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With more and more brands turning to sustainability with shoes, how to find that one brand that is a diamond in a pool of rocks. It is obvious that a more environmentally aware approach to designing footwear in trying to divert waste being sent to a landfill, and instead is being used to create new shoes. Brands should be intent on how they think about performance and sustainability and putting a sustainable focus on making footwear that works from design to material sourcing.

We all care about the earth, and the importance of creating products that are sustainable or vegan, and for footwear that’s totally sustainable, it sometimes can force the brands creativity to go a different way and design way more creatively and they can do so much more but just in a different concept from what has been done before. So do we think that brands are doing enough for sustainability? It is down to those that not only make them or wear them, but people that write and spread the message about them, to give information about companies that are going out and beyond to bring you footwear that does so much more, it’s all about education.

And on that note we are here to tell you all about one company that has done just that.

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Zebra Oasis is a premium brand that not only makes high quality footwear and apparel but is dedicated to promote a sustainable lifestyle. The ZO shoes have just debuted this day-to-day shoe, and if you’re looking for the most comfortable shoes to wear everyday, and as they say ‘will free your feet and the planet’ these are the ones for you. So the ZO shoe only comes in white, meaning no colour dye has been used, no plastic or artificial material, easy to fold, carry and easy to dispose of when you no longer need them. So these shoes are not only ultra cool, good looking and will create a better wearing experience but are also 100% recyclable, 100% biodegradable and absolute carbon neutral. As we know when you need to recycle anything, especially shoes, do you just chuck them in the bin, or try separating the parts? Zebra Oasis uses an EcoBoost design that can make you participate in the recycling actions by pulling the ring they designed inside the shoe, and that in itself has a huge impact as you can imagine. If you’re wondering about what actually ARE these shoes made of, well hemp, breathable, lightweight and antibacterial and machine washable. For better durability and resilience the sole uses new TPU carbon e dioxide forming technology that reduces the carbon footprint.


There are two colourways, grey and beige. The beige shoe is bleached hemp colour and the grey shoe is an original hemp fabric colour.

As we know when you need to recycle anything, especially shoes, do you just chuck them in the bin, or try separating the parts? Zebra Oasis uses an EcoBoost design that can make you participate in the recycling actions by pulling the ring they designed inside the shoe, and that in itself has a huge impact as you can imagine. If you’re wondering about what actually ARE these shoes made of, well hemp, breathable, lightweight and antibacterial and machine washable. For better durability and resilience the sole uses new TPU carbon e dioxide forming technology that reduces the carbon footprint. Free your feet and the planet.

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We have to remember that each year the footwear industry creates a staggering amount of metric tons or carbon dioxide and the average carbon footprint of a pair of trainers can equate to the very least of 7kg of CO2 emissions and that people is a lot of mileage if you were driving.

Here is the official website so you can learn more about its features and upcoming launching campaign on Kickstarter in April:

Check out how to separate the shoes right here:

Why not give them a try, with the materials and design you can literally wear them anywhere, all-day, travelling, the office and even hiking!

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Title: Zebra Oasis – One for us eco-nerds to get excited about Zebra Oasis
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Published Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2023 08:21:57 +0000

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Revolutionising Men’s Hair Care: The Rise of Topical Dutasteride

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Topical dutasteride is a new solution for hair loss, particularly in males. Find out how it works and its efficacy in promoting hair growth here.

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Image by Freepik

Hair loss among men is an issue that resonates deeply across various cultures and ages. About 50 percent of men by the age of 50 will experience some degree of androgenetic alopecia–known as male pattern baldness.

This condition not only affects a man’s physical appearance but often comes with significant emotional distress. This issue highlights its urgency and prevalence, emphasizing the continuous search for more effective and user-friendly treatments.

Amidst this ongoing battle against hair loss, a new contender has emerged on the horizon: topical dutasteride. This innovative approach promises to revolutionize men’s hair care with a potent, targeted therapy that mitigates the limitations of previous treatments.

Understanding Hair Loss in Men

Before delving into the specifics of topical dutasteride, it’s best to understand the typical causes of hair loss in men. This condition, which affects a significant portion of the male population, is primarily driven by dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone. DHT results in hair loss by shortening the growth phase of hair follicles. This eventually leads to their shrinkage and the cessation of hair production.

Current Treatments and Their Limitations

The therapeutic landscape for hair loss, particularly androgenetic alopecia, has been historically characterized by a scarcity of FDA-approved options. Minoxidil and finasteride are the primary treatments sanctioned for this condition.

Minoxidil, a topical agent, dilates blood vessels and facilitates the opening of potassium channels. This mechanism promotes an enhanced flow of blood, oxygen, and other nutrients to the follicles responsible for supporting growth. However, its mechanism does not directly combat DHT, the androgen hormone primarily implicated in the pathogenesis of hair loss.

On the other hand, finasteride operates through a distinct mechanism. It is an oral inhibitor of the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, pivotal in converting testosterone to DHT. Finasteride directly tackles the hormonal root of hair loss by diminishing DHT levels. Although clinically effective, the use of finasteride has drawbacks. It has adverse effects, including sexual dysfunction and psychological impacts such as depression. These side effects have led to reservations and reluctance among potential users.

These treatments, while foundational in managing hair loss, underscore a critical need for alternative therapies that can offer robust efficacy with a reduced burden of side effects. This gap in treatment efficacy and tolerability catalyzes the ongoing exploration and development of novel interventions, such as topical dutasteride.

The Advancement of Topical Dutasteride

Dutasteride, like finasteride, is a DHT blocker. However, it is more potent as it inhibits both types of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase responsible for converting testosterone to DHT. Initially available as an oral treatment for prostate enlargement, the focus has shifted toward its use in treating scalp hair loss.

Topical dutasteride presents a significant advancement because it minimizes systemic absorption, reducing the risk of side effects associated with oral dutasteride.

Benefits Over Traditional Treatments

Topical dutasteride offers several advantages that make it a compelling option for hair loss treatment. The localized application directly targets the scalp, where DHT’s impact on hair follicles is most detrimental. This direct application enhances the drug’s effectiveness in treating hair loss and significantly reduces the risk of systemic side effects.

Furthermore, studies suggest that dutasteride may be more effective than finasteride in promoting hair growth, providing a stronger case for its use in clinical settings.

The Future of Hair Loss Treatments

Introducing topical dutasteride marks a pivotal moment in men’s hair care, aligning with a broader shift toward more targeted and less invasive therapies. As research continues and safety data become available, topical dutasteride could become

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Title: Revolutionising Men’s Hair Care: The Rise of Topical Dutasteride
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Published Date: Tue, 14 May 2024 17:40:50 +0000

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The ongoing debate between those who prefer to sleep in the nude and those who opt for pyjamas has fascinated sleep enthusiasts. While some champion the freedom and comfort of sleeping without clothes, others find solace in the warmth and security of their favourite sleepwear. But are there actual health benefits to each sleeping style beyond personal preference? The merits of both naked sleep and pyjama-clad slumber are that sleeping naked offers a remarkable benefit beyond mere comfort—it may contribute to slowing the ageing process. Sleep without clothing allows for better temperature regulation, facilitating the timely release of melanin in your body, which helps combat various illnesses associated with free radicals and age-related muscular degeneration and can potentially aid in weight loss.

shutterstock 2025923396 1

Naked Sleepfor temperature regulation: one of the primary reasons guys choose to sleep naked is for better temperature regulation. Shedding layers allows the body to cool down more efficiently, which can lead to more restful sleep, especially during hot summer nights, along with improved skin health: Sleeping without clothing allows the skin to breathe and prevents moisture buildup, reducing the risk of skin irritations and infections. It also promotes better circulation, which can contribute to a healthier complexion. Enhanced intimacy: For couples, sleeping naked can foster intimacy and improve skin-to-skin contact, which releases oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone.” This can strengthen emotional bonds and promote overall well-being. Bonus.

Pyjama-clad slumber, for comfort and security: Wearing pyjamas provides a sense of comfort and protection for many individuals, especially during colder months. Soft, cosy fabrics can create a soothing environment that signals to the body it’s time to wind down and relax. Hygiene and protection: the pyjamas act as a barrier between the body and potential allergens, dust mites, and bacteria lurking in bedding, which benefits you guys with sensitive skin or allergies. By putting on pyjamas before bed, psychological comfort can be part of a relaxing bedtime routine that signals the transition from wakefulness to sleep. This ritual can help reduce stress and anxiety, leading to a more peaceful night’s rest.

Ultimately, the choice between naked sleep and pyjama-clad slumber is personal, influenced by comfort and preference. However, the key is to prioritise a sleep environment that fosters relaxation, comfort, and overall well-being. Both naked sleep and pyjama-clad slumber offer unique benefits, from improved temperature regulation to enhanced comfort and intimacy. By understanding these health benefits, individuals can make informed choices that support their sleep quality and overall health.

Sleeping without clothes can contribute to the health of your genital region. When you wear pyjamas to bed, it can limit the airflow around your genitals and naturally, this area tends to be warm and can retain moisture. However, opting to sleep naked allows for better air circulation around your private parts. This improved airflow can help reduce the likelihood of infections and promote overall genital health

So whether you prefer to let it all hang out or cosy up in your favourite PJs, rest assured that a good night’s sleep awaits.

The post LEAVE THEM LOOSE OR WRAP THEM UP: NAKED SLEEP vs PYJAMAS first appeared on Mens Fashion Magazine.

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Praise the fitness deities! All those frigid winter mornings you dragged yourself out of bed and hit the gym are finally paying dividends. Your quads are sculpted to perfection, and it’s high time to treat them with a fresh pair of stylish shorts. But here lies the problem: how does one properly sport shorts? It’s more than just slipping them on; there’s an art to selecting the right pair to complement your physique and personal flair. Despite any scepticism about the sartorial finesse of shorts, It’s not rocket science, and you have to adhere to some of the golden rules: not too long, we’re not talking Capri pants, not too short, just right. Shorts needn’t be confined to gym wear, board shorts, or cotton alone.

Another excellent option for warmer days is linen shorts, synonymous with summer elegance, linen is breathable, lightweight, and offers delightful texture. With its slightly less structured nature than pure cotton, Linen lends a relaxed, effortlessly stylish vibe to shorts. It offers exceptional breathability, making it a top choice for sweltering days. Elasticated waists and drawstring ties often enhance this airy comfort. However, the options aren’t limited to casual styles; there are also tailored and pleated designs for more refined occasions. Regardless of your style inclination, one thing is sure: linen shorts are set to dominate the smart-casual scene this summer.

Bermuda shorts, defined by their length just above or below the knee, are versatile and suitable for men of all shapes and sizes, anytime. Whether you prefer the tie-dye designs or the timeless block colour, there’s a style for everyone. We’re confident you’ll reach for Bermuda shorts unless you’re into shorter styles.The Baggies maintain their reign, blending form and function seamlessly, these shorts embody conscientious fashion—ideal for both on-grid and off-grid adventures under the sun. Versatility is their forte; these shorts transition effortlessly from athletic wear to beach-ready swim shorts, furthermore, they effortlessly pair with a plain T-shirt and sneakers or dress up with a polo and loafers for a stylish everyday look.

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Denim shorts have come a long way from their association with suburban dads and ’80s Americana. The image of wearing denim shorts while grilling over a flaming barbecue has faded into obscurity. No longer a DIY solution involving a pair of beat-up Levi’s and a pair of scissors, the humble denim short has transformed into a coveted staple in the discerning realms of men’s fashion. So, put away those craft scissors and get ready to invest.

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Modern shorts are designed for a refined, snug fit, tailored close to the legs for a sleek appearance. They’re not tight but tailored with practicality in mind; think flexibility, quick-drying features, and a spectrum of stylish colours and patterns. Any optimal shorts can effortlessly transition from beachwear to casual lunch attire. Long shorts cater to super casual days, once synonymous with skater culture, today’s long shorts exude a refined, sophisticated aura, thanks to premium fabric introductions. Whether spotted at a local skate park or gracing fashion runways, long shorts boast a silhouette that’s evolved, though the finish remains distinct. To qualify as long shorts, they must extend past the knees, offering comfort and style in equal measure.

So, set aside those craft scissors and prepare your wallet. It’s time to explore our selection of the season’s finest denim shorts.

The post YOUR OFF-DUTY ROTATION: SHORTS first appeared on Mens Fashion Magazine.

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