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You’ve done it. You’ve decided to get your first suit.

You do a little research and you think…

What in the h*** did I get myself into?

There are so many options that you don’t know where to start.

Ultimate Guide To Buying A Custom Suit EASY Step By Step Process 700x400 1

We’re going to fix that problem, gents. I’ve put together a simple guide to buying suit, so you have all the tools at your disposal.

Your journey into style and professionalism begins now. Let’s get started.


Buying a suit isn’t easy. When you have a suit that complements your shape and accentuates your best features, people take notice. That’s why we’re giving a shout-out to Indochino, the sponsor of today’s article. Indochino specializes in taking precise measurements and giving you the suit of your dreams. 

I’ve visited their Atlanta showroom in person, got measured by their tailors, and I LOVED the service. They had so many amazing fabric options that I almost didn’t know where to start. The best part? These quality suits start at just $399. They’re also offering $30 off your next suit. What are you waiting for? Click here to get the perfect suit with Indochino. 

Click here to watch Ultimate Guide To Buying A Custom Suit Online (EASY Step By Step Process)

  1. The right reasons
  2. Embrace the process
  3. Precise measurements
  4. Good communication
  5. Knowing what you want
  6. Buy ONE at a time
  7. Fabric choice
  8. Keep it simple
  9. Make minor adjustments
  10. Wear it to the ground


Buying A Suit 1. The Right Reasons

When you delve into buying a suit, you’ll run into the terms “off-the-rack” and “custom.”

The difference comes down to whether it is ready-made or made to order.


Off-the-rack clothing is ready-made. These are garments designed to fit a wide range of body types. They are predetermined.

The idea is that you buy the garment and wear it “off the rack.”

The problem with this is fit. There is a high chance that off-the-rack suits will not fit you well off the bat, and you’ll require tailoring to perfect it.

The other issue comes with quality. Such suits are often mass-produced and made by machines.

There is also a compromise when it comes to materials. Most off-the-rack suits feature a glued interlining, for example. While these tactics save money, the garment itself suffers…

And so do you.

rack suits

You won’t look as good with an off-the-rack suit as you will in a custom masterpiece.

Custom Suiting

Custom suits are made to order. They are crafted to fit one person: you.

There are two types of custom suits: Made to measure, and bespoke.

Made to measure suits are usually cut from existing patterns using machines. The tailor then adjusts it as needed.

Bespoke suits are the highest order – make no mistake, these are works of art.

These suits are built from scratch to your measurements. The process may require multiple fittings in order to get it just right.

Do not confuse these with tailored suits. A tailored suit is ANY such garment that a tailor adjusted for you. They can be off-the-rack or custom.

Custom suiting yields a considerable advantage. For one thing, your fabric and styling options are endless.

You have the chance to have a suit that is made exactly to your specifications. This means you can choose your favorite fabric, your favorite patterns, and your favorite details.

From the lapels to the inner lining, to the very buttons on the suit…

The choice is yours.

indochino suits

Click here to get $30 off your next suit with Indochino.

Who Benefits From Custom Suits?

Everyone, really.

But especially men with a unique body type – if you’re larger, taller, or shorter than the average guy.

The process guarantees that you have a great look regardless of build.

Want to cultivate your personal style? This is the avenue to take. The sheer options available to you means you can experiment to your heart’s content.


Buying A Suit 2. Accept The Process

Time is a major factor to consider when buying a suit made to order.

You will not get your custom suit on the day you come in. In fact, you won’t see it for weeks.

Custom suiting is a multi-week process. Locally-produced suits take anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

antonio measuring suit

Be patient – when did you hear of a work of art being done in a day?

Getting online tailoring overseas? You’re looking at anywhere between 1-2 months!

You want to plan accordingly. Start the tailoring at least 2 months prior to you need the suit. This allows enough time to make the necessary adjustments after completion.

You will likely come in for multiple fittings. You’ll be at the tailor’s for at least an hour during your first visit as they take all the necessary measurements. We’ll go over those in more detail below.


Buying A Suit 3. Precise Measurements

When it comes to buying a suit, expect to have every part of your body measured.

we’re talking chest, torso, waist, and more. Upwards of 50 different measurements!

Some key measurements include…

  • Chest size – determined by measuring around the widest part of your torso.
  • Overall height – in feet and inches
  • Waist – Bend to the side to find your natural crease. This is where the tape will be applied. It should fit comfortably. Two fingers should be able to fit between you and the measuring tape.
  • Seat -Measured by going around the widest part of the hips.
  • Inseam – From the crotch to the bottom of your shoe.
  • Sleeves – From your shoulder seam to (approximately) 2 inches beneath the wrist.

As stated above, do not rush. There is nothing worse than making a mistake and having to send your garments back.

indochino ceo being measured

You guys know how much I love fit. Click here to get the PERFECT fit with Indochino.

Block Patterns

Manufacturers often produce block patterns (templates) based on the wide size ratios that complement most men.

Think of the block system as a painter’s canvas. Once they have a template, they can hone in on the finer details. In this case, it’s the perfect fit.

When a tailor has your pattern, he/she has an easier time finetuning the measurements.


Buying A Suit 4. Good Communication

When it comes to buying a suit, it’s essential that you ask the right questions.

  • Do you offer bespoke and made to measure?
  • Which styles do you offer?
  • Can I see what the tailor has already made?
  • How long is the process?
  • How many fittings will be needed?
  • Can I get this adjusted?
  • How do I look?

It helps to make sure your tailor speaks English as a first or second language.

Online forms are also great – it’s an objective and secure way to list your preferences while following the retailer’s system.


Buying A Suit 5. Knowing What You Want

It’s harder than it sounds.

Remember the Style Pyramid: Fit, function, and fabric. This is where the function comes in.

Ask yourself one question: why?

style pyramid casual

Click here to learn more about the Style Pyramid.

WHY are you buying the suit? WHY are you going to wear it? Will it be for a special event, or for the office? Do you plan on wearing it regularly?

You may not be looking for a full suit. Perhaps you want a sports jacket for business-casual wear. You might want a pair of odd trousers to complement your other garments.

These are all factors to highlight when talking to your tailor. They can’t read your mind!


Buying A Suit 6. Buy ONE Piece At A Time

This section is all about consolidation and control.

Why wouldn’t you want to get 5 suits made at once? If you have the money for it, surely it’ll be fine.

Wrong – this could prove catastrophic if there if just one measurement is askew.

suit fabric

Imagine getting back 5 suits with the collar being too tight, or the sleeves too long.

Now you have 5 flawed garments to send back. It’s a hassle multiplied by however many suits you had made.

Just be patient – you will have as many suits as you want with time. Make sure each and everyone comes back perfect.


Buying A Suit 7. Fabric choice

It’s time to choose your armor plating. We’re going deep into the rabbit hole here, gents. Strap in…


If this is your first, second, or even third suit – get a versatile color. Build an interchangeable wardrobe.

  • Navy
  • Charcoal gray
  • Medium gray

Why isn’t black on the list? It’s a bit too formal for my taste. Any of the above colors befit an office environment while likewise being useful in slightly less courtly situations.

Tan is a viable option, but keep in mind that tan will be more on the casual end of the spectrum. It is also a strong summer, so be wary if you have all four seasons.

A note on matching colors: If the contrasting color has a bit of the main color integrated, it is sure to match!

joker suit 1

If bold colors are your style, great – but start with a foundation of interchangeable colors first.


You want no patterns for your first few suits. If you insist on a pattern (I know I do when buying a suit), then opt for something subtle.

Herringbone is a good starting point. It consists of columns sewn short, parallel lines.

They are arranged in such a way that they resemble fish bones. You can start to see them up close, but from afar the suit will look solid.

More aggressive patterns include pinstripes, checks, windowpane. I don’t recommend this starting off.

The bigger the pattern, the less often you can wear the suit. If you wear them more than once a week, people may assume you cannot afford additional suits.

Subtle patterns are reliable and versatile when buying a suit. Swap out the dress shirt and tie – boom, you’re a new man each day.

indochino patterns on display

Indochino has all the patterns you could want. Click here to get your next windowpane suit with $30 dollars off.


100% worsted wool – settle for nothing less.

“Worsted” simply means that the wool has been woven into a tight enough thread so the suit can drape.

We’ve been seeing worsted wool used in suits for over a century – it’s here to stay!

Do not get a blend. A blend mixes polyester with the natural fiber. We sometimes see 50/50 between polyester and wool. Unfortunately, these make for a cheap-looking suit.

Avoid wool blends with other natural fabrics as well. It will require more upkeep. Linen, for example, is great quality material but is prone to wrinkling.

You want to avoid this the first few times you get a custom suit.

gray monochrome suit

A suit can be made from many types of thread, but worsted wool is the foundational material.


The big question: How much will it cost?

It relies on several factors.

It takes approximately 3.5 yards of thread for a full suit (2.5 for solids). Depending on the kind of fabric you use, you might be set back a few dollars per yard – or over a thousand!

Like everything when it comes to buying a custom suit, the possibilities are endless. On one end, we have cheap synthetic fibers.

On the other, we have grossly ostentatious threads. Among the most expensive threads is silk coated in 24ct gold! Ties made from this retailed for about $8,500.

The fabric will not affect the work done by the tailor. I advise you to look at which materials the retailer considers to be its bread and butter.

If you opt for the local staple, it’ll drive costs down.

indochino tailor working

Don’t know where to shop for your next suit? Why not go with a retailer with a superb inventory and complete knowledge. Click here to check out Indochino.

What Do The Numbers Mean?

You see this all the time – Super 80s, super 120s, super 220s…

The numbers refer to yarn size.

The 80s means that there are 80 hanks of yarn in a pound. 1 hand is equal to about 840 yards.

None of this is regulated. One company’s super 120s might be another’s super 220s. Just know that the higher the number is, the pricier it will be.

Overall,  super 120s is a solid foundation for any purchase.


Buying A Suit 8. Keep It Simple

Despite the powers of customization oozing from your fingertips, remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

Hold true to KISS – Keep it simple, silly. The suits I wear the least are the most complex ones. They’re abominations that I regret purchasing!

Your basic suit is going to be single-breasted with two frontal buttons. It’ll have notch lapels with a double vent.

A double-breasted suit might be a kickass showpiece, but it won’t stand for daily wear.

Keep your suit restrained with 1-2 garish details. I chose to go with peak lapels and contrast stitching.

undone necktie

Don’t go overboard with custom suits – no matter how tempting it may be!

The same goes for trousers. I recommend getting them with suspender buttons on the inside of the waist. That way, you always have the option to use them.

Buy an extra set of trousers as well. Unfortunately, when suits get damaged it is usually the trousers that suffer the brunt. This will help make sure you always have a suit on hand.

Consider side adjusters later on. They help the trousers sinch a little against your waist for added support.

What about a vest? I decided to go with a contrasting blue vest to add a little pop. Keep in mind that vests are the hardest part of a suit to fit, so these measurements have to be exact!

One area you can go nuts on is the inner lining of the suit. No one will see this unless you open the jacket, so go crazy!

Buying A Suit 9. Make Minor Adjustments

This is where the magic happens.

It’s been a few weeks, you got your suit back. It’s 99% ready.

That last 1% will take it from really good to amazing. Take it back to your tailor and get him/her to finetune it.

Like adjusting the pitch on the strings pf a violin, final adjustments fine-tune the suit.

These are usually minor issues – a sleeve that is slightly too long. Maybe you’ve slimmed up and need to take the jacket in slightly.

No matter what it is, the suit is a constantly evolving garment. Don’t be afraid to speak up!


Buying A Suit 10. Wear It To The Ground

You’ve done it!

You have the perfect suit!

Now… wear the heck out of it. Seriously, men will spend hundreds of dollars on top-notch clothing but never wear it.

It doesn’t make sense.

You put in the time, money, and effort to bring that thing to life – flaunt it!


Summary – Buying A Suit

Gents, we covered a lot today.

There’s a lot that goes into making a suit – and a lot that goes into buying them

It’s up to you to do your research and know what you want. Keep it simple, and make sure it fits!


Buying a suit isn’t easy. When you have a suit that complements your shape and accentuates your best features, people take notice. That’s why we’re giving a shout-out to Indochino, the sponsor of today’s article. Indochino specializes in taking precise measurements and giving you the suit of your dreams. 

I’ve visited their Atlanta showroom in person, got measured by their tailors, and I LOVED the service. They had so many amazing fabric options that I almost didn’t know where to start. The best part? These quality suits start at just $399. They’re also offering $30 off your next suit. What are you waiting for? Click here to get the perfect suit with Indochino. 

The post Ultimate Guide To Buying A Custom Suit (EASY 10-Step Guide) appeared first on Real Men Real Style.

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By: Antonio
Title: Ultimate Guide To Buying A Custom Suit (EASY 10-Step Guide)
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Published Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2020 11:55:48 +0000




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For the latest campaign of Tiffany & Co., award-winning photographer Dan Tobin Smith and set designer Rachel Thomas took inspiration from the iconic works of former and famed window dresser, Artistic Director, and Vice President of Tiffany & Co., Gene Moore. Together, they created “With Love, Since 1837″—a romantic tribute to the legacy of one of the world’s most iconic jewelry brands through the world of Moore.

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For Tiffany and Co., renewal is a heartfelt ode. The “With Love, Since 1837” campaign crafts a new resurgence into cherished classics: passionately revived and celebrated. Photographer Dan Tobin Smith and set designer Rachel Thomas reborn and rediscovered the beauty of heritage with a fresh perspective—originally came to life by the love of Gene Moore.

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3 Times Nadine Lustre Proved She’s a Changemaker

Nadine is an influential artist in show business—here are 3 advocacies in which she has proven to be the most ready, willing, and capable of driving positive change

Nadine Lustre is a multi-hyphenated artist and award-winning actress—but most importantly, a philanthropist who propagates the causes she supports using hers and others’ platforms. She is vocal and forward in using her profound influence in the show business industry. As a versatile actress, she takes on many roles and character but here are three of her most personal roles as the changemaker Nadine.

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Empowered and Free Woman Nadine

Nadine is the new face of Hiraya Pilipina, the lifestyle and advocacy brand for Filipinas nationwide. In providing innovative, inclusive, and modern solutions for women, Hiraya Pilipina has found in Nadine a truly awe-inspiring presence who shares in the brand’s vision and embodies their message.

Actress Nadine Lustre is Hiraya Pilipina’s first celebrity ambassador

Just last weekend, Hiraya Pilipina opened their first pop-up shop at Market! Market!, Taguig. Basking in this milestone, taking up a physical space to continue providing modern solutions for the modern Filipina, the brand also celebrates a momentous mark in their journey. While they are growing exponentially in sales with their niche products, Hiraya is a business with heart and passion—and Nadine is the forefront of this.

Nadine joins forces with Hiraya Pilipina to celebrate one’s true self through Hiraya Pilipina’s innovative products

“I’ve always introduced Hiraya Pilipina as a ‘small business’. And it really is. But now we’re taking it to the next level,” founder and CEO Cleo Loque shares with MEGA. In the celebration of Women’s Month, Cleo also says there was no other option except for Nadine to be the brand’s ambassador. “Siya lang, because Nadine is someone who has been very courageous in showing herself, in expressing her true self.”

As a empowered woman, Nadine Lustre aims to end the stigma surrounding period care—and encourages all Filipinas to do the same

In making products for innerwear and period care that are often shrouded in secrecy and shame, Hiraya and Nadine embrace these struggles and free themselves from the stigma—and encourage you to do so as well. As a brand built on these advocacies and values, Cleo continues on to say, “I’m just so grateful that we can strengthen our message because we now have someone as influential as Nadine to reach more people, inspire more people, and empower more women now that we have her as our ambassador, who is, really, the face of Hiraya Pilipina.”

Mental Health Advocate Nadine

Towards her campaign for a better world, Nadine pushes forward her beliefs and uses her influence in advocating for mental health importance. The actress uses her platform to continuously be vulnerable and brave in sharing how she suffered from depression and anxiety—and how taking part in several mental health initiatives could make an impact to break the stigma surrounding mental health. One of these initiatives is partnering with Yassi Pressman and Liza Soberano in becoming a celebrity investor and partner for Mind You, an online platform that provides easy and cheaper access to therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists to the people in need of them.

Stars Nadine Lustre and Liza Soberano contribute to normalizing mental health and talk about its issues in depth in a Mind You podcast called ‘An Open Mind’

Eco-Warrior Nadine

For her active participation in environmental sustainability, Nadine was recognized last year as the honorary park ranger of Masungi Georeserve. She uses her platforms to talk about how people can help in conserving this wonderful habitat, and takes part in initiatives such as tree-planting and tree-nurturing, reforestation programs, and her journey to a vegan lifestyle, which she is embarking on for the welfare of animals and the planet.

NADINE 02 scaled
Nadine is doing wonders with environmental drives and initiatives

In 2022, Nadine also expressed her love for the Siargao island—not just fleeting, but with a commitment to protect, preserve, rebuild the island. SEA Movement announced Nadine as a contributor to ensuring livelihood, securing food, and conserving ecosystems in the Marine Protected Area of General Luna, Siargao.

NADINE 03 scaled
Nadine is an influential role model in using her platforms to drive change


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Kathryn Bernardo Wears a Custom Beach Dress During Her Birthday Party in Palawan

Kathryn Bernardo’s 28th is a birthday celebration for the books—and she’s doing it in elegance and style in a custom Mark Bumgarner white dress.

From her breakout role as Mara David/Mara Del Valle in the remake of the 1992 television drama Mara Clara to her award-winning performance as Joy Fabregas in Hello, Love, Goodbye, Asia’s Box Office Queen Kathryn Bernardo is a household name in Philippine entertainment and beyond. As she navigates life on and off camera, the star celebrates her 28th birthday with a private birthday bash in Palawan in a custom Mark Bumgarner birthday suit that shows off effortless sophistication—just right for someone like Kathryn.

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Kathryn displays a carefree yet sexy and classy side in this dress

Kathryn is one of the most visible blossoms globally—Asia’s Superstar, Box Office Queen, and the face of many brands; recently, she was announced the first Filipina ambassador of Lancôme. The actress has received many accolades in her illustrious career, and she is also a visionary leader in different industries such as KathNails, Glow Up Beauty Lounge, and Isla Amara Boutique Resort. Kathryn is beloved and celebrated on her special day for her humility and kindness, her passion and talent for craft, and her drive for personal advocacies.

For her 28th, Kathryn celebrated her birthday in style on a yacht and on the shores of El Nido, Palawan, alongside her family and friends. In a custom Mark Bumgarner birthday suit, Kathryn blew out her birthday candles and enjoyed the fireworks display afterwards.

Kathryn celebrates her 28th birthday on a yacht with other celebrity friends and reunites with Hello, Love, Goodbye co-stars Alden Richards, Kakai Bautista, Lovely Abella, and Maymay Entrata

On sunny days, the dress is just the ticket to an elegant and chic summer ensemble befitting of a birthday girl. The fabric gave the dress a more carefree feel, but the fitted silhouette of the layered skirt, showing off her figure, the one-shoulder strap, and the falling sleeve made the look effortlessly sexy. The white is also a blank canvas for the intricate details sewn onto the skirt such as the seashells and the pearls.

Mark Bumgarner’s creation is classy and effortless sophistication
The details are just right for the by-the-beach Palawan celebration, and of course, befitting for someone of Kathryn’s beauty and grace.

Mark has been one of Kathryn’s go-to designers and dear friend. One of their most notable collaborations was Kathryn’s sultry silver side-cut gown at last year’s ABS-CBN Ball.

Mark Bumgarner and Kathryn Bernardo exemplify true friendship; the fashion designer pens this with “Always got your back.”

Truly ever-loved by her family, friends, and the nation, Kathryn is indeed graceful at 28 as she enters this new chapter in her life. Happy birthday, Kathryn!

Photos and Featured Image: MARK BUMGARNER, ISLA AMARA (Via Instagram)

The post Kathryn Bernardo Wears a Custom Beach Dress During Her Birthday Party in Palawan appeared first on MEGA.


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