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Why You Should Bike Tour Germany

When a person is dreaming of places to tackle bucket list adventures, I’m sure Germany tends pop up as an option. That’s because the country is packed with ton of fun and unique experiences. For most people, I am sure items like racing down the Autobahn, taking a river boat cruise down the Rhine River in Cologne, or dancing the Polka at Oktoberfest come to mind. But recently, we discovered a great activity you should add to your bucket list: to Bike Tour Germany.

Wait, you’re not 5, why on earth would you want to spend your day cycling in Germany? I mean aren’t you on Holiday?

Look, we get it! Exploring Germany by bike might sound hard but trust us riding German touring bikes are as easy as, well, riding a bike!

Cycling in Germany is Very Convenient

Travelling around Germany isn’t necessarily hard with countless trains, underground rails, and bus routes. Yet, when you bike tour Germany, you no longer worry about crowds or timetables. Not to mention, often when you arrive by public transportation, you still have to walk to your desired destination.

Of course, you could always rent a car in Germany. However, you still face the challenge of traffic and finding parking. When cycling in Germany, you can easily just ride up to your desired destination and not have to worry about spending hours looking for a spot to park.

Whether it’s seeing amazing palaces, admiring the Berlin Wall, or exploring along the Rhine River, cycling in Germany can get you there. See why you should add BIKE TOUR GERMANY to your Bucket List! #DonkeyRepublic #biking
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When You Bike Tour Germany You Discover More

With over 45,000 miles of bike paths throughout the country, it is definitely easy to take a cycling holiday in Germany. Whether it’s something in the main tourist section of a city or a palace on the outskirts of town, using a German touring bike can get you there. Like in Berlin, a lot of the hot spots are near the Brandenburg Gate in former East Berlin. But the famous Charlottenburg Palace is on the other side of town in the former West Berlin. According to Google Maps, from the Brandenburg Gate, you would need to hop on the S Bahn or a bus, then transfer to the underground or another bus, and then walk 5 to 10 minutes totaling about 40 minutes. A forty-minute trip may dissuade you from visiting this beautiful palace. But with a bike, it is an easy 20-minute ride over there from Brandenburg gate.

Also, while riding a bike in Germany, you get to find the hidden gems like a unique historical site or local hot spot. For example, in Munich, riding bikes allowed us to discover a unique World War II historical site often missed by visitors, behind the Feldherrnhalle known as Shirker’s Alley (Drückebergergasse).

You Save Money When You Explore Germany By Bike

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