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Weddings – they are some of the most important events in societies across the world. This goes double if you are the one getting married. But what are you supposed to wear? What is the appropriate wedding attire for men in different scenarios?

Get it right, and you will create a day everyone attending will remember for years to come. Get it wrong and you’ll cringe every time you look at your wedding photos.

Gents, that’s why today I’m giving you my ultimate guide on what to wear to a wedding. Here’s what we’re covering:

  • Why we dress up for weddings
  • The five questions that determine your wedding’s dress code
  • Wedding dress code terms 101
  • The three things to remember for every wedding

Why We Dress Up For Weddings

Grousing and grumbling about wedding attire is almost as much a tradition as throwing the bouquet. In a way, that’s a good thing.

Not that people don’t make unpopular wedding choices, or spend too much on clothes, or all the other complaints.

But the factor that sometimes drives the cost of wedding attire up is the same factor that makes it so essential: it’s visibly special.

By that we mean it’s not something you throw on for any old day. Even when wedding attire isn’t made custom for the event it’s still usually a conscious choice made to highlight how special the occasion really is.

And people do that in many different ways. For some people, it’s the weight of tradition that lends an outfit that extra special something. Things like tuxedos or morning coats are meaningful parts of the day. For others, it’s a cultural touchstone that makes the difference. That might mean a custom-made dhoti for an Indian groom or just some tasteful pocket squares in the family tartan for a Scottish man.

So we dress up for weddings to make the day more special.

Wedding participants

And each participant’s outfit plays its own role in contributing:

  • The bride’s outfit is, in most weddings, the centerpiece of the show. Progressive couples might struggle for a little equality there. The reality is that women’s dresses are easier to make extravagant and unique than men’s suits. Short of matching outfits, someone has to be the center of attention, and 99 times out of 100 it’ll be the bride.
  • The bridesmaids’ outfits are there to complement the bride’s. They may or may not be coordinated with the groom’s party as well, depending on how tightly-organized the wedding visuals are.
  • The groom’s outfit is, ideally, there to make everything perfect for the bride (just like all his other responsibilities — that day and for the rest of his life!). Its job is to make him look as sharp as he can without stealing attention from the bride.
  • The groomsmen’s outfits are usually a similar or slightly toned-down version of the groom’s, or something else that complements his ensemble but doesn’t quite equal it.
  • Guests’ outfits are usually given a specific dress code; when they are not, good business attire with perhaps a few small social touches are traditionally expected. They should always show a little extra effort for the special day.

For all of these participants, the wedding attire can mean a little added inconvenience or a lot. It depends on the wedding. But universally, the goal is to add a little more uniqueness to a special day — and that’s a goal we can all come together on.

With that in mind, we take a look at both traditional and modern outfits for every male participant: how to dress as the groom, how the groomsmen should dress (and potentially “bridesman,” or a man in the bride’s wedding party), and what to wear as a wedding guest.

We’ll also take a look at the basic wedding dress codes used on invitations, how to dress for a “themed” wedding or costume ceremony, and how to rent wedding clothes.

The Five Questions That Determine A Wedding’s Dress Code

wedding party

Ask yourself these questions to determine the level of formality for a wedding:

#1 Where is the wedding going to take place?

Outdoor weddings tend to be less formal than indoor weddings and call for option 3 – however this isn’t always the case.

If the couple are getting married on the beach, a linen shirt and pants would work great! You can also consider wearing slacks with a traditional dress shirt sans tie. This way you are still keeping the mood of your ceremony casual but look the part, even if you are the groom!

If an indoor wedding is being planned, particularly at a gothic or ornate church/building, you may consider formal or semi-formal dress.

If you tend to be up-to-date on current fashion trends, and consider yourself a “fashionable” kind of guy, formal dress may be an option for you. But, if you are more of a classical man, you may want to opt for a semi-formal outfit.

A tuxedo will never go out of style (it hasn’t yet in over a hundred years!), so you can’t go wrong.

#2 When is the wedding taking place?

Traditionally, if a wedding is taking place before sundown (or 6 p.m., whichever comes first) it is considered a daytime event, and therefore less formal; tuxedos are probably inappropriate for a daytime event.

Instead, opt for a more casual option like a suit. When you wear a black suit that fits well, the appearance can be as stunning as a tuxedo, while remaining appropriate for the event.

Weddings after sundown (or 6 p.m.) are considered more formal, nighttime events and are more conducive to tuxedos.

If the event straddles the day/evening timeframes, go with the option that suits the event most closely. For example, if the ceremony is being held at 1 p.m., but the reception will not be until the evening, you may want to opt for the slightly more casual suit.

However, if the ceremony is being held at 4 p.m. with the dinner and reception immediately following, you may be able to bend the rules and wear a tuxedo. Go with your gut!

#3 What is the general “feel” of the event?

Talk to the bride and groom about this one! Ask them to share their vision for the event. Have they always wanted a romantic, fairytale wedding complete with top hats and tuxedos? Or are they dreaming of a casual ceremony at sunset on theirfavorite beach? Depending on their ideas and the theme of the event, you may be able to determine which style is best suited.

You should also ask yourself if you are going for a trendy look, or would you rather keep your look classic? Think about it – brides from the 80s are probably kicking themselves every time they look at their wedding albums and see the sky-high, teased bangs and puffy sleeves (no offense brides of the 80s!).

Just be sure to be mindful of being too trendy. The nature of fads is that they fade in and out. You don’t want to be left with “trendy” wedding photos long after the fad has faded.

#4 What are guests expected to wear?

Again, this is probably a great topic to discuss with the bride and groom. Let’s say one of your close friends showed up wearing slacks and a dress shirt (sans tie). Would your first thought be ‘Wow, I’m glad he’s comfortable!’ or would you think ‘how inappropriate for the wedding!’?

Be sure to consider the couple’s feelings. Some brides are comfortable with their guests wearing clothes that they feel comfortable in, while others require their guests to attend in accordance with black tie dress code.

Whatever is decided, be sure what you’re wearing coincides with the formality that guests are expected to adhere to. Communication is key!

#5 What is the bride going to wear?

Even if it’s a traditional couple and the groom will not know what the bride’s dress looks like until the wedding day, having an idea of the style and formality will help the groom to decide what he and other men should look like.

Is the bride going to wear a short, cocktail-length dress? Or will she be wearing a traditional gown with a train and veil? Knowing these details will help to determine the level of formality required by everyone else.

Think about it – if you opt to wear a linen shirt and pants while the bride is wearing a gown with chapel train and veil, you may look a little odd – to say the least.

With these questions answered, take a look at the wedding dress codes below.

You can give your wedding any look you please such as a military wedding, as long as you know your options.

Formalwear is elaborate (and expensive), black tie is elegant in the evening, and suits are always appropriate at any time of day.  More casual styles can be easier on the guests and the wallet.

So long as you look over the options beforehand, wedding attire is nothing to fear. If you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, you’ll have more of your mind free to think about the important parts of the day — the happy couple and the wedding!

Identify the dress code, choose an appropriate style within it and then look for well-fitting, quality clothing that matches it. If it is your wedding, share the dress code for men and women with your guests so they know what is expected of them. Having a few guidelines is a lot less stressful than being left to guess.

Wedding Dress Code Terms 101

man wearing white tie

Most invitations, as we mentioned above, will list a specific “dress code.” They may not use the word “code” itself, but expect to see a line about “wedding dress” or “such-and-such attire is requested” in there somewhere.

These are reasonably standard categories. Any event planner or fashion consultant knows them automatically, and it’s assumed that guests are aware of at least the basics. The less formal the code, the more the lines get blurred. In general though. the categories break down as follows:

Formal attire

This is a phrase that gets misused sometimes, so exercise some caution.

When most Americans say “formal wear,” they’re thinking of the classic men’s tuxedo. And that’s not strictly accurate — the black or midnight blue dinner jacket typical at “formal” events is really a semi-formal garment.

True formal wear has two different outfits for men: “morning dress” during the daytime, and “white tie” at night. But be aware that your host or hostess may be misusing the phrase “formal” — if an invitation calls for formal attire, rather than using a specific phrase like “black tie,” it may be worth a discreet phone call or e-mail checking whether formal or semi-formal dress is desired.

Daytime formal attire – morning dress

Morning dress is — officially, as far as these things go — the most formal daytime attire for men. It’s almost never worn at anything but a wedding by anyone outside of the European aristocracy, however, and looks more like a costume than fine dress to most of us.

Nonetheless, it’s technically speaking still the maximum dress standard for men. If you’re invited to a true “formal dress” wedding in the daytime, expect to have to rent, unless you happen to have the morning dress staples handy.

Classic morning dress standards
  • Tailcoat – A morning coat closes in the front (usually with a chain link) and ends at the waist in front, with the sides sloping down to a broad set of tails. Morning coats are usually black or dark gray, sometimes in a textured weave, and should always have peaked lapels.
  • Morning trousers are not made as part of a matching suit with the coat. They are usually patterned and made from a lighter gray. They do not have “ribbon” or piping like dinner trousers, but are still worn high on the waist and should always be paired with suspenders, not a belt.
  • Waistcoats in morning dress are light and do not match the jacket or trousers. Dove gray and yellow buff are the most common, but any light (non-white) color is fine. The waistcoat should be long enough to fully cover the tops of the trousers. There is more than one way to properly wear a waistcoat – they can be single- or double-breasted, and can have lapels or not — this is something of a personal style choice.
  • Shirts are light-colored, but usually not plain white (although white is technically acceptable). A light background with slightly darker patterns is typical, ranging from minimal striping to elaborate “wallpaper” designs. None of the colors involved should be dark or bold. The collar should be a turn-down style, not wing.
  • Men’s dress boots are the appropriate footwear; a plain black balmoral style is ideal. Plain black balmoral oxford shoes can also be worn, but are slightly anachronistic.
Finishing touches
  • Neckties or cravats are equally acceptable, though at the point where they’re wearing morning dress most men prefer to go for the cravat. Be aware that this means a dress cravat — broad, hand-tied, and worn outside the shirt but beneath the vest — not the colored, scarf-like versions that are coming back into contemporary fashion and are worn tucked into the shirt.
  • Top hats — light gray with a dark band — are expected. A pure black hat is technically acceptable but looks rather stark, and is usually reserved for funerals or state affairs.

As strange as morning dress feels to most of us, it’s important to remember that it’s not a costume — it’s the highest sartorial standard in Western culture. It gets worn for social events by European royalty and, to a lesser degree, by the “old money” of the American east coast. Try it, you’ll probably look sharper than you might first think.

Evening formal attire – white tie

The dividing line between daytime and evening for formal events usually gets drawn around 5:00 in the afternoon, but there’s leeway depending on the time of year. Typically the invitation will make it clear which is expected or else be set at a time that is clearly one or the other. In general, if it’s going to be dark when the event concludes, you wear the evening version.

For men at formal events, that means the “white tie” standard of dress. It’s similar to the more widely-known black-tie standard, but is even more exacting and has a few specific details that set it apart.

Classic white tie standards
  • Tailcoats are worn instead of tailless dinner jackets. Unlike the morning coat, an evening coat is a cutaway with a sharp waist. The front of the jacket simply ends, while the back continues in long tails. It is not buttoned or fastened, but stays open at the waist. The lapels are peaked and covered in silk, usually ribbed grosgrain rather than sheer satin.
  • Trousers are plain black, uncuffed, and have either one or two narrow vertical stripes at the outside seams made from the same satin as the lapels.
  • A white waistcoat made of stiff pique cotton is required. The fit has to be exacting: it needs to fully cover the trouser waist (which is usually quite high), but cannot peek out from under the cutaway front of the jacket. It’s a narrow window, which is why few rental outlets even handle white tie.
  • Shirts are made from very thin, light, white cotton, with a thicker, almost cardboard-stiff “bib” down the center of the front. The collar is always a stiff wing collar that detaches from the shirt. The cuffs are traditionally a single style, rather than the doubled French style. They still fasten with the cufflinks most men associate with French style cuffs. The front of the shirt fastens with studs, not buttons.
  • Bowties are — obviously — white, usually made from the same stiff pique as the waistcoat and shirtfront. Make sure you know how to tie a bowtie because they should always be hand-tied and never premade into a bow.
  • Dress pumps are the ideal footwear, though a pair of plain, highly-polished oxford balmorals will also be accepted. Patent leather — sometimes acceptable as a black tie option — is too ostentatious for white tie, and should be avoided.
Finishing touches
  • Studs and cufflinks are always light-colored, unlike in black tie. Mother-of-pearl facings are typical, but light-colored metals such as white gold or silver are acceptable as well.
  • Top hats, if worn, should be plain black. Plain white kid gloves are also acceptable, and may be stored in the pockets sewn into the coattails, sometimes called the “glove pockets.”

White tie has, in addition to those basic elements, its own very exacting rules. They cover everything from the pocket placement to the number of shirt studs used. It is a very, very thorough dress code — probably the most formal a man will ever wear.

In the unlikely event that you’re asked to attend a white-tie wedding, either have your attire made by a tailor specializing in formal wear or seek out a very knowledgeable rental outlet. Warehouse-style rental chains are not going to be equipped to manage proper white tie.

Semi-formal attire

Most “formal” weddings in America are actually semi-formal affairs. Many of them also get the timing wrong. The traditional “tuxedo wedding” that so many couples opt for should really only be held at night. This usually means after 5:00 or so (depending on the local sundown).

Like formal attire, semi-formal outfits come in two flavors: the stroller outfit in the morning and the tuxedo or dinner jacket ensemble at night.

Semi-formal daytime attire: the stroller

Strollers are also sometimes called “morning suits”. This phrase inevitably leads to confusion with “morning coats” and “morning dress”. The name is misleading anyway — not all strollers are made as a matched suit, though they can be.

In general, the style looks very much like its formal cousin, with slightly different jackets and accessories:

  • Stroller jackets are often just called “strollers,” from which the rest of the outfit takes its name, much as we refer to men wearing “tuxedos” when we mean the whole black tie ensemble. They should be either black or gray, button at one point on the chest (usually with a chain), and do not have the tails of a morning coat. The lapels are usually peaked, though notched lapels are technically acceptable.
  • Trousers should be a lighter gray than the jacket, and can be visibly textured or patterned. Like in morning dress, they are worn high on the waist and fastened with suspenders, never belts.
  • Waistcoats are essentially the same as in formal attire: a medium color like dove gray or yellow buff, with the lapels and button stance a matter of personal taste.
  • Shirts are interchangeable with formal attire. They should be light-colored, lightly-patterned, and take a detachable turndown collar. Plain white is a bit more common in semi-formal day attire than in morning dress.
  • Derby or homburg hats are worn instead of top hats (a top hat should never be worn without tails).
  • Dress boots or plain black, polished balmoral oxfords, as in morning dress, are appropriate footwear.

The stroller is probably the least common of the formal and semi-formal options for weddings.

Semi-formal evening wear: the black tie standard

Of all the weddings billed as some kind of “formal” (whether they get it right and say “semi-formal” or not), the vast majority will be black-tie affairs. Black tie is theoretically evening dress, but that won’t stop people from requesting it during the day, and a good guest follows the instructions on the invitation.

The key thing to remember with black tie is that it is an exacting standard — it’s not meant for improvisation. There are a lot of bad tuxedos out there, especially if you’re renting, and you don’t want to wear any of them. Unless the wedding planners instruct you to rent a specific brand or model, you should wear a tuxedo that meets all the traditional requirements.

Classic black tie standards
  • Tuxedo jackets should be plain black or midnight blue, made from worsted wool with satin-faced peak or shawl lapels. The jacket has no tails and does button in front, unlike formal jackets. It should have a breast pocket, in which you wear a white pocket square or handkerchief.
  • Trousers are made from the same fabric as the jacket, creating a matched suit. There should be a vertical stripe covering each outside seam made from the same satin as the lapel facings. There are no cuffs or belt loops, and the suspenders should button to the inside of the trousers.
  • Waistcoats, if worn, are black, with a low cut to leave the shirtfront visible and small lapels that should be narrower than the jacket lapels (so that both are visible). They are often backless, and fasten with a simple clip in the back.
  • Shirts are plain white, with a doubled layer of fabric down the front placket. They can be starched stiff like a formal shirt, but often are not. Either turn-down or wing collars are acceptable, though purists will insist that the wing collar is too formal. The shirt usually fastens with studs, but mother-of-pearl buttons are technically acceptable.
  • Bow ties should be black and made from the same silk as the lapel facings and trouser ribbon. It should always be hand-tied.
  • Dress pumps are the classic style of footwear, but plain black oxford balmorals are also acceptable. Black patent leather is also an option for black tie footwear, so long as the style of shoe is plain and simple.
Finishing touches
  • Cufflinks should either be a solid metal color or be metal with a plain black facing. The studs do not have to match the cufflinks, though the colors of metal should complement one another.
  • Pocket squares should be plain white and neatly folded.
  • Cummerbunds are an alternative to a waistcoat. The sash goes around the waist with the broadest part in front and the pleats facing upward (so that they can be used to hold small, flat items like tickets). Classic black tie calls for a black cummerbund, but modern style accepts a very sober, dark color in its place, such as deep burgundy or forest green.
  • Boutonnières are usually the only color in a black tie outfit. Red and white are both common for wedding, with cornflower blue a somewhat less common but still traditional option. In all cases it should be a single large blossom, not a bouquet of sprigs.

Black tie optional

In many cases, grooms plan to wear a tuxedo (usually their party will as well), but do not want to require it of their guests.

Thus was the “black tie optional” invitation born. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a guest may choose to wear a proper black tie tuxedo, or may instead wear a dark, conservative suit color.

If you choose to wear a tuxedo, it should be black tie as discussed above. If you wear a suit, it should be the highest end of business attire: dark, unpatterned suit, white shirt, conservative necktie, and plain black belt and shoes.

Black or charcoal gray are preferred to navy blue for black tie optional suits, though navy is technically acceptable. It’s mostly just a matter of blending in — anything but the darkest navy color is going to stand out in a room where almost everyone else’s jacket is black.

Business attire

It sounds odd to use the phrase in reference to a wedding, but “business attire” is actually a fairly common standard on wedding invitations. It’s also the standard you should adhere to when the wedding simply requests “dress clothing” or “dress attire.”

Dress or business attire — as far as invitations are concerned — implies what we’d think of as traditional suit-and-tie wear, the style of dress still worn at most financial firms and law offices.

Most men have bought a business suit of their own, eliminating the need for rentals. Decent ones can be found for as cheap as the low $100s, if you have time to shop around and keep an eye out for specials, and they’re useful to own outside of weddings as well, making them a much more sensible investment for most men than a tuxedo or morning suit.

The clothing is easier to acquire but the dress standard is still fairly strict, with very few exceptions or places for personal expression:

  • Jackets and trousers should be made from the same fabric, usually a worsted wool. Suit color should be either charcoal gray, navy blue, or black. Plain white pinstripes (not chalk stripes or anything wider!) are technically business-appropriate, but a solid color is better suited to a wedding. Single or double-breasted suit jackets are both options and lapels may be either peak or notch.
  • Vests can be worn if they are made from the same fabric as the suit, for a “three-piece suit.” This may actually be a good wedding option if you have access to it — the vest will keep you looking sharp without overheating when the festivities shift to the dance floor and men are allowed to take off their jackets and ties.
  • Shirts should be plain white and have a turndown, non-buttoning collar.
  • Neckties are mandatory if it says “business attire.” Stick with a relatively conservative pattern, though most colors are fine as long as they aren’t too bright. Red and light blue are both common wedding options. Avoid wearing a black suit with a black tie unless you’re in the band or waiting on tables!
  • Shoes can be either plain black or plain dark brown, since this is a social occasion rather than business, but black usually looks better. Belts should match the shoes.
Finishing touches
  • Pocket squares are an important accent and a good way to add a personal touch. Always have one, and don’t feel limited to plain white — this is where many men make their festive gesture.
  • Boutonnières are not required (unless you were given one by the wedding organizers, in which case you should wear it), but sporting a flower in your lapel is another option for adding some color and festivity to your outfit. A boutonnière and pocket square can be worn together, but be careful of clashing colors.

As you can see, business dress is actually a fairly strict standard — if you’re wearing a light-colored suit, or one with a pattern, or a shirt that isn’t plain white, you’re not quite up to code. At a wedding most people won’t care — it is a celebration, after all, not a board meeting — but whenever you can, meet the highest standard and use the permitted accessories to personalize.

Dress casual and business casual

“Dress casual” and “business casual” are two phrases that mean roughly the same thing.

The key difference between business dress and business casual — for the purposes of weddings — is that color, pattern, and texture are allowed in your dress casual suits and shirts.

Some will also argue that anything less than business attire makes neckties optional for men. This is technically true, and outside of a wedding a business casual outfit without a necktie would be fine. For a wedding a necktie is always recommended though. Nine times out of ten you’ll find all the other men wearing them as well. In the rare case where neckties are the minority you can always take yours off.

  • Jackets are still expected. They aren’t required to match the trousers, but lightly-patterned or lighter-colored suits are an excellent choice if you own one. If you go with unmatched jacket, wear a navy blazer or another formal option rather than a very casual sports jacket.
  • Trousers should either be part of a matched suit or else be wool or good cotton dress slacks. Jeans are not an option, even dark ones.
  • Neckties should follow the same guidelines as business dress — conservative pattern; no bright colors.
  • Shoes can be any leather dress shoe, including casual styles like saddle shoes and loafers.
Finishing touches
  • Dress/Business-casual accessories follow the same guidelines as business dress — both pocket squares and boutonnières are acceptable, and can be worn together if desired. Have a pocket square at the very least.
  • Vests may be worn, either as part of a three-piece suit or as an unmatched accent, and are once again a good way to stay sharp-looking after the jackets and ties come off.

The key thing to take away here is that “business casual” is more business than it is casual. You still need a tie, and you still can’t wear jeans or sneakers. You want to err on the formal side of style for a wedding. This means a nice jacket.

Casual/Relaxed dress

An invitation that requests “casual” or “relaxed” dress is making it easy on you, but it’s not an anything-goes pass.

The dress code does tell you that the planners want a relaxed feel. That means neckties are out, but it doesn’t automatically downgrade you to a T-shirt and jeans.

The ideal casual wedding outfit is a casual men’s jacket like a sports jacket, a collared shirt with some color to it, dark-colored jeans, corduroys, or other casual trousers, and casual leather shoes. That gives you a pretty wide range of colors and styles to choose from. But, note the important elements:

  • A jacket (the ubiquitous gesture that you’re making a deliberate effort to look sharp).
  • A collared shirt.
  • Dark trousers.
  • Decent shoes that you can put a fresh shine on.

The jacket gives you a place for your festive accessories, whether that’s a boutonnière or just a pocket square. It also features extra pockets, which almost always come in handy if you’ve brought a female date to the wedding. Women’s wedding outfits tend to lack storage space compared to ours. Expect to be used as a backup purse at one point or another.

The key takeaway here is that even a casual wedding deserves a jacket, collared shirt, and decent shoes. You shouldn’t look like you ran your errands just before showing up.

The Three Things To Remember For EVERY Wedding

Wedding attire is an incredibly broad topic. But it all essentially comes down to these three points:

#1 Start buying your wedding clothes early

Gents, I recommend you start at least 90 days before the big day. Why?

You will save money – I own a custom tailor shop and the man who comes in a few weeks before his wedding ends up spending more. This results in having to make the work a priority over others, overtime costs and possible mistakes from a rushed order. All can be easily avoided with some upfront planning.

You will avoid stress – There is enough stress you deal with during your wedding. Don’t make your outfit one of them. Choosing and purchasing your outfit a few months ahead will go along way in reducing stress.

You have time to practice – With your outfit picked out, you can testdrive it. Put your clothes on and wear them around the house or even the office if you can. Get comfortable with them. If you have bought a new pair of shoes you will have plenty of time to break them in. There is nothing worse than sore, uncomfortable feet. Just be careful not to damage your outfit in any way!

#2 Look your best

You should look like a part of the proceedings. Know the dress code, execute it well and have whatever festive accents you need to look appropriately celebratory.

Dressing sharp on your wedding day is a sign of respect. Not just to your partner but to all the guests surrounding you sharing this special occasion together.

Get an outfit that fits you well and make sure all your details are tidy. Shined shoes, trimmed hair and nails, pressed clothing — it’s all about making things look special and showing that you’ve gone the extra mile.

Pictures of your wedding day will last a lifetime. Ensure you look sharp so you don’t have the look of shame every time the albums come out.

#3 Be easy-going

Never criticize, never complain; in point of fact never mention clothing at all, except to tell your bride that her dress is beautiful. You do your best, and trust everyone else to do the same, and you keep any sartorial opinions to yourself. Even if your bride made you wear a Hawaiian-print waistcoat.

That’s weddings for you.

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Many of us are fine with buying off-the-rack clothes. We go shopping and happen to find the “right” size of whatever we want. But there are always 2 things that may be an issue – authenticity and accurate fit.

Those are never questionable when it comes to custom clothing. By having something tailor-made, you’re guaranteed it’s of top quality and goes perfectly with your measurements. There’s no need to question whether the item is genuine. What you see is precisely what you get.

Do you wonder why George Clooney always looks good in a suit? We know he’s a handsome guy, but he also happens to get custom suits from Mark Powell, who is said to be his favourite tailor. And history shows that powerful men like Napoleon III and Winston Churchill have bought bespoke suits from London’s Savile Row for centuries.

These men appreciate the importance of fit, fabric, and function – the fundamental elements of style. They select garments that not only fit their body type but also accentuate their individuality. It’s as if they become their own style icon, unmatched in wearing those specific clothes. This subtly communicates to the world their authenticity and discernment – earning them admiration.

Custom clothing makes a definitive statement about your status as a man. If it’s within your means, consider investing in these Made-to-Measure (or Bespoke) garments.

  • Suits
  • Sport Jackets or Blazers
  • Dress Shirts
  • Trousers
  • Leather Shoes

Also, adding a personal touch such as a monogram – further highlights the uniqueness of your attire.

Male Status Symbol #2 – A Great Looking Watch

nice looking watch

Women showcase their jewellery, and similarly, men have their watches. It’s not just any watch you seek. You want something classy and luxurious like those high-end pieces priced over $1,000

While the appropriate choice often depends on the social context – the elegance of a leather strap dress watch or the robust appeal of a metal sports watch remains unparalleled.

You name it.

  • Rolex
  • Omega
  • Tudor

These brands hold a long history, recognized quality in craftsmanship, exclusivity, and price tags that could rival the cost of a significant economy automobile. This is precisely why they symbolise high status.

But what if you’re not keen on spending a lot? Given that these luxurious items don’t necessarily offer more functionality than today’s smartwatches, there are up-and-coming brands these days that produce luxury watches at affordable prices – and the quality of materials and mechanics is often still amazing!

When it comes to affordable watches, I love the fact that manufacturers can produce watches that look incredible without breaking the bank. After all, a Rolex is a great investment and a great statement – but not every man needs to splash out thousands of dollars when there are more budget-friendly timepieces on the market.

Sure, with many budget options, you could end up spending $200 on a low-quality timepiece that doesn’t keep the time well and looks cheap. To avoid this, the key is to research brands and find manufacturers with extensive watch-making experience.

Male Status Symbol #3 – Quality Footwear

Male Status Symbol Quality Shoes

Back in the day – shoes were power symbols of the elite. Leather was so precious that only a few could afford leather footwear (or were allowed to wear it). Today, even though we all purchase shoes, with an array of options like sneakers and sandals – that symbol of status still exists.

Shoes are things people tend to look at and base judgments on (even subconsciously). If you’re wearing nice shoes – they assume that you’re a stylish man with a good eye. You look like someone who takes good care of himself. And that gains you more respect from peers.

Take David Beckham, for example. He’s a guy who – when he’s not in his cleats playing football – likes to wear bespoke leather shoes from London’s G.J.Cleverley & Co. His favourite model is the black calf brogue “The Churchill”, named after Winston Churchill – who was also a regular customer. Beckham knows how his shoes can influence public perception. So he follows the style of another respectable man.

Beyond standing out from the crowd, high-quality leather shoes offer a timeless quality. Investing in a superior pair means they could last decades, or even a lifetime, with consistent care. This dedication and attention to detail are likely to give you eyes of appreciation from others at first sight – even from those who have never seen you before!

Male Status Symbol #4 – The Technology You Use

Own the Latest Technology jpg

We use our laptops, tablets, and mobile phones every day. Almost everyone has them – but some guys just need the latest & greatest stuff. They only buy from a certain company. The reason – it’s more than just quality.

About 10 years ago, Apple computers were mainly used by creatives at coffee shops. It was a big deal to carry them around. But now that Apple has taken over the world, the only way you can stand out is by having the latest iDevice – since everybody else has the second latest.

Whether we like it or not – our gadgets have a say in how people see us. The updated OS and features are secondary – we want new stuff for the prestige. We want to show friends and colleagues that we’re “in” – that we can change smartphones every other year. It’s consumerist, but that affects our status.

This isn’t to say that you ‘must’ update your iPhone or MacBook annually – instead, you should focus on the actual functionality you need while looking for a well-known brand. This approach is more sustainable for your budget while still securing the social recognition associated with owning prestigious technology.

Male Status Symbol #5 – The Vehicle You Drive

man with a luxury car as a status symbol

As I mentioned earlier, humans are inclined to judge based on perceptions, and just like your gadgets, the vehicle you drive reflects the kind of person you are. It signifies more than just the amount of money in your bank—it reveals your lifestyle, priorities, and current stage in life.

Since humans are inherently social beings, we tend to form a collective identity within our surroundings, and perceptions of status can vary widely – what is considered high status depends on your social context and environment.

I own a minivan – a practical choice for a man with 5 kids. So anyone who sees me drive by can probably tell I have a family of my own. If I were driving a Tesla – people might think I’m some big tech corporate hotshot.

But if you live in West Texas like I did – you wouldn’t be surprised to see all these dually pickup trucks. Not only are they useful if you need to pull a horse trailer, but they’re also “cool” in that area. So you want to get a vehicle that suits your environment.

Male Status Symbol #6 – Strong Beliefs & Convictions

christian priest in a church

The great thing about the U.S. is we can exercise freedom of speech. You’re allowed to comment on political issues and express personal beliefs – including religion. And while this may turn off the general crowd – you also resonate with people who are like you.

It’s a well-known fact that Tim Tebow and Steph Curry are devout Christians – who aren’t afraid to talk about it. Curry even has “4:13” (a biblical text about Jesus) printed on the inside of his Under Armour shoes. Some fans consider those guys “preachy” but for the most part – the way they put God at the centre of everything they do (including their athletic careers) has made them more appealing and authentic.

As long as you have strong convictions with a reason to support those ideas – it shouldn’t matter if others think less of you. People who share your beliefs will be drawn to your courage and conviction. This distinctiveness can significantly boost your status, setting you apart in a majority of conforming minds.

Male Status Symbol #7 – A Body By Design

attractive older man in good shape

While a muscular physique may command respect from another man, there’s more to it than just size. It’s about mastering the body, so it suits your culture or profession.

To have a body that upgrades your status – you need to understand who you are. If you love running marathons, developing strong calves, and reducing body fat to embody the form of an elite runner is key. Meanwhile, if you’re a bodybuilder, you aim to increase your muscle mass as much as possible.

Basically, if people see you with a body that perfectly matches your way of life – they’ll respect you even more

Male Status Symbol #8 – Good Etiquette

man offers to open car door for woman

Etiquette has always been a marker of high status, especially today, when great manners are increasingly rare – possessing such manners makes you irresistibly appealing to both business and personal life.

It wasn’t too long ago when etiquette was used to separate classes of people instead of clothing, so it seems to be achievable without the financial factor like those material status symbols we’ve talked about. Unfortunately – there’s no universal book about it since it varies from culture to culture.

But if you want to elevate your status, you need to understand basic etiquette – especially when you’re invited to formal events.

  • Follow the dress code
  • RSVP ahead of time
  • Shake hands the right way

These are small acts of politeness that matter for an event with lots of well-respected people.

And the next time you’re invited to a fancy dinner, make sure you’ve learned the rules of fine dining etiquette. You’ll be surprised – you’ll impress many people by simply knowing when to use each spoon or how to hold each knife!

Male Status Symbol #9 – Sprezzatura

sprezzatura as male status symbol

‘Sprezzatura’ is often linked to a unique dressing style that conveys coolness and effortlessness – however, it’s far more than that.

Sprezzatura is the art of making a challenging task look effortless, embodying coolness with grace and confidence. It’s about showcasing a skill so skillfully that it draws admiration, allowing only the outcome—not the effort behind it—to be seen.

Imagine having lunch with your workmates at a Chinese restaurant – and you happen to be fluent in Mandarin. Imagine all the nods and compliments you’re going to get as you translate everyone’s orders for the waitress. They witness the little “show” you put on – but they’re unaware that it took you 15 years to learn that language.

It’s a similar thing to Tom Hiddleston’s celebrity impressions. This is a guy who gets people cracking up by saying 1 or 2 lines in the accents of fellow actors – which he does so naturally. The audience doesn’t think about all the years he’s spent honing his talent – they’re just blown away by what he does.

It’s about performing with such finesse that the hard work behind it remains invisible.

Male Status Symbol #10 – People You Surround Yourself With

group of status men

This last point may be the most influential.

The company you keep—be it your spouse, partner, colleagues, or friends—significantly shapes how others perceive you.

Humans are deeply influenced by their social environment. Whether it involves personal perception or how others view us from the outside, we tend to form a group identity and align ourselves with certain values.

In a way, this is a good thing. It calls for you to be more selective about the people you want part of your life. The phenomenon of an “average Joe” receiving a status boost simply by dating someone perceived as “out of their league” is a good example of this.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you cut ties with friends who aren’t as successful as you. I’m saying you should find people who can help you grow and reach for the stars. These are among the best qualities to look for in friends and a spouse.

Aim to spend each day with someone who not only brings you joy but also motivates you to be the best version of yourself. Imagine – marrying such a person could be a truly hitting the jackpot.

What All of This Means for You

That’s it Gents, 10 high-status symbols for a man.

As I told you, no matter how much you want to escape the status game, our nature won’t let us. That’s why incorporating these symbols can give you a quick win in life.

You can start applying some of those right now, while the others might need a little more time.

To further improve your status game, here’s how to avoid being end up like a low-status man.

Click below to watch the video on YouTube – How To Signal Power & Authority With Clothing

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of powerful male status symbols?

Examples of powerful male status symbols include luxury cars, designer clothing, high-end watches, impressive homes, rare collectibles, exclusive memberships, advanced degrees or notable awards, physical fitness, leadership positions, and philanthropic endeavors.

Are status symbols universal or do they differ across cultures?

Status symbols can greatly vary across different cultures and societies. While some symbols like wealth might be universal, the specifics (e.g., type of car, style of clothing) can be culture-specific.

What does an exclusive membership mean in the context of status symbols?

An exclusive membership refers to being part of an elite club or society, whether that’s a high-end fitness club, a golf club, or a business organization. It signifies social standing, connections, and a certain level of exclusivity.

Is philanthropy a status symbol?

Yes, philanthropy can be seen as a status symbol. It signifies not just wealth, but also a commitment to giving back to society and using one’s resources to benefit others.

How do advanced degrees or notable awards act as status symbols?

They represent achievement, intelligence, and dedication. In many societies, educational achievements and awards are highly respected and are considered signs of success.

Does the value of status symbols differ in rural and urban settings?

Yes, typically, rural and urban settings have different norms and lifestyle expectations, so what serves as a status symbol in one may not have the same impact in the other.

Can digital goods serve as status symbols?

Yes, in the digital age, certain virtual goods, like rare NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), in-game items, or digital real estate, can serve as status symbols.

Do status symbols influence people's perception of someone?

Yes, people often make assumptions about others based on visible status symbols. However, it’s important to note that these assumptions may not always accurately reflect a person’s character or success.

Is owning a status symbol inherently negative?

Not at all. Owning a status symbol isn’t inherently negative. It becomes problematic when it leads to excessive materialism or when a person’s self-worth becomes tied to these external symbols. It’s crucial to remember that these symbols represent only one aspect of a person’s identity.

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New Spring Fragrances For Men in 2024

Valentino Uomo Born In Roma Green Stravaganza jpg

The grass is greener, the air is fresh, and the heavy, spiced fragrance you wore during winter has met its seasonal demise. While you shelf that woodsy fragrance for the season, I’m here to give you 10 of the best spring fragrances for men in 2024 that you should try.

With the new season upon us, it’s a great time to take a look at new fragrance releases for the 2024 spring season as well as some classics that always work during the seasonal change.

In this list, I’ll give you 6 of the best new spring fragrances for men in 2024 and 4 classics that will have you smelling fresher than spring itself.

1. Valentino Uomo Born In Roma Green Stravaganza

Valentino Uomo Born In Roma Green Stravaganza

Valentino Uomo Born In Roma Green Stravaganza is an exceptional spring fragrance that encapsulates the essence of the season.

The scent opens with a burst of fresh, green notes, reminiscent of a blooming garden in Rome. It’s followed by the invigorating scent of coffee and vetiver that gives this fragrance its dynamic energy.

Fragrance Highlights

Notes: Top note – Calabrian bergamot | Middle note – Coffee | Base note – vetiver

Why This One? Valentino Uomo Born In Roma Green Stravaganza is an audacious expression from Valentino that offers a strong, unique fragrance that your partner will love.

It smells unlike anything on the market and will truly set you apart during the spring season.

2. Narciso Rodriguez Vetiver Musc

Narciso Rodriguez Vetiver Musc

Narciso Rodriguez Vetiver Musc is an exceptional choice for spring, capturing the essence of the season with its refreshing and invigorating blend of notes.

The fragrance opens with a burst of cardamon and a lightness that is bold. It is perfect for those who want to embrace the season with a scent that is both sophisticated and uplifting.

Fragrance Highlights

Notes: Top notes – Cardamon, cypress, and nutmeg | Middle notes – Musk, bourbon geranium, lavender, red algae, and frankincense | Base notes – vetiver, patchouli, and cedar

Why This One? Naricso Rodrigues Vetiver Musc is an exceptionally strong choice for the spring season as it offers depth and boldness while remaining lighter than most scents.

It has a minerality to it that makes this fragrance one of the most unique releases of 2024 so far. It is sure to be a standout in your collection and garner tons of compliments.

3. Hermes H24 Herbes Vives

Hermes H24 Herbes Vives

Hermes H24 Herbes Vives is a new spring scent that captures the essence of urban rain showers. The fragrance opens with a burst of herbal notes met with the high-tech molecule Physcool®, which is a unique cooling agent that brings high-performing, long-lasting freshness to the scent.

This fragrance is perfect for those who want to embrace the season with a scent that is both uplifting and complex.

Fragrance Highlights

Notes: Top note – Herbal | Middle note – Pear | Base note – Physcool®

Why This One? Hermes H24 Herbes Vives is an exceptionally unique fragrance in that it combines the lightness of spring rain with the depth of a fresh bouquet of flowers.

You will get many compliments with this scent as women will love its herbal essence matched with contemporary manliness.

4. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Paradise Garden

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Paradise Garden

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Paradise Garden is a complex and earthy scent that encapsulates the essence of a tropical paradise with the warmth of sandalwood.

With floral notes paired with complex ingredients, this scent is a standout as one of the best spring fragrances for men in 2024.

Fragrance Highlights

Notes: Top notes – Watery notes, green notes, mint, and ginger | Middle notes – Coconut, fig, and salt | Base notes – Sandalwood and tonka bean

Why This One? Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Paradise Garden offers a unique experience for lovers of woodsy scents as it intertwines these complex notes with radiant flowers and aromas that truly embody the spring season.

Like many scents from Jean Paul Gaultier, this one is sure to garner compliments left and right during the spring months.

5. Dior New Look 2024

Dior New Look 2024

Dior New Look 2024 is an olfactory reinvention of a legacy that dates back to 1947 with their Iconic Bar suit – a fashion statement that revolutionized fashion.

In the same breath of revolution, this fragrance brings that legacy back as a bold unisex scent that offers a creative approach that pushes the boundaries of traditional amber fragrances.

Fragrance Highlights

Notes: Top note – Aldehydes | Middle note – Frankincense | Base note – Amber

Why This One? Dior New Look 2024 offers a new take on a classic with strong, complex notes that allow for use during the spring months thanks to it’s top and middle notes.

The bottom note of amber adds to its complexity yet still allows this fragrance to be light and airy for both men and women. This is truly a unique scent that will garner compliments abroad.

6. Burberry Hero Parfum

Burberry Hero Parfum

Burberry Hero Parfum was introduced as a 2024 extension of the already famous Hero line (spoiler alert, there’s another one from the same line on this list, so stay tuned).

It offers bold, woodsy notes that are sure to impress. But why is this on the list for spring fragrances?

As the Hero line has excelled in being both light and dark wood-based scents, Hero Parfum shines by bringing the lightness out of cedarwood in the middle. This allows you to have a complex, deeper scent during the spring months.

Fragrance Highlights

Notes: Top note – Amyris | Middle note – Cedarwood | Base note – Cypriol oil

Why This One? Burberry Hero Parfum is a unique fragrance in that its notes may steer you towards wearing this in the fall or winter months, however this works exceptionally well as a date-night spring fragrance.

With it’s deeper richness, this scent is the perfect fragrance for those nighttime date activities as it offers a richness that works with the season. Save this one for date nights or special occasions, specifically in the evenings.

The previous 6 fragrances were new introductions to the spring 2024 season, but let’s not forget about some stellar classics that always work great in the change from winter to spring.

These next fragrances are standouts as some of the best spring fragrances for men and should be considered for wearing during this new 2024 season.

7. Burberry Hero

Burberry Hero (2021)

As I mentioned earlier, another member of the Burberry Hero line was on this list, and this one is the 2021 introduction.

This fragrance is truly an amazing spring fragrance that offers woodsy scents with a blast of fresh spice added to the mix. This is a great option for spring months for a more complex fragrance option that truly stands out.

Fragrance Highlights

Notes: Top note – Bergamot | Middle notes – Juniper and black pepper | Base notes – Atlas cedar, Virginian cedar, and Himalayan cedar

Why This One? Burberry Hero is truly one of the most unique spring fragrances for men as it combines deep wood notes with light and fresh aromatics that give this scent some serious style points for the season.

It smells unlike anything with a woodsy undertone and will truly set you apart during the spring season.

8. Dior Homme Sport

Dior Homme Sport (2021-2022)

Dior Homme Sport 2021 is a truly unique fragrance as it combines the brightness of citrus and spice notes with the deep, sensual smells of wood and amber that give it its complexity.

This scent excels in the spring months thanks to its lemony freshness that’s met with the deeper notes within it making it a perfect every wear in the changing months.

Fragrance Highlights

Notes: Top notes – Lemon, bergamot, and aldehydes | Middle notes – Pink pepper and elemi | Base notes – Woody notes, olibanum, and amber

Why This One? Dior Homme Sport 2021 is one of the best spring fragrances you can buy for its recognizability from the Homme Sport lineup.

This is a perfect fragrance to wear to the office. Or even just out and about during the spring months. It is a unique scent that is sure to get you compliments.

9. Parfums De Marley Galloway

Parfums De Marley Galloway

Galloway is a 2014 release from the house of Parfums De Marley. It is a unisex citrus fragrance based on the name of a Scottish horse.

It features a complex aroma of citrus, iris, and amber. This gives the scent a stunning ability to be worn in all kinds of occasions in the warmer months.

Fragrance Highlights

Notes: Top notes – Citrus and pepper | Middle notes – Orange blossom and iris | Base notes – Musk and amber

Why This One? Parfums De Marley Galloway is a standout fragrance for the spring months thanks to its strong citrusy aromas.

This is the perfect all-rounder that also has enough strength to be worn on springtime date nights. It is special and unique and should always be in your spring rotation of colognes.

10. Paco Rabanne Invictus Platinum

Paco Rabanne Invictus Platinum

Invictus Platinum is a standout modern fragrance. It combines the light freshness of citrus and mint, with the complexity of lavender and patchouli.

This makes for a wonderful springtime fragrance that gives you flexibility and masculine appeal.

Fragrance Highlights

Notes: Top notes – Absinthe and grapefruit | Middle notes – Mint and lavender | Base notes – Cypress and patchouli

Why This One? Invictus Platinum is the perfect spring scent that offers versatility and performance for the warmer weather.

With its fresh and uplifting scent, it combines the appeal of sexiness with the slightly floral undernotes that women love. This is a staple for spring months and is sure to garner compliments all day long.

So there you have it. Out with the old and in with the new season. These are the best spring fragrances for men that you should try in 2024.

If you’re interested in other top fragrances, check out this article I wrote on the best men’s colognes for 2024.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: New Spring Fragrances For Men in 2024
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Published Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2024 13:45:24 +0000

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4 Steps To PURGE Your Wardrobe – How To Get Rid Of Clothing Clutter In Your Closet

4 Steps To PURGE Your Wardrobe closet jpg

It’s Purge Night in your closet.

All bets are off.

All laws are suspended.

For twelve hours, only powerful clothes are safe.

Which outfits will you spare?

Which deserve to die?

man purging wardrobe

A quick look at Rotten Tomatoes will tell you that the jury’s out on whether the premise of the movie The Purge – a society kept under control by a yearly 12-hour period with no laws or emergency services – holds up to scrutiny.

But when it comes to your wardrobe, maintaining order via an annual period of merciless settling up actually makes a lot of sense.

Today, I’m going to show you how to lay your internalized “laws” and emotional hang-ups aside and embrace the purge.

Rule 1: The Purge Lasts a Scheduled, Set Length of Time

man examining his wardrobe

Know when you need to purge. Sometimes it’s because a lot of your wardrobe has become worn out and you’ve been making do with it for too long. For many men, a transition to a new phase of life prompts the need for a clean-out.

If your clothes don’t reflect your age or where you are in your career, or you have a lot of things you never wear, it’s probably time.

Once you know it’s needed, mark it on your calendar. Block off a Saturday afternoon and resolve to only do that.

Set a strict time limit. That way, you’ll be less tempted to procrastinate AND less likely to dither unnecessarily about your decisions. The more time you allow yourself, the more you’ll overthink things.

Like the film’s, your purge should be annual. Marking aside time to check out your wardrobe in a deliberate way will save you time in the future – time shopping, time getting dressed, time panicking because you forgot that the shirt still hanging in your closet has a hole in it.

Subsequent purges won’t be as drastic as your first one. That’s okay. The point is, you’re keeping your wardrobe up to date, in good shape, and pared down to the essentials.

Rule 2: Authorized Weapons Only

man in hat inside the wardrobe closet

For your closet purge, your “weapons” are the questions and concepts you use to aid your decision-making. And heads up: the methods you might be thinking of – making three piles, looking only for what you literally never wear – are weak.

You want to separate the best of your wardrobe from what just doesn’t make the cut. You want a highly selective process. In your new, stylish wardrobe, every single piece should be a winner.

In his book Essentialism, Greg Mckeown presents a series of questions you might ask while cleaning out a closet, and better questions you could ask instead. He uses the analogy of de-cluttering our closet in the same way we de-clutter our lives.

But let’s focus on his closet strategy.

Don’t ask, “do I like this?” More than likely you do at least a little bit, or you wouldn’t have bought it in the first place.

Instead, ask: do I wear this often? Do I look GREAT in it? If I saw this on a store shelf today, would I buy it again at full price?

These are much more powerful questions. They’re derived from one of my men’s style equations: the style equation of value.

If it’s not a ‘hell yeah,’ then it’s a ‘no.’

Rule 3: All (Mental) Emergency Services Are Suspended

guy holding bag with clothes to trash out

That anxiety you feel when you think about getting rid of stuff is a mostly sunk-cost fallacy – the irrational belief that something you’re not using is worth holding onto because you’ve already spent money on it.

It may pay off elsewhere, but thrifty self-control won’t serve you here. Turn the “but I spent money on this!” sirens OFF for the duration of the purge.

Move fast and be brutal. Don’t let “someday” or “maybe” stop you from paring down your wardrobe. Maybe someday you’ll get back in shape, but in the meantime, it’s just taking up space (or worse, getting worn and making you look like a walking midlife crisis).

Besides, would you really want to celebrated a body transformation by wearing out-f-date clothes?

Clothes that are even slightly dated make you look cheap, and not in a cool thrift-shop hipster kind of way. Chances are, you can get along without them.

The last major category of items you’re going to get rid of are clothes fit only for the trash. Stained, worn out, and torn clothes, no matter how nice they used to be, aren’t fit to sell or donate. Toss them. They should not stay in your closet.

For more on this, check out my handy guide on when to throw away clothes.

Rule 4: No Killing of Outfits Level 10 Or Higher

man is looking for clothes for interchangeable wardrobe

In The Purge, you’re not allowed to kill a high-ranking government official. In the Closet Purge, you’re not allowed to kill an outfit you could wear in public if you were one.

When your whole wardrobe’s potentially on the chopping block, what you really need to save are the high-quality, timeless pieces that you’ve invested in because they will never go out of style. If they fit really well (or could with a trip to the tailor) and they’re in great shape, e.g. no holes or stains, these pieces are keepers.

Also in your ‘keep’ pile should be clothes that are highly versatile and could become a component of several go-to looks. You know what you wear often and what goes with what, so if, for example, you need to turn twenty shirts into ten shirts, build your all-star team from the most frequent picks.

If you need some guidelines, check out my posts on creating an interchangeable wardrobe. The mindset of incorporating maximum versatility will help you build a minimalist wardrobe that works.

After Closet Clean Out

man looking for clothes to create interchangeable wardrobe

Once you’ve completed your purge and you’re looking at what remains – vast, empty spaces between each item; gaping holes where the clothes that didn’t make the cut once hung – you’re going to want to buy tons of new clothes right away.

Unless you literally just trashed all your pants, don’t do that.

Instead, live with the clothes you have for a little while and work out what you still need to complete your wardrobe. Make a list of what you need or want so you can shop strategically. Don’t waste time and money just because the hoarding impulse kicks in.

Create a system for getting rid of unwanted clothes in the future. Keep a bag or laundry basket for unwanted clothes near your closet or chest of drawers.

When you buy a new item to replace something, discard the old one.

When something wears out, make sure you toss it out of sight so you’re not tempted to venture out in it.

You can donate or toss your no-longer-needed basket at your next annual purge.

If your closet hasn’t been cleaned out in ages, this probably sounds daunting, but it will be well worth it for the way it streamlines your mornings – and your laundry days.

Take it one step at a time, and you’ll be left with a wardrobe that contains only great options. Why settle for less?

Click below to watch the video – 4 Steps To PURGE Your Wardrobe

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: 4 Steps To PURGE Your Wardrobe – How To Get Rid Of Clothing Clutter In Your Closet
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