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From Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus, check out the artists who had a few fashion and music references in their choice of ensembles for the Grammys

We have officially closed the second music award show for this year, and it was none other than the Grammys. It’s considered as music’s biggest night of the year, and it’s also one of fashion’s most anticipated events. From the hottest singers to the rising artists, all of them arrived dressed to the nines, but there are some who have a few tricks up their sleeves. With that being said, we gathered five artists that referenced a few things with their choice of ensembles for the show. 

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Taylor Swift bids farewell to her Reputation era for now

The black and white dress can be directed to two things, the first and obvious one is her edgy fashion back in 2017 judging by the high-slit and red lip finish of her makeup. For the second concept, the singer announced her new album on the awards show and on Instagram, and we spotted the direct reference of the tick, tick, tick line to the watch choker she had on. We are closing the case by saying that Taylor is shutting down Reputation rumors for now, but hey, at least we’re getting a new album on April 19!

taylor swift grammys 2024
Taylor Swift wore a custom Schiaparelli piece
taylor swift new album
Taylor Swift teases her fans with a poem about her new album

Billie Eilish Barbiefied

The 22 year-old will never fail to show her support for Barbie live action film in every possible way. For the Grammys, Billie Eilish arrived at the red carpet wearing a rather casual outfit layered with a black and pink varsity jacket, embossed with the toy’s signature typography. 

billie eilish grammys 2024
Billie Eilish arrived at the red carpet in a varsity jacket embossed with Barbie’s signature typography

As for her performance look, the singer directly referenced a 1965 Barbie doll named Poodle Parade. From the pink headscarf, tweed coat, to the green midi dress, Billie was able to get this ensemble down to the tee.

billie eilish grammys performance
Billie Eilish performed at the 2024 Grammy’s
barbie doll billie eilish
Billie Eilish posted the Poodle Parade doll on her Instagram

Olivia Rodrigo goes vintage

When it comes to her red carpet fashion, we can confidently say that she finds the balance between daring and elegance. A great example of this would be her taking the vintage route for her Grammy look which is a Versace RTW piece worn by supermodel Linda Evengelista in 1995. The white material highlighted the crystals that decorated the piece from top to bottom, while the double straps added a bit of edge to the overall look.

olivia rodrigo grammys
Olivia Rodrigo wore an archival piece from Versace
linda evangelista versace 1995
The 1995 Versace RTW piece on the runway worn by Linda Evangelista

Miley Cyrus

It’s definitely her comeback era, and her choice of Grammy outfits made that known to everyone. Miley’s red carpet piece is a custom Maison Margiela that showed off her toned physique. It had subtle hints to Egyptian-like patterns, and many speculated that it is also inspired by a John Galliano F/W 1997 runway look.

miley cyrus grammys 2024
Miley Cyrus arrived at the red carpet in a custom Maison Margiela piece
john galliano
John Galliano F/W 1997

For her stage ensemble, another archive design makes an appearance and it was made by Bob Mackie back in 2002. The couture silver bugle-beaded strip was part of the designer’s To Broadway With Love collection, and it captured Miley’s rocker era vibe which she established over the years.

miley cyrus grammy performance
Miley Cyrus performed her hit song Flowers at the Grammy’s
bob mackie 2002
Designer Bob Mackie posted his 2002 piece on Instagram

Ice Spice in full on Y2K

The singer-rapper recently teased her upcoming album release that will happen this year, and she happened to mention that it will be titled Y2K. This is why we’re seeing her dressed from head to toe in an ensemble that screams the fashion of the past decade. You’ve got the faux fur, denim coordinates, and bejewelled accessories that all make up for early 2000s theme she’s going for.

ice spice grammys
Ice Spice made a Y2K fashion statement at the Grammy’s for her upcoming album release

Photos: RECORDING ACADEMY and BOB MACKIE (via Instagram)

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By: Caryll Cabuhat
Title: Vintage Versace to 90s Barbie: 5 Fashion References Seen on the Grammys Red Carpet 2024
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Published Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2024 10:47:47 +0000

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Unleash Your Inner Cool: The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Sunglasses for Style and Protection

shutterstock 1562565541 1

Sunglasses are more than just a functional accessory for men; they are a vital component of a well-curated wardrobe, reflecting personal style and enhancing overall appearance. When choosing sunglasses, men often consider brand reputation, style, functionality, and the specific image they wish to project. This blend of factors highlights the importance of sunglasses in men’s fashion and daily life.

shutterstock 1562565541 1 1

The Allure of Brand Reputation For many men, the brand of sunglasses they choose is a crucial decision influenced by several factors. Reputable brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, and Persol are popular because they represent quality, durability, and timeless style. Men are often drawn to these brands for their rich history and association with iconic figures in popular culture. Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer, for example, has been immortalised by movie stars and musicians, making it a symbol of cool sophistication.

The Role of Style and Functionality Style plays a significant role in the selection of sunglasses. Men look for frames that complement their facial structure and enhance their overall appearance. Classic aviators exude a rugged, adventurous vibe, while sleek, rectangular frames offer a modern, minimalist aesthetic. The choice of lens colour and material also matters, as different tints and coatings can enhance vision in various lighting conditions. Polarised lenses, for example, reduce glare and are ideal for driving or outdoor activities.

Functionality is equally important. Sunglasses protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of cataracts and other eye conditions. They also help avoid squinting, which can cause premature wrinkles around the eyes. For men who spend a lot of time outdoors, sunglasses are not just a fashion statement but a necessary protective measure.

Men do spend a considerable amount of time choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses. This decision involves evaluating various factors, including face shape, skin tone, lifestyle needs, and current fashion trends. Trying on different styles and seeking opinions from friends or family members are common steps in this process. Men want to ensure that their sunglasses not only look good but also feel comfortable and serve their intended purpose.

The Importance of Wearing Sunglasses Wearing sunglasses is crucial for both health and style reasons. They protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause serious damage over time. UV exposure can lead to conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and photokeratitis. By wearing sunglasses, men can significantly reduce the risk of these conditions and maintain healthier eyes.

From a style perspective, sunglasses add an element of mystery and sophistication. They can instantly elevate an outfit, making a man appear more polished and confident. Whether it’s a pair of classic aviators, modern wayfarers, or trendy round frames, the right sunglasses can transform a look and leave a lasting impression. In conclusion, sunglasses are an essential accessory for men, blending functionality with fashion. The choice of brand, style, and functionality reflects personal taste and lifestyle needs, making the decision process thoughtful and deliberate.

Wearing sunglasses is important not only for protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays but also for enhancing one’s overall style and confidence. As men continue to recognize the value of this versatile accessory, the time and effort invested in choosing the perfect pair are well worth it.

The post Unleash Your Inner Cool: The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Sunglasses for Style and Protection first appeared on Mens Fashion Magazine.

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Title: Unleash Your Inner Cool: The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Sunglasses for Style and Protection
Sourced From:
Published Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2024 19:34:45 +0000

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Embrace the Aloha Spirit: How to Rock Hawaiian Shirts for a Stylish Summer

shutterstock 2013785612 1 2

Hawaiian shirts return triumphantly this summer, bringing a splash of colour and a laid-back vibe to men’s fashion. Once relegated to tacky tourist attire, these bold, patterned shirts have become a stylish staple for the warm months. Here’s why you should consider adding a few to your wardrobe, what to avoid, when not to wear them, and how to style them for maximum impact.

shutterstock 2013785612 1 2 1

Hawaiian shirts, or Aloha shirts, are the epitome of summer cool. They are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen, keeping you comfortable even on the hottest days. The vibrant colours and playful patterns evoke a sense of fun and relaxation, instantly transporting you to a tropical paradise. Whether you’re at a beach party or a backyard barbecue, a Hawaiian shirt says, “I’m here to have a good time.” Plus, they’re a great conversation starter. Who wouldn’t want to chat with the guy rocking a shirt covered in surfboards and hibiscus flowers?

While Hawaiian shirts are undeniably cool, there are a few things to watch out for to ensure you’re making a stylish statement rather than a fashion faux pas. First, fit is critical. Avoid shirts that are too baggy or too tight. A well-fitted Hawaiian shirt should be comfortable but not oversized, skimming your body without clinging. Next, consider the print; while bold patterns are part of the charm, avoiding overly loud or garish designs that might overwhelm your look is best. Stick to classic motifs like palm trees, flowers, or subtle tropical scenes. And remember, balance is essential. If your shirt is making a statement, keep the rest of your outfit simple.

As versatile as they are, Hawaiian shirts are only appropriate for some occasions. They’re perfect for casual outings but should be left at home for more formal events like weddings, business meetings, or even court appearances unless you’re in Hawaii, and even then, tread carefully. When it comes to styling Hawaiian shirts, the options are plentiful. For a relaxed, beachy look, pair your sweater with shorts and flip-flops; the real surfer dude, and this combo is perfect for a day at the beach or a casual summer gathering. Try wearing your Hawaiian shirt with chinos, linen trousers, and boat shoes for a slightly more polished appearance. This look strikes a nice balance between laid-back and put-together, making it ideal for dinner dates or just because it’s summer and you must enter.

For those feeling adventurous, you can layer your Hawaiian shirt over a plain white tee and pair it with jeans and sneakers. This adds a touch of urban cool to the tropical vibe. Just avoid clashing patterns; let your shirt be the show’s star.One of the best things about Hawaiian shirts is the opportunity to inject humour into your wardrobe. Embrace the playful spirit of these shirts by choosing patterns that reflect your personality; whether it’s flamingos, pineapples, or vintage cars, a quirky print can showcase your fun side. And don’t be afraid to joke about your style choice. Tell your friends you figured you’d dress like a vacation since you can’t go on one.

Hawaiian shirts are a fantastic addition to any summer wardrobe; they’re relaxed and comfortable and bring a tropical flair to your everyday look. Remember to choose the right fit and pattern, avoid wearing them in overly formal settings, and pair them with complementary pieces to create a stylish look. With a bit of humour and confidence, you can rock a Hawaiian shirt and spread a little sunshine wherever you go. So embrace the aloha spirit and make this summer your most stylish one yet.

The post Embrace the Aloha Spirit: How to Rock Hawaiian Shirts for a Stylish Summer first appeared on Mens Fashion Magazine.

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Title: Embrace the Aloha Spirit: How to Rock Hawaiian Shirts for a Stylish Summer
Sourced From:
Published Date: Mon, 08 Jul 2024 19:29:52 +0000

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The #1 Ally To Your Healthy Living Schedule? A Perfected Morning Routine

pexels pavel danilyuk 7220529 1 1024x684 1

pexels pavel danilyuk 7220529 1 1024x684 2

Pexels – CC0 License

Healthy living is a habit. We tend to look at how to “live healthily” and think of the big blowout moments – losing that final pound, benching a record weight, or recovering from an injury. All of these are certainly powerful moments on your health and well-being journey, but the truth is that healthy living isn’t about any one achievement. It’s about many little habits done well. After all, you have to build a wall brick by brick.

As such, implementing as many opportunities to lay those bricks as well as you can is usually a good thing. For example, if you have a healthy, well-measured sleeping schedule, then waking up in the morning full of energy and ready to make good decisions becomes so much more possible. And so it is that one brick allows you to lay the next with confidence.

One of the best ways to achieve this mindset and habit cycle? The power of a fantastic morning routine. By the end of this post, we hope you’ll know just how much this really can affect everything in your life. Let’s consider how to begin:

Wake Up Early

Ultimately, waking up at the appropriate time for you is the best way to begin. If you work a night shift, this will of course differ from the norm. But if you can, wake up early. Having at least thirty minutes you can relax before your shift, perhaps to perform some yoga, to eat a healthy breakfast, to read a little, and to shake off the cobwebs of a long night of sleep can be a great idea.

At the very least, it will stop you from rushing to work or feeling panicked as soon as you wake up. At best, it will help you feel centered and composed. Consistency is kept here. Waking up at the same time as much as you can, and limiting staying up too long (especially as we get older) can have a big impact on your overall motivation and comfort over the years.

Hydrate First Thing

A good glass of clean water is the best way to start your day. It hydrates you, helps you feel clearer, and allows you to avoid resting on the immediate coffee intake. In fact, it’s recommended that you keep your coffee intake delayed by at least ninety minutes if you do drink it, because that way you’re less likely to experience a caffeine crash.

This means you can spend more time selecting a good coffee instead of a quick fix. For example, a coffee of the month subscription can be a great place to start. Keep in mind that if you place this in a Thermos or similar heat-retaining flask, you can save money on Starbucks and other convenient coffees in the meantime.

Eat A Nutritious Breakfast

Not everyone is super hungry in the morning. Some may even find the idea of eating to be nauseating before they do so because their stomach hasn’t settled yet. But no matter when you eat it, it’s important to make sure your first meal of the day is a healthy one.

If you can, try to get a good balance of protein, carbs, and healthy fat. For example, avocado eggs on wholemeal toast can be a great breakfast. A fiber-based bran cereal can also be helpful. You get to decide, but make sure you have a good hit of calories and nutrition in the morning, with appropriate supplementation on top of that. It will fuel your morning energy and brain power and actually contributes to a healthier weight than skipping breakfast would. Depending on your caloric needs, 400-500 calories is a good place to start.

Incorporate Morning Exercise

If you have time for it, morning exercise can brighten your entire day. We tend to carry around a great deal of residual stress from daily life, and having a space to work all of that out can be fantastic. Not only does it help you feel your best, but it can help your focus, your sense of clarity, and calmness.

If you’re nervous for an upcoming work meeting you have to host, suddenly that feels much less concerning after you’ve been for a morning run. This is because you’ve already dealt with a physical challenge, so feeling confident and flexible in the work meeting somehow feels less of an issue than it did before

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Title: The #1 Ally To Your Healthy Living Schedule? A Perfected Morning Routine
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Published Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2024 11:15:52 +0000

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