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I LOVE colognes!

But as I’ve found out over the last few months, buying men’s fragrances online can be a NIGHTMARE.

There’s so much choice… and so many deals out there.

Plus how do you know what works for you if you can’t physically smell the fragrance?

And how do you avoid the counterfeits?

Through trial and error, I’ve created an ultimate guide to buying men’s fragrances online. 

And today, I’m sharing it with you.

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Contents – How To Buy Men’s Fragrances Online

In a hurry? Check out this quick contents guide to jump to exactly what you want to read!

  1. Fragrance Fundamentals – Know The Basic
    • What’s The Difference Between Fragrance, Perfume, Toilette, And Cologne?
    • How Is Fragrance Measured?
    • What are Fragrance Notes?
    • Designer Fragrances vs. Niche Fragrances
  2. Understanding Fragrance Families
    • Floral Family
    • Oriental Family
    • Woods Family
    • Fresh Family
  3. How To Choose ‘Your Scent’
    • Where Do You Want To Wear Your Fragrance?
    • Office Scents
    • Casual Scents
    • Date Scents
  4. Online Fragrance Purchasing Options
    • Straight From The Company
    • Box Stores
    • Fragrance Discounters
  5. How To Spot And Avoid Fakes
    • Batch Codes
    • Poor Quality
    • Commonly Counterfeited Fragrances

1 – Fragrance Fundamentals – Know The Basics

Before we get into how you should go about purchasing the best of men’s cologne online, we first need to go over a few need-to-know fundamentals.

It might seem obvious – but we’re gonna start from the very bottom and work our way up. So… what is a fragrance?

Put simply – a fragrance (also referred to as an aftershave/cologne) is a carefully chosen mixture of great smelling components.

“Good manners and good cologne is what transforms the man into a gentleman.” – Tom Ford

The basic process involves scented oils being mixed in a solvent – typically alcohol – to preserve a pleasant cocktail of scents. The higher the concentration of oils – the greater the fragrance’s strength and the longer it will last on the skin.

What’s The Difference Between Fragrance, Perfume, Toilette, And Cologne?

perfume for men

‘Fragrance’ is a unisex, generic term used for all types of perfume. Depending on strength and wearer’s gender, fragrances come in many forms and are called different names. However, they generally fall into the following categories:

  • Eau Fraiche – The most diluted version of a fragrance, usually with 1% – 3% perfume oil in alcohol and water. Lasts for less than an hour.
  • Cologne (Eau de Cologne) – A common term in North America for masculine scents. It’s typically composed of 2% – 4% perfume oils in alcohol and water.  It usually lasts for about 2 hours.
  • Toilette (Eau de Toilette) – A light spray composition with 5% – 15% pure perfume essence dissolved in alcohol. It usually lasts for about 3 hours.
  • Perfume (Eau de Parfum) – Historically genderless, this phrase is used to describe both men’s and women’s fragrances. It contains 15% – 20% pure perfume essence and lasts for about 5 to 8 hours.
  • Perfume – A corruption of the Latin phrase ‘per fumum’ (translating to ‘through smoke’). The most concentrated and expensive of all fragrance options. Slightly oilier, perfume, or parfum, is composed of 20% – 30% pure perfume essence. A single application of perfume can last up to 24 hours.

How Is Fragrance Measured?

  • Projection – Connotes how far the scent travels through the air surrounding the wearer.
  • Sillage – Describes the length of time a scent lingers in the air around the wearer.
  • Longevity – A measure of the lasting power of a fragrance while on the skin of the wearer.

Typically – the best of men’s cologne will have a high projection and sillage and will also last a long time on the skin. However, the keynotes within a fragrance will affect all of this as well.

What are Fragrance Notes?

Fragrance Application Chart

Fragrance notes are the individual building blocks of scent – think of them as the different layers to a complex smell.

  • Top Notes – the basic, initial scent that is experienced. Typically lasts 15 minutes – 2 hours.
  • Heart Notes – the main elements of a fragrance that showcase how the perfumer intended the scent to be experienced. It can last 3-5 hours.
  • Base Notes -the final layer to develop within a fragrance. The base note has a potential longevity of 5-10 hours.

Depending on the ingredients used to create each of the above notes within a fragrance, they can also be subcategorized into either summer and winter scents.

  • Summer fragrances are made up of lighter notes such as citrus and floral notes and last on average 5-7 hours.
  • Winter fragrances commonly utilize intense base notes such as wood and tobacco and last at least 10 hours.

2. Designer Fragrances vs. Niche Fragrances

Quick – name your favorite cologne.

Let me guess:

  • Dior Sauvage?
  • Paco Rabanne 1 Million?
  • Maybe Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male?

If you said one of those, then you’re a man of good taste. They also happen to be some of the most popular men’s fragrances across the world today.

1 million fragrance bottle - best of mens cologne

1 Million is one of America’s best selling fragrances.

Why are they so widely popular? It’s a basic mixture of three things: cost, mass appeal, and marketing.

Typically, the most popular fragrances are ones you can find in a wide variety of retailers. These are called designer fragrances.

Most designer brands (Dior and Armani being two examples) price their fragrances anywhere between $50-$120 for a 100ml bottle.

Popular designers want their fragrance to be considered among the best of men’s cologne – so they formulate their scent to appeal to a wide audience. Their scents are usually ‘safe’ and will be at least enjoyed by anyone who comes into contact with the smell.

best of mens cologne

To guarantee good sales of their cheaper product – designers utilize tried and tested ingredients to create their own mixture of already loved scent profiles.

In contrast – some fragrances are harder to come by and are less widely-appreciated by the general public. These are called Niche fragrances.

Niche Fragrances are made from high-quality ingredients and by industry artists for a more selective style of customer.

Some classic examples are perfume houses:

  • Creed
  • Tom Ford Private Blend
  • Ramon Monegal
  • Odin

Companies that formulate niche fragrances target their products at customers who desire a less common and far more complex scent. Niche fragrance houses do not intend their products to have a huge amount of mass appeal. Instead, they aim to produce products for fragrance aficionados that can appreciate the complexity and value of high-quality ingredients.

As such, the more refined fragrances within a company’s niche collection will typically set you back $250 or more for a 50ml bottle. A steep price point but one that can be well worth it for superior ingredients and unique scents.

3. Understanding Fragrance Families

perfume wheel

When it comes to categorizing the best of men’s cologne, it’s possible to consider it within one of four categories:

  1. Floral
  2. Oriental
  3. Woods
  4. Fresh


The floral scent is one of the most common fragrance families.

Can you guess what ingredient from nature features heavily in floral scents? It’s a no brainer, right?

As the name suggests- floral fragrances are heavily influenced by the scents of different flowers. As such, it’s more common for women’s perfumes to fit within this category. However, that’s not to say that there are no men’s colognes that utilize the market’s floral scents.

For example, Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is considered a unisex fragrance, which means it is intended to be worn by both men and women.

best of mens cologne

Tom Ford’s Black Orchid has a strong floral scent – but some consider it quite masculine.

Just to make things even more confusing – the floral category of scents can be further divided into 3 subfamilies:

  • Fruity: Sweet and tropical – think peach, pear, and apple.
  • Natural Floral: Smells like freshly cut flowers — imagine rose and lily.
  • Soft floral: Soft and sweet – magnolia is a great example of this.


The oriental fragrance family is made up of exotic, spicy scents. Typically – oriental fragrances are formulated with herbs, spices, and different powdery resins.

Oriental scents are widely considered seductive and exotic – their strong opulence is complimented by subtle sweet notes to create a well balanced and sensual tone.

Breaking this scent family down even further- oriental perfumes can be subcategorized into the following groups:

  • Soft oriental: Floral notes mix with warm and spicy incense.
  • Traditional Oriental: Warm notes with a hint of sweet – think cinnamon or vanilla.
  • Woody oriental: Earth tones like patchouli and sandalwood complemented by spicy and sweet notes.

cinnamon note fragrance

Cinnamon is a common note in many Oriental fragrances.


Woody perfumes are usually warm and well suited to the colder months.

To tone down the warmth of woody scents, sweeter notes like citrus are incorporated within the scent profile. Typically, woody fragrances are quite masculine and strong with hints of classic sophistication.

Woody tones can be further divided into three main categories:

  • Natural Woods: Highly aromatic scents – think cedarwood and vetiver.
  • Mossy woods: Sweet and earthy scents – like oakmoss and amber.
  • Dry woods: Smoky scents often mixed with leather aromas.


Fresh fragrances have a clean and bright scent. Very masculine citrus and oceanic scents are common within this category due to their tendency to be robust and long-lasting. It’s very common to see a mixture of crisp and spicy scents within this category – creating a good balance between fresh and zesty fruit scents.

best of mens cologne

Zesty Citrus notes include tangy mandarin.

The typical subfamilies within this category of fragrance are:

  • Aromatic: fresh herbs mixed with contrasting woody scents.
  • Citrus:  tangy notes such as mandarin or bergamot.
  • Water: Aquatic scents that smell like rain mixed with oceanic notes.
  • Green: Scents found within nature – freshly mowed lawns and crushed green leaves.

4. How To Choose ‘Your Scent’

Every guy has ‘his scent’.

No, gents – I’m not talking about that natural musk you get when you forget to apply antiperspirant in the morning. Eau De Stink isn’t exactly the nicest smelling fragrance you can wear.

What I’m referring to is that one cologne a man finds himself returning to time and time again.

It might not be the most expensive or the most popular on the market. A man’s favorite fragrance is very personal to him and works best when worn with confidence.

‘No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.’ – Coco Chanel

But how do you find out what ‘your scent’ is?

Let’s go through the fundamentals of choosing a long-term fragrance, and then you can decide for yourself.

Where Do You Want To Wear Your Fragrance?

Colognes are not universally pleasing – some fragrances will suit a situation, and some fragrances won’t.

As such, when choosing your personal favorite, you need to consider where you plan on donning that scent the most.

Will you wear it to the office?

Do you spend more time at home?

Are you trying to smell nice for your dates?

These are the key questions you need to ask yourself because they’re going to help you decide what sort of fragrance you should be considering your go-to scent.

Office Scents:

Funnily enough – these are scents designed to be worn in the office. They’re typically lighter and breezier and give off a ‘professional’ smell (masculine yet sophisticated).

Office scents aim to boost the confidence of the wearer and make them feel empowered.

best of mens cologne

Usually, an office scent is more suited to the daytime. They’re not as sensual and smooth as night time scents.

Some great examples:

  • Gucci Pour Hommell
  • Prada L’Homme
  • Versace Pour Homme

Casual Scents:

In contrast, casual scents should be worn when at leisure.

Depending on the situation, a casual fragrance can be worn during the day or at night time. They are designed to be easy to wear and pleasing to the masses.

Some great examples:

  • Dior Sauvage
  • Acqua di Gio
  • Parfums de Marly Layton

Date Scents:

There is a certain element of sensuality about the way that a date scent smells. After all,  their base purpose is simple: create an alluring scent that successfully attracts the opposite sex.

As such, date scents tend to be bolder and more masculine than other scents.  Normally worn at night, these scents can get away with being far more sensual and seductive than an office fragrance. I’m sure your colleagues are great – but no one should be trying to seduce their colleagues with their office cologne.

best of mens cologne

Date scents are strictly for situations in which the wearer wants to appear sexy and seductive. Stick to wearing these fragrances at night time, gents.

Some great examples:

  • Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme
  • Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male

Where Can You Find Out More Information?

Online Resources:

Where better to learn about men’s grooming and fashion than online? Let’s be honest, guys. If you didn’t think online style advice was the way to go, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now.

For really specialized advice on how to find the best of men’s cologne and which notes compliment different situation and scenarios, check out this list of awesome fragrance websites:

  • Fragrantica – the best online encyclopedia for fragrance lovers.
  • Base Notes – a great place to learn about individual notes within a fragrance.
  • Now Smell This – awesome for information about perfume launches and honest fragrance reviews.
  • The Perfume Shop Blog – a blog run by a top perfume supplier.
  • Reddit – check out the r/fragrance subreddit for real people discussing their favorite scents.

Paperback Resources:

The internet hasn’t been around forever, guys. But men have smelled great for hundreds of years.

How could this be possible when fragrance websites have only been around for the last few decades?

best of mens cologne

Let me take you back to a simpler time – a time where reading a book was the best way to be in the know about a topic.

If you want more detail about fragrances written by published authors, check out these two paperback guides to fragrance:

  • Perfume: In Search of Your Signature Scent by Neil Chapman
  • Perfume The Art & Craft of Fragrance by Karen Gilbert


How Do I know A Fragrance Is Right For Me?

I get it, guys – blind buying a fragrance is a risky business. No one wants to buy a fragrance without smelling it first, and with online shopping, this seems like the only option.

At the end of the day, it’s vital to test something out before you spend your hard-earned cash. Men’s fragrance is a very individual thing, so you need to test if your chosen cologne complements your natural body odor before dropping over $50 on the whole product.

Fear not – there are a few tips and tricks I can offer that will help you shop online for the best of men’s cologne with confidence.

Department Stores

With huge fragrance departments, department stores are a convenient place to trial different samples without the commitment to spending any money. You know those bottles they have sitting out in the open in most fragrance sections of bigger stores? You can use those to test the smell of a fragrance quickly.

best of mens cologne

Don’t be afraid to try out different testers during a shopping trip.

When doing this, you must try not to spray more than four fragrances on your body in one trip. If you apply too much scent to your skin, it will overwhelm your senses and make it hard to distinguish between the different testers you have used.

When applying tester fragrances – spray each cologne on a different part of the body. Ideally, aim to spray one tester on each of the following areas:

    1. Right wrist
    2. Left wrist
    3. Top of right forearm
    4. Top of left forearm

Doing this will separate the fragrances enough that you can smell them individually and make an informed decision on your final purchase.

Warning: Don’t let the salesperson persuade you until you’re 100% ready to buy. Most salespeople work on commission and might try to sell you the most expensive cologne without considering what is right for you as an individual.

Fragrance Decants

Sometimes going to a department store can be a hassle, especially if you live more rurally away from larger towns and cities.

Don’t worry, gents. There is an alternative that won’t cost you any more than $15. If you’re unable to get to a department store to try a tester fragrance – you can always buy a cheaper fragrance decant.

Untitled design 23

Smaller 5ml bottles are great for trialing a scent without spending too much cash.

Decants are fantastic. Often, authentic fragrance houses sell a miniature bottle of their expensive scents so that customers can try before they buy.

Typically, these decants will come in the form of a small, 5ml bottle (which will give you roughly 50 sprays of the best of men’s cologne).

Creed offers a smaller version of their popular ‘Green Irish Tweed’ fragrance. A 5ml tester will cost you as little as $13 (before shipping).

For more information and a place to access decanted fragrances, check out The Fragrance Decant Boutique online.

5. Online Fragrance Purchasing Options

Before we get into this section, there’s an important rule you guys need to know.

Always (and I mean always) check the return policy on any fragrance site you visit.

No matter where you shop, a returns policy should be considered a requirement for any online boutique. At the end of the day, if you’re unhappy with your product’s quality and/or condition, you are within your right to return the item for a full refund.

Some caveats determine the legitimacy of an item’s return, for instance:

  • How long can an item be kept before a refund is void?
  • Do you have to pay the shipping on returns, and how much will this cost?
  • If you open and use the cologne, does that void a return?
  • Will the company allow you to exchange your product?

These are all questions you need to ask and verify from the seller. Top-quality sellers will have all of this information listed on their website in plain English.

burning money

Buying from an unreliable source puts your hard-earned cash at risk.

However, if you don’t get a straight answer from their website, you should email their customer service. If they still don’t give you a straight answer – don’t buy from them. It’s just not worth the risk, gents.

With that, let’s break out some online shopping options so you guys can make the most informed decision possible.

Ordering Straight From The Company’s Website

Be aware – ordering directly from the perfume company’s website is the most costly way of buying the best of men’s cologne.

However, this higher price typically guarantees that your purchased fragrance is 100% legit. Fragrance houses would never sell a cheap copy of their fragrance.

This makes them the safest option when it comes to authenticity. Essentially, you need to ask yourself whether buyer security is worth the higher markup.

Ordering From Box Stores

Box stores (stores that sell a large variety of different fragrance brands) offer a huge selection of different fragrance options.

These stores don’t always offer the best prices on the market but often run some great deals on the very best of men’s cologne. Remember, you can always leverage the power of web tools like Shoptagr to find the best deals online.

black friday

With Black Friday coming up, there’s gonna be a heck of a lot of deals out there. Check out Shoptagr for the easiest way to find great deals and money-saving coupons.

Usually, box stores are part of a larger chain of retailers, so it’s safe to be confident in their products’ legitimacy. The great thing about box stores is their variety – allowing you a broader choice when it comes to picking from the best of men’s cologne.

Some good examples of box stores are:

  • Nordstrom – offering tons of selection, reasonable prices, and great customer service.
  • Ulta – beauty products specialists who stock the most popular designer fragrances.
  • Sephora – similar to Ulta but instead offer more niche and high-end colognes.

Ordering From Fragrance Discounters

Fragrance Discounters are websites that sell real fragrances at a discounted price. They achieve this by selling their colognes from the ‘grey market’ – a term used when a seller acquires and sells stock from other countries or unofficial fragrance channels.

To be honest, guys, using a fragrance discounter isn’t the best option for paranoid buyers. If you’re the sort of man who needs to know where his purchases come from, then discounted shopping isn’t the right route for you.Untitled design 24 1

For those not concerned with the origins of their purchases, discounted sellers can be a lucrative option. Discounted sellers can get expensive products for cheaper by buying in bulk. Since they save a ton of money that way, they can then pass on their savings to you as the profit margin can be greater at a lower price.

My advice is to search each discounter website for the best deal.

Pro Tip: sort by new arrivals to find the more popular colognes that may sell out quickly. Get them while they’re hot, gents!

It’s important to note that fragrance discounting isn’t illegal. Is it considered a bit ‘shady’? Absolutely. But no one’s breaking any laws.

6. How To Spot And Avoid Fakes

You know the old saying, guy. ‘If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.’

Sorry to burst your bubble, but no one can discount a $250 bottle of cologne down to $30. It’s just not going to happen, gents.

best of mens cologne

Tobacco Vanille is part of Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection.

Discounted perfume is great – but it’s important to be realistic when looking at an alleged ‘super sale.’ The whole point of an online store is to make money. If a fragrance seller claims to be selling an expensive fragrance at a price that couldn’t possibly bring in any real profit – it’s either a fake product or a scam.

Why Don’t I Want a Fake? 

In short – it’s illegal and can cause a lot of harm.

First and foremost, fake perfume brings no guarantee on the quality of ingredients. Who’s to say that the cheaper alternatives they use aren’t going to harm your skin or poison you?

There’s also no guarantee that the product you’re buying will smell anything like the original perfume it is trying to mimic. You work hard for your money, gents – don’t waste it on phony products just to save a few bucks.

Look At The Batch Codes

A batch code is usually stamped or printed with a dot-matrix printer. (Be careful not to confuse a batch code with a catalog number or barcode.)

To help you out, here are some examples of different batch code formats:

  • 1 letter 11 digit batch codes (e.g., L1 0759086986)
  • 4 digit batch codes (e.g., 1256)
  • 4 character batch codes (digit, letter, 2 digits) (e.g., 1N03)
  • 3 character batch codes (e.g., A42, A31)
  • 4 to 10 digit batch codes (e.g., 2065, 7275)

A great way to verify the batch code of a product is to input it over at

Check For Poor Quality

Before purchasing any cologne, it’s important to research the look and quality of the real product.

Untitled design 25

Chances are if the bottle is sloppy or a box looks blurry or cheap, it’s going to be a fake.

Companies like Creed take a lot of pride in their packaging. At the end of the day, they are selling luxury products at luxury prices. If the lettering on their packaging is sloppy or the bottle looks cheap, then they’re not providing their clients with the lux experience they paid for.

Pro tip – The seller’s website will feature images of their fake product. Often, criminals will only use stock photos instead of the fragrance company’s official photography.

Know The Commonly Counterfeited Fragrances

Fake fragrances typically come about as a result of the authentic product’s high price. Not everyone can afford to buy cologne for $250, but everyone wants to smell like they use the very best of men’s cologne.

Expensive fragrances like Creed Aventus, Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, and SpiceBomb frequently appear on fake fragrance websites.


Be careful when buying those expensive brands. My advice would be to go straight to the perfumer’s official website to ensure what you’re buying is authentic and is the very best of men’s cologne.

How To Find The Best Of Men’s Cologne

Tried and tested perfume stores are where you should buy your fragrances online. Whether it be at the brand’s official online store or a reputable fragrance supplier, you should always shop for fragrances at trustworthy retailers who would never scam their customers.

Today, I took you through the ultimate guide to buying men’s fragrances online:

  1. Fragrance Fundamentals – Know The Basic
    • What’s The Difference Between Fragrance, Perfume, Toilette, And Cologne?
    • How Is Fragrance Measured?
    • What are Fragrance Notes?
    • Designer Fragrances vs. Niche Fragrances
  2. Understanding Fragrance Families
    • Floral Family
    • Oriental Family
    • Woods Family
    • Fresh Family
  3. How To Choose ‘Your Scent’
    • Where Do You Want To Wear Your Fragrance?
    • Office Scents
    • Casual Scents
    • Date Scents
  4. Online Fragrance Purchasing Options
    • Straight From The Company
    • Box Stores
    • Fragrance Discounters
  5. How To Spot And Avoid Fakes
    • Batch Codes
    • Poor Quality
    • Commonly Counterfeited Fragrances

Looking at discounters is an option, sure. Just be aware that you run the risk of buying a lower quality product when you do this. If you can’t guarantee the origins of what you purchase, then there’s no telling where it came from and who’s benefitting from the sale. Criminal activity isn’t acceptable, and who’s to say you aren’t helping to fund that when buying fragrances in a shady deal?

The most important thing is to do your research, test the product if possible, and hand your money over to companies that you know are the real deal.

Need to know more about the power of a strong fragrance? Check out my suggestions on the 15 most complimented men’s colognes.

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At the start of the 20th century, watchmakers became intrigued about using a wrist-worn timepiece for men in the military. They believed it would help them tell time quickly while on the battlefield.

Watchmakers started modifying pocket watches to fit on a bracelet worn on the wrist. Men would not wear the first iteration of the modern wristwatch until well into the 20th century.

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The reason it depends is that since the creation of the wristwatch, men have mostly worn their watch on their non-dominant wrist. And since most people are right-handed, you would wear your watch on your left wrist.

But this isn’t always the correct answer. You may want to wear your watch on the right wrist if you are left-handed. But you may also want to wear it on your dominant hand.

So how do you know for sure?

The most significant benefit of wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand is that you can quickly put the watch on and navigate the dial more efficiently than with your non-dominant hand.

Wearing your watch on your non-dominant hand is less likely to damage the watch as you tend to do more with your dominant hand. If you were to wear it on your dominant hand, you’re more likely to scratch or ding the watch than on your non-dominant hand.

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You will see men in the military do this, as it’s easier and prevents sun glare better than when it’s on the outside of the wrist. It also offers faster convenience to other tools on the watch in addition to the time.

Another reason you may want to wear your watch facing inward is that it can help protect your watch from scratches and dings. Again, this is just a preference.

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stylish watch

Now it’s time to find out exactly how to wear a watch in the most stylish way a guy can.

Assuming you’ve selected the right size watch for your wrist, the first thing you want to do is figure out if you’ll be wearing your watch on your right or left wrist.

As mentioned above, traditionally, the watch is worn on your non-dominant wrist. So if you’re right-handed, this means wearing your watch on your left wrist. For left-handed guys, this means your right wrist.

After you figure that out, it’s quite easy. The first thing you want to do is locate your wrist bone.

You want to wear your watch face up just above your wrist bone. If done correctly, your watch should slightly peek out from under the cuffs of your shirt when wearing long sleeves.

Next, you want to tighten the strap so it’s loose enough to be comfortable. You don’t want it so loose it can spin freely around your wrist. You also don’t want it too tight, or it will feel uncomfortable, especially when you bend your wrist.

After doing this correctly, you’ll be wearing a watch in the most stylish way possible.

There you have it, gents.

Now you no longer have to worry about wearing your watch incorrectly.

There is more than one way to wear a watch, so find what’s most comfortable for you personally, and rock your favorite timepiece accordingly.

If you want to take your watch knowledge to the next level, check out this article I wrote about the difference between quartz and mechanical watches.

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By: Antonio
Title: How To Wear A Watch The Right Way
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Fall Capsule Wardrobe Preparation (Buy Now and Get $$$)



We’ve all been there – fall comes around, and you open your closet only to find you have nothing but polos and shorts.

So what’s a stylish guy to do? Pay a premium to build an entire fall wardrobe last minute? Sure, if you’re loaded. But not every guy is that lucky!

Don’t worry; as ever, I’ve got you covered. In today’s article, I’ll show you how to get the best bang for your buck when building your fall capsule wardrobe.

We’ll be covering:

  1. What Are The Advantages Of A Capsule Wardrobe?
  2. How Do You Build A Fall Capsule Wardrobe?
  3. Where Can You Find Deals On Fall Clothing?
  4. What Are The Best Fall Capsule Wardrobe Essentials?

#1 What Are The Advantages Of A Capsule Wardrobe?

man in closet

One of the most common headaches guys run into in their closet is having too many clothing options to choose from but not enough of the right options.

While more options aren’t bad, they can be overwhelming, especially when you rarely wear most items. This is where building a capsule wardrobe comes into play.

A capsule wardrobe is a limited selection of clothing items that complement each other. This means you can buy a smaller selection of items and create a larger number of outfits.

This is crucial to understand because most guys don’t have an unlimited budget for buying clothes. A capsule wardrobe allows you to purchase and use items frequently with little redundancy.

But where do you start in building your fall capsule wardrobe?

#2 How Do You Build A Fall Capsule Wardrobe?

fall clothing items

After you have put together the perfect capsule wardrobe, you can start to add a few fall-specific items. This is done by adding a few staple pieces that complement what you already have.

For most, fall offers mild temperatures mixed with slightly warmer temperatures.

This means that layering will be of the utmost importance because you may leave the house needing a jacket, but it might be warm enough by midday to sport only the t-shirt underneath.

Start with the basics when building your fall capsule wardrobe and add pieces accordingly.

Keep It Simple

man wearing coat

Fall is primetime for layering, so you only need a few outer layers and should focus more on the innermost layers.

You want to make sure that interchangeability is at the top of your list when it comes to your wardrobe. Everything should complement each other for ease of use.

With that said, having a few staples and adding additional items as you change seasons is essential.

For this reason, ensure you have the following items in your fall capsule wardrobe:

  • A dark three-piece suit 
  • A light-colored tweed blazer
  • A leather bomber or biker jacket
  • An overcoat (dark or light)
  • A formal button-up shirt (white)
  • 2 casual button-up shirts (flannel or chambray, you choose)
  • 2 sweaters (1 shawl, 1 crew neck)
  • 2 t-shirts (1 white, 1 black,)
  • 2 pairs of Jeans (1 dark, 1 light)
  • 2 pairs of slacks/chinos (1 dark, 1 light)
  • 2 belts (1 black, 1 brown)
  • 1 pair of black dress shoes
  • 1 pair of brown oxfords (leather or suede, you decide)
  • 1 pair of sneakers (plain white or brown)
  • 1 pair of military boots (black or brown)

When it comes to accessories like watches, scarves, or gloves, you can use what you have as most men won’t need all of them, so I won’t count them in.

#3 Where Can You Find Deals On Fall Clothing?

clothing on sale

As it is the middle of summer, fall will be approaching quickly.

Now is a great time to snag up some of last year’s sale items at department stores as they usually have sales on previous season items. By now, most men aren’t thinking about what to wear in the fall.

While you still might be able to find good deals on last year’s fall items, it’s usually the most optimal time to purchase these items after the season has ended. This is when retailers try hard to clear space and make room for the next season’s clothing.

When they do this, it is a great time to get excellent deals on items that have just gone out of season.

Another great option to buy men’s clothing is online at your favorite retailers, as they will often have sales and discounts on items they have in their online inventory but are not yet in prime season.

The most expensive items in your fall capsule wardrobe are the ones you want to focus on, as you can often save a significant amount of money out of season for them.

These big ticket items include:

  • Your dark three-piece suit and blazer
  • Overcoats and jackets
  • Dress shoes and sneakers
  • Boots

These items will be some of the most expensive items and can be found discounted out of season. Put these at the forefront of your fall capsule wardrobe search.

#4 What Are The Best Fall Capsule Wardrobe Essentials?

man shopping for clothes

You want to adhere to a few staples when building your fall capsule wardrobe.

Since fall weather can vary, layering will be essential. These few items are crucial as mainstays that can be layered with other items within your wardrobe.

For example, if you experience a rather chilly day in fall and need to wear a suit, an overcoat is essential as that outermost layer because you can simply remove it when you no longer need it.

When it comes to the concept of layering within your fall capsule wardrobe, you want to make sure you nail these following items.


man wearing overcoat

Having a good overcoat to complement your fall capsule wardrobe is crucial.

The overcoat acts as the outermost layer and will be removed whenever you go indoors. This makes for a great option as you can wear it with anything as it offers excellent versatility.

When searching for the perfect overcoat, it’s essential to know your size as they usually come in sizes of suit jackets, not regular sizing. After you’ve nailed the size, focus on color.

Dark-colored overcoats tend to be the most versatile. However, a light camel color can work as well. Stay away from patterns with overcoats as the goal is to be as versatile as possible.

Leather Jackets

leather jackets

A good leather jacket goes a long way. You can choose a leather biker jacket or a leather bomber; it’s your call.

Biker jackets can be slightly harder to pull off as most of the time, they will have a larger and more aggressive collar, but they still look great.

A leather bomber jacket is an excellent option because it looks great on all body types and often has more options than biker jackets.

For color, opt for black or dark brown, as that gives you the most versatility with other items in your fall capsule wardrobe.


man wearing sweater

Sweaters are to fall, what t-shirts are for summer. This means they are a critical piece as they are season specific and offer great versatility when it comes to layering.

So how do you find the perfect sweater?

You want options, so have a couple of different collar choices to give yourself the most bang for your buck.

Having a shawl neck sweater and a crew neck sweater ensures you have all your bases covered.

Make sure you choose neutral tones such as greys, creams, and tans for color. This ensures maximum versatility with other items within your wardrobe and gives you the most options.

That’s it, gents.

To learn more about how versatile this concept of capsule wardrobes can be, check out how I turned 16 pieces of clothing into 256 outfits.

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By: Antonio
Title: Preparing Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe (Buy Now And Save $$$)
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Published Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2022 23:59:00 +0000

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The Best Zara Fragrances



We all know of Zara and I’m pretty sure the majority of us own at least one piece from them, but I’m not here to talk about their reasonably priced clothing, I’m here for their fragrance.

Not quite a hidden gem but I don’t feel that they vast range and high quality fragrance that they create is given enough air time, I’m about to change that. The fragrance game is massive at the moment, everyone from the big fashion houses all the way to footballers have a scent on the market and they all carry a hefty price tag, with some of the bigger hitters asking in excess of

£100 for 50ml.

Zara clearly understand the need for a great fragrance but also appreciate not everything has to be overly expensive. I’ve been lucky enough to sample my fair share over the years and wanted to share with you what I feel are some of their strongest.

Tobacco Collective 100ml – £16.99

This is one of my absolute favourites, it works perfectly as an everyday scent. The initial smell is strong and masculine but with undertones of vanilla bourbon help to soften it slightly.

4Qbk tFcSNbWj04S58 QXQsAx1NOGJ2EW5BgfYj4Ey67ulm5nUzJMLNq8HMNdkps3FThHVxZUbG2kK7VkQQIumuQtVN2 ww56QbpYBb3oo8vyL0js Gz4QeX1WHYq6r 2 t sNHgJEDHbdwuZg

For Him 100ml – £22.99

My current daily spray, its warm, modern and intense. It just so happens to be the perfect blend of three of my favourite scents, bergamot, cardamom and sandalwood. It’s strong yet light, never over powering and leaves a wonderful trail.

Florence 100ml – £16.24

Summer calls for a fresh fragrance and I cannot recommend this highly enough, its light, fresh and citrus scent is perfectly for those warmer days. Notes of black pepper, strawberry and guaiac wood allow this scent to sit gently on the skin with offending the noses of those around you.

Written by Tom Loughran

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Title: The Best Of Zara Fragrances
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Published Date: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 09:57:00 +0000

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