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Fuel economy is a hot topic these days thanks to escalating fuel prices. Luckily, as enthusiasts are aware, motorcycles can be cost-effective transportation. Even larger three- and four-cylinder bikes can achieve 40 to 50 mpg, which is still far better than the average driver’s crossover. And smaller-displacement single- and two-cylinder engines are often capable of more miles per gallon.

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We’ve written before concerning fuel-efficient motorcycles. Many of those fuel-sipping options are still available, but there are now more models out there for mpg-minded buyers.

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Note that fuel economy may be affected by a number of factors: riding style, road conditions, load, tire pressure, and so on. This list contains a mixture of manufacturer claims, reader testimony, and averages found during our testing.

Honda Grom

This mini motorcycle does a fantastic job at sipping from its 1.6-gallon fuel tank.
This mini motorcycle does a fantastic job at sipping from its 1.6-gallon fuel tank. (Honda/)

Honda claims a mind-boggling 166.5 mpg for the Grom, but real-world results do vary. Editor Adam Waheed averaged “only” 98 mpg when he tested the 2022 model. One reader tallied 134 mpg. Honda’s other 125cc single-cylinder-powered mini motos like the Trail 125, Monkey, and Super Cub will likely see similar fuel economy figures. There’s also the 109cc Navi which makes a claimed 110 mpg.

Yamaha TW200

You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to filling up the tank. Dual sport fun can be had with the TW200 that averages 78 mpg.
You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to filling up the tank. Dual sport fun can be had with the TW200 that averages 78 mpg. (Yamaha/)

Yamaha claims the TW200, like the V-Star, can get an estimated 78 mpg. This cult-favorite dual sport is as indifferent to fuel prices as it is to terrain changes and should certainly be on the radar of fuel-conscious riders. Fat, knobby-ish tires will help conquer trails while its 196cc four-stroke single sips frugally away.

Suzuki GSX250R ABS

Suzuki’s small GSX-R is a cost-saving streetbike for beginners.
Suzuki’s small GSX-R is a cost-saving streetbike for beginners. (Suzuki/)

Suzuki is right on the money when it claims the GSX250R makes around 76 mpg; one reader claimed they achieved about 75 mpg over 6,200 miles. This fully faired sportbike makes impressive gas mileage for new riders pulling away down the freeway or canyon roads.

Honda CBR500R ABS

The 471cc is a proven commuter-friendly engine with great mpg results.
The 471cc is a proven commuter-friendly engine with great mpg results. (Honda/)

The sleek CBR500R is a sporty commuter that also delivers impressive fuel economy; the newest model achieved a tested 67 mpg, with one reader claiming their 2013 model hit 62 mpg. Since the naked CB500F and adventure-styled CB500X share the same 471cc engine, riders can choose between a few different flavors of Honda’s fuel-friendly midsize parallel twin.

Honda NC750X

Over 50 mpg for a higher-displacement bike like the NC750X is impressive.
Over 50 mpg for a higher-displacement bike like the NC750X is impressive. (Honda/)

During our MC Commute, the NC750X was able to get a noteworthy 53.5 mpg, but some riders have claimed that it can get upwards of 60-plus mpg. We wrote: “Settling into 75 mph, the NC spins around 4,500 rpm in top gear, which lends itself to superb fuel economy.” So whether you are highway flogging with the manual transmission or making practical use of the DCT automatic transmission around town, the NC is a great higher-displacement motorcycle for all that and everything in between

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By: Serena McKnight
Title: Top 5 Fuel-Efficient Motorcycles 2022
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Published Date: Tue, 05 Jul 2022 17:11:22 +0000

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Audi Tops the Luxury Car Safety Charts in 2023

damian ochrymowicz Dhol4s3fS Y unsplash scaled 1 scaled

damian ochrymowicz Dhol4s3fS Y unsplash scaled 2 scaled
Unsplash – CC0 License

Safety is becoming more important to luxury car buyers. Wealthy individuals want vehicles that will protect themselves and their passengers.

However, it isn’t always clear which brand offers the best safety profile. Now, though, figures from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal a winner – the German automaker Audi.

The NHTSA looked at the rate of crashes per 1,000 drivers and found that Audi had a crash rate of just 0.54, putting it below tech leader Mercedes at 0.55 and far from Subaru which was up at 0.75.

The question on many people’s lips is why Audi is so safe. After all, Mercedes is the manufacturer that tends to bring the latest safety technology to market first.

The main reason appears to be the brand’s heavy investment in safety technology in recent years. The company conducts significant research and development in-house, allowing it to bring technologies to market at a lower price point than its rivals. Drivers benefit from comprehensive safety features across the range instead of solely on high-end models.

re Advanced Safety Features Necessary?

Previously, skeptics scoffed at the value of advanced car safety features, calling them gimmicky. However, the evidence suggests that it is effective, especially in recent years. Advanced driver assistance systems are finally coming of age and having a noticeable impact on the number of insurance claims. Data from LexisNexis Risk Solutions suggests that bodily injury claims are 27 percent lower with these systems, and property damage claims are 19 percent lower. 

These statistics are good news for drivers. It means that they can expect statistically different outcomes driving Audi vehicles than conventional cars. It represents a genuine upgrade. 

Car accident attorney Adam S. Kutcher is at the forefront of the consequences of vehicle collisions. The lawyer has tremendous knowledge of how vehicle accidents can cause harm.

“The people that come to us are real people who are often going through the most challenging time in their life,” he says. “People worry about who will pay their medical bills and lost wages, even if insurers agree to pay to replace vehicles. That’s why this new technology is so exciting for everyone who practices in this area. We don’t want to see people getting hurt. Instead, we want to make sure everyone stays safe and that as many people avoid this harrowing experience as possible.”

Currently, tort law is helpful to victims of car accidents through additional provisions in the legal code. But the reality is that many people never recover from their injuries and can’t go back to work, regardless of the medical care they receive.

“We can sometimes get big rewards for people seriously injured in car accidents, but financial compensation is only ever partial,” says Kutcher. “Money can’t fix a disability or even a tragic death in the family for an auto accident. That’s why car manufacturers are stepping up to the plate and investing in this technology.”

The Components Of Advanced Driver Safety Systems

tyler clemmensen d1Jum1vVLew unsplash 930x621 1 jpg
Unsplash – CC0 License

Advanced driver safety systems refer to a plethora of technologies car manufacturers are including in their vehicles thanks to advances in software and chip technology.

Automatic emergency braking is one of the most coveted features. Vehicles can now brake independently of drivers if they believe a crash is imminent, preventing rear-end shunts and jackknifes at interchanges.

Manufacturers have gradually increased the range of situations in which this technology will activate over recent years. Previously, it was solely to stop drivers from bumping into the car ahead, but now cameras can detect cross-traffic, even when reversing, and

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By: Wilson Lim
Title: Audi Tops the Luxury Car Safety Charts in 2023
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Published Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2023 07:56:16 +0000

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The Rise of Car Gallery Homes

Carchitecture 2024 Sam Burch Archi2 jpg

Forget the garage — the rise of car gallery homes leads many car collectors to create better spaces for their prized machines.

Sam Burch Architecture
Sam Burch built this space for a Ferrari collector’s home. Image: Sam Burch Architect

“Carchitecture” is a newly coined phrase that describes the world of cars and architecture coming together in a fluid, cohesive design. Celebrating the adoration of fluidity, lines and optimisation of space and spectacular design, owners of these collectable cars often seek an architect or interior designer to integrate the vehicle into the home and frame it like a beautiful object.

No discerning car collector would allow his or her automobile treasures to sit in some dank and dark garage, nor can you park in the street for fear of being stolen or scratched. From rare Aston Martins, classic Porsches and highly-prized Mercedes-Benz cars, these car collectors are now taking a new approach to admiring their exceptional vehicles without going into a garage.

Their beloved cars have become celebrated objects in the heart of their penthouse, mansions, or bungalows. Etienne Borgos, one of the co-directors of Borgos Pieper Studio who has designed homes for car collectors, “Clients are choosing to have their cars in their homes or apartments, even at the penthouse level, as a celebration of the car as a design object. It’s taking car ownership to the next level.”

Now integrated into an interior setting rather than a garage, the car gives rise to all the spoils and extravagances. Some notable projects include a modern Shenzhen home designed by O-office Architect where the homeowner has a classic Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale as the centrepiece. Over in the Netherlands, a homeowner wanted his 2008 Tesla Roadster as the piece de resistance in the living room, so he got architectural firm Studio OXL to transform a carpenter’s workshop into a spacious loft while preserving the former entryway of the factory.

O-Office Architects converted a textile factory in Shenzhen to house a client’s Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Stradale. Image:Steffen Jahn

For these clients, money is no concern as setting up a small car gallery starts from £ 2 million. Jonathan Clark runs an architectural practice called Jonathan Clark Architects but has also set up another architectural practice that delves into “luxury spaces for cars”. Clark also owns a trove of classic Porsches, a Ferrari and an Alfa Romeo, and it allows him to connect with his car-adoring billionaire customers who enjoy sitting at home to appreciate beautiful cars in a gallery-like space.

Such car art galleries have become the playground for wealthy individuals who desire houses and interior spaces built around their expensive wheels, such as the USD 135 million 1955 Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe, which sits decidedly beautifully next to your dining room or indoor swimming pool.

Garage Deluxe
Architect Jonathan Clark at Garage Deluxe designs spaces built around cars, so

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By: Joe Lim
Title: The Rise of Car Gallery Homes
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Published Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2024 03:21:18 +0000

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2024 Honda PCX Scooter Preview


American Honda has announced the return of its purposeful PCX scooter for 2024, a tried-and-true urban commuter that makes riding as easy as can be. The highway-capable 157cc single-powered machine will be available in Matte Brown Metallic only and will be priced at $4,249, a $100 increase over the 2023 Honda PCX.

The 2024 Honda PCX scooter in Matte Brown Metallic.
The 2024 Honda PCX scooter in Matte Brown Metallic. (Honda/)

As with last year’s model, the PCX will be available in the ABS version only. The news comes on the heels of a number of carryover models for Big Red, though unlike bikes like the CBR600RR, the PCX has enjoyed a fairly recent update.

For 2021, Honda engineers revised the single cylinder, increasing output to 157cc thanks to a new valve design and revised bore and stroke. The frame was updated to reduce overall weight, LED lighting was added throughout, and styling tweaks gave the platform a refreshed look.

For those needing a convenient urban ride, the PCX remains a compelling option. The generous underseat storage area is capable of holding a full-face helmet, the V-Matic auto transmission is a truly simple twist-and-go setup, the hydraulic cam-chain adjuster aids in reducing the amount of ongoing maintenance riders need to be concerned with, and the nimble chassis provides effortless handling. Even with the slight price increase, the PCX remains a budget-friendly machine that is as approachable as it gets.

2024 Honda PCX Technical Specifications and Price

Price:$4,249Engine:157cc, SOHC, liquid-cooled single; 4 valves/cyl.Bore x Stroke:60.0 x 55.5mmCompression Ratio:12.0:1Fuel Delivery:PGM-FI w/ 28mm throttle bodiesClutch:Wet, multiplate slipper/assistTransmission/Final Drive:Automatic V-Matic belt driveFrame:Duplex cradleFront Suspension:31mm telescopic fork; 3.9 in. travelRear Suspension:Dual hydraulic shocks; 3.7 in. travelFront Brake:220mm disc w/ ABSRear Brake:Rod-actuated 130mm drumWheels, Front/Rear:14 in. / 13 in.Tires, Front/Rear:110/70-14 / 130/70-13Rake/Trail:26.5°/3.1 in.Wheelbase:51.7 in.Seat Height:30.1 in.Fuel Capacity:2.1 gal.Claimed Curb Weight:286 lb.Available:April

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By: Byron Wilson
Title: 2024 Honda PCX Scooter Preview
Sourced From:
Published Date: Sun, 03 Mar 2024 11:00:01 +0000

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