a las 13.42.30

How would you rate yourself in all five areas? I feel successful in all five areas, but it has been a lifelong process of healing and learning. I still have a way to go yet, like all of us. My score was 24. How about yours?

Bringing It All Together

For me, I have come to see achieving success at the three marriages as a true hero’s journey, one that lasts a lifetime. My wife, Carlin, is part Native American. In our area, there are several women who weave beautiful baskets made out of local materials that grow in nature. A well-known basket weaver described a well-made basket as a metaphor for creating a great life.

            Here’s how she describes the process.

“Our life is a basket woven from many different strands, each essential for a strong container. Each part of our life is one strand in this basket.It’s impossible to weave multiple strands at the same time; we need to attend to the strand that requires our attention without losing awareness of the others. Every strand will get our attention—just not all at the same time. I know I give attention to where I am most needed, knowing that I will then move on to the next demand. The basket holds my life as I strengthen individual strands. I’m no longer on a teeter-totter—I am weaving my life into something whole and lovely.”

When I reflect on my own life, there are times when I must focus on my wife, Carlin, knowing that there are other parts of my life that will require my attention at another time. At other times, one of our five children or seventeen grandchildren all for my attention. Yet, I can’t ever forget my work and my commitment to my calling. Running through all these “strands of my basket” is my commitment to my deepest self, getting to know who I really am and learning to love the man I am with all my flaws as well as my gifts.

I have written about how I have integrated these strands in the books I have written. If you are interested in learning about me and my work, I recommend, Inside Out: Becoming My Own Man, 12 Rules for Good Men, and Long Live Men: The Moonshot Mission to Heal Men, Close the Lifespan Gap, and Offer Hope for Humanity.

If you want to learn more about me and my relationship life, I recommend The Enlightened Marriage: The 5 Transformative Stages of Relationship and Why the Best is Still to Come, My Distant Dad: Healing the Family Father Wound, and Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Overcoming Romantic and Sexual Addictions.

If you would like to take one of my on-line courses, I recommend:

Navigating the 5 Stages of Love.

Healing the Irritable Male Syndrome.

Healing the Family Father Wound.

If you would like to join our mission to improve the lives of men and their families, I recommend:

The Moonshot for Mankind and Humanity.

If you would like to do individual or couple counseling with me, drop me a note at and put “Counseling” in the subject line. I will send you the information. If you would like to receive my free weekly newsletter with updates and new articles, you can sign up here.

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Nikola Jokic Shares His Thoughts On The NBA MVP Conversation

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Nikola Jokic Shares His Thoughts On The NBA MVP Conversation – originally posted on

The end of the NBA regular season marks the close of the individual award races around the league. Many of the 2023–24 awards have long been locked up, at least based on their betting odds, and there are just one or two that still have to be decided. The odds for MVP are heavily in the favor of Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokić, though the superstar doesn’t seem to buy in to any conversation regarding the honors.

Jokic Comments On The NBA MVP Discussion

It has been Jokic’s award to lose since Joel Embiid went down with an injury in late January. It would be the third time that he has earned the honor of being named the most valuable, as he has averaged a near triple-double yet again this season, and has his team in position for another deep playoff run.

During his post-game press conference following Denver’s big win over the Timberwolves on Wednesday, Jokic was asked about his thoughts on the MVP discussion happening as the season comes to a close:

I think the whole MVP conversation is getting out of control. I think I’m playing good basketball, the team is playing good basketball. If I win it, great. If I don’t win it, congrats to the other guy. I think there’s a lot of players playing really good basketball in the league.

Gilgeous-Alexander & Doncic Have Been The Other Candidates Lately

The other two players that have been garnering the most attention in MVP talks down the stretch have been Luka Dončić and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. The latter has been in the conversation for much of the season, as the Thunder guard has led the league in scoring and has had his team at the top of the standings throughout the year.

Doncic has been arguably the best player in the league over the past couple of months. Not only has he been putting up impressive numbers, but his Mavericks have been on fire as of late, having won 16 of 18 to catapult into the top-5 in the West.

Jokic was the winner of the NBA MVP award in both 2021 and 2022, and there were some who believed that he should have taken home the hardware last season as well. Had be topped Embiid in 2023, he would be on the brink of an unprecedented fourth straight MVP win.

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Hype Clothing

Classic NYC — New York Style

GSM06115 scaled

GSM06115 1 scaled

Classic NYC.

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