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Watch of the Week: The Seiko SNR045 Prospex LX Limited Edition Is Inspired by an Antarctic Expedition

Since launching in 2019, the watches in Seiko’s Prospex LX line have won accolades for their sporty design, attention to detail, and robust construction. Now Seiko has grown the collection with the new Prospex LX SNR045, a dive watch with an eye-catching green color scheme that references Japan’s long history of scientific exploration in Antarctica.

So how exactly does a green colorway represent the famously cold and icy continent of Antarctica? To answer that, you’ll need to know a little bit about the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE). The program launched with a voyage to Antarctica in 1956 and established a research outpost, Syowa Station, on the continent a year later. In the decades since, JARE teams have performed all kinds of research, and they have made a number of important discoveries—including a surprising finding under the surface of a frigid Antarctic lake in an area called Skarvsnes. There, researchers found tower-like clumps of aquatic moss growing in the icy water, and the green hues and patterned dial of the SNR045 are an homage to these hardy “moss pillars.”

Courtesy Seiko

Mounds of aquatic moss are an unexpected source for style inspiration, and it definitely makes this watch unique. The 44.8mm case stands out boldly on the wrist and offers plenty of space for the “underwater forest” pattern on the dial to shine. The dial features date and power reserve displays and LumiBrite hands and indices, and it’s topped with curved sapphire crystal and a forest green ceramic rotating bezel. Considering that many other sport watches stick with traditional accent colors like blue and black, the rich green features on the SNR045 are a welcome departure from the norm.

Of course, this is a dive watch we’re talking about, and some impressive details back up the tasteful design and ensure good performance under demanding conditions. The SNR045 is water resistant to 300 meters, features an ultra-tough titanium case and bracelet, and comes with a screw-down crown to lock out moisture. Like any true dive watch, the rotating bezel has minute indices for tracking time underwater. It’s also powered by Seiko’s innovative Spring Drive system (caliber 5R65), which combines a mechanically driven movement with a quartz regulator for top-notch accuracy—it’s accurate to within a second per day. Pair that with the watch’s 72-hour power reserve, and you have one highly dependable timepiece, whether you’re wearing it with your scuba gear or just on a weekend getaway.

It’s also destined to be a collector’s item: Seiko plans to manufacture just 500 of these emerald-toned watches, and each one will come with its limited edition number engraved on the case back. The SNR045 goes on sale in August, so keep an eye out to snag this handsome watch for your collection.


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