Top 15 Habits That Are Turn Offs For Women (Avoid At All Costs!)

When was the last time you cut your nails? Do you glance at your phone when you’re having dinner with a date? Are you sending her ten texts in ten hours?

These are well-known habits that are turn offs for women. You need to up your game.

In this article, we’re about to break out 15 of the worst habits men have and how to fix them.

Bad Habit #1 Lying About The Small Stuff

I wanted to start with this one for a reason. Gents, deceit is intolerable in a relationship.

Lying about leaving now when you’re running five minutes late might seem like no big deal. It can quickly snowball, though.

That five minutes can quickly become an hour. Suddenly you find yourself lying about getting a fantastic result on the test you took last week.

Now living a life without any lies would be impossible. Nobody can be completely honest. But, if you weave a web of unnecessary lies that only benefit you, don’t expect a woman to stick around once she finds out.

No woman should have to suffer a liar. If you can’t keep your story straight, that’s on you, my friend.

Bad Habit #2 Playing Mind Games With Women

Manipulation is, without a doubt, an abusive behavior whether men or women display it. But we’re talking about turn-offs for women here.

Guys, listen up. Do you play the victim whenever you don’t get your way to pull sympathy from her? Do you make veiled threats about the stability of your relationship to get what you want? If so, you’re manipulating her.

Men who play mind games with women don’t deserve them. Not only is it deplorable by principle, but using her affection for you as a weapon against her is doubly heinous. Shoot straight and true, gents. That’s when you deserve a lady.

Bad Habit #3 Only Caring About Yourself

This is a big one – I’ve seen this come up a lot when women explained why they left their men. It was especially common among divorced women!

That means that this one’s a doozy. You must look out for your partner’s interests just as well as she looks out for yours. The door swings both ways in that regard.

Selfish men don’t last long in relationships.

Are her gifts to you consistently superior to the flimsy book you get her every birthday or anniversary? How long has it been since you’ve thought about getting her some flowers?

These are little things that go a long way!

Bad Habit #4 You Come Across As Arrogant

When it comes to turns offs for women – little is worse than arrogance.

I get it. You’ve accomplished a lot, whether it’s graduating high school or college. Now you are in the working world with all the responsibilities that come with it.

You have every reason to be confident. There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance though…

Confidence is valuing yourself enough to put your best foot forward. You introduce yourself to strangers and pursue your ambitions.

To be arrogant is to overvalue yourself. You are never wrong and nobody else is worth listening to.

Don’t you just hate that one guy that’s always talking big but doing nothing? He’s always going on about his new car, his house, or even his clothes?

You may have to deal with him at work, but his girlfriend has to see that smug grin every day. Yuck!

This is a turn-off for women, and I guarantee your friends don’t appreciate it either.

Modesty is a strength, gentlemen. Arrogance only conveys weakness.

Bad Habit #5 You Lack Ambition

Time and again, I’ve seen ladies being attracted to men of vision and ambition. There’s a reason for this!

Women enjoy having a man who’s going places or is at least trying to get there. You don’t need to be bent on world domination but have some goals and strive to meet them.

Even women with enough power for themselves find this mindset to be nigh-irresistible.

Ambition is everything. Not simply to better your own station, but to enhance the respect your lady has for you.

Bad Habit #6 Your Manners Need Improvement

Manners maketh man.

Those words of wisdom were spoken by Harry Hart in Kingsmen, right before he beat the heck out of a group of hooligans.

I’ve seldom heard a phrase sum up so much in so few words, and it certainly matters when it comes to relationships.

Women do not want to feel as those they’re dating a savage, guys. For starters, try making complete sentences without needing a curse word. Don’t go around getting drunk if you know you’re unbearable when you’ve had too many in you. Please don’t dominate the conversation when it’s supposed to be a back-and-forth.

Just be civil – have the best manners you can, it’s not that hard. Look yourself in the mirror and ask, “Am I the type of guy Harry Hart would beat up?”

Speaking of Harry Hart, click here to discover how to dress like a Kingsman.

Bad Habit #7 You Cling To Her Like Superglue

When it comes to turn-offs for women, being overly dependent is almost like signing the death sentence of your relationship.

Independence is attractive, gentlemen. It’s essential to have your own life apart from her – to have your own friendships, hobbies, and pursuits just like she does.

Spending time together is important, but so is quality time with yourself. Otherwise, she’s not dating a man, she’s dating a parasite.

Bad Habit #8 You Bore People To Death

If you lack passion, drive, or can’t hold a conversation right, then you might not even get past the first date.

Keep her interested, especially on a first date. Discuss topics you are both passionate about!

Luckily for you, I’ve put out tons of content explaining precisely how to keep a woman engaged when you’re talking. Believe it or not, the key oftentimes is to ask her questions about herself and let her go on. The more people talk about themselves, the more they’ll like YOU.

Bad Habit #9 You’re Wilfully Ignorant

Willful ignorance is intentionally ignoring facts that contradict your personal beliefs.

It is not cool to lack knowledge, though.

Being willfully ignorant toward other people and cultures is highly unattractive.

We live in a modern age where awareness and general tolerance are the names of the game. More and more women are rightfully finding ignorant men to be appalling.

Of course, you can and should be intolerant of bad things.

I’m talking about racism, sexism, religious intolerance, and homophobia.

ALL of these are the relics of a bygone era. They have no place in the modern gent’s heart and none in the relationship sphere either.

Bad Habit #10 You Eat Like A Pig

Not knowing how to have good table manners can completely ruin a romantic dinner.

Beware – the men who are guilty of these bad habits aren’t aware they do them… so the next time you’re eating, take a moment to think.

And if you find yourself doing any of the following… stop doing them. Forever.

Bad Table Habits

  • Chewing with your mouth open.
  • Eating fast. Eating your food is not a race. Take your time, avoid indigestion and enjoy the food and your company.
  • Talking with your mouth full. Studies show that 100% of women dislike having food spat at them.
  • Waving your cutlery around. If you need to illustrate a point, place your knife and fork down before doing so.

Bad Habit #11 You’re A Scrooge

There’s a good reason being cheap is often listed among the top habits that are turn offs for women for women. Now being thrifty is one thing. No fair-thinking person will judge you for trying to make your dollars go further. Being miserly and refusing to spend money on the necessities in life is not the same.

You don’t need to flash the cash to impress women. On the contrary, a lot of women are put off by men who flaunt their wealth.

But equally as unattractive are cheap men. This means going to a restaurant and not tipping the waiter to save $4. Or, heaven forbid, asking your date to pay for her own meal. (It’s polite for her to offer, but that’s a whole different topic…)

If money is tight, visit a moderately priced restaurant. You will still enjoy your date’s company and you’ll have enough money left over to tip the waiter – as any gentleman should.

Bad Habit #12 Prioritizing Your Phone Over Her

Repeatedly checking your phone or taking calls shows someone in your company that Facebook and Fortnite take priority over them.

Here’s the easy solution: Put your phone away when you’ve got company.

If you have your phone in your hand or out on the table, it can be easy to hold it, touch it and generally be distracted by it.

These actions all serve to create distance between you and whoever you are with. Holding your phone up can even feel like you are putting a physical barrier between the two of you.

Women aren’t mind-readers. Make it clear you value their company and they have 100% of your attention.

Bad Habit #13 You Don’t Listen To Her

Men are logical creatures. We like to provide solutions to problems. Often, if we have a problem with someone or something, we’ll address it as quickly as possible and move on.

The problem is that men are bad listeners. We have become experts in looking like we’re listening – offering a courtesy nod at 3-minute intervals – when we are thinking about planes, cars, diesel generators, shiny things, and how submarines stay submerged when they’re full of air (it’s to do with ballast tanks by the way).

Our male brains allow us to listen briefly before offering (or even forcing) a solution.

And that’s where we get it wrong. Women don’t necessarily want a solution. They want to discuss their day or talk out their problem and to have someone to talk to.

It’s easier if you think about it – you don’t need to provide a solution. All you need to do is listen.

Bad Habit #14 You Don’t Keep Your Promises

Talk is cheap. As far as a woman should be concerned, your word is your bond. If you say you’re going to do something, then make sure you do it. This shows you are truthful, trustworthy and reliable.

Repeatedly failing to deliver on your promises makes you Homer Simpson. D’oh!

Bad Habit #15 You Forget Her Birthday

Forgetting a birthday happens when you allow yourself to be distracted. You are either focusing too much on the here-and-now or you’re forgetting to learn more about the girl you are spending time with.

It happens a lot more than it should. Judging by how often this happens in sitcoms, you might think it is a funny story but it’s very disrespectful. In fact, it’s downright rude.

If you are unsure about a woman’s birthday, there are little tricks you can use to get this essential information. Check her Facebook, politely ask her friends (there’s nothing wrong with this) or use the tried-and-tested method of asking her early on in a relationship.

Whatever you do, don’t wait and hope she drops you a clue. It will become more and more uncomfortable as time goes on. You will be caught out when her girlfriends come over one day ‘out of nowhere’ with armfuls of gifts and you have nothing.

BONUS Habits That Are Turn Offs For Women: Bad Hygiene

It’s a common stereotype that men don’t keep themselves as clean as women. Defy a woman’s expectations by keeping a tight ship and you will instantly separate yourself from her ex’s. Here are the bad hygiene habits you need to kick to the curb right now:

Not Brushing Your Teeth

It’s science: Women have an average of 43% more olfactory cells in their brains than we do.

What does this mean? Simple – women have a better sense of smell than we do. It also means that they can detect whether or not you brushed your teeth in the morning.

EVEN if you can’t smell it yourself.

Think you know how to brush your teeth? Thing again. Discover how to do it like a pro!

Gents, take no chances. Brush your teeth in the morning and at night. Make a routine for it.

It may even be prudent to take some mint gum or some mint strips to work with you. If you know you have a tendency to eat smelly foods, then take your toothbrush with you! Preparation is key!

Not Using The Toilet Seat

Most guys believe the toilet was designed with the toilet seat in the vertical position.

The simple act of lowering the toilet seat after you’ve been to the bathroom can work wonders for any budding relationship but this is something that many men just do not do.

On a spiritual level, this small act shows you are caring and considerate (and house trained). On a practical level, it prevents your eardrums from rupturing when your other half falls into the toilet bowl during a half-asleep nighttime visit to the bathroom.

Toilet technique extends past the lowering of the lid. Survey the area around the toilet and you’ll notice a long, stick-shaped object made from plastic or metal. At one end (hopefully the end pointing towards you), you’ll find a handle. At the other end – a brush made with stiff bristles.

Use it regularly. We shouldn’t need to explain why…

And my final point on toilets is a simple one. Clean your hands after going. Just do it. The sink is a maximum of 2 meters away from the toilet. Oftentimes, you pass it on your way out of the bathroom.

Bad Nails

Ask almost any woman what her major turns offs are and dirty nails will be somewhere around the top of the list, possibly just behind the novelty Christmas tie.

There’s no excuse for this; keep your nails trim and clean them regularly. Make this routine a good habit and learn how a man should cut his fingernails.

Dirty Bedsheets

It is said that cleanliness is next to godliness. It is also said that dirty bedsheets are absolutely disgusting. The prospect of clambering into a dirty, smelly, pizza-stained bed is not one that women with a sense of smell look forward to.

No man enjoys changing their bedding. I’d say that along with watching paint dry, changing a duvet cover is one of the most mundane experiences life has to offer. Everyone enjoys the feeling of clean, crisp, fresh bedsheets though. The ends justify the means.

Change your sheets once every two weeks (not once every blue moon, year or month). Also, make sure your bedding looks and feels nice. That means out with the rough Transformers bedcovers and in with crisp, classy high-thread-count cotton.

Make it look like you’ve made an effort.

It shouldn’t be a mystery anymore – if you repel the ladies like there’s no tomorrow, you may have just found the cause. Remember, gentlemen, it’s mostly about being straightforward and true with her about yourself and your goals.

Don’t leave her hanging.

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