Zero Reimagines the SR/S With This Spellbinding SR-X Build

Zero teams up with Huge Design to transform a stock SR/S into a spellbinding concept dubbed the SR-X. (Zero Motorcycles/)

Concept bikes are the results of what’s possible when an artists’ medium is the machine. In this case, the artist is the Huge Design team led by founder Bill Webb, and the vehicle is Zero Motorcycles’ SR/S electric sportbike. Every artwork needs a title and this collaborative project is the SR-X.

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Bill Webb and the Huge Design team created the SR-X concept with, what Zero calls in its press release, a “front-heavy” silhouette. (Zero Motorcycles/)

With the “front-heavy” design contrasting with the minimalistic tail end, the SR-X flaunts an elegant, raw sportbike profile.

“The SR-X concept bike strives to hit a design sweet spot for the near future of electric motorcycles by combining clean lines and disciplined design detailing with the aggressive stance and raw performance found in modern liter bikes,” Webb says. “This bike is an attempt to define a new subcategory for high-performance electric, something between a streetfighter and a track bike. We wanted true sport riders to appreciate the subtle and balanced design approach—modern, futuristic, and clean without sacrificing the raw-performance look and overtly mechanical appeal of high-performance motorcycles.”

Who knew a detail like the footpeg could be elegant? (Zero Motorcycles/)

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Text on the SR-X’s “fuel tank” section indicates the parties involved in the concept, and below that there’s text calling out what is powering this electric motorcycle. (Zero Motorcycles/)

Because Huge Design left the bike semi-faired, there are signs that the base SR/S is lurking beneath. The SR/S’ frame is exposed, the asymmetrical shock mounting is in full view, and there are glimpses of Zero’s ZF75-10 electric motor and ZF17.3 lithium-ion battery visible under the bodywork and frame.

Could be the dry lake bed scenery or it could be the bike, but this photo of the Zero SR-X gives off awesome sci-fi vibes. (Zero Motorcycles/)

“When we originally spoke about the SR-X project, I couldn’t wait to see Bill’s clean, structured aesthetic applied to our premium sport platform. The result exceeds expectations and points the way forward for our internal design teams,” says Brian Wismann, Zero’s vice president of product development.

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“We can’t wait to see how this concept bike will inspire the future of the industry and continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible,” Zero’s Brian Wismann says. (Zero Motorcycles/)

This SR-X concept makes a dramatic statement with its clean lines and

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By: Serena McKnight
Title: Zero Reimagines the SR/S With This Spellbinding SR-X Build
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Published Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2023 11:00:06 +0000


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