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Triple Superset Triceps and Biceps

By Big Ronnie Coleman, Eight-Time Mr. Olympia

Blasting bi’s and tri’s together when you’re crunched for time is always a winner. The pump’s incredible; your energy level soars, which sets your psyche on high. This all equates to the use of heavier poundages, not to mention the biggest advantage of all, the time factor. And best yet, it doesn’t matter what level you train at – it’s all good. It’s like totally cheating on your diet, eating everything you ever craved, and feeling nothing but satisfaction; and then you wake up – it was just a dream! No guilt. Ahhh! Boy, you’ve got to love the advantages of supersetting arms, that is, till you’ve tried a triple superset. Ready for a nightmare?

Training Session: 20 Minutes or Less

Ronnie’s Rules: Don’t rock during biceps curls. Keep your elbows at your sides while training triceps.


Exercise #1: Close-Grip Triceps Press on a Flat Bench

Position yourself on the bench. Plant your feet firmly on the ground. Take a grip no wider than your shoulders. Begin by pressing the weight up over your chest; flex your triceps at the top. On the descent, make sure you keep your arms and elbows tucked in close to your sides. When the upper arm is about parallel to the floor, stop the descent and proceed to press into your next rep. 

As soon as you place the bar on the rack, proceed to the next exercise.


Exercise #2: Standing Bar Curl

Take a firm shoulder-width grip of the bar. Arms should be slightly bent and at your sides. Crack your knees so that you don’t rock during the exercise. At the top of the movement, squeeze, but don’t rest. Begin a controlled descent back to your starting position and repeat.

When finished, go immediately into upper cable triceps pull-downs.


Exercise #3: Upper Cable Triceps Rope Pull-Downs

Standing in front of the cable machine, grip the rope and bring your elbows down in line with your body. Begin by pulling the rope down into a full contraction of the triceps. Be sure to keep elbows at your sides throughout the movement. Keep tension on the triceps at all times; this will help alleviate some of the strain placed on your elbow.

This concludes the first set of your triple superset. Rest: one minute.



This is a biceps/triceps/biceps triple superset.

Start with a Concentration Machine Curl for biceps

Then do a Close-Grip Press for triceps

Back to the Standing Bar Curl to finish off the biceps

Rest: one minute



This is a regular superset.

Start with the Triceps Rope Pull-Downs and immediately follow with Concentrated Machine Curls for biceps.

3 sets total; 8-12 repetitions performed to rep maximum for all; 60 seconds rest between triple supersets and supersets.

Train Hard! But most importantly, train with faith!

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