Top 10 Automotive Inspired Watches

Watches have always played a key role in the automotive industry. A tool for drivers as well as a platform for manufacturers to collaborate. The uniqueness of design and functions allow for any auto enthusiast to find the perfect watch to represent what they love about motorsports. The difficulty in choosing that kind of timepiece is the endless amount of companies and references that deliver examples in the vast majority of classes. The biggest differentiator is the price, with watches starting under a thousand dollars and reaching a million. It’s almost like a staircase that every watch enthusiast hopes to climb, upgrading, and obtaining more exclusive pieces along the way. Our top ten list this week reflects that metaphorical staircase, displaying automotive-inspired watches from least to most expensive.

utodromo Intereuropa


The Intereuropa watch takes its name from the Coppa Intereuropa race for sporting coupes held at Monza from 1949-1964 as a support race for the Italian Grand Prix.Exquisite alloy-bodied berlinettas by the likes of Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Lancia were campaigned by gentleman drivers at the Coppa Intereuropa.

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Title: Top 10 Automotive Inspired Watches
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