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men in well fitted navy suit is attractive to ladies

Looking good in men’s formalwear isn’t as easy as just throwing on an old suit jacket, and pants.

Whether it be a well-tailored garment or an off-the-rack bargain suit, there are specific rules every guy must follow when styling his sartorial wardrobe.

Get it right, and you can become the best-looking guy in the room.

Get it wrong, and people WILL notice.

In today’s article, I’m breaking out my must-know suit styling tips to help you stand out for all the right reasons.

We’ll be covering:

  1. What Shirts Work Best With A Navy Suit?
  2. What Tie Styles Can You Wear With A Navy Suit?
    • Solid Color Neckties
    • Polka Dot Ties
    • Paisley Ties
    • Knitted Ties
    • Striped Ties
  3. What Shoes Work Best With A Navy Blue Suit?
    • Brogue Derby Shoes
    • Monkstrap Shoes
    • Chelsea Boots
    • Brown Oxford Shoes
  4. Which Watch Styles Are Best For Navy Suits?
    • Aviator Watch
    • Dive Watch
    • Dress Watch
  5. Should A Man Wear Cufflinks With A Navy Suit?
    • What Are Cufflinks?
    • How Do Cufflinks Work?
    • Different Styles Of Cufflinks
    • How To Wear Cufflinks
  6. Navy Suit Construction Essential Facts
    • Single vs. Double Breasted Suit Jackets
    • How Many Buttons Should Your Suit Jacket Have?
    • Sack Vs. Structured Vs. Fitted Silhouettes
    • Soft Vs. Roped Vs. Structured Suit Jacket Shoulders
    • Notch Vs. Peak Vs. Shawl Suit Lapels
  7. Navy Suit Construction Advanced Facts
    • Suit Jacket Pocket Types
    • Suit Jacket Sleeve Buttons
    • Unlined Vs. Half-Lined Vs. Fully-Lined Suit Jacket Linings
    • Ventless Vs. Single Vs. Double Suit Jacket Vents
    • Lapel Buttonhole

What Shirts Work Best With A Navy Suit?

stylish teacher with suit jpg

Pairing a dress shirt with a navy blue suit is a sharp, classic look for men.

The first thing you want to do is create a contrast with the navy blue color. The easiest way to do this is to stick with dress shirts in light tones. You can’t go wrong with a white or pale blue dress shirt.

In fact, I would advise buying four dress shirts as close to the ones featured in the infographic above:

  • One white shirt
  • One light blue shirt
  • One blue and white striped shirt
  • One medium-blue shirt

In addition to creating a contrast, also aim to make it subtle by avoiding any extreme patterns and stripes. Adding prints on your shirt will take away from the subtle sophistication the suit provides.

While avoiding them altogether is a bit extreme, I would advise that you exercise caution when picking patterned shirts for your navy blue blazer. Very light and faint striped shirts can work well – but these should be very thinly striped in a soft blue.

What Tie Styles Can You Wear With A Navy Suit?

#1 Solid Neckties

elegant man in suit and tie

This is the first tie a man should purchase if he’s starting from scratch. Dark blue is the safest and most versatile, but any deep, rich color is good. Dark greens, burgundies, and for some complexions, purples all work great.

Steer clear of bright colors and shiny surfaces, however. You want something smooth, matte, and refined if you’re wearing a big swath of it across your chest. Stick to that nice deep blue for the first solid tie and work from there.

The best colors to match with a navy blue suit are dark reds or shades of blue (depending on whether you’re wearing a white or blue shirt).

Take a look at the above color wheel. For most men, sticking to colors that are roughly opposite navy blue on the color wheel is the easiest way of balancing the color of your navy blue suit and tie. That means any shade between the bright red at the top of the color wheel and the bright yellow.

However, if you’re wearing a light blue shirt, pairing up a dark blue tie can also look great while wearing a navy blue suit.

#2 Polka Dot Ties

man wearing navy blue suit and polka dot tie

When you think of dress clothing, “polka dots” is probably not the first thing that springs to mind. But that’s the beauty of a dotted tie: it’s not a pattern that shows up in other menswear, meaning it’s not going to be awkwardly close to any of the designs in your shirt or suit.

(If you’re wearing polka-dotted shirts and suits, you’ve got bigger problems than a necktie can fix.)

Get something with a nice, muted background color and very fine, wide-spaced dots, and you’ve got something that’ll stand up to a suit and collared shirt just fine. Maybe you wouldn’t wear it to a top-formality board meeting, but for daily office work, it’s excellent – and it’s not clashing with anything else you’re wearing.

#3 Paisley Neckties

man wearing navy blue suit with paisley tie

Paisley is a repeating, curved design of Middle Eastern origin. The paisley figures are usually ornately bordered and filled with abstract designs and are placed against a solid background, sometimes with smaller floral figures in between the paisley figures.

This is a somewhat casual look, but it’s useful for the same reason as a polka dot pattern: you’re not echoing a design that exists anywhere else in the outfit, except perhaps the pocket square. (Again, if you’re wearing paisley shirts with neckties, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do!)

#4 Knit Ties

knitted necktie

In and out of fashion at various points, knit ties come back so often that it’s worth having a few on hand.

These are larger, bulkier ties than the more common woven versions. They have a visibly bumpy texture and, in some cases, visible gaps in the fabric. The thickness makes for a nice, hefty knot — great for bigger guys and broader faces, but tough to pull off if you’re on the skinny side.

Wear them when you want a little vintage feel or when your outfit needs some texture to break up a flat look.

#5 Striped Ties (University & Regimental)

man wearing navy blue suit with striped tie

British readers might find the idea of school ties more common than American readers. Still, they exist on both sides of the pond: colored ties with diagonal stripes, typically (although not always) in the same colors as the school’s banners, sports uniforms, etc.

An interesting quirk of these: university ties slant downward from left to right. That sets them apart from regimental ties.

To the uneducated eye, regimental ties look just like old-fashioned school neckties. However, the diagonal stripes slant from right to left, rather than left to right, and British military men will recognize the color schemes of various regimental units.

Ties designed to look like regimental ties are fine for general-purpose business wear. You should avoid actual ties from official military regiments unless you belonged to that regiment at some point in your life. Only a few people will notice or care, but those people will care very much.

This is primarily a British tradition, although neckties do exist in the colors of the American military service branches (scarlet and gold for the Marine Corps, etc.). They can vary in quality from dignified to tacky, depending on how bright the colors are and how shiny the fabric is.

What Shoes Work Best With A Navy Suit?

When wearing a navy suit, paying close attention to the shoes you plan to wear with your outfit is essential.

In my opinion, shades of brown work best with navy – typically, black can have a stark contrast against navy and look a bit weird if not pulled off correctly.

As such, I recommend sticking to shades of brown for most guys to ensure that whatever shoes you wear will look good and well-balanced against the rest of your outfit.

While there are plenty of formal shoe styles out there, if I had to choose a few shoe styles that were best to pair with a navy suit, I would recommend:

#1 Brogue Derby Shoes

Find The Best Dress Shoes To Wear With Jeans jpg

Think of the derby shoe as a “casual dress shoe.” The versatility of a pair of brogued Derby shoes makes them ideal for the versatility of a navy suit. You could wear them to the office, at a wedding or more casually at the weekend.

#2 Monk Strap Shoes

double monk straps

Both the single and double varieties apply. Monk strap shoes are identifiable by their buckle and leather enclosure compared to laces. Given the lack of lacing, monk strap shoes perform better in a casual environment. Brown shades are by far the color of choice to grant you multiple pairings with trousers.

#3 Chelsea Boots

stylish boots

Chelsea boots are another semi-casual shoe that looks great with the navy blue suit. Depending on your event, suede is a great casual option, while leather will step up the blazer slightly.

#4 Brown Oxfords

Infographic Cap-Toe Balmoral Oxfords

The most formal style on this list. Oxford shoes are best reserved for more formal occasions when a brogue Derby shoe would look out of place. Sure, you can wear them to the office, but I’d only advise doing so if you’re in a position of power and authority.

Which Watch Styles Are Best For Suits?

#1 Aviator Watch

Click here to discover my guide on buying an Aviator Watch.

This men’s watch started in 1906 on the wrist of adventurous pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont as he achieved the first-ever powered flight in Europe.

Santos-Dumont happened to be friends with Louis Cartier (recognize the name?) and asked him to develop a watch that could act as a stopwatch in addition to telling time.

The result was a piece that featured Roman numerals and a curved dial within a rectangular case.

As aviation evolved, so did the watches. Later designs included extra-large cases and dials for easy reading at a glance, plus large white Arabic numerals on black enamel dials for contrast. Watchmakers also fitted them with chunky, onion-shaped crowns that were easy to grip when wearing thick gloves.

Long straps made these watches easy to fit over a flight jacket, allowing the pilot to stay fully protected.

In short, these watches were made as resilient as the pilots themselves.

When wearing an Aviator’s watch with a navy suit – be mindful of the strap and size of the dial. A brown leather strapped Aviator watch is ideal when wearing a navy suit to a wedding – it says, ‘I know how to dress for the occasion, but recognize that a dress watch might be too formal for some 21st Century wedding dress codes.’

Make sure the brown leather strap matches your belt’s and shoes’ brown leather!

Aviator Watch 2 jpg

What makes an Aviator Watch?

  • Men’s aviator watches feature high-contrast dials and numerals for telling the time at a glance.
  • A more oversized crown is also typical as it allows the pilot to adjust the time without needing to remove his gloves.
  • A tell-tale sign of an Aviator Watch is whether or not it has extra features for added practicality. It might come with a chronograph (initially used for timing a plane’s turns). Also, look out for time zone functions and “Whiz Wheels”: a tool capable of calculating time, fuel, and distance.

#2 Dive Watch

Click here to discover more about the Dive Watch.

The name says it all – this watch is used for underwater diving and to monitor dive times.

The first recorded use of a dive watch was in 1926 when Rolex registered a patent for the water-resistant ‘Oyster’ watch case.

Men’s watch styles at this time leaned towards thin, elegant, and fragile models. The Oyster proved it was different. Rolex arranged for daring swimmer Mercedes Gleitze to embark on a daunting 10-hour swim across the British Channel with the Rolex Oyster hung around her neck. Not only did Mercedes successfully cross the channel, but the watch remained intact and dry inside – it kept perfect time throughout!

Today, the diver’s watch is constructed to withstand high water pressure. Domed sapphire or mineral glass is used for this as they are also durable and scratch-resistant.

These watches feature a rotating bezel so divers can time dives and monitor their air supply. The bezel is often unidirectional, only able to be rotated anticlockwise to prevent the bezel from being fatally adjusted to tell a diver they have more air remaining than they really do.

Dive watches are typically water-resistant to 660-980 feet. Higher-quality dive watches can go even deeper. They come fitted with a helium release valve to mitigate pressure build-up.

Swap out the typical rubber strap for a metal strap when wearing a dive watch with a navy suit. This will elevate the formality of the watch and help it meet the dress expectations of business environments.

Dive Watch jpg

What are the essential parts of a Dive Watch?

  • Dive watches are made with stainless steel – the best material for braving the pressures of the deep and the corrosiveness of salt water.
  • Due to the sheer hardware that goes into them, the watches are usually larger than others.
  • They use thicker crystals to enhance pressure resistance. The crystals can come in acrylic, hardened glass, or synthetic sapphire.
  • Easy legibility is a must, so these men’s watches are designed with as little clutter on the dials as possible. The minute hand is deliberately made larger.
  • In addition to that, the markers for 3,6,9, and 12 are designed as conspicuously as possible to prevent disorientation-induced readout errors. The same goes for the zero-marker on the bezel.
  • The case size makes it easy for divers to rotate the bezel, even when wearing a wetsuit.

#3 Dress Watch

Click here to discover my dress watch guide.

The Dress Watch is the most straightforward and elegant watch a man can buy. Designed to tell the time and nothing else, a dress watch is never ostentatious.

A vital feature of the dress watch is its thin casing, which allows a man to slip it under the cuff of a dress shirt easily.

In the heyday of mechanical watches, bulky models were standard because they were easier and cheaper to make. There was more room inside the case to work with. Thin watches were, and still are, proof of superior craftsmanship.

Dress watches are commonly worn with tuxedos. They represent the height of formality in watchmaking and should be worn when black tie is on the cards. However, if you swap out the traditional black leather strap for a brown one, they can be a great formal option when wearing a navy suit.

Dress Watch jpg

What constitutes a Dress Watch?

  • Out of all men’s watch styles, a dress watch’s dial is always the simplest. It has no complications apart from perhaps a date window.
  • The face is never wider than 42mm and comes in black, white, or silver. Is 42mm too small for a man? Not when it comes to dress watches.
  • Even the hour markers are simple – they’re commonly Roman numerals or simple batons.
  • Dress watches are made in precious metals like gold to reflect the occasion. It makes sense because wearers purchase them for momentous occasions.
  • The straps are always leather – usually darker in color to drive home the formal factor.
  • The only decoration on this men’s watch is a single cabochon – a polished gemstone – over the crown.

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With a vision to be relevant today, tomorrow, and beyond – About Vintage’s focus is to make simple yet spectacular timepieces for the everyday gent. For them, vintage is not just a style reference; it is the journey to becoming it.

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#1 What Are Cufflinks?

What Are Cufflinks jpg

Cufflinks are tools for fastening shirt cuffs closed.

They’re an alternative to the buttons that are commonly sewn onto shirt cuffs. The defining feature is that cufflinks are separate objects: sew it onto the shirt, and it’s a button, but if it’s fully removable, it’s a cufflink.

Cufflinks come in many shapes, sizes, styles, and materials just like buttons. They usually offer a little more contrast than a button and are considered a more ornamental option, but they’re not inherently more or less formal.

how the cufflinks are constructed

A cufflink fastens a shirt by sliding through holes on either side of the cuff opening, then swinging into a locked or fixed position to hold the sides together.

The most common cufflink consists of a large head or “insert member” with a decorative front face, a post that extends from the back of the head, and a hinged toggle that swings out from the bar to fasten the link.

These are fastened by setting the toggle in its closed position so that there is a straight post descending from the underside of the head.

The post slides through the holes on both sides of the cuffs, and then the toggle is swung outward to prevent the post from sliding back out.

That holds the cufflink in place, with the front face of the insert member placed decoratively atop the buttonholes.

different types of men's cufflinks

There are dozens of variations on the basic theme of the hinged cufflink and several other mechanical alternatives. Here are some of the most common types of cufflinks:

  • Whale Back Cufflinks have a flat head, a straight post, and a “whale tail” that flips completely flat against the post. They are straightforward, and their large post and closing mechanism make them easy to use. This is probably the most common type of cufflink on the market.
  • Bullet Back Cufflinks are similar to whale tail cufflinks, but the post is a hollow frame, and the closing mechanism is a narrow cylinder of metal that nests inside the frame. To lock the links in place, the cylinder is flipped outward, leaving the frame in place as the post.
  • Stud or Button Style Cufflinks have no hinge mechanism. Instead, they have a large head, a straight post, and a smaller interior head or backing. The smaller head is tilted, worked through the buttonhole, and straightened out to lock it. Once in place, they are quite secure, and the lack of moving parts makes them very durable.
  • Chain Link Cufflinks have two heads (usually identical) connected by a short length of fine chain. This creates a slightly looser fastening than other styles, with visible decoration on both sides of the closed buttonholes.
  • Ball Return Cufflinks have a curved post with a small, heavy ball opposite the decorative head. They provide a slightly looser fastening than hinged cufflinks but a slightly tighter one than a chain. They can be expensive when made in precious metals, as the size and weight of the ball add considerably to the material cost of the item.
  • Locking Dual-Action Cufflinks use a hinge mechanism similar to the closure of a metal watchband. The entire post is the hinge: the cufflink swings open, the smaller end is slipped through the opening, and then the cufflink is swung shut once more, clipping the sides of the cuff together underneath the head. This is a contemporary style and, after a short learning curve, is one of the easiest to use and most secure styles available.
  • Knot Cufflinks are similar to chain links, with two heads connected by a short, flexible length, but they are made of soft cord (usually silk) rather than metal, and the heads are decorative knots. The irregular surface of the knotwork makes this a more casual style, particularly when multiple colors are involved.
  • Fabric Cufflinks can be almost any fastener style but have a fabric “button” on top as the ornamental face. They are a deliberately casual style.
hot to wear cufflinks

Cufflinks can be worn with either single cuffs, which look just like a regular buttoning dress shirt’s cuffs but with holes on both sides of the opening, or with doubled-back “French” cuffs. French cuffs will have two holes on either side of the opening, which should line up one atop the other when you fold the cuff back.

To fasten the cuff, the holes on both sides of the cuff opening are lined up, the cufflink is inserted through so that the post runs all the way through all the holes, and the link is then set into its closed position.

The sides of the cuff are most commonly matched up “kissing,” with the interior faces touching one another. This turns the hemmed edges of the cuff opening outward from the wrist, one atop the other.

It is not “wrong,” however, to fasten the cuff sides overlapping rather than kissing. In that arrangement, the underside of one edge of the cuff lays atop the outer face of the other edge, so that only one hemmed edge points outward.

The overlapping or “barrel” style looks slimmer and more business-like than the more ornamental “kissing” look. Neither is wrong, but the kissing approach has traditionally been considered better suited to the ornamental nature of cufflinks.

#1 What’s the Difference Between Single vs. Double Breasted Suit Jackets?


A single-breasted jacket has two halves that button together at the front. This type is the more classic style and is widely available and used.

The number of buttons on a single breast jacket varies between one to four. Standard single-breast jacket styles have two or three buttons with a notch lapel.

A double-breasted jacket is more formal than a single-breasted jacket. These jackets feature four, six, or eight buttons on the front, with six as a standard. Peak lapels are a defining feature of these jackets and help to accentuate the shoulders.

A double-breasted jacket has extra fabric that folds over from left to right. The shortage of cloth during the World Wars and the popularity of single-breasted jackets with returning war veterans made double-breasted suits a rarity.

If you see one in a store – take that as a good sign.

#2 How Many Buttons Should Your Suit Jacket Have?

Infographic - Suit Jacket Buttoning Rules

The choice is between one, two, or three buttons on the front. The preferred option is two buttons on a suit jacket for most men.

  • The one-button single-breasted suit jacket: Generally used on a tuxedo. These jackets are suited to lean men and worn for black tie events. They are not versatile.
  • The two-button single-breasted suit jacket: Is one of the most classic looks in men’s fashion. This style of suit looks good on all body types. The cut of the suit makes just about every man’s frame look longer. Two-button suits are great for both social and business events.
  • The three-button single-breasted suit jacket: Because of the buttons’ arrangement, three-buttons flatter taller men. Men who like to wear waistcoats will also likely prefer the look of a three-button suit. These are suitable for formal occasions.

Rules of buttoning a single-breasted jacket:

  • One button: Always closed except when sitting.
  • Two buttons: Use the top one and leave the second button undone.
  • Three buttons: Button the center and top ones and leave the third button undone.

Never button the bottom button.

#3 Sack vs. Structured vs. Fitted Silhouettes

Suit Jacket Silhouettes

The term silhouette here refers to the shape or cut of a suit jacket.

The shape of a garment sets the tone of your appearance. There are three basic silhouettes on a suit jacket:

  • Sack or Brooks Brothers Suit Jacket: As the name suggests, it is a shapeless jacket with narrow shoulders. The jacket hangs on the body – presenting a classic shape for anyone wanting to blend into the crowd as it hides the wearer’s figure.
  • Structured Silhouette Suit Jacket: This is the most formal silhouette, influenced by the military uniform. The shoulders have inserted pads, and the waist is trim, giving the wearer an almost hourglass appearance.
  • Fitted Silhouette Suit Jacket: This silhouette suits men who are in shape. It presents a tailored fit. With minimal padding, the high armholes enhance the wearer’s posture.

#4 Soft vs. Roped vs. Structured Suit Jacket Shoulders

4 Suit Jacket shoulders type 2

If the shoulders don’t fit – You cannot alter the jacket to fit you.

It is the first detail you need to pay attention to when shopping for a suit jacket.
The construction of the shoulder should complement the build of the body. Sloping shoulders may need padding to lift the area.

A man with narrow shoulders and extra weight around the midsection requires a slightly extended horizontal shoulder area. A body with a strong V shape can skip strong shoulders to favor more balance to the overall appearance.

A good shoulder construction does not sag over the shoulder line and is big enough to allow unrestricted movements of the arms.

The Italians prefer a soft, unstructured shoulder, while the English fancy a bit of looping in the shoulders, creating a gentle bump on the shoulder line.

#5 Notch vs. Peak vs. Shawl Suit Lapels

Suit Jacket Lapel Types

Lapels should always be a reflection of the jacket’s proportions. A wide lapel on a suit jacket suits a well-proportioned man. The same lapel on a smaller man will dwarf his frame.

The lapel should extend to just about the mid-point between the collar and the shoulders.

There are three common types of lapels:

  • Notch Lapel: The top of the lapel and the bottom of the collar meets in a notch. This style is the most common type of lapel and suits a single-breasted jacket.
  • Peak Lapel: These have strong edges pointed towards the shoulders. A peak lapel is more formal and always found on double-breasted jackets.
  • Shawl Lapel: The collar has a continuous curve without a break like a peak or a notch lapel. These are seen only on tuxedos and worn at exclusive events like a black-tie night.

Suit Construction Advanced Facts

#1 Suit Jacket Pocket Types

types of pockets

A standard feature of a suit jacket is a pocket on the left side of the chest, called the breast pocket. You’ll notice in some of my videos – my suit jacket has a pocket on the right. Any guesses why?

  • The flaps on the pockets should be consistent with the size of the lapels.
  • The jetted pocket is more dressy, which explains why it fits the tuxedo.
  • The flap pocket will add a touch of thickness to the hip, while the slit pocket gives a slimmer look.
  • Angled pockets are sportier and should always have a flap.
  • Conductors or valets initially used a ticket pocket to hold train tickets.
  • A patch pocket is suitable for sports jackets but not for a formal suit.

#2 Suit Jacket Sleeve Buttons

Whether they are functional or not, a suit jacket will have buttons on the sleeve.

Four buttons are standard for a suit sleeve, while a sports jacket usually has only two. For a two-button suit – I prefer either two or four buttons on the sleeve. For a three-button – I would go with three buttons on the sleeve.

Manufacturers should set the buttons on a sleeve closely together, almost kissing each other. Sleeve buttons that come undone used to be a sign of superior suit quality.

#3 Unlined Vs. Half-lined Vs. Fully-lined Suit Jacket Linings

lining is essential part of suit jacket

A natural fiber lining on the inside of a suit jacket is a sign of quality.

Bemberg is a natural form of rayon made from cotton linter. It’s the king of linings as it’s durable, relatively inexpensive, breathable, and easy to find.

Silk is a luxury fabric and, therefore, expensive. Although sought after for suits, especially custom, I don’t recommend it. It can be challenging to clean and impossible to fix if torn (you need to replace it). It is breathable, though, so an option for hot weather.

Polyester or oil-based rayon linings are common in low-cost and mass-manufactured jackets – avoid them as they are the least breathable.

The inner jacket lining is usually color-coordinated with the suit fabric. If you decide to go with a contrasting color, it makes the suit more casual (although you can keep it buttoned, and no one will know). A lining provides a suit jacket with durability and helps to maintain its line.

An unlined suit jacket is bound to cost more than a suit that is completely lined. Why? Labor and skill – unlined jackets are rare, and the artist building the coat will need to ensure his inner stitching is beautiful as the suit jacket’s owner will be able to see it.

Advantages vs. disadvantages of each lining style

  • Unlined: Preferred in hot climates, unlined jackets are light and breathable. Keep in mind that summer jackets in light fabrics are bound to cost more than a lined jacket.
  • Fully Lined: Lining adds weight to a jacket. It also adds protection to the inside of the suit jacket. Business suits need lining. However, the extra layer of cloth holds the heat in these jackets – not the best choice for summer and hot weather.
  • Half Lined: The middle-ground for suit jacket lining is a partial lining that protects the canvas of the suit without adding much weight. Partially lined jackets have a softer shape than fully lined jackets. As with unlined jackets, partially lined jackets also cost more than suits with regular full lining.

#4 Ventless vs. Single vs. Double Suit Jacket Vents

suit jacket vents styles

Suit jackets may or may not have a vent or slit in the lower back portion. The three options for vents in a suit jacket are:

  • No Vent (ventless): Preferred by Italians, this style is more fitted. The downside is when you put your hands in your pockets or sit down – the jacket creases and bunches up in the back.
  • Single Vent: I am not a fan of the single vent suit jacket for men. It exposes their backside when they place their hands in the trouser pockets. As the least expensive option, it gives the wearer a boxy appearance.
  • Double or Two-Sided Vent: This allows for more fluid movement of hands. It gives the wearer added shape. The flap comes up when you sit or put your hands in your pockets – preventing the jacket from creasing and keeps the backside covered.

#5 Lapel Buttonhole

lapel buttonhole with flower

The one working buttonhole worth having is on the lapel.

The buttonhole on the lapel initially closed the suit jacket and buttoned it up. Now – it has found a more aesthetic purpose in sporting a boutonniere.

The boutonniere goes on the left lapel of the suit jacket, in the lapel’s buttonhole, with an opening of about 1-1.5 inches.

Only higher-end suits have a functional lapel buttonhole, with a hand-sewn lining to support the flower and a latch on the reverse side of the lapel to secure the stem of the flower.

Avoid pinning the stem to your lapel unless prepared by a florist.

A special occasion is not required to sport a flower on your suit. The only caveat is that wearing one will attract attention. Apart from funerals and solemn events – wearing a flower is going to be a conversation starter.

How you wear your suit jacket is a matter of your style, taste, and your budget. You can carry off a reasonably well-constructed suit if you pay attention to the details. Get them right, and you will be setting a high sartorial standard.

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The Man’s Guide to Swimwear | How To Choose A Proper Swim Suit

The hairless or nearly hairless body jpg
The hairless or nearly hairless body 1 jpg

For most of human history, recreational swimming was done naked. (Non-recreational swimming was done in whatever you were wearing when you fell in, because it beat the heck out of drowning.)

Purpose-designed swimwear started out as a modesty garment first, and a practical garment very much second. Early swimsuits were made from knit wool, and in the case of women’s swimwear included long skirts, weighted down at the hem to keep the water from lifting them up.

Suits were strictest in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, when both men and women were prohibited by law and custom from going bare-chested in public. One-piece suits with cutoff sleeves and legs were a common style.

In the 50s and 60s, men actually organized protests arguing for the right to go topless. Many were cited for public indecency until the laws finally changed. (Women are undergoing a very similar struggle right now.)

From that point on, swimsuits were more about function than modesty. Specialty suits began to evolve in the 60s and onward, leading up to today’s world of wetsuits, drysuits, racing wear, drag suits for training, and more.

Different Types and Styles of Modern Swimwear

Swim Trunks For Men Care and Maintenance jpg

Contemporary swimsuits can serve both decorative and practical functions. Most strive for both. Swimsuits are usually categorized by the length and looseness of their cut:

  • Trunks are the most common men’s swimwear in North America. They look similar to shorts worn as clothing on land, but are made from light, fast-drying materials (usually nylon or polyester) and feature a tighter-fitting lining inside the shorts. Longer versions that come past the knee are sometimes called boardshorts.
  • Swim briefs are often called “speedos,” a trademarked brand that has been popular for many years. They are tight, body-hugging swimsuits with a V-shaped front that bares the thighs. Recreational swim briefs typically feature an interior lining.
  • Square-cut shorts are a body-hugging style that covers the wearer from the waist to the upper thigh. The leg openings are cut straight across the thigh for a boxy look that is slightly less revealing than angled swim briefs.
  • Jammers are knee-length, skintight suits used by competitive swimmers and other watersports participants to reduce drag. They resemble bike shorts, but without the padded crotch and seat.
  • Racing suits are tight, form-fitting suits designed to reduce drag by streamlining the body and skin. They come in a number of cuts, baring or covering varying amounts of arm and leg. Modern marketing usually refers to them as “skins,” i.e., bodyskin, legskin, kneeskin, etc.
  • Wetsuits and drysuits are insulated suits designed for prolonged immersion, usually in the context of snorkeling, scuba diving, or board sports. They are quite close-fitting.
  • Rash guards are a looser form of all-body swimwear than a wetsuit, and are generally used by watersports participants such as surfers, kayakers, and paddleboarders. Most are made from a UV-reflective fabric with a UPF rating.
  • Swim shirts are an upper-body-only version of a rash guard, and are gaining popularity as a sun and surf protection option for casual bathers.
  • Thongs are small briefs designed to expose the buttocks. Many cultures traditionally use thong-style swimwear for men, such as the Japanese fundoshi, but in contemporary Western culture thongs are predominantly marketed toward women. Men can and do wear them, however.

All of the above styles can come in nearly any color or pattern imaginable, provided one is willing to shop around long enough. Traditional colors and patterns for men include solid navy blue, blue-and-white striping, and floral or Hawaiian-style prints.

Buying a Swimsuit

Swimsuits are, relative to a lot of menswear, forgiving garments to shop for. You don’t need an absolutely perfect tailored fit, so long as the suit stays up when you dive in (and most have a cord at the waist to help with that).

That doesn’t mean you should grab whatever’s cheapest off the Wal-Mart shelf and call it a day, though. You’re likely to only have one or two swim garments in your wardrobe at a time, so it’s worth finding ones you really like.

A couple key steps:

1. Know Your Active Needs

Just how intense are your activities going to be in your swimwear?

A swimsuit for a hotel pool now and then doesn’t have a lot of technical requirements. Something to go surfing in for hours at a stretch is another matter.

man on the beach with no body hair

Think about the following when you’re weighing swimsuit options:

  • How much leg movement are you going to do? Loose fabric, when wet, can chafe very quickly, so a loose trunk style of shorts isn’t great if you plan on walking around in your suit or using your legs for exercise. (Despite the “boardshort” name, pro surfers usually wear snug, tight-fitting swimwear these days.)
  • How much actual swimming (as opposed to wading and splashing around) are you going to do? You’ll want to reduce drag if you’re actually propelling yourself through the water for any length of time, making a tighter fit preferable.
  • How much sun protection do you need? For prolonged sun exposure, it’s worth considering something that covers the upper body as well as the lower.

As you can see, the basic, short-like trunk style is really only suited for casual users who plan on lying around, wading, and maybe doing a little light swimming. If you’re planning on being more sporty than that, a snugger fit and potentially some more body coverage is worth considering.

2. Know the Visual Impression You Want

Who you’re going to be wearing your swimsuit around, and what you want from them, plays just as important a role as your activities.

man wearing swimwear on the beach

Family vacationers don’t have much in the way of stylistic needs. Men who are planning on hitting up beach parties and crowd scenes, perhaps with an eye toward meeting women (or other men) for romance, need to be a little pickier. And businessmen who may end up in the spa or hotel pool with co-workers and business partners have their own special concerns. Ask yourself:

  • Are you trying to impress anyone? If not, stop worrying. Wear whatever is comfortable and works for you.
  • Are you trying to look professional? Conservative (but not exaggerated) length, conventional styles (trunks or square-cuts), and dark, solid colors or restrained stripes are for you. Navy blue with brass-colored grommets and white rope ties are always safe.
  • Do you want to look sexy? If so, you’ll need a cut that flatters your body type (see below), and a color and pattern that’s eye-catching without being ridiculous. Think stripes, plaids, bright solids, or some not-too-crazy floral patterning.

These affect cuts as well as colors and patterns: tight, form-fitting styles look sharp and practical in the longer cuts, but sexualized and only good for showing off your bod in the smaller cuts. Baggier styles look less sexualized, but can also look slumped and casual, like you don’t care about your appearance.

3. Be Honest About Your Body

It’s the 21st century — if you want to let it all hang out, you’re free to, at least as far as the local laws permit it.

Opt for Versatility jpg

That said, some realistic expectations about who wants to see your naked flesh, and how much of it, go a long way. A little self-consciousness is not a bad thing. Be honest:

  • Are you a little soft around the middle? If you are, a looser cut will balance things out a bit, and you’ll absolutely want to avoid anything with a tight, strongly-elasticized waist opening that’s going to dig in to your belly.
  • Are your thighs and buttocks toned? If they’re not, a tight swimming brief or thong is going to expose a lot of jiggle. Your call on whether you want to do that or not.
  • Are you fit, but not interested in getting ogled? Longer, form-fitting styles like jammers or skinsuits are for you: all the streamlining and none of the naked flesh. It desexualizes things a bit.

There are no right or wrong choices here, but you should realistically expect your choices to have some effect on other people. There are going to be visual judgments on whether you look good in shorts, whether you want them or not.
Want more?

Discover How The Right Image Helps You Make More Money, Attract Women, & Command Respect.

Learn the secrets of style in a structured environment leveraging my proven step-by-step master programs.

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50 Last-Minute Holiday Men’s Gift Ideas for 2023

wireless earbuds echo jpg

Struggling to find a last-minute gift for the man in your life as the holiday season approaches?

You’re not alone. The challenge of selecting a thoughtful gift under the pressure of looming deadlines is real, especially with the year drawing to a close.

Whether it’s for your dad, brother, uncle, or friend – the vast array of options can seem overwhelming.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our curated list of 50 last-minute gift ideas for men cuts through the clutter. From tech and apparel to accessories and home goods, we’ll ensure you find the perfect gift without the stress, making this holiday season memorable and enjoyable.

1. Echo Buds (2023 Release)

echo wireless earbuds
Click here to grab Echo Buds (2023 Release)

Echo Buds deliver crisp, balanced sound and active noise cancellation for immersive listening anywhere.

With Alexa built-in, men can enjoy hands-free access to music, calls, or getting information on the go.

The comfortable, customizable fit ensures they’ll stay secure during workouts or daily wear.

With up to 15 hours of music playback per charge, these wireless earbuds provide reliable performance all day long for the busy modern man.

Key Features:

  • Active Noise Cancellation: Immerse in high-quality audio by reducing ambient noise.
  • Hands-free Alexa Integration: Effortlessly control tasks with voice commands for ultimate convenience.
  • Customizable Fit: Achieve comfort and security with customizable ear tips.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Experience hassle-free and tangle-free audio with Bluetooth technology.

Click here to grab Echo Buds (2023 Release)

2. Google Pixel 7a

google 7a jpg
Click here to purchase Google Pixel 7A

The Google Pixel 7a offers top-notch technology and features, making it an ideal gift for the man who seeks a powerful Android, affordable, and reliable smartphone for various needs.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Camera System: Capture stunning photos and videos with the high-quality camera.
  • Fast Performance: Powered by cutting-edge technology for smooth multitasking and app performance.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Enjoy extended usage without worrying about frequent recharging.
  • Pixel Experience: Access the latest Android updates and features for an optimized user experience.

Click here to purchase Google Pixel 7A

3. PlayStation Portal Remote Player

playstation portal remote console for gamers
Click here to grab the PlayStation Portal Remote Player

The New PlayStation Portal Remote Console allows men to easily stream their PS5 games on mobile devices.

With high-quality graphics and responsive controls, guys can continue playing hit titles like God of War Ragnarök and Horizon Forbidden West on the go.

Setup takes just seconds by pairing your smartphone or tablet with the PS5 via the same WiFi network.

Wherever he is, a man can use Remote Play to access his PS5 and pick up game progress right where he left off.

Key Features:

  • Seamless Control: Navigate games and media effortlessly with an intuitively designed remote.
  • Ergonomic Advantage: Enjoy a comfortable grip designed for prolonged gaming sessions.
  • Universal Compatibility: Connects seamlessly with PlayStation consoles and various media devices.
  • Durable Performance: Built to withstand the demands of intense gaming sessions for long-lasting enjoyment.

Click here to grab the PlayStation Portal Remote Player

4. Apple 10.9-inch iPad

Apple Ipad Tablet
Click here to grab Apple’s iPad (10th Generation)

The 10.9-inch iPad is a fantastic gift for men who are always on the move, especially for those who enjoy entertainment on the go.

Its compact size and powerful features make it perfect for catching up on favorite shows, movies, or sports while on a plane or during long commutes.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Liquid Retina Display: Ensures an immersive viewing experience, ideal for movies and games.
  • Powerful A14 Bionic Chip: Provides smooth, lag-free performance for streaming and browsing.
  • All-Day Battery Life: Great for long flights or travel without constant need for charging.
  • Lightweight and Portable Design: Easy to carry, perfect for entertainment anywhere, anytime.

Click here to grab Apple’s iPad (10th Generation)

5. Sony WF-1000XM5 Noise-Canceling Earbuds

noise cancel earbuds sony jpg
Click here to grab Sony WF-1000XM5 Noise Canceling Earbuds

The Sony WF-1000XM5 Noise-Canceling Earbuds are an exceptional gift for any man who appreciates high-quality sound and cutting-edge technology.

Ideal for the music lover, the frequent traveler, or the fitness enthusiast, these earbuds offer a blend of superior sound quality, noise cancellation, and comfort.

Key Features:

  • Industry-Leading Noise Cancellation: Perfect for immersive listening and distraction-free sound.
  • High-Resolution Audio: Delivers exceptional sound quality for an unparalleled listening experience.
  • Long Battery Life with Quick Charging: Ensures uninterrupted listening throughout the day.
  • Ergonomic Design: Provides comfort and stability, suitable for extended wear and active use.

6. The Echo Show 5

Echo smart home device
Click here to grab Echo Show-5 (3rd Generation, 2023 Release)

The Echo Show 5 is an excellent gift for men who enjoy the convenience and innovation of smart home technology.

This compact device is perfect for a nightstand, office desk, or kitchen counter, providing easy access to information, entertainment, and smart home control.

Key Features:

  • 5.5-inch Smart Display: Offers visual content like weather forecasts, to-do lists, and video calls.
  • Built-in Alexa: Provides hands-free control of smart home devices, music, and more.
  • Privacy Controls: Includes a camera shutter and microphone off button for added security.
  • Compact Design: Fits perfectly in small spaces, adding functionality without clutter.

Click here to grab Echo Show-5 (3rd Generation, 2023 Release)

7. Garmin Venu 2 Smartwatch

Garmin smartwatch
Click here to grab Garmin Venu 2

The Garmin Venu 2 is the ultimate smartwatch for active men wanting to track their health and fitness.

With built-in GPS, 25+ sports apps, and advanced health monitoring, it captures detailed metrics to optimize workouts.

With a sleek, lightweight design and long battery life, the Venu 2 delivers robust performance during demanding training schedules.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Fitness Tracking: Real-time metrics and sports apps for optimized workouts.
  • Stylish AMOLED Display: Vibrant visuals on a sleek stainless steel bezel.
  • Long Battery Life with Rapid Charging: Up to 11 days of use and quick recharging.
  • Smart Connectivity: Notifications, music control, Garmin Pay, and customizable features for a personalized experience.

Click here to grab Garmin Venu 2

8. Echo Studio

echo speaker
Click here to grab Echo Studio

With powerful immersive sound, the Echo Studio is the perfect smart speaker for music-loving men.

The Echo Studio also doubles as a TV speaker for clear voice and entertainment, even during loud scenes.

With its simple setup and hands-free control, the Echo Studio makes streaming music effortless for the modern man.

Key Features:

  • Next-Level Audio Experience: Enjoy high-fidelity 3D sound for a truly immersive listening experience.
  • Smart Home Harmony: Effortlessly control smart home devices with a device that complements his tech-savvy lifestyle.
  • Versatile Music Compatibility: Connect to various music streaming services for a personalized and diverse listening library.
  • Stylish and Comfortable Design: Its sleek and ergonomic design makes a statement in any room while ensuring comfort during extended use.

Click here to grab Echo Studio

9. VITAMAN’s Daily Essential Skincare Kit

vitaman daily essential skincare kit for men
Click here to grab VITAMAN’s Daily Essential Skincare Kit and get the best deal on the web

What could be better than the gift of youthful skin? VITAMAN’s men’s skincare products are made with natural Australian ingredients – no toxins, aluminum or chemicals.

Their Daily Essential Skincare Kit gives you the core VITAMAN face-care essentials you need this winter:

  1. Natural Face Wash
  2. Natural Face Scrub
  3. Natural Face Moisturizer
  • No alcohol or soap, both of which can dry your skin and lead to premature aging.
  • Chemical-free – all products are made from unique native Australian plants that tighten and nourish your skin.

He’ll also get simple instructions on how to use this kit and VITAMAN’s world-class support if he has any questions. Click here to grab this kit and claim free US shipping!

10. Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch

61x8BQ8 5wL. AC UF10001000 QL80 jpg
Click here to grab Apple’s 2023 MacBook Pro Laptop M3 chip

The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch is the ultimate gift for the tech-savvy man.

Whether he’s a professional needing robust computing power, a creative looking for top-notch graphics and processing, or simply someone who appreciates the finer things in tech, this MacBook Pro is a perfect match.

Its blend of power, precision, and Apple’s signature sleek design makes it a highly desirable gadget that any man would be thrilled to unwrap.

Key Features:

  • M1 Chip: Delivers outstanding performance for multitasking and demanding applications.
  • Retina Display: Offers crystal-clear visuals, perfect for both work and entertainment.
  • Long Battery Life: Keeps up with a busy lifestyle, from all-day meetings to travel.
  • Touch Bar and Touch ID: Provides quick access to tools and secure login, enhancing both convenience and security.

Click here to grab Apple’s 2023 MacBook Pro Laptop M3 chip

11. Anker PowerCore 13000

portable phone charger jpg
Click here to grab Anker PowerCore 13000mAh

The Anker PowerCore 13000 is a compact yet powerful portable phone charger ideal for men on the go.

Weighing only 8 oz, it slips easily into a pocket or bag for convenient power during work, travel, or outdoor adventures.

The durable, sleek design and LED power display make it the perfect portable power bank for any tech-savvy man needing reliable performance.

Key Features:

  • High Capacity: With 13000mAh, it ensures multiple device charges while on the move.
  • Fast Charging Technology: Quickly replenish devices with efficient charging capabilities.
  • Compact and Lightweight: Designed for portability, fitting easily into pockets or bags.
  • Durable Build: Sturdy construction ensures long-lasting durability.

Click here to grab Anker PowerCore 13000mAh

12. W-KING Bluetooth Speakers with Subwoofer

wireless speakers
Click here to grab W-KING Bluetooth Speakers with Subwoofer

With powerful sound and deep bass, the W-KING 80W Bluetooth speaker amps up any party or event.

The portable design makes it easy to bring full, immersive sound on camping trips, tailgates, or the backyard BBQ.

Durable and water-resistant, this speaker can go wherever the fun is happening while delivering booming audio that keeps the good times going.

Key Features:

  • Powerful Sound with Subwoofer: Experience enhanced audio quality with deep bass for a captivating listening experience.
  • Bluetooth Convenience: Enjoy wireless connectivity for seamless device pairing.
  • Durable Construction: Sturdy build suitable for outdoor adventures.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for a range of activities, from picnics to parties.

Click here to grab W-KING Bluetooth Speakers with Subwoofer

13. MOFT MagSafe Wallet Stand

wallet stand for men jpg
Click here to grab MOFT MagSafe Wallet Stand

The MOFT MagSafe Wallet Stand provides a convenient 2-in-1 accessory for men on the go. It securely holds cards and cash on the back of an iPhone or Samsung phone using strong magnets.

With a thin, minimalist design, the MOFT Wallet Stand adheres directly to phones without adding bulk.

This versatile accessory declutters pockets while keeping essentials within reach for modern busy men.

Key Features:

  • MagSafe Compatibility: Securely attach to his iPhone for convenient use.
  • Wallet Function: Carry essential cards along with the phone.
  • Convertible Stand: Doubles as a stand for hands-free use.
  • Compact and Portable: Slim design for easy pocket storage.

Click here to grab MOFT MagSafe Wallet Stand

14. GEJUICAI Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand

magnetic wireless charger for phone
Click here to grab GEJUICAI Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand

The GEJIUCAI wireless charging stand is perfect for keeping a man’s devices powered up and organized.

Its upright stand eliminates messy cables while charging phones quickly just by setting them on the base.

The built-in Apple Watch charger allows men to conveniently power up their watch at the same time as their phone. Its compact and minimalist design is ideal for a man’s nightstand or desk, keeping daily tech essentials charged and decluttered.

Key Features:

  • Magnetic Charging: Effortlessly align and charge his devices with magnetic precision.
  • Wireless Convenience: Experience hassle-free charging without the need for tangled cables.
  • Sleek Design: A modern and compact charging stand that complements any workspace or bedside table.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a range of devices, making it a versatile and practical gift.

Click here to grab GEJUICAI Magnetic Wireless Charger Stand

15. Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

home security camera
Click here to grab Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus lets guys keep an eye on their home from anywhere. With its 1080p HD video and Two-Way Talk, men can see, hear, and speak to visitors right from the app.

Setup takes just minutes with the included drill-free brackets to easily mount to the doorframe.

With customizable motion alerts, night vision and a quick-change battery, the Doorbell Plus is an easy way for tech-savvy men to upgrade home security.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Security: Monitor his home in high-definition video with advanced motion detection.
  • Wire-Free Installation: Easy setup without the need for complicated wiring.
  • Two-Way Talk: Communicate with visitors through the built-in microphone and speaker.
  • Extended Battery Life: Enjoy long-lasting security with a powerful battery.

Click here to grab Ring Battery Doorbell Plus

16. GoPro HERO12 Black

waterproof action camera
Click here to grab GoPro HERO12 Black

The GoPro HERO12 Black empowers men to document life’s most thrilling adventures in exquisite detail.

A rugged waterproof design allows men to film HD clips in virtually any environment, from mountains to oceans.

With quick access buttons and intuitive touch controls, the HERO12 makes it simple for dads, husbands and adventurers to chronicle their exploits from exciting POV angles.

Key Features:

  • High-Resolution Action: Capture stunning 4K videos and high-quality photos in any environment.
  • Advanced Stabilization: Ensure smooth and steady footage, even in dynamic and fast-paced activities.
  • Waterproof Design: Dive into underwater adventures with confidence with its rugged and waterproof construction.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen: Easily navigate settings and review footage with the user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Click here to grab GoPro HERO12 Black

17. Canon EOS R8

vlogging camera kit
Click here to grab Canon EOS R8

The Canon EOS R8 is the perfect full-frame mirrorless camera for creative men looking to up their photography game.

Its lightweight, compact body delivers powerful performance for street, travel, and everyday shooting.

With fast autofocus and up to 40 fps continuous shooting, the EOS R8 lets male photographers and content creators capture stunning images of life’s best moments.

Key Features:

  • High-Resolution Imaging: Experience exceptional image quality with advanced sensor technology.
  • Versatile Shooting Modes: From landscapes to portraits, explore a range of creative possibilities.
  • Advanced Autofocus: Capture fast-moving subjects with precision and speed.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Interface: Easily navigate settings and review images with the responsive touchscreen.

Click here to grab Canon EOS R8

18. Thursday Boots Cavalier

Click here to grab the Thursday Boots Cavalier

Few boots really drive home sleek and casual perfection the way Chelsea Boots do.

The boots were first used as riding boots, the elastic on the sides making them easy to slip on and off.

They make amazing casual boots that really lend a much-needed elegance to any man’s outfit. The Thursday Boots Cavalier is a must-have in a fall closet.Click here to grab the Thursday Boots Cavalier

Key Features:

  • Handcrafted Quality: Each pair is meticulously crafted for exceptional durability and comfort.
  • Versatile Design: Stylish boots suitable for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events.
  • Premium Materials: Made from high-quality leather for a sophisticated look.
  • Resilient Construction: Built to withstand the elements while maintaining a polished appearance.

Click here to grab the Thursday Boots Cavalier

19. John Henric Blue Jeans

john henric jeans
Click here to grab John Henric Blue Jeans

Meet John Henric Blue Jeans – the coolest addition to any guy’s wardrobe!

These jeans aren’t just denim; they’re your go-to for laid-back vibes with a touch of style.

Picture this: comfortable, versatile, and effortlessly cool – that’s the magic of John Henric.

It’s not just a pair of jeans; it’s a statement of laid-back sophistication.

Key Features:

  • Contemporary Design: Stylish blue jeans that effortlessly elevate his casual wardrobe.
  • Quality Material: Crafted with durable denim for long-lasting comfort.
  • Versatile Style: Perfect for a variety of occasions, from casual outings to weekend get-togethers.
  • Tailored Fit: Provides a modern and flattering silhouette.

Click here to grab John Henric Blue Jeans

20. Collars & Co’s Original Dress Collar Polo Shirt

dress shirt collar polo
Click here to grab Collars & Co’s Original Dress Collar Polo Shirt

Elevate your wardrobe with the Collars & Co Original Dress Collar Polo – the perfect fusion of casual comfort and refined style.

This polo isn’t your average shirt; it’s a statement piece for the man who appreciates the finer details.

Whether you’re heading to the office or a weekend brunch, the Collars & Co polo effortlessly transitions from casual to smart, making it a versatile must-have for any man’s closet.

Key Features:

  • Timeless Polo Shirt Style: Classic design suitable for various occasions.
  • High-Quality Fabric: Comfortable and durable for long-lasting wear.
  • Versatility: Pairs well with different outfits for a polished look.
  • Attention to Detail: Crafted with precision for a refined finish.

Click here to grab Collars & Co’s Original Dress Collar Polo Shirt

21. Bruno Marc’s Casual Oxford Dress Sneakers

dress sneakers jpg
Click here to grab Bruno Marc’s Casual Oxford Dress Sneakers

Dress better in these Bruno Marc oxford dress sneakers. A 100% leather upper looks great, complete with stitched details. Lace-up closure offers a look that is refined and easy to lock in.

A leather-covered insole keeps feet comfortable, while an EVA outsole provides superior shock absorption.

Key Features:

  • Stylish and Comfortable: Fashionable design without compromising comfort.
  • Durable Construction: Quality materials for long-lasting wear.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for both casual and semi-formal settings.
  • Classic Oxford Style: Timeless and refined look for various occasions.

Click here to grab Bruno Marc’s Casual Oxford Dress Sneakers

22. Peter Manning’s Lambskin Leather Jacket

NEW PRODUCTIMAGES leather jacket scaled
Click to explore Peter Manning leather jackets

Lambskin Leather Jacket by Peter Manning can take you from work to play in sublime comfort and perfect cool.

Designed in proportions for shorter men and made from buttery New Zealand lambskin with a quilted chambray lining, it is perfect over a t-shirt or layered with an Everyday Shirt and Wool Sweater.

This jacket wears well now and will only get better with age. Please note it will also stretch a bit with time. Available both in brown and black color.

Key Features:

  • Classic Leather Elegance: Crafted with premium leather for a sleek and sophisticated look.
  • Tailored Fit: Designed specifically for shorter men for a flattering and comfortable fit.
  • Versatile Style: Elevates both casual and formal outfits with its timeless design.
  • Durable Construction: High-quality materials ensure longevity for years of wear.

Click to explore Peter Manning leather jackets

23. Peter Manning’s Heather Grey Classic Hoodie

classic grey hoodie
Click here to grab Peter Manning’s Heather Grey Classic Hoodie

Peter Manning’s Classic Hoodie is made from quality year-round 11oz cotton, with a bit of stretch added for performance and comfort.

Designed to fit the ‘not so tall’ guy, it includes shorter sleeves and body length, and properly scaled pockets and hood. Never too big or too baggy, you will love this versatile piece!

Key Features:

  • Tailored Fit: Specifically designed for shorter men for a perfect fit.
  • High-Quality Fabric: Ensures comfort and durability.
  • Classic Heather Grey Color: Timeless and versatile aesthetic.
  • Casual and Stylish: Suitable for a relaxed yet polished look.

Click here to grab Peter Manning’s Heather Grey Classic Hoodie

24. Classic Monta Watches

monta jpg
Click here to discover Monta’s classic, elegant Swiss-made timepieces

What man doesn’t want a stylish, elegant timepiece? Monta Watches are great starter watches for those who want to go a little more high-end but still want to stay on a budget.

These watches are sleek and professional and come in several styles that cater to every whim and fancy. I’d definitely be happy to see this under the tree!

Key Features:

  • Swiss Precision: Experience the artistry of Swiss watchmaking for accurate timekeeping.
  • Classic and Elegant Design: A timeless aesthetic suitable for any occasion.
  • Premium Materials: Crafted with high-quality materials for durability and style.
  • Attention to Detail: Every timepiece reflects meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Click here to discover Monta’s classic, elegant Swiss-made timepieces

25. Amazon Best-sellling Self Improvement Books For Men

Book is always a friend. Surround yourself with wise ‘friends’.

books collage jpg
Grab these and many other great books on Amazon
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: 30th Anniversary Edition
  • The Man in the Mirror: Solving the 24 Problems Men Face
  • How to Make Sh*t Happen: Make More Money, Get in Better Shape, Create Epic Relationships and Control
  • The Art of War
  • Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

…and many more on the list!

Key Features:

  • Diverse Selection: Choose from a curated list of Amazon’s bestselling self-improvement books catering to various interests.
  • Expert Insights: Gain valuable knowledge and insights from acclaimed authors in the field.
  • Inspiring Narratives: Motivational stories and practical advice to empower his personal and professional life.
  • Accessible Wisdom: A convenient and thoughtful gift available with just a click on Amazon.

Grab these and many other great books on Amazon

26. Maui Sunglasses

maui jim sunglasses jpg
Click here to visit Maui Jim store and browse various collections

As the name suggests, Maui Jim has devoted its cool sunglass designs to the beauty and culture of the island itself.

The brand is on a mission to provide you with the best vision possible with their quality lens technology that makes you see colors more vividly and your surroundings more clearly.

Key Features:

  • Superior UV Protection: Shield his eyes with advanced polarized lenses for clear vision and sun protection.
  • Stylish Designs: Choose from a variety of fashionable frames to suit his personal style.
  • Lightweight Comfort: Experience all-day comfort with lightweight and durable materials.
  • Clarity and Color: Enhance visual clarity and perception with Maui Jim’s advanced lens technology.

Click here to visit Maui Jim store and browse various collections

27. EZRI Executive Backpack

backpack 1 jpg
Click to grab the EZRI Executive Backpack

Whether you’re traveling, hitting the gym, or heading to work – EZRI has a stylish, practical backpack for you.

All EZRI’s backpacks are made of incredible high-end unique materials, making them ultra-lightweight while allowing them to maintain their shape even when empty, and to stand on their own.

Key Features:

  • Organized Storage: Multiple compartments for efficient organization of essentials.
  • Durable Construction: Designed to withstand the rigors of daily use.
  • Professional Aesthetics: Sleek and stylish design suitable for business or casual settings.
  • Comfortable to Carry: Ergonomic features ensure comfort during extended wear.

Click to grab the EZRI Executive Backpack

28. Carl Friedrik Leather Wallet

leather wallet
Click here to see Carl Friedrik’s Wallets Collection

Every man needs an amazing leather wallet. And to tell you the truth… not a lot of companies are up to Carl Friedrik’s standard.

Beautifully made Italian leather wallets crafted to perfection will bring a smile to any man who receives one as a gift this holiday season.

You can pick different sizes, colors and types of wallets – I’m sure you’ll find the perfect one for your friend, brother, father (or any man for that matter) and I’m sure they’ll thank you for it!

Key Features:

  • Sleek Minimalism: Streamlined designs for an elegant and modern aesthetic.
  • Quality Materials: Crafted with premium leather for a luxurious feel and lasting durability.
  • Practical Organization: Thoughtful compartments for cards, cash, and essentials.
  • Versatile Options: Choose from a variety of styles to suit his personal taste.

Click here to see Carl Friedrik’s Wallets Collection

29. Gerber Gear Tactical MultiTool

gerber multitool jpg
Click to grab the Gerber Gear Truss Multitool

This multi-tool has saved me countless times when going on trips, especially when I used to ride my bike all over the country.

Small enough to fit in the compartment or bag but has everything you need in a pinch.

Key Features:

  • Multifunctional Design: Pliers, knives, screwdrivers, and more in one compact tool.
  • Durable Construction: Built with robust materials for longevity and reliability.
  • Easy Accessibility: Quick and accessible tool deployment for efficiency.
  • Versatile Carry: Compact and foldable for easy portability in pockets or belts.

Click to grab the Gerber Gear Truss Multitool

30. Anson Belt And Buckle

anson belt jpg
Click here to check out Anson Belt and Buckle!

A good belt can take your whole outfit from good to great.

Anson Belt & Buckle has taken the classic belt and improved it with their revolutionary exchangeable buckle system and micro-adjustable belt.

Instead of 5 holes, 1” apart like most traditional belts, Anson Belt offers 30+ options only a 1/4” apart, allowing you to always achieve the perfect fit.

Key Features:

  • Interchangeable Buckles and Straps: Mix and match for a versatile and personalized look.
  • Microadjustable Fit: No-holes design for a comfortable and precise fit.
  • Quality Craftsmanship: Made with premium materials for durability and sophistication.
  • Timeless Design: Classic styles that complement a range of outfits.

Click here to check out Anson Belt and Buckle!

31. Parfums De Marly Fragrances

marly jpg
Click here to get an amazing discount on Parfums De Marly Fragrances

In the world of men’s fragrances, Parfums de Marly is a relatively new kid on the block but they’ve already built up a reputation as an exquisite, niche fragrance house.

Known for their bold fragrances that leverage exotic fruits, florals, spices, and woods Parfums de Marly fragrances will surely make you smell and feel like royalty.

With over 30 colognes available, it won’t be difficult finding that signature scent for you or that special someone.

Key Features:

  • Premium Fragrances: Crafted with high-quality ingredients for a lasting and memorable scent.
  • Diverse Collection: Choose from a range of unique and captivating fragrances to suit individual preferences.
  • Elegant Packaging: Presented in beautifully designed bottles for an added touch of luxury.
  • Long-Lasting: High concentration for a fragrance that lingers throughout the day.

Click here to get an amazing discount on Parfums De Marly Fragrances

32. Harry’s Shaving Kit

shave 1 jpg
Click here to get your Harry’s Shaving Kit

Looking for a quality shaving kit that won’t empty your pockets? This Harry’s five-piece shaving set is all you need to fine-tune your grooming routine.

This set is all you need for a crisp, close shave.

Key Features:

  • Precision Razor: Ergonomically designed for a close and comfortable shave.
  • Quality Blades: Sharp and durable blades for a smooth and irritation-free grooming experience.
  • Hydrating Shave Gel: Ensures a smooth glide and nourishes the skin during shaving.
  • Thoughtful Packaging: Presented in a stylish kit for a complete and premium grooming experience.

Click here to get your Harry’s Shaving Kit

33. Brio Trimmer

beard trimmer
Click here to explore all features of Brio Trimmer

The Brio Beardscape is the ultimate tool to manage your beard from 5 o’clock shadow to 5-month masterpiece!

The ceramic blade is 4 times harder than stainless steel, creates less friction and heat and is quieter than metal. The Beardscape is one of the quietest trimmers available!

The Beardscape makes an excellent hair trimmer and is perfect for any manscaping project, for the Beard and Beyond.

Key Features:

  • Cordless Convenience: Easily maneuver and trim without the constraints of cords.
  • Adjustable Length Settings: Customize grooming preferences with multiple length options.
  • Durable Construction: Designed for long-lasting use with quality materials.
  • Efficient Battery Life: Extended battery life for multiple grooming sessions on a single charge.

Click here to explore all features of Brio Trimmer

34. Paudin Pairing Knife

knife jpg
Click here to buy PAUDIN Paring Knife

Classic Paring Knife – This small knife gives you complete control over the tip and edge of the blade – making it perfect for peeling, cutting, coring, chopping, and other detail work.

No matter what your skill level is, this 3.5 Inch paring knife is easy to use.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Blade: Crafted with precision for sharpness and durability.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for intricate tasks such as peeling, trimming, and precise cutting.
  • Comfortable Grip: Ergonomic handle for a secure and comfortable grip during use.
  • Easy Maintenance: Designed for easy cleaning and maintenance to keep it in top condition.

Click here to buy PAUDIN Paring Knife

35. It’s_Organized Computer Desk

table jpg
Click to grab the It’s_Organized Computer Desk

Working from home has its perks but it definitely has its disadvantages too.

I often found myself distracted and even falling asleep on my workspace.

But by having a nice, elegant and sleek desk for my desk set up – I have a completely new outlook on working from home and I actually get excited to set everything up and start my workday every single day!

Key Features:

  • Spacious Surface: Provides ample space for gaming peripherals, monitors, and accessories.
  • Cable Management System: Keep cables organized and out of the way for a clean setup.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of gaming, ensuring durability and stability.
  • Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfortable gaming sessions, minimizing fatigue.

Click to grab the It’s_Organized Computer Desk

36. Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate

desk pad
Click here to grab Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate

Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate helps to protect your desk space and complements your modern setup.

The Multi-Function Desk Mat – acts as a comfortable resting surface for your hands while typing or writing; ideal as a desktop blotter, mouse pad, writing mat and much more!

Key Features:

  • Premium Eco-Leather: Crafted with environmentally friendly materials for a luxurious feel.
  • Organization Pockets: Multiple compartments for keeping essentials organized and within reach.
  • Non-Slip Base: Ensures stability and prevents slipping on the desk surface.
  • Stylish Design: Elevates the aesthetics of the workspace with a modern and sleek look.

Click here to grab Satechi Eco-Leather Deskmate

37. Ember Smat Mug

smart mug with smartphone
Click here to grab Ember Smart Mug

Ember Coffee Mug with Longer Lasting Battery: smart coffee mug’s extended battery life keeps your drink at your preferred temperature (between 120°F – 145°F) for up to 80 minutes on a full charge or all day on its redesigned charging coaster.

Key Features:

  • Temperature Control: Keeps beverages at the desired temperature for an extended period.
  • Customizable Settings: Adjust temperature preferences through a smartphone app.
  • Long-lasting Battery: Enjoy hot beverages throughout the day with an extended battery life.
  • Sleek Design: Modern and minimalist design for a stylish addition to any desk or coffee table.

Click here to grab Ember Smart Mug

38. De’Longhi Manual Espresso Machine

espresso coffee machine
Click here to grab De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine

De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine: brew lattes, cappuccinos and espressos in a comfort of your home.

The optimal pressure to extract a single or double espresso, so your coffee drink comes out perfectly rich.

Key Features:

  • Manual Brewing Control: Allows for a hands-on brewing experience to achieve the perfect espresso.
  • 15-Bar Pump Pressure: Ensures optimal extraction for a rich and flavorful coffee.
  • Steam Wand: Froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos with the built-in steam wand.
  • Compact Design: Fits easily on countertops for a convenient and stylish addition to the kitchen.

Click here to grab De’Longhi Stilosa Manual Espresso Machine

39. Perfect Pushup Elite

pushup man
Click here to purchase Perfect Pushup Elite

Perfect Pushup Elite, Anti-Slip Rotating Handles Prevent Wrist and Elbow Strain

Ergonomic grips help distribute weight evenly, reducing pressure points and joint strain on wrists and elbows

Built to last construction with smooth rotation and steel ball bearing system; Treads on bottom of handles Securely grip all floor surfaces.

Key Features:

  • Rotating Handles: Engage more muscles and reduce strain on wrists for a safer and more effective pushup.
  • Ergonomic Grips: Comfortable and non-slip handles for a secure grip during workouts.
  • Sturdy Design: Built with durable materials to withstand intense workouts.
  • Versatile Fitness: Suitable for home workouts or on-the-go exercises.

Click here to purchase Perfect Pushup Elite

40. Lodge’s 10.25-inch Cast Iron Skillet

cast iron skillet jpg
Click here to grab Lodge’s 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Pre-Seasoned Skillet – Signature Teardrop Handle – Use in the Oven, on the Stove, on the Grill, or Over a Campfire

Lodge cast iron cookware is the perfect kitchen tool for beginners, home cooks and chefs. Cast iron can handle any kitchen cooktop, oven, grill and open flame.

Crafted in America with iron and oil, its naturally seasoned cooking surface creates an easy-release and improves with use.

Key Features:

  • Even Heating: Distributes heat evenly for consistent cooking results.
  • Pre-Seasoned Finish: Ready for immediate use and easy maintenance.
  • Multi-Functional: Suitable for various cooking methods, from stovetop to oven.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality cast iron for long-lasting performance.

Click here to grab Lodge’s 10.25 Inch Cast Iron Skillet

41. Wsiiroon 1600 Lumen XML-T6 Handheld Flashlight

light 1 jpg
Click here to grab this Wsiiroon 1600 Lumen XML-T6 Handheld Flashlight

I know I’ve listed several other flashlights here but with a house of 5 kids who like to the outdoors – somehow I just need several of these.

I keep these in our camping gear as well as keep one in each of the rooms.

Just in case we get a blackout from the nasty storm, everyone’s set. Pro-dad tip, these are waterproof.

Making them super handy for sticky little fingers.

Key Features:

  • High Lumen Output: Provides a bright and far-reaching beam for visibility in the dark.
  • Adjustable Focus: Zoom in for spotlight or zoom out for floodlight, adapting to different situations.
  • Durable Build: Constructed with robust materials to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for camping, hiking, emergencies, and other outdoor activities.

Click here to grab this Wsiiroon 1600 Lumen XML-T6 Handheld Flashlight

42. Tile Pro: Never Lose Your Essentials Again

tile jpg
Click here to grab Tile Pro

Have you ever lost something inside your own house or car? The Tile Pro is a thoughtful gift for men who tend to misplace their keys or wallet.

This Bluetooth tracker helps locate lost items quickly, making it a practical and useful gadget.

  • Key Features:
    • 400 ft Range: Wide area coverage.
    • Loud Ring: Easily hear it from a distance.
    • Replaceable Battery: For long-term use.
    • Tile App Compatibility: For easy tracking on a smartphone.

Click here to grab Tile Pro

43. Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD

swiss knife
Click here to grab Swiss Army Classic Multitool Knife

The Victorinox Swiss Army Classic SD is a classic and practical gift, perfect for men who appreciate a handy and reliable tool for everyday tasks.

  • Key Features:
    • 7 Functions: Includes a blade, scissors, nail file, and more.
    • Compact Size: Fits easily on a keychain or in a pocket.
    • Stainless Steel Tools: Durable and rust-resistant.
    • Lifetime Warranty: Ensures quality and satisfaction.

Click here to grab Swiss Army Classis Knife

44. MasterClass Annual Membership: Learning Unleashed

Click to start ultimate learning with Masterclass

A MasterClass Annual Membership is a unique gift for men who love to learn and explore new skills.

From cooking to photography, it offers access to classes taught by world-renowned experts.

  • Key Features:
    • Wide Range of Topics: Covers cooking, writing, music, and more.
    • Expert Instructors: Learn from the best in their fields.
    • High-Quality Video Lessons: Engaging and informative.
    • Accessible on Multiple Devices: Learn anytime, anywhere.

Click to start ultimate learning with Masterclass

45. Timex Weekender Chronograph

Click here to grab Timex Weekender Chronograph watch

The Timex Weekender Chronograph is a versatile and stylish watch, suitable for both casual and formal wear.

It’s a great gift for men who value simplicity and functionality in their accessories.

  • Key Features:
    • Indiglo Light-Up Watch Dial: Easy to read in the dark.
    • Chronograph Functionality: Adds practicality.
    • Interchangeable Straps: To match different styles.
    • Water-Resistant: Suitable for everyday use

Click here to grab Timex Weekender Chronograph watch

46. RAK Magnetic Wristband For Holding Tools

The RAK Magnetic Wristband is a game-changer for DIY enthusiasts, providing a convenient and hands-free solution for holding tools during various projects.

magentic wristband
Click here to grab RAK Magnetic Wristband for Holding Tools

Key Features:

  • Powerful Magnets: Securely holds screws, nuts, bolts, and small tools, preventing them from getting lost.
  • Adjustable Strap: Ensures a comfortable and secure fit, accommodating different wrist sizes.
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials to withstand the demands of DIY tasks.
  • Time and Energy Saver: Streamlines the workflow by keeping essential tools within easy reach, boosting efficiency.

Click here to grab RAK Magnetic Wristband for Holding Tools

47. Audible Subscription (RMRS Special Deal)

audible jpg
Click here to claim your Audible subscription

Audible is a subscription-based service that provides users with access to a vast library of audiobooks, podcasts, and other spoken-word content including titles in various genres such as fiction, non-fiction, self-help, business, and more.

Men seeking self-improvement can find Audible especially useful for several reasons:

  1. Convenience: Audiobooks can be listened to while multitasking – during commutes, workouts, or even while doing chores.
  2. Diverse Learning Resources: Audible offers a wide range of self-improvement books covering topics like productivity, mental health, leadership skills, financial management, and personal development.
  3. Accessibility: For those who are not fond of reading or have limited time to read, audiobooks provide an alternative way to consume information and gain knowledge.
  4. Expert Narration: Many books on Audible are narrated by experts or even the authors themselves, which can add an extra layer of engagement and understanding to the material.
  5. Portable and Easy to Access: With the Audible app, users can listen to their audiobooks on various devices, making it easy to continue where they left off, regardless of location.
  6. Self-Paced Learning: Men seeking self-improvement can listen at their own pace, rewind to revisit complex topics, or even speed up the narration to go through materials faster.
  7. Mental Stimulation and Relaxation: Listening to audiobooks can be a relaxing activity that simultaneously stimulates the mind, aiding in the absorption of new information and ideas.

Click here to claim your Audible subscription.

48. Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses

aviator sunglasses jpg
Click here to purchase Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses are a stylish and practical gift, perfect for men who appreciate classic fashion. These sunglasses offer both protection and a timeless look.

  • Key Features:
    • UV Protection: Shields eyes from harmful rays.
    • Durable Metal Frame: Long-lasting and stylish.
    • Iconic Design: Recognizable and fashionable.
    • Variety of Lens Options: To suit personal style.

Click here to purchase Ray-Ban Classic Aviator Sunglasses

49. Glencairn Whisky Glass Set

whiskey glasses jpg
Click here to purchase Glencairn Whiskey Glass Set

The Glencairn Whisky Glass Set is designed to enhance the whisky-drinking experience, making it a sophisticated gift for the man who appreciates the nuances of fine spirits.

Key Features:

  • Tulip-Shaped Design: Concentrates aromas for a richer tasting experience.
  • Lead-Free Crystal: Ensures clarity and showcases the color of the whisky.
  • Sturdy Base: Provides stability and a comfortable grip for sipping.
  • Set of Glasses: Perfect for enjoying whisky with friends or hosting tasting sessions.

Click here to purchase Glencairn Whiskey Glass Set

50. Timberland Men’s Classic Boot Ankle

timberland boots jpg
Click here to purchase Timberland’s Classic Boot Ankle

Timberland Men’s Classic Boot Ankle combines style and durability, making it a versatile gift for the man who values both fashion and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Premium Leather: Crafted with high-quality leather for a rugged and stylish look.
  • Anti-Fatigue Technology: Provides all-day comfort and support for long walks or hikes.
  • Waterproof Construction: Keeps feet dry and comfortable in various weather conditions.
  • Versatile Design: Suitable for both casual outings and outdoor adventures, offering a timeless aesthetic.

Click here to purchase Timberland’s Classic Boot Ankle

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: 50 Last-Minute Holiday Men’s Gift Ideas for 2023
Sourced From:
Published Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2023 13:05:03 +0000

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Men’s Casual Winter Outfits

Mens Casual Winter Outfits cold jakcet coat jpg
winter casual outfit man

Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to start thinking about how to dress for the coldest months of the year.

While some men might be tempted to just wear a puffer jacket and call it a day, you guys know better. There are far better ways to dress in the colder months!

Today, I’m breaking out different casual winter outfits for men that will keep you warm and looking your best.

Best Men’s Casual Winter Jackets

A good jacket is the foundation of any effective winter wardrobe. When choosing a casual winter jacket, you’ll want to find one that is both stylish and functional.

A casual bomber jacket or a denim jacket are always good choices, but if you live in a particularly cold climate, you might want to invest in a thicker wool coat or parka.

The Bomber Jacket

Infographic - Bomber-Flight-Jacket
Click here to see what winter jackets every man needs to have in his wardrobe

A casual bomber jacket is the perfect piece of outerwear to take you from fall into winter. It’s great for layering over shirts and sweaters, and it will keep you warm without making you look too bulky.

Keep in mind that not all bomber jackets are perfect for winter weather. Suede is not the sort of fabric a man should wear during the colder months when rain and snow are on the menu.

However, a leather or waterproofed fabric bomber jacket can be a great option for guys who want to add a casual jacket to their winter wardrobe.

Parka Jacket

man wearing winter parka with fur capuchon in snowy day

Parka jackets are awesome. They’re casual, they keep you incredibly warm, and they have that cool, casual vibe that every guy can pull off.

When shopping for a parka jacket, make sure to find one that is waterproof and has a fur-lined hood. These features will make it much easier to brave the cold weather in style.

For extra warmth, opt for a jacket stuffed with down. Down is a type of feather that is incredibly light and insulating, making it the perfect material for a winter jacket.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the length of the parka when you’re shopping. You want one that hits at about mid-thigh or lower, so it will keep your whole upper body warm.

Tweed Blazer

Outfit Ideas Evening Chill green tutleneck sweater tweed wool jacket checked hairstyle 2 jpg

To some extent, tweed blazers are an all-year-round kind of garment. However, winter is when they really come into their own.

A well-fitting tweed blazer is the perfect casual piece of clothing to throw on over a shirt when it’s cold out. It will add an extra layer of warmth without making you look too bundled up.

When shopping for a tweed blazer, make sure to find one that fits well. Tweed can be a bit bulky, so you don’t want a blazer that is too big or boxy. If needs be, take your blazer to a tailor and have them alter it to fit your figure.

If you’re planning on wearing this garment when it’s REALLY cold, make sure to wear a thick jumper under your blazer when having your measurements taken. This will allow your tailor to make the necessary size adjustments without making your blazer too fitted to accommodate a thick knitted sweater underneath.

Pro tip: It’s also important to choose a tweed blazer in a dark color. Light-colored tweed just doesn’t suit the cozy vibes of the colder months!

Best Men’s Casual Winter Shirts & Sweaters

With jackets out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll wear underneath. A casual button-down shirt is always a good choice, but if you’re looking for something a little warmer, a sweater is the way to go.

The choices are endless, so let me break out a few of my winter favorites below:

Knitted Turtleneck Sweater

Man in beige turtleneck

A knitted turtleneck sweater is the epitome of winter style. It’s casual, it’s warm, and it looks great with just about anything.

Turtleneck sweaters are available in a wide range of colors and styles, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. Just make sure to avoid anything too bulky or heavy-looking. You want a sweater that will keep you warm without making you look like the Michelin Man!

One of my favorite styles of turtleneck sweater is the fisherman’s turtleneck. This style of sweater has a cool vintage vibe that look great with a tweed blazer and chinos!

It’s thick, textured, and warm as hell.

Merino Wool Sweater

cashemere sweater provides textured look

If you’re looking for a smart-casual sweater that you can wear on its own or layered under a jacket, a merino wool sweater is a great choice. Merino wool is an incredibly soft and insulating fabric, making it the perfect material for a winter sweater.

When shopping for a merino wool sweater, look for one in a dark color. Dark colors are not only more flattering, but they also tend to suit colder weather better than lighter, pastel options. A dark burgundy merino wool sweater is one of my favorites to bring out when December rolls around.

As far as style goes, you’ve got two options:

  1. Crewneck with a white undershirt
  2. V-Neck with a button down underneath

Ultimately, the only difference between these two styles is formality. A crewneck sweater with a white undershirt underneath looks slightly less formal than a V-neck sweater worn with a shirt.

Cashmere Sweater

Man in orange turtleneck

A cashmere sweater is the ultimate luxury item. It’s soft, it’s warm, and it looks amazing whether you’re wearing it on its own or layered under a jacket.

The same rules apply to cashmere sweaters as to merino wool sweaters. They’re similar in their styling, but cashmere is definitely more luxurious.

Wool Cardigan

guy in glasses wearing cardigan sweater

A wool cardigan is another great option for men who are looking for a casual winter sweater. Cardigans are perfect for layering over shirts or under jackets and can be a great casual alternative to a blazer when worn with a button-down shirt and tie.

You don’t want a cardigan that is too loose or baggy as it will just look sloppy. The aim is to find a wool cardigan that look as though it’s been tailored to your body. Avoid anything that uses the term ‘oversized’ or ‘box fit’ as these garments will be too baggy for men interested in timeless style.

Best Men’s Casual Winter Trousers

As far as trousers go, you’ve got a few different options to choose from. The casual winter outfit with trousers I typically reach for consists of a pair of dark wash jeans, chinos, or wool trousers.

Let’s start with the most casual option first:


jeans for wnter

Regardless of the season, jeans are always a good choice for casual style. They’re comfortable and they go with everything.

However, when choosing a pair of jeans for winter, look for a darker wash. Darker washes tend to look more formal than lighter washes and are also more flattering.

One of my favorite styles of jeans for winter is the raw denim jean. Raw denim is a type of denim that is left untreated, meaning it will age over time and develop a unique patina.

Raw denim jeans also tend to be more fitted than other styles of jeans, so they’ll look great whether you’re wearing them with a casual shirt or a more formal sweater.


How To Wear Chinos With An blue Oxford Shirt belt 1 jpg

Chinos are a great option for men who want something that is casual but still looks put-together. Chinos are typically made from a cotton-twill fabric and have a casual yet slightly dressier feel than jeans.

As with jeans, when choosing a pair of chinos for winter, look for a darker color. Darker chinos will be more flattering and will also go well with the rest of your casual winter outfit.

To avoid looking too formal in your chinos, avoid anything that is too slim-fitting. Instead, opt for a pair of chinos that are more slim-straight in their fit.

Wool Trousers

Gray Flannel Trousers 1 jpg

Wool trousers are another great option for casual winter style. They’re warm, they look great, and they can be dressed down if you ensure the rest of your outfit is casual in appearance.

When choosing a pair of wool trousers, make sure to find a pair that is fitted but not skin-tight. You don’t want anything too baggy or loose as it will just look sloppy.

As far as design goes, you’ve got two options: flat front or pleated. I personally prefer a flat front as it looks more modern, but ultimately the choice is up to you.

Best Men’s Casual Winter Shoes

When considering which men’s shoes are best for the colder months, you’ve got a few different options to choose from: sneakers, boots, or shoes.

It seems obvious, but when it comes to winter shoes it’s essential you consider how waterproof and warm each style of footwear is. After all, sandals are great at the beach, but could cause you to catch frostbite if worn during the winter months!

Winter Boots For Men

classic boots for men jpg

As far as casual winter footwear goes, boots are always a good choice. Not only will they keep your feet warm and dry, but they can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

There are a few different types of casual boots you could consider:

  • Chelsea Boots – a classic style of boot that has been around for centuries. Originally designed as riding boots, Chelsea boots typically have a lower heel and an ankle-high shaft.
  • Leather Chukka Boots – another classic style of boot, chukkas are typically made from suede or leather and have a casual, desert-inspired look. Obviously, opt for leather during the winter – suede won’t hold up against the harsh rain and cold.
  • Derby Boots – Derby boots are characterized by their open lacing system. They have a timeless look that never goes out of stylish and act as a more formal option for guys looking to add some smart-casual flair to their outfit.

Winter Sneakers For Men

IMG 1052 edited jpg

While sneakers might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of casual winter footwear, they can actually be a great choice.

Look for a pair of sneakers made from waterproof materials such as Gore-Tex or neoprene. These materials will help to keep your feet dry and warm even if you step in a puddle or snow.

As far as style goes, you’ve got a few different options:

  • High-Top Sneakers – provide more coverage and therefore more warmth than low-top styles. They also tend to have a more rugged look which makes them ideal for casual winter outfits.
  • Low-Top Sneakers – a more casual style of sneaker that can be dressed up or down depending on the rest of your outfit. A better option for gents looking to dress down their wool trousers.

Winter Shoes For Men

chelsea boots

Shoes are a great option for casual winter style if you don’t mind sacrificing a little bit of warmth. There are a few different types of shoes you could consider:

  • Loafers – a slip-on style of shoe that is typically made from leather. Loafers come in both casual and formal varieties, so make sure to choose a pair that will complement the rest of your outfit. For winter, I’d stick to chunky sole, leather loafers.
  • Oxfords – Oxfords are characterized by their closed lacing system. They tend to have a more formal look but can be dressed down when worn with the right outfit. As with loafers, make sure to choose a casual pair of oxfords with a chunky sole.
  • Brogues – Brogues are a type of casual shoe that is characterized by its perforated detailing. They come in both low and high-top varieties, so again, make sure to choose a style that will complement the rest of your outfit.

Casual Winter Outfit Ideas For Men

Putting all of these different winter garments together can be tough. After all, there’s plenty of option when it comes to casual cold-weather clothes, and creating the perfect casual winter outfit for men can seem impossible.

Don’t worry gents, I’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find a few of my favorite cold weather outfits that incorporate many of the garments I mentioned above. Copy these exactly or use them as inspiration for your own style – either way, this should give you the winter outfit jumpstart you need.

Weekend Casual Winter Outfit

This casual winter outfit is perfect for running errands, grabbing coffee with friends, or just relaxing on the weekend. It’s comfortable, stylish, and most importantly – warm.

Start with a pair of charcoal-gray jeans and a navy blue wool sweater. Next, add a pair of brown leather boots and a black parka coat. Finally, accessorize with a beanie and scarf in complementary colors.

Casual Date Night Winter Outfit

Looking to up your date night game this winter? This casual date night outfit will do the trick. It’s dressy enough to impress your date but still casual enough to keep things relaxed.

Begin with a pair of dark blue jeans and a white oxford button-down. Add a grey blazer and a burgundy scarf to finish.

Casual Winter Office Outfit

man wearing leather jacket

This casual office outfit is ideal for days when you need to dress down your usual workwear. It’s comfortable, stylish, and professional – everything you need to get the job done.

Start with a pair of navy blue chinos and a checked Oxford button-down shirt. Add a light grey sweater and a pair of brown leather brogue Derby shoes. Then, accessorize with a patterned tie and a leather jacket

Snow day casual outfit

There’s nothing better than a casual snow-day outfit. This one is perfect for playing in the snow or just relaxing at home.

Start with a pair of black jeans and a white thermal Henley shirt. Add a navy blue parka coat and a pair of black boots. Finally, accessorize with a beanie and scarf in complementary colors.

To summarize, men’s casual winter appearance is all about balancing functionality and style. Carefully select pieces of clothing and footwear that not only keep you warm but also maintain a sense of personal style.

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By: Antonio Centeno
Title: Men’s Casual Winter Outfits
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Published Date: Thu, 23 Nov 2023 16:37:09 +0000

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