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In case you didn’t know already – Wisconsin is a freshwater angler’s dream. With thousands of Trout streams, more than 15,000 lakes, and ready access to Lakes Superior and Michigan, it’s a place for non-stop action if there ever was one. The only downside is that picking the perfect fishery out of all these might give you a headache. But when should you go fishing? In this article, we’ll walk you through the fishing seasons in Wisconsin and what’s biting when.

The short answer is that there’s no wrong time for fishing in the Badger State. You can have a great time whenever you visit, it’s only a matter of what you’re looking for. After all, there’s a reason why almost a quarter of adult Wisconsinites go fishing at least once a year! From conventional to fly and ice fishing, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite techniques and then some.

What to expect from fishing seasons in Wisconsin?

Species Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Bass Weak Weak Fair Good Great Great Great Great Good Fair Weak Weak
Brown Trout Fair Fair Fair Good Good Good Great Great Great Good Fair Fair
Muskellunge Fair Fair Fair Good Good Good Great Great Great Great Good Fair
Yellow Perch Good Good Great Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good
Northern Pike Fair Fair Fair Good Great Great Good Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair
Rainbow Trout (Steelhead) Good Good Good Good Fair Fair Fair Fair Good Great Great Good
Chinook Salmon Weak Weak Weak Great Great Great Good Fair Weak Weak Weak Weak
Coho Salmon Weak Weak Weak Great Great Great Fair Fair Weak Weak Weak Weak
Walleye Fair Fair Fair Good Great Great Good Fair Fair Fair Fair Fair

Judging from the table above, you can see that the absolute best fishing seasons in Wisconsin are spring and fall. That being said, every single month of the year has something going for it. Feel free to take a good look at all of them or jump straight to the one you’re most interested in.


The first Saturday in January is an important day in Wisconsin for one simple reason – it’s the beginning of the early inland Trout fishing season. Thousands of Class 1, 2, and 3 streams will open up across the state, with anglers rushing to make their first casts of the year. This is especially a treat for all you fly anglers out there. Just keep in mind that this early season is catch and release only.

But if you’re looking for a nice meal at the end of the day, ice fishing is a great alternative this time of year. The ice should be thick enough for comfortable fishing in most of the popular locations like Green Bay or Boom Lake, which is also known as the “Ice Fishing Capital of the World.” Expect plenty of Walleye there for all your fishing and culinary needs.


February is your last safe bet for some ice fishing. Apart from the places we already mentioned, be sure to give the Mississippi River a shot. There’s a diverse cast of fish to target here, including Pike and Walleye, plus Bluegill and a whole assortment of Panfish for you to enjoy with all the other bucket sitters.

A kneeling angler holds up a Pike he caught on an ice fishing trip.

If you want to kick things up a notch, we’d also recommend checking out the Sturgeon Spearing on Lake Winnebago. This is the biggest winter spear fishery in North America, with an average annual harvest of 1,400 Sturgeon. When you see your Sturgeon come in through that hole, there’s no feeling like it in the world – any Lake Winnebago regular will tell you as much.


As the ice starts to melt, you’ll see Lake Michigan’s tributaries opening up for business. The final refuge for ice fishing aficionados will be at the northern end of the state, where it’s still possible to drill some holes and jig for Panfish. Otherwise, most of the action will be happening east. And when the ice leaves Lake Superior, you’ll see trolling for Trout and Salmon starting off the Washburn and Bayfield landings.

A smiling angler holds a large Salmon she recently caught fishing in Wisconsin.

While Steelhead and Brown Trout fishing is quite decent, the real winners now are Perch and Sauger. When going after Perch, you’ll want to pack bright flashy lures or bring live bait. As for Sauger, local anglers advise starting with vertical jigging and moving further upstream with crankbaits on a heavy line, especially if the going is slow.


We hope you’re ready for trophy-sized fish because the springtime peak season in Wisconsin is just around the corner! Everybody knows about DePere dam and the excellent Walleye action there come April. This is your best shot at a trophy Walleye, as long as you can fight through the crowd and find yourself a good spot. Then, all you have to do is get out your pink or orange jigs and get to work. Some other Walleye hotspots include Fox, Oconto, and Peshtigo River, as well as Green Bay.

An angler sitting on the back of a boat holds up a Walleye he caught on a Wisconsin fishing trip.

Another development typical for April is rain which triggers fresh runs of Steelhead on Lake Michigan tributaries. This is every fly angler’s dream, and they’ll be going after them with a variety of large flies on sinking lines as soon as they can. By mid to late April you can expect their spawning run on the Wolf River and other big rivers in Wisconsin. But you also shouldn’t forget about Lake Sturgeon.


Walleye fishing is as strong as ever in May, especially in Green Bay and Lake Winnebago, so there’s no surprises there. The biggest change is that Bass fishing starts to pick up big time. The first Saturday of the month spells the big Largemouth opener up north. Smallmouth will be catch and release until the end of June, but you’re more than welcome to test your skills if that’s not a concern. This is when most people will head to their favorite stream, while some curious explorers branch out to cover new grounds, too.

A young angler holds up a Largemougth Bass he recently caught with another angler in the background.

It’s also the perfect time for a more relaxed fishing experience with the family. Perch, Crappie, and Bluegill are all active in the shallow, warm bays of bigger lakes. In and around places like Lake Winnebago, Perch love to congregate at weedy bays and small river mouths. If it’s been a slow start to spring, they may still be sluggish at first. On the other hand, Northern Pike will be on the prowl and actively feeding.


Compared to May, Wisconsin fishing in June is more of the same in the best possible way. Panfish and Bass fishing is on fire as these species continue moving into shallower waters to nest and spawn. This is the ideal time for sight fishing, which promises to be a blast as long as you don’t spook the fish. All the while you can marvel at the beautiful scenery and nature’s gifts around you.

A smiling angler holds up a big King Salmon he recently caught on a trolling trip.

A lot of anglers believe June is the best time for fishing in Lake Michigan. Warmer water levels mean the local Trout and Salmon populations will be more open to taking your bait. We’re talking big Coho and Chinook Salmon along with Lake and Rainbow Trout – how’s that for a productive day on the water?


July is the perfect time to talk a little about Muskellunge – Wisconsin’s very own state fish. Muskies are strong, fast, and stubborn, which is why they’re jokingly called the “fish of ten thousand casts.” They like clear and shallow waters, and you can find plenty of those at Big St. Germain, Boom, and Boulder Lakes, among others. Gear-wise, we recommend topwater lures and bucktails.

A smiling angler holds up a Muskellunge he just caught in a lake in Wisconsin.

If Muskies aren’t your thing, that’s absolutely fine. Head out to the Great Lakes for some world-class Trout and Salmon trolling action. And of course, let’s not forget the fantastic Bass fishing this time of year. Summers in Wisconsin (especially up north) are on the short end, so you’ll want to make the most of it while it’s there!


August is similar to July in many ways. The Muskellunge bite is going strong and will continue in that stride for the next few months at least. As many as 100,000 of these beauties are caught here every year, so saying they’re popular is almost an understatement. Expect to see a lot of anglers trolling with spinner rigs along the shore.

A sitting angler holds up a Smallmouth Bass he caught on Lake Winnebago.

The Walleye bite starts to drop off around this time, but you should still have decent luck in Lake Winnebago if you’re dead set on nabbing some. Otherwise, we’d suggest focusing your attention on Panfish and Bass instead. It gets really hot in August so an evening Bass trip is an excellent option to avoid the heat and treat yourself to a delicious dinner at the end of the day.


A lot of anglers think fall is the best fishing season in Wisconsin, and it’s easy to see why. It’s not just the fish, but the fact that there are generally fewer anglers around than in springtime. This means you can cover more ground with less hassle, and have a more relaxing time overall. To see this in action, start with the Steelhead and Brown Trout bite in Lake Michigan.

A smiling angler hods up a Steelhead he recently caught close to Lake Michigan.

Another fun fall option is the Mississippi River. Get ready for huge Northern Pike all over its backwaters, sloughs, and side channels. They rely on their sight, so you’ll need to go after them during daylight for the best results. Besides Pike, you can also target Largemouth Bass and Bluegill. Just beware that it gets chilly out there, so be sure to dress in layers.


The inland Trout fishing season is usually over by this time, but should it be extended you’ll want to get on those streams while you still can! On the bright side, you can make the switch to top-notch Walleye fishing all over Wisconsin. The DNR ran the numbers and found that local anglers spend about 1.8 million hours going after this species every year. It’s as good a time as any to add your own contribution to that number.

A smiling angler enjoys the fall fishing season in Wisconsin while holding a Muskellunge he recently caught.

By October, Muskies will head for deep water. Lakes of the Madison Chain are as productive as ever, especially Lake Monona and Lake Waubesa. Look for them in the weed lines and make sure you’re stocked up on bucktails and jerkbaits – you’re gonna need them. Start casting over the deep weeds and you could feel a Musky on your line in no time.


Sadly, Muskellunge season comes to an end on the last day of November. What better way to say your goodbyes than with a trip to some inland lakes or the Fox River? The tail end of the season still means great fishing, so don’t miss out!

A smiling angler holds up a Walleye he caught during a fishing trip in Wisconsin.

Likewise, the Walleye bite in November is something you’ll want to see for yourself. Spend the evening on Lake Wisconsin and chances are it’ll be well worth the effort. Walleye tend to school up this time of year, so prepare for an action-packed time as you reel in one after another in quick succession.


Winter is coming, and so is thick ice on a lake near you. What better way to celebrate the end of the year than with ice fishing for a number of different Panfish and Trout? It’s not your typical Christmas dinner, but delicious all the same. Those of you fishing in the south should check out Devil’s Lake – the only inland fishery in southern Wisconsin where you can target Rainbow and Brown Trout under the ice.

Two anglers comparing the sizes of the fish they caught during their ice fishing trip in Wisconsin.

If the southern lakes haven’t been covered by ice yet, you can still treat yourself to some Muskies. A lot of them will also be moving up the Wisconsin River, looking for staging areas where they can spend the winter. There’s no need to make big changes to your technique, jigs and minnows will continue to get the job done just as well.

Wisconsin Fishing Seasons: No Stops on This Train!

A sitting angler holds up a pair of fish he caught while his dog is biting one of them from behind.

That about covers it for our overview of all the fishing seasons in Wisconsin. It’s easy to see why half a million people come from out of state every year. Who knows, you may just become one of them yourself soon enough. And if you happen to already be a proud Cheesehead, then we’ve hopefully given you some new ideas for a day on the water!

What’s your favorite fishing season in Wisconsin? Any tips or other noteworthy locations you’d like to share with our readers? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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10 Of The Best Hidden Gems To Check Out At Bonnaroo



317774285 10159189972495906 339265316994021378 n 300x203 1

Bonnaroo is known to be one of the happiest places on Earth. I know that when I’m there and the Tennessee sun is shining on my face without a care in the world, I feel the most alive I’ve ever been.

Bonnaroo is simply not just a music festival; it’s an entirely new way of living for four days. There are so many unique and beautiful things to do on The Farm apart from the music. As a seasoned Bonnaroo vet, check out my top ten favorite experiences that you can’t miss: 

bonnaroo new 1 2317774285 10159189972495906 339265316994021378 n 300x203 2

1. Prance Around The Plazas

Bonnaroo is unique in the way that they set up their campgrounds. They utilize a system of “plazas” and each plaza has its own theme, food, and attractions!

Throughout the weekend, especially late at night, you can count on secret shows and celebrity surprises all over the plazas. I would highly suggest exploring your own plaza, as well as others around you. You never know what, or who, you’ll run into!

2. Realign In The Roo Run

Speaking of running, what better way to familiarize yourself with the festival grounds than a 5k for charity?

The Roo Run is a highly anticipated annual event. Whether you walk, run, skip or dance your way through the 5k, you’re sure to have a good time and support the Bonnaroo Works Fund which aims to “engage and inform our festival community to make positive contributions in all forms.” Costumes are encouraged and registration is required.

342187216 165600012773081 808263119185738316 n 300x200 1

3. Find Prosperity In The Pride Parade

Bonnaroo just happens to take place during the best month of the year: pride month!

Every year Bonnaroo has a massive celebration of its own! Hosted by the House of Yes, the annual Pride Parade flows through the Farm, exploding with LGBTQIA+ light, love, and laughter.

The parade is a perfect way to celebrate pride month and connect with other festival-goers in the community. Keep your eyes peeled on the Bonnaroo social media and website for the date, time, and meeting spot for this year’s parade!

4. Spruce Up Your Style At The Shops

Bonnaroo has one of the best village markets I’ve seen at a festival. Scattered throughout the plazas, as well as all over Centeroo, lie unique shops with products that can only be bought at Bonnaroo.

Make sure to bring some extra mula in order to take home some hand-made harem pants or a wrapped stone pendant. The pieces at Bonnaroo really are one-of-a-kind.

315533728 10159152892140906 4942324675264729906 n 300x202 1

5. Relax And Recharge On Your Roo-cation

For many, Bonnaroo is seen as a vacation. Not only a time to listen to great music and spend time with friends, but also a time to escape reality and relax while taking some much-needed PTO.

So, treat yourself right during this sacred weekend! Each day Bonnaroo will have opportunities for Bonnaroovians to practice yoga, participate in sound baths, meditate, and express themselves through arts and crafts.

I like to choose one activity each day to help recharge and set some intentions for the festivities ahead!

6. Own The Oasis

Oh, the Oasis. One of the best places to spend your time during the day before the music starts. Surrounded by palm trees and sand, the Oasis is a mini beach located right in Centeroo!

Bring a volleyball and challenge your campground neighbors to a friendly competition for who’s on grill duty that day or just soak up the sun with a Pina Colada in hand. Whichever way you choose to own the Oasis, I suggest getting there early to get a good spot!

66483898 10156350325455906 4002475109699813376 n 300x200 1

7. Simmer Down and Splash Around

Summer days in Tennessee can get hot. Real hot. You can find Bonnaroovians taking advantage of the famous water mushroom in the center of the festival at all hours of the day.

Some dip their toes in, some fully submerge and some just use it as a photo opp, but whichever way you choose, make sure to stop by and check it out! If you’re an adrenaline junkie like me, the inflatable waterslide on site might be more your speed!

8. Dare To Drink

It’s no surprise that Bonnaroo will have a surplus of craft food vendors throughout the weekend, but special to Bonnaroo is the Broo’ers festival.

From IPAs to pilsners, ciders to sours, this festival-within-a-festival is bringing together an assortment of beers from over 20 different breweries. So, go ahead, let loose, and have some ABVs with your Island Noodles!

330775012 747407063272179 7223911309007562775 n 300x375 1

9. Marry Your Mate In The House Of Matroomony

My rave “mom and dad” (the most amazingly beautiful 40-something-year-old people that I met at Bonnaroo ’17, and still to this day go to Bonnaroo with) met at ‘Roo 2016, and while they didn’t get married on the Farm, it’s still the place that they met, fell in love and eventually got engaged.

Bonnaroo is such a special place for so many people. What better place to celebrate love than an out-of-this-world chapel in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by your best friends and even better vibes?!

Marriages that happen in the House of Matroomony are 100% legal, so grab your lover, sign the papers, and start your journey of forever right in the heart of Bonnaroo!

10. Soak Up The Sunrise

Last, but definitely not least, my absolute favorite thing to do at Bonnaroo is watch the sunrise. Unlike some festivals, Centeroo (where all of the music and magic happens) is open 24/7.

This means staying out, running around, and dancing with my best friends until 6AM, twirling around and looking behind us to see a deep orange glow spread across the fields, smiling faces suddenly becoming more beautiful, glitter shining around all of the stages.

It really is difficult to describe in words how life-changing these moments have been for me. The feeling of pure bliss during that first sliver of sunrise is something I will never forget. Plan on being present for those moments.

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival takes place June 15-18, 2023 in Manchester, TN. Get tickets here.

All photos provided by Bonnaroo on Facebook.

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Delivering insights at scale by modernizing data 



PwC 16 9RatioCoverimage 1

Greater speed and agility are helping organizations address an increasingly competitive marketplace, heightened customer expectations, and the lingering impact of the pandemic. To compete more effectively, companies are gathering and analyzing increasingly large and disparate sets of data. But only with cloud solutions, like Microsoft Azure, can this data provide insight into every corner of the enterprise, from maintenance of the factory floor to boosting customer loyalty.

cover art with data, industrial, travel, and health care icons

However, companies that continue to rely on legacy systems and fragmented IT environments to gather and store data will fall behind faster. The problem, says Lindsey Allen, general manager of Azure Databricks & Applied AI at Microsoft, is that “organizations need to be able to access their data in a reasonable amount of time to support business decision-making.” Accessing and analyzing this data across the enterprise at speed and scale is difficult to impossible with siloed data.

This data is often siloed in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. However, with ERP data modernization, businesses can integrate data from multiple sources, which will ensure data accessibility and create the framework for digital transformation. Migrating legacy databases to the cloud also gives companies access to AI and ML capabilities that can reinvent their organization. According to Anil Nagaraj, principal in Analytic Insights, Cloud & Digital at PwC, companies that modernize their ERP data see increased efficiencies, costs savings, and greater customer engagement, especially when it’s built on a cloud platform like Microsoft Azure.

MIT PWC 60DataPoint 32323

Cloud transformation—along with ERP data modernization—democratizes data, empowering employees to make decisions that directly impact their segment of business. And in an increasingly competitive marketplace, becoming data-driven means organizations can make faster, timelier, and smarter decisions.

Download the report.

This content was produced by Insights, the custom content arm of MIT Technology Review. It was not written by MIT Technology Review’s editorial staff.

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Title: Delivering insights at scale by modernizing data 
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Published Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2023 16:00:00 +0000

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2023 Husqvarna Norden 901 Expedition




Husqvarna’s travel-oriented Norden 901 Expedition sees a modest price bump compared to the Norden 901. MSRP is $15,799 versus $14,499
Husqvarna’s travel-oriented Norden 901 Expedition sees a modest price bump compared to the Norden 901. MSRP is $15,799 versus $14,499 (Husqvarna/)


Upgraded with higher-spec Xplor suspensionA whole catalog of accessories included as standardMinimal price increase for all of the significant upgrades


Included bags not very durableWindscreen fixed and not adjustableHave to buy different bag mounts if you want hard cases


There are so many options in the adventure-bike class that it can be overwhelming. However, middleweight, multicylinder models offer an ideal balance between power and weight that makes them very appealing. Husqvarna’s newest member of the Norden family, the 901 Expedition, is an upscale-trim version of the base model that’s more travel oriented and worth a look for those riders who enjoy longer adventures.

Similar to the Norden 901, the 901 Expedition shares much of its hardware with KTM’s 890 Adventure models, but all of that hardware is wrapped in bodywork that’s less aggressive than what you’d find on the KTM.
Similar to the Norden 901, the 901 Expedition shares much of its hardware with KTM’s 890 Adventure models, but all of that hardware is wrapped in bodywork that’s less aggressive than what you’d find on the KTM. (Husqvarna/)


Husqvarna hit the road running with its original Norden 901 thanks in large part to its ties to sister brand KTM and the 890 Adventure models that serve as the bones for the Norden. But while the Norden 901 shares an engine and chassis with the KTMs, Husqvarna took a different direction with the styling, replacing the knife-edge angles of the KTM with smooth, modern lines that spark memories of classic Paris-Dakar bikes of the ‘80s and ‘90s. The look is entirely Husqvarna; a round LED headlight sits high above the front wheel, flanked by integrated fog lights and a steeply angled windscreen.

The Norden’s personality was intended to be equally as refined, Husqvarna deciding that the bike should be less aggressive and better suited to the everyday adventurer. By introducing the Expedition model right after, Husqvarna expanded on that concept by retaining much of what made the Norden 901 so great, but increasing its appeal with more travel-oriented hardware.

Where the Expedition truly distinguishes itself from the Norden 901 is in componentry. It shares the more stout Xplor suspension with KTM’s 890 R, gets a burly skid plate, as well as touring amenities like a more protective windscreen, centerstand, and luggage as standard.

While the Norden 901 Expedition is great off road, it’s equally as capable on pavement.
While the Norden 901 Expedition is great off road, it’s equally as capable on pavement. (Husqvarna/)

Updates for 2023

While the Norden 901 Expedition was an all-new model for 2023, it’s based heavily on the standard Norden 901, which was introduced as a 2022 model and has yet to see any updates.

The big news here is the move to WP Xplor suspension. Comfort and convenience upgrades include heated grips and rider seat, a taller windshield, centerstand, soft luggage, and Connectivity Unit (optional on the base Norden), which allows you to connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the motorcycle. Added protection comes in the form of a heavy-duty aluminum skid plate.

Pricing and Variants

The Norden 901 Expedition starts at $15,799—a modest price increase over the $14,499 Norden 901. The bike is available in just one color.

Upgraded suspension and added protection mean the Norden 901 Expedition is up for serious adventure.
Upgraded suspension and added protection mean the Norden 901 Expedition is up for serious adventure. (Husqvarna/)


The middleweight ADV category continues to grow in terms of popularity, and manufacturers have found different solutions to the same

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Title: 2023 Husqvarna Norden 901 Expedition
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Published Date: Wed, 26 Apr 2023 21:42:35 +0000

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