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The lovely Ducati V4 SP2, wings and all.
The lovely Ducati V4 SP2, wings and all. (Lorenzo Concari/Photohouse/)

Judging the attractiveness of new motorcycles or debating on how fun one is over the other (read the Top 5 Most Fun Motorcycles Chosen by Readers article) is one of the best parts of motorcycling. You’re never wrong. Or right, for that matter. Motorcycle reviews are hard. It’s numbers, math, and stuff like “objectivity” that takes up valuable time. But is a bike good looking? Easy. Just be gobsmacked by a bike and start an argument with another rider.

So what’s the best-looking bike out there? (Read the Best-Looking Motorcycles 2023 article.) It’s a good time to ask. We’re not quite at “peak motorcycle” anymore, but we’re at an inflection point in history. In the game of motorcycling, it’s the last quarter for internal combustion–powered motorcycles. The apotheosis of internal combustion technology and design is coming. Maybe it’s already here.

So while we still have headers, fuel tanks, exhausts, and things like unit construction—what’s the best-looking bike you can buy right now? We asked Motorcyclist readers and here’s how they responded. Don’t like the results? Go ahead and shoot the messenger, but you’re the sender.

The base Ducati V2, taking an ill-advised liner on the paint on a cloudy day.
The base Ducati V2, taking an ill-advised liner on the paint on a cloudy day. (Ducati/)

Ducati Panigale V4/V2

Many of you mentioned the Ducati Panigale V4, which is an obvious choice. But then you added the caveat of “no wings.” The last Panigale V4 without front winglets came out in 2021, so maybe you meant the Ducati Panigale V2? Do you really need a V4? You’re not fighting Pecco Bagnaia for P1 in Fanboy Parkway on Circuit McJob.

We get it. There’s something to the sleek, uninterrupted Italian lines of the V2, with that gloriously exposed front cylinder exhaust pipe on the right side. Some say the 2019 Panigale 959 had more of a classic Tamburini-type profile. Maybe. But broad, uninterrupted fairings with acres of smooth plastic are a thing of the ‘80s and ‘90s past. We live in an age of angles of conspicuous tech. Definition adds toughness, ask any bodybuilder.

The base Ducati V4, with a clearly overqualified test rider aboard.
The base Ducati V4, with a clearly overqualified test rider aboard. (Ducati/)

Perhaps you meant inner beauty? While the complex charm of bevel-driven heads are gone, with desmodromic systems soon to follow, the 90-degree V-twin concept is Ducati’s imprimatur. Even underneath the oil coolers, radiators, and water jackets, Taglioni’s design DNA remains. The 2020-born V2 variant is a liquid-cooled 955cc mill putting out 155 hp at 10,750 rpm, with 77 lb.-ft. of torque at 9,000 rpm. The V4 of 2018 origin puts out 211 hp at 13,000 rpm, or 231 hp at 15,250 rpm if you’ve signed up for the V4 R. Fun fact: The V-4 engine concept predates Ducati’s V-twin concept by six years. The 1964 Apollo concept bike was a V-4 1,260cc monster cruiser meant to compete with Harley-Davidson. Only two prototypes were ever made.

Whether you meant the V2 or V4, it hardly matters. As Ducati design goes, so go the pens of other bike designers.

Channeling golden-era MotoGP greatness: the 2024 MV Agusta Superveloce 800, in Rosso Ago and Argento Ago livery.
Channeling golden-era MotoGP greatness: the 2024 MV Agusta Superveloce 800, in Rosso Ago and Argento Ago livery. (MV Agusta/)

MV Agusta Superveloce

Introduced in 2020 and based on the F3 800, the MV Agusta Superveloce concept was actually awarded “Most beautiful bike in show” at the 2019 EICMA show in Milan, Italy. That’s a major award, as some say. Meant to invoke classic racing lines of the 1960s and ‘70s, the original red and silver livery hammered the point home. And what about inner beauty? You’ll never measure up to Giacomo Agostini’s judgment and cojones, but you can still put 147 Italian horses, 798cc, and three cylinders between your legs and see

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By: Anders T. Carlson
Title: Top 5 Most Beautiful Motorcycles Chosen by Readers
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Published Date: Sun, 10 Dec 2023 11:00:01 +0000

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Final Encore—Bizzarrini P538

RACEPRO201308 p1

Photo: Casey Annis
Photo: Casey AnnisThe 1950s and 1960s were a time of rapid change in both the road and racecar world. Technology was advancing quickly and with this advancement, it became increasingly harder and harder for a lone individual—either engineer or visionary—to be solely responsible for a complete automobile. Yet, some amazing vehicles were given birth during this time by some of the last of these automotive prodigies. One such automotive savant was Italian Giotto Bizzarrini. A tenacious and talented engineer and development driver, Bizzarrini either created or played a major role in some of the most iconic cars of the 1960s, including several built under his own name. Any true understanding of Bizzarrini’s cars, however, first requires an understanding of the man, as the two are virtually inseparable.

The author unleashes a healthy dose of the “Anniversario” Bizzarrini’s prodigious horsepower.
Photo: Joon Lim

Born Survivor

Giotto Bizzarrini was born in June 6, 1926, in Quercianella, near Livorno, Italy. Born into a long line of engineers, it is perhaps not surprising that Bizzarrini would gravitate toward things mechanical. However, his early childhood years were more dominated by soccer and hunting, at least until World War II intervened. When the war broke out, Giotto’s father took up arms against the Germans, leaving young Giotto behind to fend for his family. During the war years, times were tough and much of what the Bizzarrini family had to eat ended up coming from Giotto’s hunting prowess. Bizzarrini would look back on these years of deprivation and state, “That period really influenced me for the rest of my life. It made me into a survivor, somewhat of a maverick.”

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By: SportsCarDigest
Title: Final Encore—Bizzarrini P538
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Published Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2024 06:59:52 +0000

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Saturday special: An elegant three-wheeler with a Mazda engine

three wheeler mazda 745x497 1

Custom three-wheeler with Mazda engine and motorcycle parts
Although Bike EXIF is dedicated to art on two wheels, our automotive interests are wide-ranging. Our publisher has an enviable car collection, our workshop editor, Dean, is a vintage snowmobile fiend, and I’ve been in love with the Morgan Super 3 ever since I test-drove it at the Malle Mile. So today we’re bending the rules, and bringing you a stunning three-wheeler that’s only really thirty percent motorcycle.

Dubbed the ‘MAC 2,’ it’s the second handmade three-wheeler from Indonesian engineer and vintage bike enthusiast, Cosmas Lili Sudrajat. Cosmas has a major crush on Morgan’s V-twin-powered three-wheelers—but they’re expensive and hard to come by in Indonesia. Luckily, he knows his way around a workshop.

Custom three-wheeler with Mazda engine and motorcycle parts

The V-twin powerplant bolted to the front of the MAC 2 isn’t a motorcycle engine though. It’s out of a Mazda B600—a pint-sized, Japanese-made station wagon that was a hit in Indonesia in the 1960s. “The Mazda’s air-cooled 600 cc V-twin engine is the perfect size for a three-wheeler,” says Cosmas.

Once the Mazda B600 had been torn down to just its chassis and motor, Cosmas chopped off the rear half of the frame and installed a repurposed Honda swingarm. Repurposed 18” laced motorcycle wheels do duty up front, modified with cast aluminum MAC-branded hubcaps.

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By: Wesley Reyneke
Title: Saturday special: An elegant three-wheeler with a Mazda engine
Sourced From:
Published Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2024 14:35:07 +0000

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Ferrari Challenge UK commences

2024 Ferrari Challenge UK 05

The 2024 Ferrari UK Challenge race series commences its sixth season this weekend at iconic English racing circuit Brands Hatch. Ferrari North Europe has confirmed another packed grid of experienced and new drivers in both the Trofeo Pirelli and Coppa Shell classes.

jakob ebrey

The 2024 season welcomes the return of numerous racing favorites, including Andrew Morrow, who readies himself for a step up to the EU Challenge in 2024, and Tom Fleming, the EU Challenge rookie who went on to win the World Championship at Finali Mondiali in Mugello last October. With both drivers showing great talent, the stage is set for a hotly contested season opener.

jakob ebrey jep

Several exciting newcomers also make their debut in the series this year, hoping to seize the initiative and pilot their Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo race cars to victory in the final solus year for the 488 model, before the introduction of the new 296 Challenge in 2025.

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By: Rex McAfee
Title: Ferrari Challenge UK commences
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Published Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2024 07:37:01 +0000

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