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Vite Labs, builders of Vite, a DAG-based smart contract blockchain platform, has announced the launch of its inaugural hackathon with rewards of up to $1M in native VITE tokens. This hackathon is an open invitation to blockchain developers around the world to help build the Vite ecosystem.

The hackathon will be running from June 16, 2021, until July 7th, 2021.

“Come build on the Vite network! Vite Labs is a proud sponsor of Gitcoin’s Grants Round 10 Hackathon and will be giving away rewards up to 1 million VITE. Vite is the world’s first working DAG-based smart contract platform. We designed and built the Vite mainnet from the ground up to enable lightning-fast transactions with zero fees. To accommodate the asynchronous structure of Vite, we created the programming language Solidity++ based on the original Solidity. Vite uses Hierarchical Delegated Proof of Stake (HDPoS) as the consensus protocol and a Snapshot Chain to ensure network security. In addition, we have piloted a unique Quota system that facilitates free transactions as well as provides an extra layer of security. Within the Vite ecosystem, we have built a decentralized exchange ViteX, the first of its kind based on DAG.”
– The Vite Labs Team

Reasons to Build on Vite

Unique and differentiated platform based on DAG that enables free and fast payments and smart contract transactionsExisting products to build on (e.g., ViteX)Dev support/toolingA passionate and growing communityAn opportunity to join Vite full-time


Hackathon participants can define their own tasks. The Vite team is broadly categorizing all tasks into the following three types. Below are a few examples for each type as a reference. Prizes will depend on the usefulness, quality, and creativity of the completed projects.

1. Infrastructure Category (examples below, participants are free to propose their own)

General improvement of Vite protocolEVM compatibilityAsynchronous Smart Contract programming language specification and compiler implementationIDE: Remix / Truffle integration.Mobile Wallet (Android / iOS)Prize Guidelines:

Significance of system improvementThe seriousness of bugs identified2. Application Category (examples below, participants are free to propose their own)

Payment gatewaysAMMPrediction marketSocial walletVanity addressDecentralized staking poolPrize Guidelines:

CreativityUsabilityAbility to attract more users to Vite3. ViteX Category (examples below, participants are free to propose their own)

Custodial gateways (based on Rosetta API)On-chain VX dividend distributingLight-weight REST/Websocket API for ViteXTrading bots (based on Hummingbot)Prize Guidelines:

Increase ViteX volumeAttract more usersAll prizes will be awarded based on the quality of submissions. If a submission under a category does not meet the expectations of a certain prize tier, Vite Labs reserves the right to withhold rewarding a prize for that tier.

Judges will evaluate a submission from three aspects, aside from basic requirements such as working code, successful demo, etc.

1. Usability

Generally speaking, a top-ranked entry serves a compelling use caseIn the case of submission of a product, a top-ranked entry has a strong value proposition with clear user adoption (perhaps as validated by existing products)In the case of submission for infrastructural development, a top-ranked entry addresses an important need or solves a critical problem for the Vite network2. Rigor

A top-ranked entry demonstrates strong technical proficiencyCode is clean, organized, extensible, and has great documentation3. Creativity

Bonus points for finding a niche (but useful) problem or devising a creative way to solve a problem


Below are defined tasks with their own set directions and requirements.

Bounty 1: Create a DAO Governance Tool for Vite ($2,500 in VITE)Bounty 2: Implement Rosetta Node API for Vite to allow easier integration with the Vite blockchain ($3,000 in VITE)Bounty 3: Create a Quota Bank for Vite ($2,500 in VITE)Bounty 4: VitePay module that allows easy e-commerce payment via Vite network ($2,500 in VITE)


Participants will receive advice and support from Vite’s team of judges. In addition to the Vite team, the following industry experts will be guest judges of this event.

Sebastian Gawenda — Kraken

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Title: Vite Labs launches inaugural blockchain hackathon — up to $1M VITE in rewards
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Published Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2021 10:04:45 +0000

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LATAM crypto exchange Bitso and FMF launch NFT of Mexico’s National Team jerseys



Bitso, a leading cryptocurrency platform operating in Latin America, and the Mexican Football Federation (FMF), today announced the joint launch of the first collectible NFT of the Mexico National Team’s jerseys that was acquired in cryptocurrencies.

This morning through their social media platforms, the FMF and Bitso announced the opportunity to acquire the new official National Team fan jerseys ahead of the team’s participation in the 2022 World Cup. In just 20 minutes, the entire collection sold out.

The NFTs of the jerseys have an exclusive design for the metaverse – each is unique on the blockchain and can be resold by its owner in subsequent transactions.

The collection consisted of 100 official physical jerseys, each with a corresponding NFT version of the jersey that fans’ avatars can wear within the Decentraland metaverse. Each physical and NFT jersey set sold for the equivalent of $1,800 MXN in ethers.

“Our mission is to make cryptocurrency useful in the everyday life of Mexicans; we are committed to spreading the technology through innovative opportunities that help people throughout the country familiarize themselves with this new world. We are very excited to offer the incredible, historic opportunity for the fans of our National Team so that through their Bitso account, they can wear the colors of the National Team on and ‘off’ the field in the metaverse.”
– Bárbara González Briseño, General Director of Bitso México

Jersey NFTs

Created by Bitso, the virtual jersey sports the official colors of Mexico and the new National Team shield, characteristics that will make it stand out when users wear it in the virtual world of Decentraland.

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Title: LATAM crypto exchange Bitso and FMF launch NFT of Mexico’s National Team jerseys
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Published Date: Fri, 29 Jul 2022 15:19:02 +0000

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Long-running crypto exchange EXMO unveils “lively” rebrand amidst growth



EXMO, a crypto exchange platform operating since 2014, announced this week a rebranded visual identity with includes a new logo, brand colors, and design features. This new branding comes as EXMO continues to grow its crypto platform while also seeking to expand its presence in other jurisdictions.

Some new developments underway at EXMO:

Soon, users will be able to earn passive income from EXMO’s new staking platform.Plans to launch an EXMO crypto debit card.Expansion of its services in international markets with the opening of offices in Poland and Lithuania.

EXMO’s new logo

The rationale for the re-brand:

“At EXMO, we have a vision of a world where crypto is in every wallet. Hassle-free. We want to achieve this by making crypto as simple and accessible to everyone as possible. And we know that you already appreciate EXMO for offering user-friendly services and helpful support. Also for the opportunity to trade anywhere and anytime, closing deals in just a few taps. Such important changes required a rethinking of our corporate style, which has long needed a massive upgrade. So today we are introducing a new brand identity for EXMO with a completely new visual concept. We are launching a new logo, brand colors, and design elements. Our key design principles are simplicity, boldness, and a pinch of fun. But most importantly, we have changed our logo. Simple and easily recognizable, it represents the humanity of our brand. The logo stands out due to the wavy letter ‘m’ which symbolizes exchange rate charts and also resembles a spring that will launch you into the crypto world.”
– The EXMO Team regarding the re-branding

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Title: Long-running crypto exchange EXMO unveils “lively” rebrand amidst growth
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Published Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 08:10:38 +0000

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Stitching together the grid will save lives as extreme weather worsens



The blistering heat waves that set temperature records across much of the US in recent days have strained electricity systems, threatening to knock out power in vulnerable regions of the country. 

The electricity has largely stayed online so far this summer, but there have been scattered problems and close calls already. 

Heavy use of energy-sucking air-conditioners is the biggest problem. But intense heat can also reduce the output of power plants, blow transformers, and force power lines to sag. Severe droughts across large parts of the country have also significantly reduced the availability of hydroelectric power, according to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC). 

It’s unlikely to get better soon. A number of grid operators may struggle to meet peak summer demand, creating the risk of rolling blackouts, the NERC report notes.

The nation’s isolated and antiquated grids are in desperate need of upgrades to keep the lights, heat, and air-conditioning on in the midst of extreme weather events that climate change is making more common, severe, and dangerous. One clear way to ease many of these issues is to more tightly integrate the country’s regional grids, stitching them together with more long-range transmission lines. 

If electricity generated in one area can be more easily shared across much wider regions, power can simply flow to where it’s needed at those moments when customers crank up air-conditioners en masse, or when power plants or fuel supply lines fail amid soaring temperatures, wildfires, hurricanes, or other events, says Liza Reed, a research manager focused on transmission at the Niskanen Center, a Washington, DC, think tank.  

The problem is it’s proved difficult to build more long-range transmission and grid interconnections for a variety of reasons, including the permitting challenges of erecting wires through private and public lands across cities, counties, and states and the reluctance of local authorities to forfeit control or submit to greater federal oversight.

The case of Texas

The unreliability of the US grid is not a new problem. Severe heat and winter storms have repeatedly exposed the frailty of electricity systems in recent years, leaving thousands to millions of people without power as temperatures spiked or plunged.

One of the fundamental challenges is that the grids today are highly fragmented. There are three main electricity networks within the US: the Eastern Grid, the Western Grid, and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). But there are numerous regional transmission organizations within those first two systems, including the California Independent System Operator, Southwest Power Pool, PJM Interconnection, New York ISO, and more. 

These grids form a complex web of networks operating under different regulators, rules and market structures, and often with limited connections between them.

Map USA grid
A variety of regional transmission organizations oversee different parts of the nation’s aging and fragmented grids, which operate under different rules and with often limited connections between them.

ERCOT is especially isolated, in part because of the desire among local politicians, citizens, and power companies to avoid added competition, the hassle of following other states’ rules, and oversight from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). But the state offers a case study in why that can be a serious problem amid increasingly harsh climate conditions, Reed says.

The Texas grid operator pleaded with customers several times earlier this month to cut electricity use as blistering summer temperatures created  demand surges that threatened to outstrip supply and require rolling blackouts.  Low wind conditions, cloud cover, and outages at fossil-fuel power plants added to the strains.

Shutting off the electricity needed to run air-conditioning in triple-digit temperatures

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By: James Temple
Title: Stitching together the grid will save lives as extreme weather worsens
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Published Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2022 08:00:00 +0000

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